8/17 Game: Scuttlebuggery

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8/17 Game: Scuttlebuggery

Post by Slarti » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:09 am

Timelined Sunday, Nov. 27

<Alibug> The bug's head raised towards the wall of the containment cell as interesting and freshly made smells seemed to come in. She got up, shifting her weight and curiously chittering in hopes of food.

<Calliebug> Hearing the noise in the next cell, She turned from where she'd been poking at the corner. There was food? She went to look. She vaguely craved a liquid fruit drink for some reason, but whatever was given would be nice, too. She looked around to see if people were coming with food.

<Jean> Jean's face was screwed up in terror and disgust and she nearly dropped the tray she carried, only keeping it upright with a touch of teke. "Oh. My. God. This is such a bad idea! Why did I agree to this? Whyyyyy??"

<Jessica> Jess watched the movements of her bugged colleagues on the monitors. At least she didn't have to worry about getting attacked by them. "They won't hurt you, I promise."

<Alibug> Alison let her stinger thump against the glass, wanting so much to fork some of the food with it and eat it.

<Cassie> "Because they're our friends and deserve better then being left out of the delicious Thanksgiving dinner, regardless of their table manners or how many legs they currently possess," Cassandra remarked, looking far too cheerful doing this, as she pushed the metallic cart with the covered dishes into the room.

<Jean> Jean made a whining noise deep in her throat.

<Calliebug> Callie got excited too, and began to tap on the thick partition between her and the outside.

<Jessica> "I guess I'll start now..." Jess released some pheromones into the air to calm her buggy friends.

<Tronbug> There was an electronic, happy chitter from a corner as the slightly maimed Mick sensed food, joining his fellow bugs at the partition - and licking the window, apparently, leaving a slightly glowing blue slime trail.

<Alibug> Impatient Alison did calm down some but she still clicked the glass once in a while, eyes fixated on the tray now as her buggy mind seemed to recognize it as the better food source.

<Danger> "I assure you there is no need to be concerned," Danger told the students as they arrived with the food. "Between Miss Drew's pheromone control and my force-fields, the risk of serious injuries is below one percent."

<Jean> "Uuuuuuuuuuuugh, wait, so you, like, talk to them? Like the bug whisperer?" Jean gave Jess a confused look, but that meant she took her eyes off the GIANT FUCKING BUGS in the containment cells.

<Jessica> "It's not talking as such... but it's the way higher order insects communicate with each other... and people too they just don't notice."

<Cassie> Cassandra leaned closer to Jessica. "Just imagine if one of them tried to, I don't know, eat Jean's hair or anything," she remarked under her breath. "That would be horrible."

<Tronbug> There was a buzz from Mick, glowing blue eyes flicking from food trays to Danger and back again, a confused little chitter coming from him before he itched the crack in his carapace. Another clicking chitter and he calmed, though the window got another lick.

<Jean> ".....i-i-it's li-i-icking the w-w-window!" Jean scrambled back.

<Cassie> "Only because it can't lick your face," Cassandra commented helpfully.

<Walt> Walt wandered out of the medlab, inhibitor cuff firmly on his wrist , and entered the Danger Room, hoping to find the AI and see if she was interested in fiddling around in the labs or something...only to run into a large group of people. "Err...."

<Alibug> Alison followed the motion from the food, chittering unhappily as it seemed to scramble away. How dare the food try to escape?

<Jessica> "Yeah it would," Jess said, frowning a little. "I think he's just excited about turkey time." She altered the pheromones a little.

<Calliebug> Callie chittered, tracking Jean's sudden movement. They were taking the food away! She rammed her head against the window, making desperate noises.

<Tronbug> Mick waved an 'arm' at Jean then. Why was food retreating?

<Jean> The look of horror Jean gave Cassie was only surpassed when the things started getting excited again. Her tray hit the cart with a thunk and she turned tail, running right into Walt.

<Tronbug> The blackish bug with glowing blue lines seemed confused as to whether he should follow the food or the figure of Danger, something recognisable about it, a loud chitter with an electronic edge ending on a questioning note at her. This time, he tried to bite the partition instead. Not working!

<Walt> Walt jumped as Jean ran right into him. "S-Sorry!" he said, backing away like a kicked dog.

<Jean> Jean clung.

<Jessica> Jess upped the concentration of pheromones and moved closer to the enclosures.

<Tronbug> Namnamnam...Mick tapped on the enclosure window again, almost pawing at it, the 'arm' that was missing half tucked up against his body as he clicked to himself. Foooooood...

<Calliebug> "Food?" Callie managed to vocalize before returning to a querulous chitter. She bit at the partition. Finally, someone was responding. She tracked Jess' movements with her head.

<Walt> "Uhm...c-can you let go?" Walt said to Jean. "I sort of need m-my arm."

<Alibug> "scth scth scth!" Alison clattered about the ground, laying down to peck at the fallen food but the shield still thwarted her and confounded her. Food, yes, that was the word, food.

<Jean> "No! You're normal!" She vaguely remembered hearing something to the contrary there, but right now, he was more normal than the giant bugs or the people trying to feed them.

<Jessica> Jess placed her hand on the field, cocking her head on one side as she watched them. "Patience, guys, food will follow..."

<Danger> "I'm sure you're all eager to begin with the exciting feeding process, but first allow me to administer the proper drug dosage," Danger said,opening the small cooling canister from the nearby table. She loaded the ampoules filled with serum into an injector built into her hand.

<Tronbug> Mick caught the word, head tilting. "Fooood." He copied, though it ended on a chitter and another glowing, slimy lick.

<Alibug> Alison got stuck on a slightly creepier form of the word. "Feeeed, feeeed." She chittered on towards Danger, though, fairly docile thanks to the pheromones.

<Walt> Walt stared at Jean like she'd just grown a third head. "Erm...r-right now I am." He hadn't been awhile ago, in fact, it had only been a few days since he'd gotten out of containment himself.

<Jessica> She smiled, "Okay I think we're good. You can drop the fields when you're ready." She made sure to keep up the concentration.

<Danger> "According to Doctor McCoy and his new lab assistant, the serum is still in its early alpha stage, so there is no saying if or when it will begin to work, or how long the restorative process is going to take," Danger elaborated, as she went about injecting the roast with the blue-tinted fluid.

<Danger> "This here is in fact the first experimental test, so you're all part of significant scientific progress now."

<Loudbug> "Brrrt. Brrbrrbrr," The poor, half-crushed bug that was once Jimmy rocked from side to side, waving it's arms as it tried to get off it's back to get to the food.

<Jean> "That's what matters," Jean replied, though she loosened her vise-hold on him slightly, only to edge behind him at this talk of dropping shields.

<Cassie> "Do we get extra credit for this?" Cassandra asked as she watched their Thanksgiving roast getting drugged up.

<Tronbug> Mick swayed a little, fixed on both Danger and the food, chittering almost musically to himself as he rattled the damaged carapace. "Fooooor science." He hissed, the syllables to him meaningless but maybe the metal female would like them?

<Calliebug> "Science?" If it meant food, she was fine with it. She stepped away, waiting patiently. Feed was coming.

<Jessica> Jess giggled at the 'for science', the flow of pheromones shifting slightly as it reminded her of Sebastian.

<Walt> "Wait... it's American Thanksgiving isn't it?" Walt said to no-one in particular only just realizing why a roast was being presented for the bugs.

<Loudbug> "Brrrrz. Brrrrz. Brrrz!" The rocking was getting more urgent.

<Jean> "Yes! And we should be upstairs eating turkey!" Jean was sure of this. She still hadn't let go of Walt.

<Tronbug> Mick absently reached over to Loudbug and flipped him over with a foot. "Sciiiiiience."

<Danger> Danger began to slice the meat into bite-sized bits with a built in cutter - bite-sized for giant, genetically manipulated insect monsters, anyway. "When you are ready, I will open the feeding compartments of the containment cells," she told the students. "You may then begin to feed the patients."

<Alibug> Alison chittered quite urgently, abandoning turkey and Danger for Jess, seemingly bouncing against her too energetically.

<Tronbug> There was another glowing slime-trail lick, this time headed aaaaall the way over to Jess, the chittering turning into a deep, almost purring sound.

<Loudbug> "Brzzze?" Jimmy flopped towards the window, his chitters sounding a little hopeful now, "Brzzzze? Brrrrzze?"

<Cassie> "Thank you," Cassandra remarked not too excitedly, making a face as a large slab of meat was pushed into her hands. "Just like grandma used to make it."

<Jessica> ".... Whoops." Jess cringed a little, "I slipped up a bit..."

<Calliebug> Callie turned from the food and went for Jessica, trying to lick her through the partition. She chittered angrily as she couldn't reach her.

<Walt> Walt really hoped Jamie didn't walk in and see his girlfriend all over him because he was sure he was going to be punched. This sort of thing seemed like it would end with him being punched. "It's f-fine," he said to Jean. "They're just b-bugs. I've seen tons b-before." This was reminding him of Fabian and the millipede.

<Tronbug> Food. Mick lost interest in Jess quickly as the pheromones shifted again and once more concentrated on the food. "Stam buff!"

<Jean> "They're not just bugs! They're... like, giant people bugs! And I used to go shopping with one of them!" That last part was hissed under her breath as she watched the others start to feed their... friends.

<Alibug> Wait, there was food, how had she forgotten about food? Alibug's attention zapped back to the food just like that and she abandoned her ladylove for the sweet taste of drugged turkey.

<Loudbug> "Brzze?" Jimmy had reached the window, his extra large, fuzzy feelers petting along the glass, "Brzze? Cdeeeeeeer?"

<Cassie> Strolling off with her slab of meat, Cassandra approached the albino creature in its holding cell. "Happy Thanksgiving, uncle Jonas," she said, smiling at the captive creature that calmly looked back at her. "I brought you a piece of the roast."

<Tronbug> Wait! No! Him first, damnit, he was injured! Mick buzzed angrily at the window and ticked back and forth in front of Danger.

<Walt> Walt sighed inwardly. If Jean could hardly deal with these then how on earth was she going to react if she saw his other form? "They're n-not so bad," he said, dragging her a little closer to have a look at them. "They're not g-going to hurt you."

<Calliebug> Wait, wrong kind of hunger. Callie cocked her head to the side, opening her mouth to have food put in, drooling a little.

<Jessica> "They won't hurt you, Jean, I absolutely promise." Jess assured her, "I have complete control over them."

<Jean> Jean made a whining noise, but let Walt drag her. "They're sliiiimy..."

<Loudbug> "Zzzcideeeeeeeer? Zzcideeeeer?" jimmy pawed pathetically at the glass, he had a feeling his was getting closer to communicating exactly what he wanted with the soft skins.

<Tronbug> There was a buzz, and Mick flickered from one side of the enclosure to the other before flickering back again. Strangely, it didn't seem to occur to him to try to get out.

<Alibug> If bugs could hop Alison was doing so...which was probably alarming considering her size. Food! There was to be food! She danced about and waited her turn.

<Walt> Walt crouched down by the containment cells, staring at the bugs through the glass. "You get used to th-them. I spent days with them d-down in containment. You even get used to the t-teeth after awhile."

<Danger> "Make sure all of them eat at least one piece of the meat," Danger instructed, picking up one of the slabs for herself when she was done slicing the roast. "If you don't mind, I will help you distribute the food." She turned around and proceeded to cell that held the mutated Mick.

<Jessica> Jess moved away from the containment cells to get some food for Alison and Callie.

<Tronbug> Mick chittered and squeaked excitedly at the recognisable form coming towards him - and she had food in her hand! He buzzed a little and licked the window again, tapping it impatiently.

<Loudbug> "Brrrrrr?" Jimmy petted the glass as he whined, feeling some what neglected.

<Cassie> A little over to the side, the raven-haired teenager giggled when the pale insect-monster started nibbling the meat right out of her hands. "That tickles, Jonas!" Cassandra tried to keep still as she fed her reawakened ancestor turned giant bug. Life surely had gotten weirder since she had left the circus.

<Alibug> Alison's stinger buried itself into her slab of turkey the moment it could and her buggy arms tore it to pieces. Teeth snapped and soon the meat was nowhere to be seen. She looked imploringly to the group of people for more.

<Jean> Jean watched Walt watching the bugs and twisted a long lock of hair around her fingers nervously. She looked over at Cassie's giggling, almost won over.

<Jean> ....until she saw Alison.

<Jessica> Jess gave Alison a smile before going to get some food for Jimmy too. "You can have seconds when all of you have had firsts..."

<Loudbug> "Brrrrrrrr? Zzzzzzokaaaaa? Zzzzzcidrrrrrrr?" Loudbug had a mighty need.

<Walt> Walt felt more than a little disconcerted that these bugs seemed unconcerned with his presence. "It's s-strange. Most animals d-don't like being around me since I manifested. They can smell my other f-form, I think. But they don't s-seem upset at all..."

<Danger> Danger placed her hand on the transparent surface where it was being pawed by the glowing bug, before she opened the containment cell and held out the piece of meat to the changed student.

<Calliebug> Callie, in her haste had snapped the food out of Jessica's hand, nearly taking the hand with the roast, and went to eat it daintily in the back corner.

<Tronbug> As the protection dropped, Mick chittered a little worriedly before edging forward. He nosed the hand for a moment before the long, glowing tongue wrapped around the meat and pulled it out of her hand, uninjured claw holding it as he munched on it happily. Then Danger got a long, happy lick, the chittering reverting back to the purring sound again before he started looking for more.

<Jean> "Maybe because they're not really animals?" Jean was nervous, but staying close to Walt and the somewhat less aggressive bugs was helping. Jimmy was making noises non-stop, and sounded a lot like a cicada. "I think he wants more..."

<Jessica> Jess wasn't afraid at the actions of Callie, she knew it wasn't on purpose. "They're not afraid of anything. They're at the top of the food chain." She crouched by Jimmy to give him his helping.

<Alibug> Alison watched the holder of the meat, stalking it slightly and putting off little sparks but, thanks to the pheromones, wasn't going to use them to blind and steal the tasty goodies.

<Danger> "Would you like some more?" Danger asked the afflicted mutant that was purring at her. There was no necessity for doing so, but the robot still extended a metallic hand to gently touch the hardened carapace covering Mick's head.

<Walt> Walt eyed the transformed Callie (or was it Clarice?) and shook his head. "Now r-right now they're not."

<Calliebug> Callie finished, and went to chitter for more. "More!" It had tasted odd, not quite meaty, but it hadn't been bad. She made begging chirrups.

<Tronbug> The hand met his feelers, which flattened for a moment until he purred at her and gently headbutted her. He liked this one. She didn't smell like the others, but that was familiar, quiet little questioning chitters answering her as he gently nibbled her fingers.

<Jessica> Jimmy fed, Jess moved to get more for Callie and Alison. "At least they have healthy appetites..."

<Alibug> "Meat!" It had arrived again and this time Alison grabbed it and ran until she had a nice corner she could easily protect and crouched down, nibbling away and watching the others. Nobody dared get her meat.

<Alibug> Or else they would meet...the stinger. It hovered above her just in case.

<Jean> The glowing one was acting like a house cat. A big... roach-cat. "Aww...."

<Loudbug> Jimmy pokd the meat a couple of times, chittering to himself before poking it with his feelers. he let out a disappointed noise and began to eat a little resentfully. It was not food he craved.

<Jessica> Jess watched Jimmy thoughtfully for a few moments, "Has anyone thought about maybe trying alcohol for Jimmy?"

<Tronbug> Mick looked around Danger at the food cart. He could totally get there and get all the food, couldn't he? But he didn't want to meet Ali's stinger if she decided to join in...Danger got another lick as he pondered.

<Calliebug> Callie took her second helping and took it to her corner to savour. "Flesssh," she said. Callie paused. Alcohol? Yes! That was what she had been craving! "Wine!" She called, taking her meat to the window and chittering excitedly.

<Cassie> "Do you want another?" Cassandra asked, scratching her monstrous uncle behind the ear - or at least where she assumed his ear would normally be. "Yes? Okay, I'll get you some more." She turned around and extended some shadowy tendrils to fetch another piece of meat from the tray.

<Jessica> Jess giggled at Callie's hopeful trilling, "Cassie? Could you do me a favour and get a selection of alcohol from the kitchen for Jimmy and Callie?"

<Danger> "Please don't try to escape," Danger told Mick, still holding out her hand to receive affectionate licks. "I would prefer not having to incapacitate you." She turned around to pick up another slab of meat from the tray. After a moment of consideration, she grabbed a second one.

<Walt> Walt sat back on his heels. "So if we've fed the r-roast to the bugs, w-what are we going to eat?"

<Tronbug> At the mention of alcohol, Mick instantly perked up, the damaged carapace rattling. "Booooze?"

<Loudbug> "Aaazzzzkhol?" Jimmy waved his remaining limbs in the air, chittering happily.

<Calliebug> "Wiiiiine!" Callie hissed, food forgotten though she still held it. She scuttled back and forth, chirping happily.

<Cassie> "We are getting the bugs drunk?" Cassandra asked, looking up from feeding Jonas his second piece. "Do you think that's a good idea? Wait, forget that question... it doesn't matter because we're doing it anyway!"

<Tronbug> Danger got a happy nibble as he settled down again. Escape? Why'd he want to escape? "Daaanger." He purred, watching the meat steadily.

<Cassie> "Stay put, uncle Jonas!" She patted the albino's armored head. "No running away or eating my friends, you hear that?"

<Jessica> "It's what they want... Jimmy drank like a fish and Callie was fond of wine before. If they're asking for it, it's a good sign."

<Alibug> Meat now firmly shoved into her mouth, Alison crept from her corner again, coming for the cart and giving it an experimental poke with her stinger. How did she get it to produce more meat?

<Walt> Walt looked at Danger. "Do you know that bug?" he asked, indicating the one with the glowing lines on it.

<Loudbug> Jimmy was giving the most dreadful puppybug eyes through the glass and was nodding expectantly.

<Cassie> "Oh yes, if they ask for booze, they're halfway back to being proper students again," Cassandra remarked with a chuckle. "I'll be right back with the goodies then." Shadows engulfed the teenaged girl, before they too vanished into thin air.

<Jean> "We get turkey. Cooked. Some of the staff is cooking it, which means they sent us down here..." Jean made a sympathetic noise at Jimmy bug and put on her own big sad eyes. "Okay, that's kind of cute."

<Jessica> "It's on its way..." She moved back to the Jimmy bug and crouched beside him.

<Danger> "Yes," Danger replied, to both Walt and the large glowing insect in front of her. "This it Cormick, one of your fellow students taken and experimented on." The robot crouched down in front of Mick, offering another piece of meat.

<Alibug> Alison reared up against the cart in search of more food, little sucker-like tongue flicking in and out as she found where the meat had been sitting before.

<Loudbug> "Bzzzzzzzt," Jimmy petted Jess's face with his fuzzy feelers, making contented noises, he sensed the alcohol was imminent.

<Calliebug> Having finished her meat, she waited impatiently for the drink. She chittered, knocking on the partition occasionally. She was still hungry, though.

<Walt> "I think he likes you," Walt said, knowing the name and the person attached to it only vaguely. "Most of them seem more interested in food than anything else."

<Tronbug> Mick hummed at the sound of his name, before he took the meat delicately and began to devour it like he had the first. Occasionally Danger got a nudge from a feeler or his uninjured claw, before he licked her again after finishing that piece.

<Jean> Between Jess and Walt, she shifted closer to Jess and raised her hand toward the fuzzy feeler. "I'd want booze too... I wonder if we should raid Sean's stash for you?"

<Jessica> Jess gave Jimmy a gentle pat. She preferred him as a bug.

<Loudbug> The feeler twitched towards Jean's hand and swished across her fingers as Jimmy made a noise similar to purring.

<Jean> "Awww..." She smiled at the bug and then at Jess.

<Danger> "The sentiment is mutual," Danger told Walt, her mechanical hand stroking the hardened carapace almost lovingly."

<Alibug> That one was nuzzling and feeling about hands. Maybe those things tasted like meat as well. Alison scuttled over to the nearest hand and began tasting.

<Tronbug> Mick trilled, hooking his remaining claw over the hand and turning his head to give it a happy lick, glowing goo covering it. He definitely liked this one, meat and pettings were a good thing!

<Cassie> Before long, another shadowy portal opened mid-air, and Cassandra emerged with both arms wrapped tightly around a selection of different bottles. "Rejoice! The booze-express is here!" She paused, noticing the giant bug scuttling about freely. "Uhm, are they supposed to do that?"

<Calliebug> At the arrival of her precious wine, Callie made a noise very close to a squeal and tried to smash through to get at it. She made happy trilling noises punctuated by "wine!"

<Walt> Walt just gave her a skeptical look at that. For all the times he'd been around the AI he still couldn't decide if she genuinely felt an emotion or if he was projecting things that didn't exist onto her because he was so starved for company that didn't annoy the heck out of him. "Good to know," he said simply, not wanting to get drawn into a debate right now.

<Jessica> "They're okay, Cassie," Jess smiled at her, "Did you bring cider in that bunch? I think that's what Jimmy was trying to say."

<Loudbug> "Zzzzcidrrrrrr!"

<Tronbug> Mick was distracted out of the happy purrings by the bottles, head following Cassie. "Booooooze?"

<Cassie> "Oh, good, because I think this one looks like it might want to eat someone," Cassandra remarked, warily eying the Alison-bug. "Cider? Of course do I have cider!" She strolled over to the tray and put down her haul of bottles, searching the pile until she found the right here. "Here, catch!"

<Jessica> Jess caught the bottle easily enough and opened it for Jimmy, "Okay now try not to make too much mess...." she held the bottle out to him.

<Jean> "Maybe we should give Alison a copy of Cosmo or something?" Jean didn't like the looks of that stinger.

<Danger> "We are going to begin medical treatment as soon as the cure starts to show any effects," Danger said, taking a moment to inspect Mick's injuries.

<Calliebug> Why weren't they bringing her a drink too? She tapped the partition to get attention.

<Loudbug> "Zzzcidrrrrr!" Jimmy's feelers waved about extatically and he flailed at the bottle, trying to figure out how to get at the sweet nectar within.

<Loudbug> He tried nibbling the top of the bottle, then trying to fit his tounge down it, "Zzzzcidrrrr!"

<Jessica> Jess gave the bottle a little tip to help Jimmy then moved to sort Callie's out too.

<Cassie> "Don't worry, Callie, I've got something for you, too." Cassandra searched her assortment of drinks for something the other girl might like. "What do you think, Jess, how about some raspberry liquor for her? She looks like the fruity kind to me."

<Jessica> "I think she'd prefer wine... she's been chittering in that direction a lot." She gave Cassie a smile.

<Loudbug> "Zzzci-blub!" The bottle moved and the magical drink was coming to him now! He flailed at the bottle, trying to hold it as the cider slashed into his mouth and dribbled down his front, his feelers blurring with how fast they were waving in joy.

<Tronbug> Mick actually shivered under the inspection, the crack in the carapace deep and painful-looking and the stump of his right arm covered in still vaguely-glowing goo - he'd obviously tried to lick both wounds. A clicking whimper escaped him, but he stayed still, actually hiding his head in her chest.

<Alibug> Alison was content with foodstuffs and now was wanting something nice and sugary. The tongue flicked temptingly at the bottles Cassie had now.

<Jean> Jean decided she would help and held the bottle so Jimmy would stop that flailing.

<Walt> Walt watched Danger go over the bugs and Jean apparently getting over her fear. "They're not s-slimy are they?" Walt asked Jean. He didn't think they would be but you never knew.

<Cassie> "One bottle of wine, coming right up," Cassandra confirmed. "This one looks lovely." Wrapping the bottle in some summoned shadows, she had it hover over to Jessica. Then the giant bug right in front of her made her pause. "Oh, hey Alison..."

<Cassie> She smiled sheepishly. "Uhm, do you... care for a drink?"

<Alibug> Alison hissed with interest, rearing up again and poking at the curious bottle.

<Loudbug> "Bzzzzzz," Jimmy buzzed happily as more of the cider was going into his mouth, his feelers petting Jean's hands appreciatively.

<Jessica> Jess took the bottle of wine and opened it up for Callie before taking it over to her. "Here you go..."

<Jean> "No... well, he's not..." Jean giggled. "He's kind of fuzzy..."

<Cassie> "Oh, sure..." Cassandra picked the one the Alison-bug had been prodding. "Here, let me open if for you." Forming a small shadowy corkscrew, she popped open the bottle and carefully held it out. "I think you can do without a glass, right?"

<Calliebug> After being given the bottle - she managed to hold it in her pincers - she sucked at the top, spitting out the cork, then happily sipping it down.

<Alibug> Alison flicked her fly-like tongue into the bottle to test what this strange liquid was...and then continued doing so as it was delicious and sweet, feelers grabbing for the bottle.

<Walt> "Most bugs aren't so b-bad once you get used to them," Walt said, getting up and going over to Jean and the tiniest bug of them all. "There were a lot where I w-was growing up."

<Jessica> "I've always liked bugs... probably understand them better than people." Jess sat down on the floor with the Callie bug and watched her drink with a fond smile.

<Danger> With the students distracted by the other mutated patients, Danger trusted them enough to handle the situation. Seemingly ignoring what was going on around her, she put both arms around Mick and offered the comfort of an embrace. "I assure you that I will take care of you," she told him, keeping her voice at a low volume.

<Tronbug> Mick couldn't quite understand what she was saying or the reasons behind it, but he did understand the comfort, the fact he felt safe and the fact she had just fed him. He chittered quietly to her, good arm going around her in a sort-of attempt at returning the hug, nuzzling into her gently as the line across his carapace flared.

<Walt> "There's not m-much to understand," Walt said, shrugging. "They look for f-food most of the time. Most animals do." He had apparently when he'd transformed. He shuddered to think what might've happened if Fabian hadn't been there and he'd dropped in on someone's cook-out.

<Jessica> "There's a lot to understand. They have complex social structures just like people."

<Jean> "Apparently they like booze too..." Jean observed, tipping the bottle further for Jimmy.

<Loudbug> Glugglugglug.

<Cassie> "Hee, that tickles," Cassandra giggled as she held the bottle out of Alison, keeping it slightly titled to allow the giant bug to lap up the contents more easily. "Hey, don't spill everything."

<Walt> Walt shrugged. "I never claimed to be an ex-expert," he said simply. "I just know some live in h-hives and some work alone."

<Alibug> Alison wanted to take it back to her corner but her feelers had trouble gripping the bottle so she begrudgingly allowed Cassie to feed her as she greedily sucked up the drink.

<Jessica> "My mum was an arachnologist... but she was interested in insects too... and so was my dad... for other reasons..." Jess glanced around at her friends, "And here we see the results of that."

<Cassie> "So... this is what your father has been doing," Cassandra asked, looking over her shoulder at Jessica, while holding the bottle high and hoping that Alison would stop before eating her hands.

<Walt> "Oh," Walt said, rubbing his neck awkwardly, not sure how to respond to that. "My dad was a d-dentist and my m-mom stayed at home but she was a c-clerk before that."

<Tronbug> Mick clicked and nudged Danger again. "Foooood?"

<Jessica> "He was a bio-mechanic... he was interested in bugs... Viper saw his research and he was supposed to go to work for her but then mum died... he was going to go and work for her though... before he died too..."

<Calliebug> She finished her bottle and made soft cooing noises. That had been just what she wanted. She peered curiously at the others. They were getting pets. That would be okay, she supposed. She made enticing click noises.

<Alibug> Alison didn't eat her hands...yet. She did have fun licking them, however.

<Loudbug> The bottle was empty, but that didn't stop Jimmy from nibbling and licking it in the hopes that maybe there would be more.

<Cassie> "Did he know what those people were up to?" Cassandra tried her best not to giggle at getting her fingers licked by the Alison-bug.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, reaching her hand out to Callie. "I don't think so..."

<Jean> Listening to Jess and Walt, Jean giggled and pet Jimmy on top of his hard shelled head. "He's still bald..."

<Danger> Danger stood up, but kept one of her hands on Mick's back. "Come, we shall see if we can find any more meat for you," she told him, trying to coax him to leave the containment cell.

<Loudbug> "Bzzzt!" Petting was nice, he returned the favor by petting her fingers with his feelers still.

<Alibug> Alison started to nibble just a little bit. Cassie was meat, after all and she wasn't biting...just tasting some.

<Cassie> "Well, even if he did... I'm pretty sure that dentists are considered still to be more evil than mad scientists," Cassandra said, quickly giving Walt an apologizing look. "Sorry, Walt!"

<Jessica> Jess giggled a little at Cassie, "Well, that's a relief!"

<Tronbug> Mick clicked and whirred for a moment, before pushing himself up, looming over Danger and one of the vestigial 'legs' hooked over her shoulder. His. A nervous chirrup left him as he looked out of the cell, before he chittered at her, shuffling behind her. So long as she kept Alibug away with that stinger...

<Calliebug> Callie chirruped happily as she too was patted. It was nice. She didn't mind being a bug as long as she got her wine and petting.

<Cassie> "Hey, watch it!" Cassie laughed when Alison nipped her finger. "I may have been eaten once, but that still doesn't make me food."

<Walt> Walt was quiet for a few minutes before shoving his hands in his pockets. "I'm going to my r-room now," he said to Jean. After all, he might as well enjoy it since Fabian had left for Thanksgiving. "See y-you later. Bye, Danger!"

<Jean> "No turkey?" Jean looked up at Walt questioningly. Who turned down turkey?! Especially after giant bug danger time.

<Alibug> Alison chittered a disagreement but did settle down and hone her nibblings in.

<Jessica> Oh right, they were supposed to have dinner at some point. She frowned a little, wondering if it was weird that she preferred it down here with the bugs.

<Walt> "No, I th-think it's better I go upstairs," Walt said quickly. "It's not m-my Thanksgiving, really. Besides, I don't think there's any food left with the b-bugs." He waved and walked out of the room.

<Danger> Danger steadied and supported the injured creature with her sturdy metal frame, keeping one arm around Mick while using the other to grab another slice of meat for him. "I do believe that this here might have a considerable therapeutic effect," she said. "Irrespective of the success of the serum might have."

<Jessica> "I think I'll come down here more often, if only for them... They must get pretty bored in here all separated..."

<Cassie> "That's a good bug-monster," Cassandra said, smiling as she affectionately patted Alison on her big head. She looked over her shoulder to watch Walt leave. "Do you think I offended him?"

<Jessica> "I doubt it, Cassie... he's weird and skittish at the best of times..."

<Tronbug> Mick took the meat delicately and ate it a little slower than he had the rest, still holding Danger, for some reason very much not wanting to be too far from her right now.

<Loudbug> "Bzzzz," The terribly huge, reflective eyes started to blink up at Jean even as Jimmy's head started to tilt down slowly, the feeler petting getting a little sluggish. He was a full and boozed up loudbug and was starting to feel sleepy.

<Alibug> A few more sparks of light went off as Alison was patted, feeling a little tipsy for all of the booze she had been inhaling.

<Danger> "I think it might be very beneficial for their treatment if you did that," Danger agreed with Jessica, before letting her gaze pass over the rest of the students. "That goes for all of you. Regular social contacts might speed up the process recovering their memories and regular thought processes."

<Cassie> "I think they're getting sleepy now," Cassandra remarked, watching her bugified friends getting more comfortable. "They look a lot happier now, too. I think we did good, no?"

<Jean> "Awww, I think he wants a nap..." Jean looked up at Danger.

<Loudbug> "Zzzznap," Jimmy echoed, he face falling into Jean's hand.

<Tronbug> Mick let out a sort of stuttering chitter that sounded similar to a laugh when he saw the other tipsy bugs, licking Danger again as he did, blinking at the other students. Even without the rest of the hive, this felt safe.

<Jessica> Jess smiled a little, "I think I'll stay down here a little longer if that's okay with you, Danger..."

<Calliebug> Callie retreated back to her favorite corner and curled up, asleep in seconds.

<Danger> "It seems that way," Danger agreed, assessing the behaviour of her patients, before addressing Jessica. "Of course. You're all welcome to stay as long as you like, or visit any time. I will see our patients back to their containment areas when you leave."

<Cassie> "I think I'm staying too and see if I can teach Jonas to play cards," Cassandra spoke up. "Of course he'll probably end up eating them, but either way we'll have fun."

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Cassie, "I'll play with you."

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Re: 8/17 Game: Scuttlebuggery

Post by PanicSwitch » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:51 am

<Cassie> "That's a good bug-monster," Cassandra said, smiling as she affectionately patted Alison on her big head. She looked over her shoulder to watch Walt leave. "Do you think I offended him?"

<Jessica> "I doubt it, Cassie... he's weird and skittish at the best of times..."

He had to return to his post. He is the watcher on the wall... :P
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Re: 8/17 Game: Scuttlebuggery

Post by steyn » Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:03 am

<Cassie> "I think I'm staying too and see if I can teach Jonas to play cards," Cassandra spoke up. "Of course he'll probably end up eating them, but either way we'll have fun."
Hey, Jonas has a lot of patience... after the third deck of cards.

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