10/19 Game: Men in Black

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10/19 Game: Men in Black

Post by Starfish » Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:05 pm

Timeline: January 23rd

Carol: It was weird. So weird to not have a wall behind her. She was never going to get used to that. At least they were behaving themselves for the time being.

Johnathon: Johnathon uneasily shifted about in his seat, willing the jet to go just a little bit faster. He couldn't wait to go back to the school...well, ruins, to see how much of his art had survived.

Melati: "Come on, I can guarantee no one here would tell your superiors," Melati said, lounging in the seat behind their pilot and watchdog, her feet on the console as she swivelled from side to side. "You can have the wheel back when it's time to land, I swear. Even though I rock landings."

Jessica: Jess was a little uneasy about going back to the school, she hadn't been back there since the day after the attack when she'd gone with Sebastian. "Never ever let her drive."

Johnathon: "I don't care, as long as no one lands on my 'Venus de Mileage'! It's a delicate piece!" Made out of old jerry-cans melded together...

Carol: "Orders are orders and I intend to follow them. I'd know if I hadn't." Carol glanced round at the rest of her passengers.

Broo: "I really want to learn to fly." Broo said, staring out the window. "Or at least be allowed to get some practice in. Already took a peek at the manual."

Melati: "See? Broo can help me!" The lizard girl thumbed over her shoulder. "He's super smart and I'm calm under pressure. It's basically impossible anything could go wrong."

Johnathon: "All those restless nights, just me and the glistening metal...I couldn't bear to see her broken apart!," he mumbled to himself.

Carol: "There's enough schools around where you can learn," she offered to the bug boy, "No one is flying this plane without qualifications and a written authorisation from Fury."

Jessica: "We can look for some when we get back, Broo... if you want..." Jess gave him a small smile, "But I think it's safer to fly without the plane... at least for those that have the option."

Melati: "I've flown the school's jet for over a year, dammit," Melati muttered to herself, clearly frustrated as she turned her chair away and crossed her arms in the front of her chest. "I am qualified."

Johnathon: "And my 'Harmonious Rot'! Do you know how long I had to wait for the cheese to turn the exactly right shade of green?!"

Broo: Broo pondered and looked over to Johnathon, "What shade would that be?"

Carol: "Qualified means having a licence, Miss Kasuma." Carol rolled her eyes before catching something on a monitor and frowning slightly, "The hell...?"

Johnathon: "It's...gleen!" His hands made a rainbow and for some reason one could hear the word being in italics.

Jessica: "Sounds disgusting..." Jess wrinkled her nose.

Melati: "Hey, I do have a licence!" Melati tossed in, turning back towards the front of the cockpit. "Sure, there's not my name on it and I can't remember from what guy I got it, but..." She leaned forward to take a peek over Carol's shoulders. "What now? Trouble?"

Carol: "I hope not too much trouble..." She watched the monitor out of the corner of her eye.

Melati: "Looks like whatever that is, they're on an interception course," Melati remarked, leaning over the back of Carol's seat. "Unless I'm also not allowed to read the monitor, of course."

Johnathon: "That...sounds not good..."

Carol: "I would appreciate it if you didn't lean over my shoulder." Carol sighed, "Dangerous to distract the pilot and all that..."

Aodhfionn: Fianna had, as usual, done what he always did when flying. Got somewhere nice and warm and forced himself to fall asleep before it had even taken off. Fucking tin-can coffins hurtling through clouds full of people and things...so when voices started pulling him out of slumber, he was Not Best Pleased.

Melati: "Really? I had no idea about that." Melati slumped back into her chair, barely masked sarcasm in her voice. "Then again, perhaps I've just been more focused than other pilots."

Johnathon: "The thing with the intercept course? Could we concentrate on that? Maybe?"

Carol: "It's not a weapon, there'd be a whole lot more noise if something was firing on us, looks like another aircraft."

Melati: "...unidentified aircraft, you're entering restricted airspace." The jet's comm system crackled to life as the other pilot hailed them. "Please identify yourself and state your destination."

Aodhfionn: He grumbled his way into the waking world, yawning hugely and fangishly as he rubbed a red eye and blew hair out of his face. Not cloaked in his usual shadows, he was kicking about in scruffy jeans and hoodie as he pulled himself out of his seat. "'R we there yet?"

Johnathon: "Don't mind me, just popping this on here." He pulled out a spot and put it on the wall next to him. Yes, art was his life, but this artist prefered his hiney intact, so he could wait on checking on his pieces when it meant not being turned into...well, pieces by another aircraft.

Melati: "Hey, chief, I think they mean us," Melati commented helpfully. "Want me to take that call?"

Carol: "This is Leiutenant Colonel Danvers," she tossed Melati another frown, "Enroute to the Xavier site."

Broo: "Oh, are we going to be in a dog fight? Never thought this kind of craft could even be in one." Broo said rather excited.

Aodhfionn: Hff...they were still flying. Fianna pushed the queasy, itchy feeling down and took a deep breath. The walls were not closing in, he was fine. Slowly, he trundled up to where the others were, hands in the hoodie pocket. "So uh...what's happenin'? 'Ello, Danvers."

Melati: "Please stand by, Colonel." There were several long seconds of silence, before another response came over the speakers. "Keep this course. You will be escorted to a landing site. Do not attempt to land independently."

Johnathon: Johnathon shuffled closer to his spot, while somehow managing to still be strapped to his seat.

Melati: "Looks like the cops got this place sealed off with more than just some yellow tape, eh?" Melati commented, once again leaning on the back of Carol's seat even though she had been told not to.

Carol: Carol raised an eyebrow, "Matching course." She adjusted their course a little then swatted at Melati's arm to stop her leaning.

Aodhfionn: "...Anyone? What's goin' on?"

Jessica: "We're getting escorted to our old house by some crabby git in a helicopter." Jess filled him in.

Melati: "We've got our personal welcoming committee to the old school ground," Melati answered Fianna's question, reluctantly sitting back in her chair. It was obvious she was restless and eager to do something.

Carol: "Not so welcoming committee..." Carol glanced out of the window at the other aircraft.

Melati: Leaning into the cockpit again, Melati couldn't resist flashing the other machine flying within viewing distance a fanged grin, before she raised her hand to flip them a clawed middle-finger.

Broo: "Oh my, that's rather rude, isn't it?" Broo commented.

Aodhfionn: "If they ain' shot us outta the sky, I'm still cool with them." Fianna leant on the back of the closest chair, trying to pretend they were just in...a bus. On the ground. Not trapped. Nope. He shuddered, closing his eyes for a moment and swallowing. "Holy fuck I hate planes..."

Jessica: "Yep, it is..." Jess nodded to Broo's question.

Melati: "Now I hope so," Melati replied, grinning at Broo as she looked over her shoulder. "Damn, is that the school? Looks busy for some ruins." She pointed out the front window, where the Xavier estate came into view behind the lines of trees.

Carol: "Can you not provoke the other pilot...?" Carol groaned a little, "And buckle up, we're begining our descent."

Melati: "Crime scene my tail, that looks more like some research camp," the green-skinned girl commented when she saw the large tents and the heavy equipment on the lawn.

Melati: "Yes, ma'am!" Melati casually saluted and dropped back into her seat, where she pulled tight the straps of her seatbelt.

Aodhfionn: "...Holy shit." Fianna couldn't help but look at the school - or what was left of it - as it came into view. "They really did a number on you guys..." He dropped into the nearest seat and did as he was told, stomach lurching. Fuck planes, seriously, why couldn't he have been born with wings? "Why'd they be researchin' your shit though?"

Jessica: "I can think of a couple of reasons...."

Johnathon: "I hope none of them touched my art...or found my books..." Printing out The Anarchists Cookbook probably hadn't been such a smart idea, after all...

Broo: "Oh goody, I hope it is a research camp." Broo said with much glee.

Melati: "Well, I doubt they're on a panty raid through the ruins down there," Melati commented, leaning up so she could look out of the window when they were guided to a free field next to the estate. "We've had some pretty neat treasure hidden in our basement. I guess Broo here knows all about it."

Carol: "Everyone needs to be on their best behaviour until we know what's going on. Please." Carol set the jet down gently, powering it down and unbuckling her seatbelt.

Aodhfionn: "Yeah well, not like I have a clue. Only found out who I was tryna spook off my pad the other day. I'll be good, no worries." He unbuckled as soon as he possibly could and automatically drew his shadows around him, protecting his skin from the dull light outside.

Jessica: Jess unbuckled and got to her feet, raking her fingers through her hair and moving to the ramp as it was lowered.

Melati: "Why do I think this went in my direction?" Melati asked Carol, a wry smirk on her lips as she unbuckled and got to her feet.

Johnathon: He unbuckled as well and walked up behind the girls. Juuuuust in case there would be shooting.

Carol: "Probably because it did." Carol adjusted the belt on her SHIELD uniform, heading over to the ramp herself.

Broo: "Wait for me!" Broo called, shuffling down his seat and running after the others.

AgentBrown: When Agent Brown left the car, several other vehicles had already closed in and surrounded the landed plane. Adjusting the jacket of his meticulous suit, he made his way for the open ramp, flanked by several fellow agents of eerily similar appearance.

Johnathon: "It's the Men in Black!"

Broo: "I'm not an alien!"

Carol: Carol paused at the bottom of the ramp, taking in the cars and the aproaching agents. "Is this special treatment just for us VIPs or do you roll out the escorts for everyone?"

Melati: "And here I thought they were a cliche that went out of style a decade ago," Melati commented, standing behind Carol with her arms crossed. "I guess the government really sticks to the tried and true, no?"

Aodhfionn: Fianna kept his shadows around him, lurking at the back of the group. He didn't need his senses to be able to tell that something was up. The fact the others hadn't been expecting this said everything.

AgentBrown: "Lieutenant Colonel Danvers, I presume?" Brown said, his voice as emotionless as the rest of his appearance. "I'm Agent Brown. May I enquire why you and your... friends are here? This is a restricted area."

Carol: "That would be me," She produced her ID for him to look over, "I have SHIELD clearance levels... these guys used to live here."

Aodhfionn: Totally. He hadn't just hitched a ride because he wanted to help at all and maybe get to know the guys, nope.

AgentBrown: Taking the ID from her, he handed it over to one of his colleagues without even taking a look at it. "Of course, which is why they should be aware that the entire estate is considered a crime scene in a running investigation."

Aodhfionn: "...Y' know, I've seen a few crime scenes. This don' look like any I've ever been in. I mean seen."

Johnathon: "You've been taking ages, it's a disgrace!," he shouted out bravely from behind Melati.

Carol: "You've had over a month on the site, it's time enough to get the evidence you need. They deserve the chance to get what belongings survived." She gestured at the kids to pipe down.

Melati: "Fuck man, our friends died here," Melati snarled, her expression tense. "We at least deserve to see if any of their belongings survived."

Jessica: Jess bit her lip putting a hand on Mel's shoulder, more to make sure she could grab her if she got too aggressive.

AgentBrown: "I understand your position and you have my deepest sympathy, but this is an affair of national security," Agent Brown said, sounding more as if he was playing back a pre-recorded message. "We have reason to believe this place poses a threat to public safety. Until further notice, no unauthorised personnel can be allowed within the perimeter."

Aodhfionn: "Okay, that's bullshit, Agent Smith." Fianna snorted. "Did y' get permission from the land's owners t' be here? Last I heard, even on this side of th' pond, trespassin' ain't exactly liked much. Plus, you have any idea jus' how much of a grade-a gold-plated cockmuncher you sound righ' now?"

Aodhfionn: "'Your friends died here, but we ain't gonna let you honour 'em, sorry, a brick might hurt your toe'."

Carol: "Unauthorised personnel? They used to live here. They already know what's on site, so do I for that matter." She was going to start smacking people if they kept provoking the government agents. "Check my ID again. Look at my clearance level. I can guarentee it's higher than yours."

AgentBrown: "As I've said, this is a matter of national security," Agent Brown repeated, as if he hadn't even registered their arguments. "Your SHIELD clearance level doesn't matter, I'm afraid. Our department was specifically tasked to lead this investigation, so no other jurisdiction applies."

AgentBrown: "Your friends should consider themselves fortunate they're not being considered suspects," the agent added. "For now."

Melati: "Was that supposed to be a threat?" Melati raised her hand and pointed at the man in the black suit. "Are you saying we're the bad guys here? We fought these Hydra bastards when no one else would - don't make it sound as if we're somehow responsible for this!"

Carol: Carol's eyes narrowed, "Then I'd like my ID back so I can go and make a few calls." She held her hand out for it, "If you wanted us to leave why not escort us out of the airspace instead of allowing us to land?"

Aodhfionn: Ooooh fuck. Fianna glanced at Melati and the rest, then at the rest of the area. "Hey, lizard queen. Can I have a word?" He interjected. "Jus' a quick one."

Broo: Broo lifted a hand, "Excuse me, if you do by any chance find a small locked case with a radioactive sign on it, it doesn't actually have plutonium in it, I was just keeping that in case I do come across some."

AgentBrown: Agent Brown nodded at his colleague, who handed Ms. Danvers her idea. "You're right, this wasn't necessary," he admitted. "Consider it a special courtesy that I took the time to explain myself and make the situation clear to you. I understand your desire to return to your home, but there's nothing I can do until the investigations are concluded."

Carol: "Yeah yeah," Carol turned to the others, "Come on, guys, back on the plane." She guestured them back up the ramp before any of them could cause trouble.

Melati: Melati reluctantly tore her gaze away from the federal agent and his entourage, turning back to Fianna. "Yeah, sure," she said quietly. "What is it?"

Aodhfionn: He leant in a little so that no one would catch what he was saying. "I know I'm new an' all, but this is bullshit. Want me to do a little bit of casual trespassin' and see if I can find out who the fuck these guys are?"

Jessica: Jess didn't need much encouragement to hurry back into the confines of the jet.

Melati: "You don't need an enhanced sense of smell to notice the bullshit stinking up the whole damn place," Melati replied under her breath, looking back over her shoulder as she headed into the jet. "I think most of us would be up for a little trespassing..."

Broo: Broo wanted to see more around the SHIELD place, but when he tried to wander closer he got ushered back to the group. He just shrugged and followed the other back to the Jet

Carol: "Shut up and walk...." Carol hissed at them, "Get on the jet so we can at least look like we're doing as we're told."

AgentBrown: "I hope you have a safe flight," Agent Brown called after the mutants, a smile playing across his lips for the first time. He gestured at his men, and they turned back towards their vehicle.

Aodhfionn: "Yeah, that's what I was thinkin'." He pulled up his hood, fading the shadows a little so that he didn't look like an emo Ringwraith. "I can help keep us hidden." He jerked his head. "Better do as military minx says or we'll get our asses slapped, an' I ain't in the mood for kink."

Carol: "Okay..." she raised the ramp once they were all inside, "So we're not going but we'll have to take off or they'll notice there's something up." She hurried back to her seat. "Next time we have to deal with government agents... you know what, I'm not even going to bother."

Melati: "Don't worry, I've already got an idea." Melati slipped back into the jet, letting herself fall into her chair as the sly grin appeared on her face. "I don't think they noticed that Spot here forgot something on the ground."

Carol: "Let's hope not." Carol restarted the engines and got the jet into the air, "We'll find somewhere nearby to park and head back there minus the plane. Should draw less attention. If we get into trouble, let me handle it."

Jessica: "We're really sneaking back onto the grounds that are crawling with government people? Is that really a good idea?" Jess shifted uncomfortably, "I don't know if that's a good idea..." or if Sebastian would appreciate it if she got arrested or something.

Melati: "Don't worry, I've had enough trouble with the law already, so you're more than welcome, chief," Melati replied to Carol and chuckled. "Oh, no, it's a terrible idea." She grinned at Jessica. "Which is why it sounds like the perfect thing to do."

Aodhfionn: "Fff. Not th' worst that's on my record. Besides, those guys are stoppin' you from picking shit up that's yours. I might be new and all, but that is jus' wrong in my books." Like the police stopping him from retrieving some keepsake of his mother's. And he hadn't even really been attached to her. He'd hate to know how this felt.

Carol: Finding a different green space to land in, Carol set the jet down again, "Okay, take two." She pushed a hand through her hair, "Stay together and keep out of sight as much as possible."

Melati: "I think I may start to like you, after all," Melati commented, as she unbuckled herself again. She reached for her phone. "Let me text carnie girl to get her cute little ass into gear. We might need someone to get ours out of there if things turn sour."

Broo: Broo raised his hand once more, "Is it okay if I just stay in the jet?" he asked.

Carol: "Never hurts to have a contingency plan... if they start shooting, hide behind me. I'm a fairly effective shield." She turned to look at Broo, "You promise not to touch anything?"

Aodhfionn: "Yeah, I can do shadows but not taxis, not that cool." He stood, smoothing down the hoodie, flexing his hands in his gloves as shadows began to swirl up his legs. God, he loved his shadows, trailing fingertips through them

Broo: Broo had to take a moment to think about that question. "I'm sorry, I can't promise I won't touch anything, but I do promise I won't activate or break anything."

Carol: Carol considered that for a few short moments, "Good enough." she gave Broo a nod. "Everyone else good to go?"

Melati: "Might be a good idea to have someone watch the jet," Melati commented, nodding in Broo's direction. "Making sure we have a ride home if we need to bail."

Melati: "Good and ready, ma'am." Melati performed another sloppy salute, giving Carol a lopsided grin.

Carol: "Please God stop 'ma'am'ing at me." She moved over to the portal, "And seriously... no one get shot."

Aodhfionn: "Military Minx okay with you, sweets?" Fianna grinned. "Nah, I've done jobs like this far too fuckin' often to get shot. Or caught. Or spotted. Hey, Scales, drinks on me after this, alrigh'?"

Jessica: "Be good, okay?" Jess gave Broo a worried look, moving to the spot portal with the others. "Don't weaponise anything..."

Melati: "Hey, I won't argue with that," Melati said, shooting Fianna a grin before she made for Johnathon's portal.

Broo: Broo took a moment to think about that last sentence. "I'll try?" he told Jess.

Carol: "Definitely not." Carol answered Fianna's question then stepped into the black hole before he could come up with something else to call her.

Aodhfionn: Fianna just grinned, disappearing into darkness as he stepped through and coming out the other side as pure shadow.
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