8/10 Game: Bug Out

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8/10 Game: Bug Out

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Timeline: November 19th

BlackJack: "Oh my god... why doesn't this suit breathe better?" Jack said, pulling at his X-Suit to shift the fur underneath. "Tip for everyone, shave off your fur before going to a hot and humid jungle."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul couldn't help but run through the trees a bit ahead and then back. "Nothing yet." He announced as he rejoined the rest of the group. He knew it wasn't quite their meet-up time but he couldn't help but feel impatint now as they waited.

Facade: Cecilia slashed through a thicket of leaves and branches, waving her hand absently at various insects buzzing around her head. "This is such bullshit," she muttered.

Cyclops: "Noted." Scott pulled at the collar of his suit. He mentally reviewed where everything was in his medical bag, just in case.

Dusk: "At least the suits keep out the creepy crawlies," Cassandra remarked, the heat and humidity barely bothering her. What she was really thankful for, however, was the dense canopy above them and the shade it provided. "The normal sized ones, anyway. Too bad we're actually trying to find the giant, man-eating kind."

Jean-Paul: "Well, hopefully they won't stay giant and man-heating once we get our hands on them, right?" He sounded hopeful but he was still bouncing around. "So...anyone else a bit nervous about this whole set up?"

BlackJack: Jack lifted a hand, "Here."

Facade: "No, this really is complete bullshit," Cecilia asserted. "Like I said," she said to JP. "'This is complete bullshit.' We're having a rendez-whatchamacallit with a person who we don't know for sure isn't a traitor. We're being set-up, I bet you a million bucks!"

Jean-Paul: "Well, if we are we're tipped off more than enough for the possibility. You've got enough oomph to get people away, Dusk? People just stick close to either me or her and if they spring a trap we're your surest bets on getting out."

Dusk: "Oh, come on, you're not worried now, are you?" Cassie replied, offering Jean-Paul an encouraging grin. "Just because everything about this absolutely looks like a trap, that doesn't mean it has to be one."

Facade: "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..."

Cyclops: "That's the plan, get ours back and debug them." He agreed with Cecilia, this was too reminiscent of his own experiences, and he'd only come to rescue the students as well as if all went down badly, just blow the bad guys to smithereens. "It feels like a trap."

Dusk: "Not enough tor the trip around the globe again, but at least out of the reach of anything nasty that might to bite our precious bits." The raven-haired girl gave a quick salute.

Jessica: It had taken some convincing but Jess had finally managed to talk Sebastian into staying at the hotel with Broo and Sharky while she met up with the X-men. Now she lurked in the branches of a tree and listened to the sounds of the jungle around her and keeping her senses on alert for anything else. The voices were carried to her on the wind and she shifted to get a better view of the ground below her.

BlackJack: "If this was a trap... I would have given anything for a lobster mutant to just yell out those three magic words." Jack said, swatting away a bug.

Dusk: Cassandra turned towards Cecilia and smirked. "And don't you mean a million bugs? I think that would be more appropriate."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul motioned Dusk over and started writing 'airport' in the air between them so she would know where to aim if they did need to 'bug out'.

Facade: "Just so you guys know, if things get hairy I'm not holding back," Cecilia warned, slapping another branch out of the way. "I'm not being taken alive."

BlackJack: "Ehh, I think I'll be okay being a bug, at least I won't be dead." Jack added.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul arched an eyebrow to Cee and Jack. "We all stick to our rules out here and anywhere. Just be prepared for a retreat if it's necessary."

Facade: "There're worse things than death," Cecilia pointed out. "I count being transformed into a giant insect among them." She nodded to Jean-Paul. "I'll try, boss."

Dusk: Tilting her head, Cassandra followed the motions of Jean-Paul's finger with her eyes, before she nodded and put on a smile, giving him the A-OK sign. She looked over her shoulder, giving Cecilia an inscrutable smile. "Like being eaten alive? Yeah, that's an acquired taste. I can't recommend it to everyone."

Jessica: As they were practically under her, Jess dropped straight down out of the tree and landed in a crouch in front of them. Her newly black hair was tied into a ponytail and she was dressed for action, though not as well prepared as the X-men with their uniforms.

Facade: "Shit!" Cecilia exclaimed, leaping backwards, shield armour popping up almost instantaneously.

Northstar: "Being one with the jungle, Jess?" Jean-Paul greeted her, stepping back with a zip as she took her place to crouch. "So, time to get stared now, isn't it?

Dusk: "Hi, Jess!" Cassandra stopped and waved at her friend, a sweet smile on her lips, and apparently entirely unsurprised by her sudden appearance. "See? I told you it wouldn't be a trap. I know when she's about to venom-blast me."

Dusk: She paused, a frown showing up on her forehead. "You're not going to venom-blast me, are you?"

Jessica: "Nice to see you too, Cecilia." Jess straightened up, smiling at Cassie, "No... not this time... Sorry about before...."

Facade: "I'll reserve judgement," Cecilia said to Cassie, crossing her arms and frowning. "So where's this base?" Might as well get right to business after all.

Dusk: "Ah, it's okay. No harm done." She waved her hand dismissively at her friend. "I assumed you were left with little choice. Besides, I deserved one anyway for trying to flirt with your lover again. Speaking of, how is Sebastian?"

Jessica: "He's okay... he had to stay at the hotel to take care of something..." she glanced around them, "There's an exit hatch near here..."

BlackJack: "Hey Jess-thps," Jack said, then suddenly started swatting at a swarm of midges, only after one flew into his mouth.

Cyclops: "Christ!" Scott forced himself not to jump.

Northstar: "What kind of security is at the hatch?" Jean-Paul asked, ready to get underway.

Dusk: "And even more importantly, what's there to expect beyond that hatch?" Cassandra added.

Jessica: "It's an emergency exit so not too much... but they'll know when we open it." She sighed, "Beyond that... guards with guns and experimental weapons, the silver thingies and giant bugs... and whatever the hell else they're working on in there." She shuddered thinking of the brain room again. "But before we can worry about any of that I need to shut something off."

Facade: "You're not leaving us to go through the hatch alone are you?" Cecilia said, eyeing Jess suspciously.

Cyclops: "Experimental weapons? Such as?"

Jessica: "Well unless you want your powers turned off, it's best for everyone if I go in first...." She glanced over her shoulder at them, "Electrical weapons... laser things.... I haven't seen a lot of them working but I've seen the results..."

Dusk: "If you can show us the way and get us close enough to the entrance, I could get us in there without having to open the hatch," Cassandra said. "Hopefully we could avoid an immediate alarm that way."

Northstar: "Just keep enough juice for a reserve." Jean-Paul nodded to Dusk. "Right then, do we have a signal for when you've shut off the security measures?"

Facade: "Now that sounds like a plan," Cecilia said to Cass. "If we take 'em by surprise they may not have the time to do anything."

Jessica: Jess chewed her lip, "I guess... but I still need to get this on a control panel..." She pulled a device out of her pocket that had been cobbled together by Broo and Sebastian in the hotel room. "There's drugs in the ventilation system to turn off powers..."

Facade: "Hence why we should spend as little time as possible in them," Cecilia remarked. "My shields can't block anything with a lower density than water. Any gas related weapon is gonna go right through them."

Dusk: "I could open a portal for you to slip in so you can plant your little doodad there," Cass pointed at the small, strange looking device. "Wait a second... what about you then? How are you going to go through this without being affected yourself?"

Jessica: "I'm immune to drugs, Cassie..." Jess reminded her, "The gas doesn't work on me. So I'll go in, turn it off, then come and open the hatch for you."

Northstar: "Lets get this underway then." Jean-Paul said, still keeping his guard up but knowing that time was still of the essence if they didn't want to be spotted by some kind of jungle patrol.

BlackJack: "Sounds like a plan, nice and airtight, straight to the point, perfect, A-Oh-kay. One question though, is the place in there ventilated?" Jack asked shifting his suit some more.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Yes. And air conditioned." She gave him a smile, "It's quite nice actually... if you can get past the creepy experiments."

Facade: "Speaking of which," Cecilia said. "What happened to our missing people exactly?"

Dusk: "Hey, how was I supposed to know that even works against drugs cooked up by evil mad scientists," Cass replied and shrugged her shoulders. "Though, even better for us then. What could possibly go wrong now? I mean, aside from all the other nasty stuff - right! Wanna lead the way, Spider-Lady!"

Northstar: "Not something I can imagine getting past any time soon." Jean-Paul admitted, cautiously moving ahead and waiting for the answer to what had actually happened.

Jessica: "They got turned into giant bugs?" Jess offered, "I would have thought that much was obvious..."

Northstar: "Well that much is a potential assumption, yes. We were hoping you'd know some more on that front and anything else that might've been happening to them."

Facade: "...you gotta be shitting me," Cecilia said, actually floored by this. "I thought grafting DNA into genetically engineered monsters would be the more logical conclusion."

Facade: Dear God, what sort of world did they live in?!

Jessica: "Well you haven't met Viper or my brother so... I suppose I can forgive you for thinking less of their capabilities...."

BlackJack: Jack's brain came to screeching halt, "I'm sorry, you have a brother?"

Cyclops: Scott pressed his lips together. "I think we all can be assured they were tortured. Science with mutants is less straightforward, so anything could technically be possible, given certain mutations."

Northstar: "I'm not sure that's really 'thinking less'." And the wording on that was pretty suspicous as well but Jean-Paul wasn't going to let on about that.

Facade: "I have," Cecilia said. "Met Ophelia Sarkissian, I mean. I refuse to call her by that name." She made a face. Viper? Really?!

Dusk: "Those so called monsters recognized us," Cassandra reminded Cecilia. "I always felt that it was really Jonas who we captured." Reaching up, she ran a hand through her hair. "Though, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I mean, it's clearly good they're still alive, but had they only been held captive it would have been easier to get them back."

BlackJack: Jack snorted a little, "Ophelia, no wonder she needed a different name."

Jessica: "It's faster to say than 'Madame Hydra'...." Jess gave a shrug, skirting another tree and ducking under some vines.

Dusk: "There is a way to turn them back again, isn't there?" She sounded somewhere between hopeful and desperate.

Facade: "'Viper' reminds me of 'Kill Bill,'" Cecilia shrugged. "Remember? The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad?"

Jessica: "She is pretty deadly...." Jess nodded distractedly, "There's hopefully a way... it's just a question of reverse engineering it I suppose..."

Cyclops: "Brother? You call her Madame Hydra?" Trap. This is such a trap. He flipped the safety off his visor and kept up with Jessica. "There had better be a way to turn them back." He hoped there were notes on this reverse engineering, as he'd been a field doctor, not a scientist. He was way out of his league.

Jessica: "Yeah I have a brother... well supposedly, we're going to test it properly later... sort of a bit awkward at the moment."

Facade: Cecilia frowned. "We'll see," she said to Cass. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet."

Dusk: "We should make sure to catch whoever is responsible for this, so we can force them to undo what they did," Cass insisted, hopping from root to root as she followed Jess through the thick jungle. "After we got our friends out of there, that is. Anything else can be left for the cleanup."

Dusk: She paused and cocked her head. "Well, and maybe we also should try to find a way to stop that monster horde from attacking any more cities."

Jessica: "That part's easy... I can just tell them not to...." She paused to get her bearings again then changed direction.

Northstar: "I could see how it could be awkward." Jean-Paul noted but didn't say anything more. He just wanted to be in and out of here.

BlackJack: "Don't these kind of places usually have a self destruct button somewhere? Like under Ophelia's swivel chair or something? That'll be one way to put an end to it all." Jack added. "I mean after we get everything we need to change everyone back to normal."

Dusk: "Is that why you were there in Rio?" Cassandra asked, floating forward to catch up with Jessica. "To tell them what to do?"

Jessica: "Assuming she doesn't use it first, yeah..." She looked over to Cassie, "Yeah... that's why I was there... and in Istanbul..."

Facade: "Even if there isn't a few well placed explosives will do the trick," Cecilia said. "I'm not so keen to blow up labs here though if we can take some of tech. Let's get a look at the stuff they're making here before we do that."

Jessica: "We don't need to take their tech, we have Broo... well I do... but I'm sure he'll share the stuff he stole...."

Cyclops: "I think it should all be destroyed so nobody else can do the same things with the knowledge, once we can reverse this."

Jessica: "I don't think we have any hope of that..." Jess muttered, pausing to sweep some leaf litter off the partially hidden hatch.

Facade: Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "I'm not talking about the stuff that turns people into bugs, who needs that? No, I'm talking about other stuff they might've been looking at. Think of what we might find."

Dusk: Cassandra decided this wasn't the time and place to pester her friend for any details about her involvement with these people, but there was thought she couldn't ignore. "So, you could keep us save from them while you're with us, yes?"

Jessica: "Yep. Absolutely." She nodded, "But I can't promise my pheromones won't fuck you up too so... look out for that..."

BlackJack: "Hey, I've been snorting your pheromones for how long back at the school since meeting you, I think I'm immune to them by now." the cocky rabbit said while staring longingly at Jess.

Dusk: "Just tell me when I start chittering." Cass offered a small, wry smile, before stepping up to the hatch in the ground and holding out her hands. The small black sphere quickly grew in size, until it was large enough to let a human pass through. Turning her head, she gave Jess another look. "Be careful in there, okay?"

Jessica: Jess nodded, giving the girl a smile. "I'll be right back." She climbed up on the hatch before dropping through the black disk.

Dusk: Cassandra let the portal disperse as soon as Jessica was through, conserving her strength for whatever lay ahead. "So far so good, right?" She asked, a coy smile on her lips as she looked at the others while they waited. "It's not a trap, is it now?"

Facade: Cecilia laughed. "You have to ask?"

Northstar: "It may or may not be but we can still spring it to our favour. Just be on your guard." Jean-Paul sighed, leaving for a second to do another run of the area.

Northstar: "Still clear for now." He announced, returning to his spot again. Hopefully soon the wait would be over.

Cyclops: "That's good to know, but how clear is it inside?"

Jessica: Device successfully planted, Jess waited until she was sure it was working before climbing up to open the hatch. She cringed a little waiting for an alarm as she pushed the hatch up to allow the others to enter. "Okay, the ventilation system should have the air clear in no time...."

Northstar: "Always good to know people'll not be coming in after. We'll just have to wait and see on the rest." Jean-Paul sighed as he admitted that point to Scott.

Facade: "If this is a trap..." Cecilia said warningly, not bothering to voice the rest of her line of thought.

Jessica: "It's not a trap. If it was, I wouldn't be the one opening the hatch for you." She headed back down the ladder. "I'll wait at the bottom for when you decide you can trust me. Try not to take too long."

Dusk: "We're running straight into it," Cassandra finished Cecilia's sentence with an impish grin, before stepping up to the hatch. "Shall we then?" Without waiting for a reply, she jumped down, slowing her fall to gently land by Jessica's side.

BlackJack: Jack was next, jumping down and gently landing like a spry bunny rabbit.

Facade: Cecilia hesitated before climbing down. After all, it wasn't like they had much choice. "The things I do for my teammates..."

Jessica: Jess smiled at both of them before moving to the end of the corridor to listen for patrols.

Northstar: Jean-Paul made sure he was planted in the middle of the group, ready to fly away with as many as he could carry just in case.

Dusk: Shrouding herself in black smoke, Cassandra literally moved like a shadow as she silently followed Jessica. "And deeper into the rabbit's hole we go," she muttered. "Once we have found where they keep our friends, we should send a message to the backup team - Blink and the others can hopefully get them out of here."

Cyclops: Scott followed last, leaving the hatch ajar so that it wouldn't be recognizably breached, but still a good way for the backup team to get in or them to escape.

Jessica: "I know where they keep them...." Jess muttered, "It's just getting there...."

Dusk: "With their giant bugs out of the game, how hard can it be?" Cass asked, peeking around the corner into the next hallway. "It's not like these people have their own private army." She looked back at Jess. "Or do they?"

Facade: Cecilia peeked around the corner. "Well, we're not getting anywhere just standing here. Hit 'em fast and hit 'im hard," she said, wandering out into the corridor, raising several shields as she did so. "Let's storm this castle."

Dusk: "So much for the sneaky approach," Cassandra remarked, quickly hovering around the corner to follow Cecilia down the surprisingly long and wide hallway. "How big is this place?"

Facade: "Fuck that," Cecilia said, waving a hand as she trotted down the corridor. "No point in wasting time sneaking around when there's probably dozens of cameras all over the place."

Cyclops: "It's under ground, so as extensive as they need it."

Dusk: "That's a good point. Do you think they already..." Cassandra's question was cut off and promptly answered by the sound of an alarm echoing through the hallway. "Ah, never mind."

Jessica: "This place goes from here in the jungle under most of the city and out at the docks so... pretty huge..." She cringed at the alarm. That hurt. "As for the army? Yeah... they sort of do..."

Facade: "Yeah, I do." Cecilia laughed. "Doesn't matter how big an army they got, all the guns in the world won't help them against me."

Northstar: "Right then, lets do this shit." Jean-Paul winced at the alarm but it was time to get htis underway. "Can your shields keep up with me, Facade?"

Jessica: "It's not just guns..." Jess shook her head, crawling up the wall and onto the ceiling.

Facade: "You betcha," Cecilia said, personnel began to flood into the hall. "Let 'er rip!"

Northstar: Jean-Paul gave a salute and lead the charge, hearing the guards just before he caught sight of them down the hall. "And incoming, brace yourself!"

Jessica: Jess pressed herself flat against the ceiling to avoid most of the weapons fire and returned fire with her venomblasts.

Facade: "Watch for ricochet!" Cecilia said, bullets beginning to bounce off several of her shields before she moved them forward and into the crowd, knocking people over left and right. She laughed the soliders, "I hope you guys have dental benefits! 'Cause if you don't it sucks to be you!"

Dusk: "Showtime!" Cassandra vanished in a swirling mass of shadows and emerged behind the guards that poured into the hallway. "May I have these before you end up hurting anyone?" Black tendrils lashed out from her body to wrap around the men's guns, pulling them out of their hands.

Northstar: Jean-Paul darted out of the shields and counted on his speed to avoid any bullets as he joined in the fight, just flying through the guards to bowl as many of them over as possible to relieve some of the firing going on.

Jessica: Jess moved closer along the ceiling before dropping down beyond the shields to take them on in hand to hand.

Facade: Cecilia slammed her armoured fist into another person's face. "Which way?!" she said to Jess.

Dusk: "You know, I had hoped you were exaggerating when you said they had an army," Cassandra said, quickly finding herself pushed on the defense as more squads seemingly appeared out of nowhere and opened fire, forcing her to cloak herself in layers of shadowy fields to deflect the hail of bullets.

Jessica: Jess floored a couple of guards and borrowed one of their weapons, "This way!" She tried one of the settings and fired it at a cluster of guards knocking them all back with some sort of concussive shot. "Huh... fun."

Dusk: "Those are mutants," one of the green-clad guards shouted, gesturing at the squad that accompanied him. "Get us the big guns down here!"

Cyclops: Scott got into a shielded corner and started blasting the new arrivals as the others ran for the way Jessica had cleared.

Facade: Cecilia rushed forward, using her shield as a battering ram. "Better get Blink on the line Dusk and tell her to stand by," she panted. "Should be coming up on our guys any minute now."

Dusk: "I really don't like the sounds of that." Cassandra simply teleported out of the crossfire and appeared behind her friends, filling the hallway with unnatural darkness to protect them from being shot in the back. "I'll do that as soon as I have a hand free."

Dusk: Something impacted against the black force-field and exploded with enough force send vibrations through the walls and floor. "I guess they got the big guns now."

Facade: Cecilia grimaced as one of the protectiles hit her shields. "Grenade launcher? Must be getting desperate," she muttered.

Jessica: "They're unbearably loud. I would like us to be far away from them before they fire again, thanks." Jess sped up.

Rott: Doctor Rottwell looked up from the pile of unidentifiable bloody matter on his examination table, his glasses and mask stained red from the occasional splash. "Oh, what is it now?" He sighed in response to the alarm and pulled his arms out of the gooey mess. "Can't those goons not have one day at work go by without blowing something up?"

Northstar: Jean-Paul flitted from place to place dismanteling weaponry and taking out guards, frowning as he heard the call for 'the big guns'. "I believe we're about to get another treat now." He zipped up a bit ahead, trying to see anything new and menacing coming this way.

Jessica: The vibrations on the floor made Jess stop again. "Oh God..."

Facade: Cecilia slammed the two guys handling the heavy guns against the wall. "I'm going as fast I can."

Dusk: "I'd rather not wait until they pull out one of these flash grenades." Cassandra winced as she managed to stop more of the explosive rounds, her shadowy constructs being torn apart almost as quickly as she could create them. Then the barrage just stopped.

Jessica: "We need to move. As fast as we can. This way." Jess ran for the nearest place that wasn't a corridor so they had room.

Dusk: "Pull back! Pull back!" The guards almost fell over each other as they retreated down the hallway. "Did you see that? We sent them running!" Cassandra paused and triumphantly put her hands on her hips. "That's right, boys, don't mess with Dusk and her amazing X-Men!"

Dusk: It didn't take long for her to find out what really had sent those guards running, the inhuman roar echoing through the hallway before the silver shape appeared in the distance. "Oh..."

Northstar: "Yeaaaah, no, we're going to not want to celebrate yet." Jean-Paul's report came further down the hall. "Prepare for some hide drilling."

Jessica: "Don't fight them here! Run!" Jess prompted, "There's no room!"

Dusk: "It's more of Miss Kincaid's evil cousins!" Cassandra shouted, zooming past the others to join Jessica in her endeavor to find some place to hide.

Facade: "I'm not running from shit," Cecilia said, shields twisting around to make a drill. "I've dealt with this shit before."

Northstar: "We need to make progress further in. Facade, can you drill and push them back at the same time?"

Jessica: "There isn't room to fight them here! There's another way! Come on!" She pulled Cecilia's arm.

Facade: "That's what I'm doing," she said to JP, shaking off Jess. "You wanna run? Run. I am not leaving."

Rott: The press of a button made his collection of test subjects disappear from the screens in his lab, instead displaying the events in the hallways as caught by the surveillance cameras. "Look at that - we have guests!" Rott sounded outright excited. "Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have prepared something."

Jessica: "We're not leaving we're going another way!" Jess managed not to roll her eyes, "If you want to stay here and get killed, fine, but I'm going to do what I promised Mel I'd do."

Cyclops: "I can push them back." Scott stepped between them and the oncoming creatures and opened his visor as far as it would go. The blast managed to slow them down, as they fought against the beam.

Facade: She slammed a drill through both of the monsters. "...God forgive me for what I'm about to do," she muttered, reaching out with her shields and making a flat plane inside the creatures, deep inside their organs and expanding out. "I'm sorry."

Northstar: "...wow." Jean-Paul stopped for a moment, just marvelling at the destruction Scott and Cecilia managed. "Right then, forward, troops."

Jessica: Jess actually felt physically sick seeing that and she backed against the wall with her hands over her mouth taking in a few deep breaths.

Facade: Cecilia walked past the monsters as they shuddered and heaved as blood poured out of their mouths. "I've never actually done that before," she muttered to JP, "and I hope I never have to again."

Northstar: "It's a good time to have used it. We know at least what they are...it's not like the X-men are PETA so animals and the like are fair game." He moved on towards their destination, ready to finally catch sight of their goal. "Are we getting close?" He looked back to Jess for the answer.

Jessica: She attempted to pull herself together, nodding to the question, "N-not far..."

Dusk: "Well, this was wonderfully disgusting, and I say that as someone who was made to watch while being filleted." Cassandra arched an eyebrow as she watched the grisly destruction, before tearing herself away from the sigh to rejoin the others on their wild hunt.

Cyclops: "That was very...surgical."

Facade: "Now you know why I'm built to be a surgeon," Cecilia said, shrugging. "Strong stomach."

Jessica: "When we get home... promise me you won't do that to one that's the size of a house cat..." Jess took point again, via the ceiling.

Rott: "Oh my, what am I doing? People will think I'm a bad host, and we cant have that, can we?" Rott pulled off his hat and ran a bloody hand through his hair, turning towards his latest side project. "Ah yes, you're just the person I was looking for. Perfect to keep our guests entertained."

Rott: Flipping switched and cranking wheels next to the metallic gurney, Rott's actions soon brought life to the motionless figure strapped to it. The erratic twitching and jerking was soon joined by a terrifying roar, speaking of the atrocious torture that had been inflected on the helpless man.

Viper: Viper had been watching the progress of the X-men on her monitors and she was more than a little disappointed to see that it was Jessica leading them. Fingers gliding over hear computer terminal, she made the necessary preparations. It was unfortunate...

Dusk: Cassandra rapidly hit some buttons on her commlink as she blindly followed the others. Cecilia's outburst appeared to have bought them some time. "I got the homing beacon broadcasting," she informed the others. "Let's hope the other team gets it up there."

Jessica: "They shielded part of the labs, I know that much... to stop Broo getting online... and Cormick from escaping..."

Rott: "Rise and shine, big boy." Rott smiled underneath his mask, stepping back as the hulking man tore himself free from his restraints. Having been in an impressive shape before, the doctor's treatment had transformed him into a deformed brute, pipes and tubes crudely crafted onto his bulging muscles. In place of the right hand sat a massive chainsaw.

Rott: "I always hate to leave my work unfinished, but you'll have to keep our friends out there occupied while I close up my office," Rott said, stepping around the former mercenary to pull the lever attached to the harness strapped to his back, the large injectors flooding the man's system with a chaotic mix of mutant hormones.

Rott: "Yes, that's fine, my big boy, go out there and play!" Rott's laugh sounded almost sympathetic as he waved after the lumbering brute as he plowed through the lab towards the door, the giant saw howling. "Now, where was I? Ah yes... Bob! Come here and help me pack up!"

Northstar: Jean-Paul listened for any sound of bugs, impatient still to get to them. Some chittering could be heard and he finally let himself relax just a bit. Even if it were a trap at least they would be near enough to hopefully attempt a rescue.

Dusk: "The guards aren't following us," Cassandra remarked, having taken over the rearward guard to make sure no pursuers were on their heels. "That's a good sign, no? Please tell me it is."

Facade: Cecilia could hear buzzing, but not the sort of buzzing she wanted to hear as the source of it soon crashed through the wall. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, taking in the Frankenstein-ish creation. "JP... shall I do the thing again?"

Jessica: "No... that would be the opposite of a good sign..." Jess didn't like the sound of the new buzzing at all. "Oh good grief..." She dropped to the floor again to run.

Cyclops: "Or I can blast it...him...It'd be best to put him out his misery."

Northstar: "Prepare to do all of the things." Jean-Paul nodded. If the good doctor agreed then it was probably for the best indeed.

Jessica: "I can get it..." Jess offered, charging up a venomblast.

Facade: Cecilia reached out again, feeling the bise rise in her stomach as she did so. "I'm sorry," she whispered, unleashing a bubble inside his chest cavity and expanding outwards. "I'm so sorry."

Dusk: "This is the freakiest freak I have ever seen, and our circus had an actual freakshow," Cassandra remarked, just before she instinctively teleported out of the hulk's way, his immense saw cutting only shadows where the teenaged girl had been just an instant before.

Jessica: Jess dodged around the creature and jumped up onto its shoulders before applying the venomblast directly to its head where it would have the most impact.

Facade: Cecilia caught the chainsaw with an armoured hand as it came down on her, crushing it as the shield ruptured the sternum. The monster twitched a bit as the hallway as the buzzing sound stopped. "It's done," she said, turning for the place it came out of. "Let's get a move on."

Cyclops: "What kind of monster can do this to another human being?"

Dusk: "Well, that escalated quickly," Cassandra remarked, watching the giant body as it lay twitching on the floor, the saw strapped to the poor man's arm still spinning.

Jessica: Jess jumped back up to the ceiling as the creature collapsed from underneath her. "The kind Viper likes to employ."

Northstar: "We can figure out thigns like that after." Jean-Paul didn't want to think about it anyway and there'd be much more time for it when they were back with everyone else. He was off again heading for where Jess had indicated.

Jessica: Jess led the way through more corridors, venomblasting more security locks before pulling their respective doors from their hinges. She stopped just short of the warehouse like area that housed the bugs. "We're here."

Dusk: "How deep does this nest of evil go?" Cassandra asked, as they headed down another long hallway, leading up to a door of immense size and incredible strength that blocked the entrance to the cavernous area beyond.. "Are there no people down here?"

Facade: "Oh thank God," Cecilia muttered, her face incredibly pale, she didn't exactly feel great doing that back there, it was one thing to kill an animal but an entirely different thing to destroy something with a human shape. Could some part of him still have been conscious? Did I -.... no, don't think about that now.

Dusk: "Shall I see if I can find the magical words to open it?" Cass asked as they stood in front of the heavy security door.

Jessica: "No... I've got this." Jess aimed a kick at the door and sent it flying.

Facade: "Or our insider could just give us the security codes," Cecilia said, looking at Jess.

Facade: "...nevermind."

Northstar: "Right, move in, Facade, shield the door off until we're ready to come out." Jean-Paul rushed the place, doing a perimiter as he gave the order.

Dusk: "I guess that was the code," Cass remarked, about to step into the cavern behind the door, but thinking twice when she heard the fluttering of countless wings in the darkness.

Facade: Cecilia did as she was told, taking up a position by the door. "Alright, let's nab 'em and get outta here!"

Jessica: Jess walked into the area, then took to the air to head to the center of the room, flooding the air with aggregation pheromones as she went.

Northstar: There was a sea of chittering and clicking now and Jean-Paul rushed about again looking for any kind of restraints and releasing the bugs to follow Jess's pheremone commands

Dusk: "Are the walls supposed to move like this," Cassandra asked, cautiously stepping deeper into the immense warehouse. Then she realized that the walls weren't even visible, but entirely covered with unknowable numbers of crawling giant insects. "Never mind."

Cyclops: "Are they all people too?!"

Jessica: "Probably..." Jess landed, a mass of bugs now starting to gather around her.

Facade: "This is like 'The Temple of Doom,'" Cecilia muttered, eyeing the bugs suspciously. Oh thank God Fabian had decided to rest and sit this one out.

Dusk: "I hope not," Cass muttered uneasily, slowly turning in circles in a hopeless attempt to keep an eye on all the creatures surrounding them. "And I also hope that Jess really knows what she's doing."

Northstar: "Well that's terrifying." Jean-Paul observed. "Okay, Dusk, can you move all of them through or do we need to book it out?"

Jessica: "I know what I'm doing. I've been directing them for weeks now." Jess pointed out, "Have some faith."

Northstar: "I more meant can we escape faster." And asking for faith was more than a bit much here.

Facade: "'I say we bug out and nuke the site from orbit,'" Cecilia whispered to JP, chuckling a little hysterically. "'It's the only way to be sure."

Dusk: "What do you mean with 'all of them'?" Cassandra looked as if Jean-Paul had just said something outrageous. "There's no way I could even hope to move a fraction of these. I don't think so, anyway."

Jessica: "We could go out the front door...." Jess offered.

Facade: "Then get Blink on the line and get her to open a portal," Cecilia said hastily. "We don't have time to pick out our people from the swarm and I dunno about you guys, but I'm not up for cutting through dozens of monsters!"

Jessica: "They're not monsters. They're people." Jess reminded, the mood of the swarm shifting with hers, angry chittering starting up.

Dusk: Looking around, Cassandra chewed her lower lip. "On the other hand, it's pretty dark in here," she said. "If we kill the rest of the lights, I should be able to keep a pathway open between here and the surface. The others can take over from there."

Northstar: "Jess, I think she was more talking about everything we just cut through." Jean-Paul pointed out. She just needed to keep a grip long enough for this to happen. He nodded to Dusk. "Do it, Blink can handle the rest."

Cyclops: "Oh my god." Scott swallowed. "That sounds like a plan. Where's the information to turn them back to humans?"

Facade: "I was talking about the giant sliver dogs and the crazy chainsaw person," Cecilia clarified, rolling her eyes. "Don't get your panties all bunched up."

Facade: She looked to Scott. "Unless we grab a scientist or have some people stay behind to grab information we're gonna have to go with McCoy's opinions, I think."

Jessica: The swarm shifted again as Jess tried to rein her temper back in. "Whatever we're doing can we do it quickly? I can show you were the labs are but we might not need them. I think I know what she might have done."

Cyclops: "Show me the labs," Scott said immediately. He didn't trust Jessica and any help he could give to Hank the better.

Dusk: "Very well then, you bunch can argue on the way back up and let the incredible Dusk work her magic." Taking a deep breath, Cassandra gathered more and more of the darkness around them and centered it in a massive, swirling vortex, while the entire cavern slowly turning pitch black.

Jessica: "I will. Once the swarm is safe. They're the priority here."

Facade: "Wait a sec!" Cecilia said, on board with Scott there. "Let some of us stay! We might need some of that info! I volunteer to go with Scott!"

Dusk: Hovering in the middle of the growing portal, Cassandra's form blurred into the rest of the swirling shadows. "Alright, you can send them through now," her disembodied voice said. "I'll keep this open for as long as I can."

Cyclops: "Take them to safety. I"ll stay here. Those who want to stay behind , stay here, everyone else, go."

Northstar: "I'll back you two up so you have an escape plan." Jean-Paul nodded, "Get them through and give us the directions. We'll rendezvous at the jet before you know it."

Facade: Cecilia took her place beside Cyclops and Northstar. "Biology is my speciality. I'm staying."

Jessica: "I'll come back once they're through so I can show you where to go." Jess assured them, "I just want the swarm safe."

Dusk: "Oh come on, guys, stop arguing and bug me already!"

Northstar: "Jess, I can run this place in a minute, just put the bugs through and give directions."

Jessica: "They're on their way!" Jess directed the swarm through the portal and told them to wait for her. "I won't feel right letting you go alone. I feel responsible for a lot of this."

Viper: Viper watched this on her security monitors and swore, getting up from her seat and leaving her station with her pet. She was going to have to start all over again. Once she'd cleared up the mess.

Northstar: Jean-Paul decided he'd just run it, heading out to find what he needed as he trusted the others to see that their main task was complete.

Facade: "C'mon," Cecilia said, grabbing Scott's arm and dragging him back towards the complex. "Between the both of us I'm sure we can find something."

Cyclops: "Let's not go running willy-nilly. Who knows how many people are still about, trying to escape. I say we capture any we come across. Once we have everything we need, I'm taking this place down."

Facade: Cecilia nodded. "Sounds fair, alright then, we'll wait on JP's recon."

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