8/3 Game: Beach Barata

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8/3 Game: Beach Barata

Post by Slarti » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:51 am

Timelined Friday, November 11

<Jean> These were HUGE seat belts. Like, bigger than huge. This was like something from a space ship! Wait, was this a space ship? Jean looked around at her teammates. "We're not going to space, are we?"

<Oya> "I don't think Rio is on another planet so probably not..." Idie looked over at Jean while she attempted to tame her fro.

<Psylocke> "I h-hope not." Elizabeth stammered, her entire body rigid as she sat tense backed and staring at the seat back in front of her, trying to avoid looking out the windows.

<Facade> Cecilia gave Jean her best 'are you shitting me?' look. "Yeah, we're going to Mars to make first contact with the martians. I hope you brushed up on your Klingon before signing up on this," she said flatly.

<Thor> Ankaa was, as always, quiet, Mjolnir's head on the floor and his hands folded over the hilt, forehead resting on them. "No. I don't think this is space-capable. Don't tell Darren I said that though, he'll make it capable, yes?"

<Jean> Jean just stared at Cecilia. "Well now I know better than that. Klingons aren't even real."

<Dusk> "Are we there yet?" Cassandra asked, tearing her face away from the large windshield for a moment to look back at the others.

<Scott> "At the Copa, Copa Cabana, music and passion are always the fashion at the Coooopa...they fell in love!" Scott was singing away happily. Sure, right now the beach was flooded with, well, whatever, but after they were done he would have some nice Caipirinha at the beach and chat with some sexy Brazilian girls!

<Oya> Idie giggled a little, Jean was so dumb.

<Dusk> "Do you think there will be more of these bug-monsters again?" She asked, almost sounding hopeful at the prospect of facing more of the creatures. "Maybe some of them are our friends. I mean, used to be, anyway."

<Dusk> She turned back to peer out of the window again. "Does anyone see any bugs yet?"

<Psylocke> This was her first mission, with a codename and uniform and dear god why did it have to involve a damn plane, why were they in the air? Eyes screwing shut she started taking deep breaths.

<Thor> Ankka straightened a little and looked out of the window. "Still are, Cass." He corrected. "One of them, remember, is my girlfriend." He rested his head back, eyes closed. "Vould have been faster for me to fly myself. Plane is too slow."

<Scott> He stopped singing when a thought crossed his mind. "You know, it's the first time for me facing those things. I kind of planned stepping on them to kill them. But are they more like cockroaches, and you can't really kill them that way?"

<Facade> Cecilia just grit her teeth and resisted the urge to bash her face into the seat in front of her. Repeating to herself over and over in her head that she was just getting frustrated quicker 'cause she'd been through hell this week and to just tune it out. Serenity now, serenity now, serenity...oh, fuck serenity!

<Jean> "That's like, the whole idea, right? I swear I heard bug monsters when the professors were talking about it." Jean struggled to sit up. "Hey! Mister pilot person?! Are we going to the bug monsters?"

<Thor> Scott got a heavy stare from the Finn then. "No killing. Those 'bugs' are people."

<Facade> Cecilia eyed Ankka skeptically. "Look...I'm against animal cruelty as much as the next person but if one of those things tries to gnaw my head off then I can't make any promises."

<Scott> "'s what I'm thinking. They're people alright, but I prefer my brain inside my head."

<Psylocke> "So Cecilia your more then willing to kill classmates rather then save and capture them?" Raising an eyebrow as she looked over at the over girl.

<Jean> The pilot was ignoring her. That so wasn't fair. So, she read his mind. "Oh... oh, wow. Shit! There're like... thousands of those bug things! In Rio?!"

<Thor> Cecilia got a long stare. "You kill my girlfriend, I'm not going to promise you're going to valk again." His voice was deadpan. "Just remember that."

<Dusk> "Do you think... all of them have been people once?" Cassandra asked, letting herself fall back in her seat, looking at the others. "I mean, if they could turn our friends into those things, who says they haven't all been created that way?" The teenage girl looked even paler than usual. "Oh my, I think I may have hurt some back in Istanbul."

<Thor> "It's been proven our missing students are those bugs. I vant my Noriko back." He looked down at Mjolnir. "I vant all of my friends back." He sighed. "And it's possible, Cass, if not our friends vhy not everyone else?"

<Facade> Cecilia sighed, wondering if she should mention the more likely scenario was their classmate's DNA had been grafted onto a few bugs but decided against it. It was better to have some hope as opposed to none. "I'm not gonna kill anything if there's even a remote possibility it's a person," she said a bit irritably. "I'm not that cruel."

<Oya> "Well given all the dead people on the plane, I guess whoever is doing this doesn't really care about people's rights and whatever so... they probably are all people...."

<Thor> "One said my name and tried to stop hurting me." He wasn't going to add that she'd licked his glowing patch like Noriko had a habit of doing for the zap, because frankly he was slightly grossed out by that. "And those vere Noriko's eyes. That and she vas a tiny bug too..."

<Jean> "So not thousands of bug monsters, but thousands of bug people monsters?! Did you guys hear the thousands part?! We're kind of outnumbered here!"

<Scott> "Look, first thing is protecting the innocents. Second, you look out for yourselves and your team mates. Third, only if those two things are sure, you try to take a bug down peacefully. If they aren't we will have to use lethal force."

<Psylocke> "So lots and lots of shielding, well if I stopped bullets once I can hopefully round up a few bugs, I don't want to accidentally kill Jimmy, I liked him." Hands squeezing the armrests a bit. "We there yet?"

<Thor> Ankka's grip tightened on Mjolnir and there was a snap of energy over his knuckles, but he kept his peace. He would protect Noriko, even if it meant standing between her and the team. "Istanbul vas easy enough." Was all he said, head bowed, before he let go of the huge axe-hammer to tie his hair back.

<Dusk> "Yes, but isn't that why we're famous heroes who save the world and wayward kittens?" Cassandra offered Jean an encouraging smile. "Though, what you say makes me think - with there being so many, wouldn't someone have noticed all those people going missing?"

<Oya> "I don't know how useful I'm going to be..." Idie chewed her lip, she started to think she should have stayed at the school.

<Facade> "We'll know soon enough," she said simply, preferring to rely on scientific tests and empirical evidence as opposed to personal feelings and possible wishful thinking, though she understood why some might do it, she'd still held onto hope even when it was likely her boyfriend would die.

<Jean> "Maybe they have a people farm." Jean was now thoroughly freaked out.

<Dusk> "Maybe the other ones did come out of eggs, like normal ones, you know?" Looking thoughtful, she tapped her chin. "Who lays the eggs then?"

<Oya> "Probably not... think how many towns there are in the world, just one or two from each town would be a lot..."

<Jean> "Maybe they're like ants then... since they seem to swarm. And there's a queen somewhere?" It was one of her rare sensible moments, and Jean almost surprised herself with it.

<Facade> "I can't imagine them stealing thousands of people and genetically converting them into monsters would be cost-effective," Cecilia noted. "It'd be more efficient to make a few full-grown ones and then breed them, if they have an insectoid physiology then they could produce thousands of offspring in just one brood."

<Oya> "Ants don't swarm... that's bees... but yeah... they both have queens... lots of higher order insects do..." she paused, "I watch too much TV."

<Scott> "Well, even if there is a queen, I doubt she would be here today. But good thought, Jean." He shot her a smile.

<Psylocke> "A-a s-swarm?" Elizabeth shuddered, normally bugs and spiders were fine with her and she was fine with them to..... this was just horrifying.

<Thor> Ankka made a point to ignore anything that might potentially set him off for today. He'd been touchy since he'd come to from the healing coma at Christmas, and Noriko disappearing had made him less of the easy-going Finn he'd been. "The ones who are our friends - they still had the powers." He pointed out, remembering the teleporting one with the Tron lines.

<Thor> "Noriko vas still able to use hers...she tried to jolt me and it actually hurt. I think - is it Cormick with the Tron thing? He vas still teleporting, and there vas an exceptionally loud and annoyingly buzzy one that I svear could have been Jimmy..."

<Viper> Viper looked down at her screen as a beeping sounded. Aha. "Looks like the cavalry is about to arrive, Jessica. Do make sure to test them properly this time." Viper checked on Jessica's position on the beach via her binoculars, "And do not even think of trying to escape. I know which of my broodlings are your former friends and I will shoot one of them."

<Jean> The movement of the jet slowed dramatically, and seemed to turn somewhat as it descended. Jean's ears popped.

<Thor> "So...be careful, the mutant ones vill know vhat you can do and be able to fight better."

<Dusk> "Ooh, I think we're finally there," Cassandra helpfully stated the obvious, squashing the palms of her hands against the window again. "Look, you can see all of Rio from up here."

<Warlock> Darren looked up at the sky, holding broken chitin in both hands and ichor dipping off him, "It's about fucking time," he sighed to himself, before crushing the face of the one he was dismembering into pulp.

<Facade> Cecilia averted her eyes from the window as the plane descended. "Wish I was coming here for vacation instead of a mission," she said wistfully. "Rio's supposed to be spectacular."
<Psylocke> "Oh good, landing soon, ground and more nice solid ground."

<Dusk> She turned her head to glance back over her shoulder. "All these great, famous cities - fighting these monster is like a tourist trip, just with more horror."

<Oya> "It is pretty awesome when it's not crawling with giant bugs..." Idie confirmed.

<Scott> "So, where are we going to land? On the beach seems a bit dangerous, but there are no open areas anywhere else."

<Thor> "Any chance you can open the door open early?" Ankka undid his belt, hand tightening around the weapon again.

<Jean> "Um... I don't think we're landing..." The monstrous back hatch of the jet opened and they could see the hell outside, buzzing with giant insects. The backwash of the jet's stabilizers threw water into the air. People could still be seen fleeing the beach in small groups - some were trapped, fending off the creatures as best they could with umbrella poles.

<Oya> "But... but.... I can't fly..." Idie protested.

<Psylocke> "Get me close enough to the ground and I'm about ready to jump." Her knuckles white now on the handles.

<Dusk> "Don't worry, I can give us a lift down," Cassandra offered, smiling at Idie, while she already freed herself out of the heavy seatbelts.

<Facade> Cecilia stood up. "Hold your positions, rushing out on our own just makes us easier targets - divide and conquer, right? Follow the swarm's example, stick together."

<Thor> Ankka stood, steadying himself. "Everyone grab a piece of me, I can carry you if you can't fly."

<Thor> "...Actually, scratch that, I'm taken. Dusk is better, yes?"

<Psylocke> Undoing her belt with shaky hands she forced herself to stand up and swallow trying not to think about the fact they were in the air. "Who ever, don't care just ground now, bugs or no."

<Jean> Jean was fighting with her straps, though she wasn't at all sure she wanted to be free and out there. She was supposed to be in Rio this year, for the Olympics, but not for this!

<Oya> As Idie got to her feet and looked out of the door, she saw several bugs pop out of the sand beneath those flailing umbrellas and grab them. Some pulled them back under the sand but others ate their prey right where they stood. Idie screamed.

<Scott> "Well, I will be able to clear a landing area for us at least. See you down there!" Scott just ran up to the gaping hole and jumped, growing quite tiny. That way his terminal velocity became almost negligible. Sure, some heavy winds carried him slightly off course but...He massively grew into building-size, suddenly impacting on the beach with the force of a small meteorite.

<Facade> Cecilia took point, striding down the ramp purposefully, shields up to prevent any sudden lunges towards the groups. "Jesus Christ," she muttered, taking in the scene. "This is gonna be hell to contain."

<Dusk> Animated clouds of shadow were already swirling around Cassandra when she hopped out of her seat and headed for the back of the jet, her raven mane whipping in the strong wind blowing through the open hatch.

<Warlock> "Fuuuuuuckin' CHUDs!" Darren swore, directing what remained of his men towards the ground bursters, "Mow them down! Why is the evac goin' so slow!?"

<Dusk> "So, did anyone order a lift to the beach?" She asked while commanding the black construct to form a large sphere, big enough to hold several people. "Everyone aboard!"

<Psylocke> Elizabeth got closer to the open ramp and looked out shuddering again but not because of the bugs. "Dear orgies with rakes I hate being on planes." Offering a hand to the big Finnish guy that could fly.

<Thor> Well, she would have taken point if there hadn't been an Ankka blurring past her out of the jet, energy snapping as he landed on the sand, a small crater puffing up around him and his hammer spinning out towards a group about to descend on tourists. It landed in the center, a halo of arcing white stunning the bugs before Mjolnir span back into his palm.

<Oya> Idie moved onto the disk, with some reluctance, and tried to work herself to a point where she wasn't shit-your-pants terrified.

<Psylocke> And then he was gone right ok then. "Lift from someone else then? Cassie thank you." Running at the ball of darkness.

<Thor> "And there's a trick I learnt vhen I vatched too many Varcraft wideos."

<Jean> Jean hopped her ride with her former roommate, though she really didn't want to.

<Scott> Huge hands like digger shovels just wiped the bugs away, clearing an open space on the beach. Then Scott started to pick up civilians around him, starting off evac.

<Facade> "...Goddammit," Cecilia muttered as Ankka took off straight out the gate. She studied the distance to the ground and shielded up, landing on the sand somewhat ungracefully but unharmed. "Shit...I got sand down my collar, that's gonna bug me this whole mission."

<Thor> Ankka straightened, dusting himself off. "Sorry. Served in Iraq vith the Finnish armed forces. Sort of used to going into these things first, yes?" He spared a small smile to Cecilia before throwing himself at the stunned bugs, sweeping them out of his way (and totally not looking for Noriko).

<Dusk> "Don't worry, you'll be save in here," Cassandra did her best to encourage her friend, herself floating in the middle of the amorphous black sphere. "And off we go!" Once everyone was securely enveloped by the summoned darkness, the sphere rolled off the ramp and began to plummet towards the beach below.

<Facade> "Not complaining when someone other than me takes point," Cecilia replied, slamming a shielded fist into a bug, knocking it off the tourist it was attacking. "Just not used to it. Most of the team isn't as durable as I am!"

<Psylocke> Elizabeth may have accidentally ended up clinging to her hot best mate Cassie during the flight but she wasn't about to admit to it.

<Viper> "Well, Jessica, when you are ready. Like we practiced." "I don't want to..." Viper frowned at the voice of protest that came back over the comms. "Do I need to remind you of my promise? Do as I say." She watched the swarm regroup, "That's better." A smile found its way onto her face as the swarm targeted individual X-men in large numbers.

<Warlock> Darren kicked into the air and flew the short distance to the X-Men, landing in front of them, "Who's in charge today?" He demanded, looking between them all.

<Scott> Scott just continued to pick up people and drop them off away from the beach, behind the police lines trying to contain the hordes. He got some cheers, some girls blew him kisses Call me! and he went back in.

<Facade> Cecilia looked around. "Uhm...Scott's the most senior of the team. After that is Ankka and then me."

<Dusk> They barely made it halfway down to the ground before they got swarmed by dozen of the flying beasts, assaulting and clinging to their protective sphere as they tried to chew and hack their way to the juicy students inside. "Hold on, I got this," Cassandra remarked, fending off their attackers by having black tendrils lash out at the bugs.

<Thor> Ankka grinned as he tossed a bug high enough into the sky that it'd be a while before it returned. "I think I'm more durable." He held an arm that had a bug gnawing on it with no effect. "Hey Varlock. Jean vants to know if you can make the Jet space-vorthy."

<Jean> Jean immediately formed a teke bubble around herself, hovering above the ground. In the distance, she saw a wall of ice form, seeming to seal off the far edge of the beach. Even from here she could hear it creaking.

<Psylocke> "Cassie I will buy you all the treats and d-drinks you want after this I swear." Clinging as they descended and adding a weak shield of her own to the darkness.

<Oya> Idie also clung to Cassie and squeaked a little as the bugs attacked, more seeming to pile on when the tendrils knocked some away. "I really really think I should have just stayed at school..."

<Dusk> Once they hit the sand, the shadowy sphere turned into a dome, providing a secure beachhead for the others. "Careful with what you promise," Cassandra replied, giving Elizabeth a smile over her shoulder. "I might end up taking you up on it."

<Thor> There was a shriek that echoed down the beach and seemed to cause a wave of the bugs to explode. Ankka frowned as he spotted the angel with the metal wing push up and explode another one that just wouldn't let go of his foot. "'Lock...the missing students are in that svarm..."

<Warlock> "You haven't assigned a group leader yet?" He gave them a flat look, eyes flicking at Ankka, "Okay, our first priority is evacing the citizen's before they decide to reenact too much of Starship Troopers, you guys can handle that? We've got designated evac points there and there," he sent the location to their personal GPS, "get as many non-combatants to those places and defend them."

<Warlock> "If they're in the swarm man, they've probably already been eaten."

<Psylocke> "Anyone who saves me from planes gets all the treats they want period Cassie." Smiling and forcing her shield to be a copying dome as well, now she'd practised enough she'd found she could copy what others were doing shape wise with her powers.

<Thor> "Kyllä, herra parlamentin jäsen." Ankka gave Darren a flat look. "I mean, they're bugs. They've been made into those things. Including Sparky."

<Thor> ((Translation: Yes, sir))

<Psylocke> No they hadn't been eaten and there was a very small bug with blue and yellow racing stripes was running through the swarm towards the jet, clicking happily and trying to ignore the need to attack the intruders however her perception wasn't brilliant and as Warlock moved to quickly he got a warning zap as she raced past.

<Facade> "We've been a bit directionless without Mel," Cecilia said, putting up a more shields around the group to stop them from getting eaten. "Leadership usually falls to the most senior member in the field.” She nodded. "Can do. Shields'll come in handy for covering everyone's ass while they run."

<Jean> "And Mel's a bug, too!" Jean piped up helpfully.

<Thor> "...Vait, so that vould be me? Odin's balls, ve're doomed."

<Scott> Scott was now nearly done evacuating the civilians from the immediate area. He stepped over to where he saw Warlock and shrunk back down to normal size. "Yo. Why is everybody trying to kick around the bugs instead of doing evac?"

<Dusk> "I know it'll take a lot out of me, but I can try to teleport as many people to safety as I can," Cassandra offered, looking towards the mohawk-toting SHIELD agent.

<Warlock> "... Why can't you guys ever give me news that makes my less complex?" Darren groaned, "I ... ugh, shitty fucknuggets ..." he tried to think, "I ... well, no promises man, you know what it's like in a battlefield," he gave Ankka a sympathetic look before hissing, "Damnit, need to go relief Bobby at the wall, you kids'll be okay, right?"

<Facade> "Actually I think that's Scott," Cecilia remarked. "We might be doomed anyways." She nodded to Darren. "I think we can handle it."

<Warlock> "Don't waste too much energy, you're no good to anyone if you exert yourself to the point where you can't defend yourself."

<Oya> "Um... probably..." Idie chewed her lip, "I guess I'll go and defend some places...." she checked her gps and started for one of the locations.

<Psylocke> "Cassie I'll stick as being your back up shield for now then as my shield aren't that strong k?"

<Dusk> "Probably not, but thanks for asking anyway," Cassandra replied, sounding way too cheerful, while simultaneously holding off a huge wave of angry insect-monsters with a wall of shadows.

<Thor> "Yes, I...I know. Too many times in the desert." At least Darren knew. "Just...please." He knew he didn't have to say anything else, Darren understood. He hefted Mjolnir. "Let's hope I don't get mind-controlled this time, yes?" He grinned - just as he spotted the tiny bug.

<Dusk> "Much appreciated!" Cassandra once more smiled at Elizabeth. "The less I have to focus on keeping myself from being eaten - again -. the more people I can save."

<Warlock> "Make sure you don't," Darren smirked before zooming off, barking orders at his men already.

<Scott> "Uh, what?" He mentally checked everybody on the team this time. He was indeed the oldest one. Well, crap....

<Facade> "You guys heard him," Cecilia said, turning towards the swarm. "Evac's priority. Get anyone and everyone you can outta harm's way in any way you can and then we'll talk about looking at some of these powered bugs. Elizabeth, mind helping with shields? Cass, how many people can you teleport at once?"

<Psylocke> "Keep me with you then I'll practice my shielding while you do the saving." Nodding and starting to pace her breathing while forcing the shield to stand a little stronger.

<Thor> He took a look at Scott seriously. "...Uh...no offence, but I'm sticking to deferring to 'Lock. Call it habit, I haven't been out of the Forces that long, I need someone who knows vhat they're doing." He looked around for the tiny bug but she'd gone. Sighing, he tried to remind himself of priorities and kicked into the air.

<Oya> Fortunately, Idie was used to trying to run on sand. She'd spent rather a lot of her time on the beaches back home so it wasn't hard for her to take up a good pace and make it to the evac point in good time. "I think I'll set up camp here and run defense."

<Scott> "Okay, I need a telepath." He grew in size again. "Where is Jean?" He ignored the Scandinavian guy. It was quite obvious he was more of a liability in the team than if left on his own.

<Psylocke> Tiny bug was now however under the floating jet and clicking her antenna angrily because it couldn't hear her calls to get lower, she couldn't jump that high nor was she one with wings.

<Dusk> "If I really give it everything I've got, I think I could manage up to ten at once," Cassandra replied, her tone far from confident. "I mean, the glaring summer sun doesn't really help."

<Thor> Ankka heard Dusk over the comm. "Vould less sunlight help you, my friend?" He paused in the air, frowning at the ground. "I can help there, yes?"

<Facade> Cecilia grit her teeth as Ankka took off. "We could've used him up front! Fuck it...well, I guess we'll have to make do won't we? I'll cover you as much as I can Elizabeth just keep on eye on my gaps." She looked at Cass. "Try to teleport a few people if you can but conserve your energy, I don't want you getting jumped with no powers."

<Psylocke> "Try and stick with less then cause your gonna need to keep me in that number if you want extra shielding right?" Breathe heaving and wondering if getting pissed off would help.

<Thor> Jut a shame Fabian wasn't here, but it only needed to be over the beach, right? Didn't need to be all that impressive. Here's hoping the real Thor wouldn't mind...

<Thor> "And for your information, Facade-" Mjolnir sang past her, taking a bug out that was about to jump her, "-I am up front. I just see better up here."

<bugnut> The reason that the evacuation was taking so long was located a little west of the group, where a tiny, angry bug was zipping about with a megaphone, chittering loudly into it. Anyone within range of the noise stopped fleeing and stood there with a look of open-mouthed stupidity, and were swiftly eaten by it's compatriots.

<Scott> Oh crap, tall and blond wouldn't really... Scott shouted into the comm: "Ankka, ixnay on the rain! Do you want the people we haven't collected yet to get swamped down in wet sand without the ability to run away?!"

<Jean> Jean had been hiding in her bubble, watching the horror, and completely unsure what do to.

<Dusk> "That would be immensely helpful, yes," Cassandra replied to the Finn, while scooping up panicking tourists with long, black tentacles. She dragged the flailing civilians closer, until she could teleport them to a hopefully saver place outside the city.

<Thor> "...I vasn't going to make it rain, I vas planning cloud cover!"

<Thor> He growled to himself as Mjolnir his his palm and glared at the sky. Black clouds swirled into existance a lot faster than normal, dimming the air significantly. "You do know I served in the damned desert? I know about sand and vater!"

<Scott> JEAN! I need you to tell the civilians to congregate towards me. I will start up a bridge head. And over the comm: "Dusk, use my body's shadow to transport the people out of the zone!"

<Psylocke> Elizabeth was running at Cassie's side staying with her when teleporting and staying behind when there was to many humans to teleport at once. The shielding was taking so much more effort now she was really having to stop things.

<Viper> Viper smiled as some of the zombiefied civilians were taken by the subterranean team. "Jessica, your work is beautiful. Move more onto the beach so you can attack the aircraft that think they are safe over the water." "I hate you." "Oh now, hate is such a strong word... I know you don't mean it, is it just the uniform bothering you? Sand in the wrong places? It's alright, I forgive you."

<Thor> "There you go, Dusk. No sun." He needed to calm down. His temper was not his friend these days. Sighing, he took a moment to chill - or would have done if a bug hadn't gone for it. He snarled and literally kicked it out of the air.

<Dusk> "Using my powers in broad daylight feels like having to walk against the direction of a storm," she explained, swatting away one of the creatures that came a little too close. "While I'm really in my element at night, not having to cope with the sun on in my face would be a big help already."

<Facade> "Fair enough and thanks!" Cecilia said, taking point again. "Scott, I guess you're upfront too since you're one of the less squishy people here." She looked to Oya. "If you could make some ice walls or something to slow the swarm down it'd be great. It'd be harder to rush us if they have to climb those first." She winced as a bug slammed against her shields. "Jesus..."

<Jean> Jean jumped at hearing her name said with such panic. It seemed oddly familiar, however. "O-o-okay, Scott..." She closed her eyes and concentrated, trying to reach the human minds.

<bugnut> "Tcktcktcktchkssssssstiktikticataca!" The bug formerly known as Peanut gesticulated wildly at it's buddies, and when one wasn't moving fast enough hit it on the head with his megaphone.

<Psylocke> As the Jet wasn't responding tiny bug started racing through the swarms once more zapping the other silly stupid bugs out of her way and chasing the flying shadow that smelt like mating male she remembered from some long ago time. Zapping a tourist hard enough to make it scream as she went past by accident.

<Oya> "How many times?! I can't just do one element at once! Where do you think I should put the fire?" Idie replied through the comms to Cecilia's suggestion.

<Dusk> "You're my big, Finnish hero." Cassandra paused long enough to offer Ankka a grin and thankful nod, already feeling invigorated by the shade around her. "Now this is more like it."

<Scott> Good girl! Next I need you to contact Warlock and ask him to coordinate with the local police and military. They need to push together in order to drive the bugs back into the ocean.

<Thor> Ankka landed a little way ahead of the group, grunting as he was slammed into. He didn't immediately zap them, checking for any familiar bugs, before blasting them with a charge that charred the closest bugs. There was a nasty swearword in Finnish before he suddenly spotted Noriko - who was going straight for him...zapping the other bugs...?

<Thor> "Noriko! I've spotted Noriko, she's here!"

<Facade> Cecilia grit her teeth and took out her frustration on an attacking bug. "My bad, I don't always remember the nuances of everyone's power. I've sorta had other things on my mind."

<Oya> Idie watched the movement of the swarm from the evac station, standing between the civilians and the concentration of the bugs and trying to figure out where they were moving next. They seemed to be moving further out over the beach. "I think the bugs are moving towards the water..."

<Psylocke> The clicking carried on angrily as she got closer, wiggling her thorax at the big person and trying to make him understand, even zapping the silly human to help matters along.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth mean while had discovered her mental scream thing worked on bugs as well and it was forcing parades of the damn things away from the people her and Cass were trying to save.

<Scott> Scott kept on defending his beach head against bugs, which were now much less determinedly pushing forward.

<Dusk> Momentarily besieged by a whole swarm of the vicious things, Cassandra gave herself some breathing room by expanding a black sphere in all directions, throwing off the creatures. "You did?" She paused, holding the small comm clipped to her air. "Can you try to capture her yourself?"

<Thor> She was - okay that hurt. Ankka steadied Mjonir. "...I don't understand bug, but please don't zap me." He zapped another bug away before getting on the comm, staring at her. "...Noriko isn't attacking me. I can try. She's just...clicking at me."

<Jean> Jean met with a brick wall in Darren's mind, so she tried the communicator. "Um, mister mohawk sir? Scott says we need to push the bugs back into the ocean?" One rose up from the sand beneath her and she screamed into the comm, rising up in her teke bubble.

<bugnut> Jimmy-bug finally got across whatever it was he was trying to communicate with the other bugs and they dove back underground, heading straight for where most of the X-men were located.

<Psylocke> Tiny bug round around in a few more circles wondering why some humans understood her and these ones didn't? were the male humans more stupid?

<Dusk> She looked around, taking in the utter chaos around them. "I would offer to port her away, but I don't want to leave all these people." A black tentacle snatched up a bug just as it was about to pounce a fleeing civilian.

<Viper> "Jessica, there are distracted units out there. Get their attention." "Okay..." The resigned tone was much more pleasing to the green haired woman than the defiant one.

<Thor> Carefully he dissipated Mjolnir, remembering how he'd created a wall of lightning. That had been thanks to Fabian, but a small circle shouldn't be too hard, right? He concentrated, gritting his teeth as he put up a small circular wall of lighting around the bug.

<Facade> "If anybody sees a scaly bug lemme know," Cecilia laughed over the comm, smacking another bug in the mouth. "I sorta need Mel for something."

<Psylocke> Elizabeth then took a deep breath and fainted as her shields fell, trying to concentrate on to many things at once was doing her in apparently.

<Thor> "...I think I have it...Thor's ass, this is hard."

<Darren> "Huh?" Darren paused between punching a bug through the chest and trying to wrangle a distressed child who was desperately trying to cling to the corpse of her father, "Wait? What? Jesus H. Christ I'm not an amateur! What do you people think I'm doing- eat fist!" Blamssssssquk.

<Darren> ".... Ewww."

<Psylocke> Tiny bug clicked louder at the sudden ring of electricity but it knew how to deal with this, and rushing forward she started nibbling her way through the lightening until she absorbed it and keeping her self safe zoomed off at a terrifying speed and waggling a set of decorative wings blinding in colour.

<Facade> Shit, there was one down. Cecilia turned and rushed over to Elizabeth before one of the bugs got to her first. "Fuck!" she said, trying to drag the taller woman to her feet. "Not the best timing there!"

<Psylocke> Elizabeth's head lolled for a moment before coming back up and shaking and remembering the whispers were loud enough to shout today. "MOVE!" She screamed supported by Cecilia and batted her hand through the air, sweeping aside a mountain of bugs with it without a shield...

<Thor> "...Or not. In retrospect, that vas a little dumb of me." He let the shield fall, suddenly torn. He had a job to do but that was Noriko. He looked at the swarm, then at his disappearing girlfriend. "Okay, Noriko's broken out. She's not attacking, though. I think she...vants me to chase? But I'm not sure. It's the tiny bug with bright vings and blue and yellow stripes, can't miss her."

<Scott> "Okay." The last of the civilians was now outside the parameter. "Let's push them back into the sea!" He proceeded by kicking some of the bugs into the watery depths.

<Dusk> "Psylocke, are you okay?" Cassandra's experience at the circus paid off when she gracefully weaved, bobbed, and tumbled around the vicious bugs trying to get their claws and mandibles into her, eventually taking to the air to float to Elizabeth and Cecilia's side. "Should I take you out of here?"

<Facade> Cecilia wasn't about to strike them with a shield but apparently that wasn't necessary as the bugs were simply brushed aside. "Why didn't you say you had TK?"

<Viper> Viper laughed at the tactics. "How cute! They think water will stop them. Show them how wrong they are, my darling."

<Psylocke> "I'm fine! Carry on and what the fuck is TK? MOVE!" Shouting and waving her hand again another load of bugs brushed aside without effort, she wanted the damn noisy things away from her while her knees shook.

<Jean> The bug beneath her hadn't given up, it scrambled against her pinkish teke shield and somehow clung on the higher she rose. "EEEEEEEEW!"

<Facade> "Take her!" Cecilia said to Cass. "I gotta keep going! I'll come back later!" She rushed towards the water where the bugs appeared to be going for the jet, using a shield to do her 'walking on water' trick.

<Dusk> "What do you mean, 'take her'?" Cassandra demanded to know, suddenly left alone with the distressed Elizabeth. Before she could get an answer to that question, she had to keep one of the creature's from sinking its claws into her chest. "Why do I think we don't have any plan here?"

<Psylocke> Tiny bug was running so fast she couldn't see were she was going and ended up running straight into Warlocks legs by accident, zapping him in annoyance for being in her way and then recognising the bright colours, stopping to wiggle her own at him.

<Oya> "Uh guys, I don't think the water tactic is working. They kinda just seem to be shaking it off..." Idie used a burst of fire to deter some bugs and used the cool air that she'd left behind to fortify the defences of the evac station.

<Thor> Ankka lost sight of Noriko, hoping like hell the rest of the team had heard his warning, before deciding to use the shield trick again. So long as he didn't try to push it without the boost...he started spreading walls of lightning out slowly, using them to start herding bugs to the sea.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth's eyes glowed and angry purple and the bug was rammed by thought alone off Cassie's chest and a circle of force was pushed outwards from them giving the pair space to breath.

<Dusk> "Have you tried freezing the water?" Cassandra suggested to Idie, while she summoned a large mace forged out of shadowy matter to strike the relentless bug with.

<Darren> "Argh!" Darren screamed as he was bowled over and electrocuted, "Why you little-" he aimed an energy blast at the critter.

<Thor> Strangely, though it was hard and took effort and concentration...he wasn't hitting any point of fatigue from over-use. Frowning, he pushed the wall more, a low rumble of thunder echoing from the black clouds to emphasise it.

<Thor> And then he caught sight of the blast towards- "Noriko!" The walls were suddenly dropped as he threw himself into the air and blurred, grabbing the tiny bug and pulling her out of the path of the blast, which hit another bug. "Warlock! That vas nearly Noriko you just killed!"

<Facade> Cecilia frowned as she found herself between a rock and a hard place with bugs being herded into the sea at her back and bugs trying to go for the jet at her front. "Oh shit-!" she exclaimed as one leapt up, knocking her off her shield platform and sending her into the water.

<Darren> "Huh? ... Oh shit, sorry!"

<Scott> "Folks, this isn't working. I think we will have to get lethal, otherwise we will be run over." He stepped on about a dozen bugs. "Well, what do you know? They can be stepped on..." He held up his enormous foot to reveal a big mess of slime.

<Viper> Viper laughed, "Nice work Jessica. You are getting better at convincing them to work as a team. I want you to make sure our would-be heroes know they are not being herded now, have our babies break ranks and go for the city but make sure to keep enough back that they don't think the beach is safe."

<Psylocke> Noribug was wiggling for her life as she was suddenly flying away from the glowing human she recognise and suddenly believed she'd figured out how to fly.... until her wiggling turned her round enough to see Ankka and stop, flicking an antenne with curiosity.

<Thor> He let out a breath. "Don't vorry. She's fine." And...wiggling happily, apparently, not bothered by the sudden flight. "You like being difficult, sveets." He sighed, spotting Cecilia. Mjolnir appeared in a hand, and then was thrown, arcing energy as it knocked bugs away from Cecilia.

<Facade> She could still breathe with the shield armour under water, but that was only gonna last so long and she was running out of options. She let her power loose, slicing up the bugs closest to her as the hammer thing took care of the rest.

<Thor> He had the bug, he wasn't letting go of her, smiling as it - she - looked up at him. "That vas close. Please don't antagonise the zappy guy, okay?"

<Psylocke> "You want me to go lethal?" She paused and asked to both the comm and the nearby Cassie. "I think I can manage lethal is Ankka's got Nori."

<Facade> Gasping, she surfaced again, pulling herself up onto a shield platform. "That does it!" she snarled. "I'm done playing nice! I'm sorry, Scott, but do I have permission to use the shield knives? I kinda want to come home in one piece!"

<Psylocke> The Noribug reached up and stroked Ankka's face with a soft feeler in appreciation.

<Dusk> "What good does teleportation do you when you actually have to be everywhere at once?" Cassandra asked herself, rising up into the air to get a better look at their situation. They were a handful of mutant students, and an entire city on the verge of being overrun by uncounted insect monstrosities.

<Thor> "I...I have Noriko, but...just...remember our other friends are still there..." He wasn't letting go of her, something melting a little as the feeler petted him. He smiled, and suddenly things were okay, another happy little thunder-rumble echoing it.


<Facade> Cecilia took Scott's actions as a 'yes.' Slogging through the water back onto the beach and rushing after the bugs headed for civilization, throwing shield knives into the ones in her range. "Now that's how it's done!"

<Psylocke> "I hear that!" Both hands coming up she concentrated and brought the powers down on a good number of bugs and smiling as they got squashed under the force. "Who's not good enough now?" She whispered.

<Dusk> "As much as I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I have a feeling we might be about to be overrun here," Cassandra remarked via comm, ceaselessly fighting off the constant swarm of insectoid attackers. "I thought you might want to know."

<Oya> "Looks a hell of a lot like that, yep." Idie cast her eyes over the beach again. "Why is there a cluster of them in the middle of the beach? Is there still someone out there?!"


<Thor> There was a sudden buzzing, electronic shriek from one of the bugs caught between the suddenly lethal powers. A bug with blue lines running through its carapace chittered and clicked as it staggered in pain, half a leg taken off by the knives and part of the carapace shattered. Before anything could be done, it glitched and flickered away, still screeching electronically.

<Dusk> Even her uncanny awareness failed when a ray of sunshine managed to penetrate the cover of clouds, distracting her long enough with its blinding glare to allow one of her assailants to slip through. Long, sharp claws pierced the armored fabric of her uniform, impaling Cassandra through the stomach and chest.

<Psylocke> "Cassie!" Elizabeth snapped out of her sudden mini world as she saw her friend being attacked, offensive powers switching to a defensive shield around the girl and making her stagger.

<Jean> Jean had finally lost her passenger, but dropped it on top of another bug, that seemed to light up before it scurried for deeper cover. "AAAAARGHGJ SFS FSDFARG! This is SO GROSS!" She turned in time to see her former roommate skewered. "Oh shit!"

<Thor> "I hate to use the pun, but bugging out might be an idea." He winced at the electronic shriek, still holding Noriko. "We've got evac down, ve're not going to vin this one." A wall of lightning sprung up between the team and the bugs, zapping any that came too close.

<Dusk> The raven-haired girl just coughed, her eyes wide from the surprise, before she bent over, raising a hand to grab the claws stuck in her chest. Too bad the creature it belonged to was still attached to it, and relentlessly tried to chew off her face.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth was running forward and trying to desperately avoid being eaten while getting to cassie as fast as she could. "Hang on Cassie!"

<Darren> Bugnut shrieked as the giant man came closer, dropping his megaphone as he tried to scurry away, but not fast enough, the tip of the man's boot landed on his lower half and he screamed, "Ffffffsssskin' kaaaawkjohkeeei!"

<Dusk> Cassandra did the first thing that came to her mind - once it worked again, anyway - and disappeared in a swirl of shadows, teleporting just a few steps away. She took the creature's limbs still stuck in her along, however, leaving their former owner screeching and flailing behind.

<Scott> "Ewwww, this one is skittering..." Scott rubbed his foot over the beach, trying to scrape it off.

<Facade> Cecilia felt a slight chill as a bug with electrical lines teleported out of existence. "Keep pushing forward," she said into the comm, slashing through a bug that tried to take a chunk out of her. "We're actually making some progress here."

<Darren> "Fffffffsk chuuuuuuuu!" The bug chittered wildly, trying to use it's power to the big, stompy human.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth got inside the shield and punted the flailing bug away before turning round to stare at the now standing Cass with the limbs sticking out of her. "Holy fucksicles."

<Jean> Jean got that mental message loud and clear. "That bug said fuck you!"

<Thor> Ankka shivered as he watched some of the more recognisable bugs get injured. Oh, he was going to be adding these nightmares to the military ones tonight... "Vell, at least you're safe, yes?" He murmured to the gently clicking bug that stayed happily in his arms and nuzzled him occasionally. "I'm sorry, my friends..." He pushed the walls further, herding the bugs away.

<Scott> "...thank you..." Scott's eyes narrowed, he scooped up a big pile of sand, and dropped it on the bug. The he dusted himself off. "Now, more stomping!"

<Darren> The chittering was buried under the sand, though you could still see pathetic flails under the surface where it was still struggling.

<Viper> "Alright, Jessica, swarm the giant one's head. He is irritating." "Do I have to?" "Would you like me to put one of your injured friends out of their misery? I can make the shot from here." "No!" "Well then, get on with it."

<Dusk> "More like Cassicles," the other girl remarked, grabbing the severed spike and holding on as tightly as she could, clenching her jaw before pulling it out of her body. "Gah!" Cassandra winced and swayed a little. What looked like black smoke rose up from the hole in her chest, curling and twining in random patterns.

<Psylocke> Nori bug wiggled frantically then chittering towards the pile of sand and flicking her display wings. Loudbug was in trouble!

<Psylocke> "Oh my...." Elizabeth blinked and stepped back then staring. "Wow...."

<Thor> Ankka kept hold of Noribug, but he noticed where she was chittering at. A wind swept the pile, not quite fully freeing the half-squished bug, but giving him room to dig out of the pile.

<Jean> Jean was pretty sure she was going crazy, because she could sort of understand some of these bugs. "Um... she wants you to help her friend," she said.

<Psylocke> *Save Loudbug humans! save Loudbug!*

<Thor> "On it." He smiled at Jean. "I...vonder if they're being controlled, somehow..." He kept the wind moving the sand up until the bug was free. "Loudbug? Oh hell, is that Jimmy?"

<Scott> "Shoo!" He waved his enormous hands at the bugs that tried to swarm him now. They weren't really dangerous, seeing as his skin was far too thick to penetrate, but he still didn't want them in his eyes or nose!

<Facade> Cecilia wandered through the underbrush by the beach, slicing up the stragglers that tried to bite her. "Knife goes in - " she said, driving a spike through one's head " - guts come out."

<Dusk> "Well, I guess at least I won't be bleeding out," Cassandra remarked, dropping the long claw as she looked down at the strange wound. She didn't even feel that bad, and wondered whether this was due to some kind of shock, or for reasons she didn't yet understand.

<Darren> "Fussskinarssssklikkkrrrzz," the 'Loudbug' chittered to itself as it tried to wriggle away.

<Thor> "...Fucking arse lickers...that's Jimmy." Ankka said deadpan.

<Psylocke> The Noribug was trying to shout at Loudbug now attempting to get it to stay. *Loudbug new swarm new swarm! Loudbug new swarm!*

<Jean> Jean made a garbled sound of disgust and since that job was done she was getting the hell out of dodge. Floating back up in her bubble, she looked across the sand to a cluster of the smaller bugs and saw a flash of familiar blonde hair.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth stared for a moment at Cassie before grabbing hold of the other limb impaling her and dragging it out of her friend trying to help. "You now owe me drinks."

<Jean> Jean floated a bit closer, then shook her head. She looked back at the others. "Hey... guys... isn't that Jess?" She pointed back to the cluster of bugs.

<Facade> "Is that all of them?" Cecilia said, crashing out of the underbrush and wandering up to the group. She turned in the direction Jean was pointing. "Is it? I dunno, why don't we have a look and see?"

<Dusk> "Hey, I'm the one who just got skewered here," Cassandra complained, even though her tone was far from serious. "If anyone needs drinks after that, it would be mere." She winced again as the other claw came free, before steadying herself and looking down at her pierced uniform. "Though, I think I'll be fine..."

<Viper> "I think I've been spotted..." Viper raised an eyebrow, "Then leave. They are not getting you out of here. You know the consequences if they do." "Yeah I know... death and dismemberment for everyone I love... I'm leaving..."

<Psylocke> Elizabeth swallowed and just stared at the holes amazed at how she was healing while they were protected by a wavering shield. "Fine we'll both get drunk together..."

<Facade> Cecilia stopped as the figure turned and ran. What the fuck? Was she actually running from them? What the hell was she even doing- ....ohhhh. "I think, Jean, that you're assessment of a hive mind wasn't too far off. In fact, I'm willing to bet my money that we just found their 'queen.'"

<Dusk> "Sounds like a compromise I can live with - or... unlive with." Cassandra chuckled, before looking in either direction to see where they were needed the most. "Okay, with that little nuisance out of the way, shall we see if we can make ourselves useful again? Come, let's find the others."

<Jean> "But she's not a bug..." Jean was confused, but sure enough, their missing friend was retreating. What the hell?

<Psylocke> Nodding she looked around and checked the comm before spotting the running figure. "Look Cassie over there!"

<Facade> "No, but she has a bug mutation and pheromones. Her abilities had some effect on the bugs in the subway awhile back. I think that's what's controlling them." It was something to keep in mind. "Good to know. It might be useful information next time we come up against this."

<Dusk> "Is that who I think it is?" Cassandra asked, peering into the distance. "I could try to teleport after her, but I'm not sure if I'll have enough strength left. Not for the way out again, anyway."

<Oya> "Are we going after her? I think the bugs are retreating with her?" Idie looked up into the sky as the swarm gathered again and went to collect their wounded.

<Psylocke> "IT IS! Thats Jess! Guys I can feel what Jess's silence feels like! It's Jess!" Starting to run but leaving the shield over Cassie for now. "Jess! Don't go!"

<Facade> "It is," Cecilia said, coming up to the group again. "I think we've found what's controlling the swarms now and a possible way to stop this shit the next time it happens." She looked to Psylocke. "I wouldn't."

<Psylocke> Noribug mean while was still trying to get loudbugs attention and get it to follow her display flicks and clicks and lead it towards Ankka, she had to save Loudbug to!

<Jean> "But why would she... I don't even... bugs? She doesn't like bugs! Like, the giant subway bugs freaked her out!" Jean watched her shopping buddy disappear.

<Thor> Ankka was preoccupied with not dropping the apparently air-traffic-controlling Noribug, finally holding her at arm's length. "If she's retreating, then I doubt ve can save her yet. But at least ve know she's...relatively safe...hah, and vhere she is, yes?"

<Dusk> "Why is she running away?" Cassandra asked, floating after the other. "Why is she with them in the first place!?" She paused, apparently trying to come to a decision. "I think I could reach her... "

<Facade> Cecilia frowned. "Either she's being forced to do so or what I heard from Viper in the Hellfire club was right and she's turned on us. We won't know until we get her back but until then..."

<Dusk> "We have to at least try!" Cassandra sounded almost pleading now. "She's my friend!"

<Psylocke> Elizabeth wasn't stopping for now she wanted to save her friend and if it involved running herself down via shielding and ramming bugs out of the way then so be it, she needed her friend back.

<Facade> "We have other concerns now," Cecilia said to Cass. "Evac, first aid, sweeping the streets for stragglers. Rescuing someone that may or may not be part of a terrorist organization now isn't a priority. Those people - " she pointed at survivors from the beach " - these are our priority."

<Viper> "They are pursuing you." "Yeah, I know. I'll have to distract them, I suppose..." "Yes and then I would suggest hitching a lift with one of your swarm, they fly faster than you do." "Okay... I'll meet up with you soon."

<Dusk> "I think she has the right idea," Cassandra remarked, gathering all her strength to follow Elizabeth as she took after Jessica. Obviously the swarm of monstrous insects surrounding her had different ideas, turning to block their path. After weaving and dodging the first, the mass of creatures became too thick.

<Psylocke> It was getting harder and harder to do both tricks and the shield around Cassie dropped completely to make her job of ploughing the way through the bug path a little easier even if progress was slowing.

<Facade> Cecilia grumbled and turned to the rest of the group at large. "Well is someone gonna help me with the clean-up? Or am I on my own?"

<Dusk> Finding the strength to summon another portal, Cassandra teleported as close to Jessica as she could, emerging from a swirl of shadows mid air. "Jess!" she exclaimed. "Come! I can take you out of here!"

<Thor> Ankka looked at the bug in his arms. "...I can try?"

<Jean> Jean shuffled from foot to foot, but since Cassie and Elizabeth had it handled, she went to Cecilia. "I'll stay and help..."

<Psylocke> Noriko wiggled harder then an antenna pointing after loudbug in urgency, she wanted loudbug back!

<Thor> "...Does someone vant to get Jimmy?"

<Facade> "Thank you," Cecilia said emphatically. "I need a few people to pair up and sweep the streets and I need a few others to see if medical needs any help. I'll volunteer for medical 'cause that's my specialty."

<Viper> Viper heard Jess' voice over the comm as she responded to Cassandra: "No!" She fired a venomblast at the other girl which generated static on the commlink.

<Jean> Jean looked over to the wriggling, kind of squished, chittering... was he still bald? Ew. Jean gathered the bug up in a teke feild. "What do I do with it now?"

<Psylocke> Nori bug waved then she wanted it with Ankka! *bring loudbug here!*

<Facade> "...if that's Jimmy I'm tempted to just give him back to the swarm," she joked, wandering over to the evac stations. "Keep him around, I guess. What else were you planning to do?"

<Dusk> Cassandra was too surprised to act, so Jessica's blast got her straight in the chest. With a cry of pain the girl fell backwards, her already drained powers failing her. Looking up, she saw her friend take off with the swarm of creatures, before she hit the ground hard.

<Darren> The loudbug chittered and jibbered at Jean through the field for a moment, before it seemed to realise who it was and leered and winked at her.

<Jean> The little bug was flailing around, and Jean was picking up definite snatches of thought, so she headed for Annka. When she made the mistake of looking at the bug in her bubble, she made a face. "Ewww, Jimmy?!"

<Darren> The feelers (which were larger and hairier then the rest of the bugs) waggled suggestively at her.

<Facade> Cecilia stopped in her tracks and watched Cass lying in the sand and Elizabeth who'd not gotten too far after the swarm took off. Waiting for them to rejoin.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth got to the point were it was impossible to progress any further. "Jess come back! JESS!" Having to hold a shield more then anything now as moving was becoming to much of an effort.

<Jean> "Yeah..." Jean picked up the pace and swung the bubble up to the other bug. "There you go."

<Darren> Darren landed near the borrowed jet, "Well, that seems to be all of them-hellooooo," floating half squished bug, "... nice. Another one of your buddies?"

<Dusk> Cassandra groaned, blinking a couple times until the sky stopping spinning above her. "Did we win?" she asked, watching the swarm slowly disappear in the distance.

<Psylocke> Noribug wiggled her display wings at Loudbug happily then antenna and clicking increasing as he was brought closer. *Real swarm! Real Swarm! Not fake swarm!*

<Darren> *Missing my fucking LEGS here. These bitches be cray-cray!* He chittered back.

<Thor> "Yes, think it's Jimmy." Ankka slowly cuddled Noribug again, finally smiling properly.

<Psylocke> She chittered happily as she was cuddled and flicked her antenna again. "But this one fed me! Safe now! Right swarm! Home swarm!

<Facade> Cecilia wandered over to Cassandra. "I always fucking win," she said, offering a hand. "What sorta question is that?"

<Darren> "... Right, well, it's annoying enough I guess. Good job guys, thanks for the assist."

<Psylocke> Elizabeth was staggering and huffing her way towards the group and the captured bugs clutching her head, and upon reaching the group stared at the extra furry one. "Looks like Jimmy's eyebrows...."

<Darren> The feelers were wiggled.

<Dusk> Reaching up to take the offered hand, Cassandra sat up, before she decided it was time to try and get back on her feet. "You already sound like Mel," she remarked, giving Cecilia a wry smile. "Thanks."

<Psylocke> "Wiggle your left antenna if you like watching Saw mister bug."

<Darren> Loudbug stared at her, then looked down at his front legs.

<Psylocke> She pouted for a moment before raising an eyebrow. "Wiggle if you like boobs."

<Darren> Wigglewigglewiggle!

<Facade> "Nice to know I'm everybody's silver medal," Cecilia snorted. "Mel's her own person, so'm I. I have no intentions of replacing her, that's space nobody can fill."

<Thor> "...That's Jimmy."

<Psylocke> "Here you are Jean pass him here, bastard still owes me popcorn." Holding out her hands for the wiggling bug.

<Jean> Jean was happy to get free of her wriggly friend, and then go find some hand sanitizer.

<Psylocke> Elizabeth plucked the bug out of the bubble carefully and cuddled it to her boobs and smiled, Jimmy had complained that he wanted hers as a boob rest. Now seemed a good time for compesation on bugness.

<Dusk> "You're right," Cassandra replied, now showing Cecilia an impish grin. "Even your backside can't compete with her mighty tail."

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