11/9 Game: Tongue for Booze

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11/9 Game: Tongue for Booze

Post by Starfish » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:32 am

Timeline: February 12th, 2017

Jack: Jack personally welcomed people at the doors, dressed only in his fancy Cupid's diaper, along with strapped on small wings, bow and quiver full of arrows with hearts on them. The rabbit mutant, yet again, bleached and dyed his fur for an occasion, dreading one day all of it might end up falling off. He was white, nearly puffy white, and had shockingly pink and red hearts dyed all over his body.

Melody: It took Mel a few seconds to process Jack's apparel as they drew up to the door, "... Nice look, point me in the way of the free cocktails."

Aodhfionn: Fianna was happy it was night time. He liked the night. No bloody sun to make his skin burn like fuckery, and he could creep the hell out of everyone. Tonight, though, he was making an effort - full-blown Victorian dress from shirt to shiny shoes and a tophat completing it, long coat keeping out the dreary weather and cane tapping the pavement. If he had to do this, he'd do it with class.

Jessica: Jess also did a double take, then almost fell over laughing so hard that she had to hold onto Sebastian.

Tyrone: "What the hell is that thing?" Tyrone shouted before he could stop himself, as he saw Jack standing by the door. So much for trying to keep a low profile

Aodhfionn: And hell, free drinks at a stripper bar? Fuck yes. "Hey bunny. Sweet look, but keep them arrows th' hell away from me, 'kay?"

Cassie: "Welcome to the Jackalope, where you're promised an unforgettable Valentine," Cassandra announced upon leading her friends into the nightclub, relishing her own theatrics as usual. "Just make sure to watch your sweetheart, because at this place, more than just their eyes may wander."

Shaw: Lips pressed together in an attempt to keep from laughing outright at his partner, Sebastian instead concentrated on holding up Jessica. "That is... you must pay a visit to the Club like that this week."

Jack: "Free cocktail, singular, unless you got a significant other, then they're all free." Jack informed Melody as he gestured her towards the bar. "And here I thought you would like a good puncturing," Jack told Aodhfionn.

Cassie: Turning mid-step, she flashed the others an impish smirk. "And if you don't have a sweetheart, don't despair," the raven haired girl assured them. "I promise you're night will be even more memorable."

Jessica: "You look lovely." Jess managed after a moment to catch her breath.

Jack: Jack grinned at Shaw, "You like? Jess sure likes. And hey, if they're celebrating something that I can dye myself dress up for, I'd gladly entertain."

Melody: "Whaaaaaat?" Mel pulled a face, "Unfair! I'm a single mom, that's like the radioactive crater of romance ... ugh," well at least there'd be one free cocktail.

Jack: "Melody my dear, if you just grab someone to kiss in front of the bartender, then he'll give you a free drink. See that as a cheat code for the night. Otherwise... if you're really lonely, there are specials going on in the backrooms." Jack said the last part on the sly.

Aodhfionn: "Ooooh." Fianna grinned, before ticking a clawed finger at the bunny. "Later. Y're supposed to be entertainin', bad bunny." He glanced at Melody. "I dunno, sweets, depends on the mother." With a wink and a tip of the hat, he gave her a once over. "I don' mind makin' out with a milf if it means free drinks..."

Jack: "Huzzah, already made a couple, and without even giving out their first free single drinks either. Damn I'm good. That fat hippy heffalump can kiss my puffy white tail."

Melody: "... you just keep on getting creepier and creepier, shadow-boy, must be hard work to keep that up," Mel said, giving Fi the side eye.

Cassie: "Happy Valentine's, Flufflebun!" Cassandra skipped over to the pink and white rabbit, nearly toppling both of them over as she threw her arms around Jack to squeeze him tightly.

Aodhfionn: "Nope, jus' comes natural. Serious offer, though, free drinks an' all." Fianna grinned happily. If not, well...wasn't like he didn't have money, thanks to his little...escapades.

Shaw: "Technically, as your financial backer, one would think I would drink for free anyway," he sniffed, smirking now at the antics all around.

Jack: Jack returned the hug, holding on to Cassie and then smirked at Shaw, "Yeah, but then again, you'd get it free anyway seeing that you and Jess are a couple."

Jessica: Jess reached over as they passed to give Jack a bit of a pet - she couldn't resist the fluffy fur. "We are at that."

Jack: Still clinging on to Cassie, Jack leaned however more towards the petting hand of Jess as the couple passed.

Tyrone: Tyrone sneaked over to the bar to see if they had any proper beer, hoping that Shaw and Jess wouldn't see him.

Shaw: He shook his head at the passing pet.

Melody: Mel followed the noob to the bar, elbowing her way to the front, "I want the biggest, most expensive cocktail you have!" She ordered.

Cassie: Cassandra responded to the petting by pulling Jack the other way, tightening her squeezing embrace and nearly lifting the rabbit's big feet of the ground. "You already have your Valentine," she told both Jack and Jess, before glancing in Sebastian's direction. "Unless you suggest we swap for tonight."

Jack: THe bartender gestured to get Jack's attention, who took a moment to think about it, and then gave the man an okay nod to give Mel her drink. Her BIG drink.

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "No way. I just have to pet Jack a bit... it's like a compulsion..." she gave him another fond scratch behind the ear before turning her attention to Sebastian.

Shaw: "As tempting as that offer is, Cassandra, I do believe I'm happy with my partner." He rested his hand on the small of Jessica's back.

Aodhfionn: Fianna followed the others in curiously, wrinkling his nose and resisting the urge to sneeze as he took his tophat off. Ugh. Valentine's perfume. Why. Sidling up to the bar, he eyed up Mel's drink. "I want what she's havin'." He decided. "If I hafta be single aroun' all these couples, I'm gonna be drunk doin' it."

Jack: Jack snuggled Cassie, "What can I say, I'm a sucker for pheromones." he chuckled, then looked over to more people coming into the bar. Not one couple among them. Was either groups of men, or groups of women... and all of them gave off the hetero vibe. Cha-ching!

Cassie: "Oh, I'm just messing with you." Cassandra snickered. "Of course you can pet Jack whenever I want. It's not like he's my fluffy toy or anything. Well, he is, but we're best friends, and we share everything, right?" She basically shoved Jack back at Jessica, pretty much like a fluffy toy.

Jack: Jack gave big bunny eyes.

Jessica: "This is some kind of trick to get me to let you have Sebastian for an hour, isn't it?" Jess raised an eyebrow at Cassie.

Shaw: He just laughed.

Melody: The drink arrived and Mel eyed it apprecitivly, layers of bright, luminous colours with half a fruit basket hanging off the sugar frosted rim and when the barman put the straw in it took a few seconds for it to sink to the bottom, "Ooooh ... so many aditives ..."

Aodhfionn: Fianna got his just after, the mutant eyeing up before going back to watching the club. Hnn...to work his way through or not to work his way through, that was the question?

Jack: Jack's ears popped up as he heard something coming from the back of the club. "Pardon me, think I need to go make sure people understand the concept of 'make love, not war'." Jack said, a hand still clinging on to Cassie's as he started walking, only letting go when he got too far away, then disappearing into the crowd.

Cassie: "As much as I'd love to, I doubt I could spare that much time for just a single man on a night like this." Cassandra sighed dramatically, before cocking her head as she shrugged her shoulders, revealing a grin. "After all, I'm still working here, and tonight is the Jackalope's most important night."

Shaw: "Thumper seems to have scampered off," he noted, watching the rabbit wind into the room.

Jessica: "Mmhmm, shall we get you some scotch then?" She slid her arm around her fiance's waist, resting against him.

Aodhfionn: "Hey! You guys gonna get y' asses in here or you gonna stand like lemons on the doorstep?" Fianna called over to the group at the door. "Trust there's no roofies in th' drinks, already tried it." He raised his drink to them with a fangy grin.

Jessica: "Of course there isn't... not that I have to worry about those anyway." Ah, immunities. They were good for peace of mind if nothing else.

Cassie: "There aren't? Then I better talk to the bartender." Cassandra gave Fianna a sly smirk as she strolled up to him and took her own drink, which had already been prepared for her.

Tyrone: Taking his pint of beer, Tyrone disappeared into a corner to nurse it for the rest of the evening. He wasn't going to get another unless he hooked up with someone by the looks of things, that Danvers woman had conviscated everything he stolen and hadn't given him his 'allowance' yet.

Shaw: Sebastian took note of the figure skulking away from the bar, and though he frowned, he said nothing.

Aodhfionn: "Oh, well hello, sweetheart." Fianna grinned at Cassie as she leant over. "So I know who t' blame if I wake up naked an' hurtin' in places I shouldn't, huh?"

Melody: "Damn, I can't even suck this up the straw, it's like syrup, beautiful, alcholic syrup!" Mel abandoned the straw all together and settled for sipping.

Jessica: "It's always a safe bet to blame Cassie." Jess nodded sagely.

Jack: Jack made his way back to the others, appearing right next to Shaw. Uncomfortably right next to Shaw. While still only wearing a diaper. "So, place is getting really busy, and it's still a bit early."

Aodhfionn: "Well then, someone's gonna get spanked if tha' happens." He took a mouthful - wow, sweet - and eyed Cassie up.

Melody: "Amazing what the words 'free drinks' will do, huh?"

Jessica: "Is that supposed to put her off?" Jess giggled and shook her head.

Shaw: "Well, that's good for business, yes?" He smiled toothily at the rabbit, giving him another once over.

Cassie: "Is that a promise?" Cassandra smirked around the edge of her glass as she took a small sip from her sweet cocktail, returning to favour by giving Fianna an openly appraising look.

Aodhfionn: Fianna's grin became a smirk. "More like a threat. Why, someone been a naughty girl then?"

Jack: "Well, of course tonight's really busy, but I'm starting t notice that the club's getting more attention than I thought it would. Does the Hellfire got any specific places where they get their bouncers from? Asking because I had three bouncers so far that wasn't the best in the business, hassling customers, taking bribes and one idiot actually tried selling drugs here."

Jessica: Jess got the attention of the bar staff and ordered drinks for herself and Sebastian.

Shaw: "Ah, I see. Yes, I can certainly provide you with some names." He took a half step away from the far too naked rabbit man.

Cassie: "Not nearly as much as I would have liked to be," Cassandra replied, sidling closer to Fianna, letting her hand casually brush against his side.

Jack: The bartender eyed Jessica and Shaw, and shrugged, shaking his head. No kiss kiss, no sip sip.

Shaw: "Ah, do you want a drink, love?" Sebastian turned his attention back to Jessica and the bar and the mutants around it. "I certainly do." With that, he caught her up for a passionate kiss, one hand at her back to dip her slightly, the other in her hair.

Jessica: Jess was caught by surprise but returned the kiss after a moment, sliding her arms around him.

Jack: By the time the two ended their kiss, their drinks were being poured.

Aodhfionn: Fianna smiled slowly, leaning into the brush a little, his own hand tracing a claw over a hip. "Then I guess we better get y' in a little more trouble, girl." He purred. "Soun' like fun to you?"

Tyrone: Sighing Tyrone finished his drink, these American 'pints' were far to small and he drank far too fast. Looks like he was going to have to leave his quiet little corner of the room if he didn't want to die of thirst before the evening ran out.

Jack: "Excellent, just as long the new bouncer is honest, and is big and is practically made out of rock and can take a hit, and maybe give them out, then I think things will be fine. Not just normal people that causes problems around here, sometimes a mutant or two try to get freebies."

Jack: Jack's celibate senses were tingling, and he turned and spotted the new kid. "Sorry guys, I gotta take care of something here." he told the others and made his way to Tyrone. "Need help finding someone?" Jack asked, holding up a cupid arrow as a joke.

Cassie: "I always thought trouble and fun were the same thing." Cassandra chuckled, while lightly trailing her fingertips up the side of Fianna's arm. "Perhaps we should find a place to sit down and get comfortable."

Tyrone: Tyrone stared at the creature standing before him. "What are you?" he muttered under his breath

Jessica: Jess smiled at Sebastian, peeking over his shoulder at the other people in the club. They looked jealous.

Jack: "Well I was going for a kind of valentine cupid bunny look. Not working for you?" he asked.

Melody: This cocktail was effort, mel was starting to think maybe she'd have to ask for a spoon to help her drink it .... or maybe even a knife.

Tyrone: "Well I was thinking that Cupid must be ill so the easter bunny was standing in for him"

Shaw: He returned the smile and picked up her drink from the bar to press into her hand. Picking up his own scotch he watched her over the rim as he took a sip.

Aodhfionn: "Yeah...perhaps we should." He chuckled, tongue going over a fang as his long fingers closed over a hip properly. "After all, we got a lot in common, an' I'm in the mood for a bit of trouble...mmm?" Likely she was just after free drinks, but he was not turning her down, oh hell no.

Jack: "....brilliant! I'll use that, thanks. So, let's get you hooked up with someone, you looking for long term, short term, one night stand or just some arm candy that likes to kiss in front of bartenders?" Jack asked Tyrone.

Tyrone: "Well I did spot this gold girl with wings back at the school. Is she around anywhere?"

Tyrone: "If not lets just start with arm candy and see where we go from there"

Jessica: Jess took a sip of her own drink, keeping one arm around Sebastian as she did. "Shall we find somewhere to sit?"

Jack: "I...do not think we have any guests like that. Right, arm candy, oh.. um... Straight? Gay? Bi? Other?" Jack asked.

Cassie: Cassandra balanced her drink in one hand as she raised her arms and draped them over Fianna's shoulders, hips swaying from side to side as she moved closer. "I hope you won't find me too troublesome," she said, adding a sultry lip bite as she smiled at the pale boy. "If I am, you just may have to discipline me."

Shaw: "Oh yes, and watch the show," he chuckled, attempting to steer her away from Jack and the thief.

Jessica: "Just think, I could have been working here," She couldn't help herself.

Tyrone: "Other? What the?.... Err straight, definitely straight"

Cassie: "You still could," Cassandra tossed in Jessica's direction, turning her head to give her friend a toothy grin.

Aodhfionn: ...Oh wow, and here he thought tonight was going to suck. His hand slid from a hip to the small of her back and pulled her against him, hat and drink in his other hand. "We'll jus' have to see, sweetheart, I got a hell of a tolerance for trouble...an' I may jus' be a little too much for you." He murmured, red eyes half-lidded. "But don' worry...I'm good at spankin'."

Jack: "Straight it is then." Jack nodded, "By the way, more than half the people here are mutants. Trust me, there is an Other category." he said, before he turned to look at the crowd, eye squinting as he tried to spot all the singles ladies.

Shaw: "No she couldn't," he called to Cassie as he led her away.

Jessica: "I couldn't, the hours would clash with my new job." she returned the grin.

Jack: "Okay, from what I'm seeing, you got a choice between ditzy blonde, sassy brunette and fiery redhead. Just watch out, I think the fiery redhead actually does have a thing for fires. Those three, there and there and there, best chances to just have them kiss for more drinks." Jack pointed out.

Cassie: "We shall see about that," Cassandra giggled, not resisting the embrace. "You should know I've been spanked by the best. Why else do you think my behind is in such a perfect shape?"

Jack: "Or if you're really lonely, you could go for the really lonely girls there and there... just be warned, I think the one is a stalker, and I know the other one is a stalker."

Aodhfionn: "Oh? Is tha' meant to be a challenge, oh shadowy beauty?" Fianna smirked at her. "We'll see indeed."

Jessica: Finding somewhere to sit, Jess gave Sebastian's jacket a gentle tug in that direction.

Shaw: Not fighting his smirk, he let her lead him.

Tyrone: "Thanks, I think I'll go chat to the blonde." Tyrone replied to the rabbit and wandered off towards his target.

Aodhfionn: Putting his tophat on the girl's hat, he used the movement to pull her in and pressed his lips to her throat. "So...sittin' down, Cassie? I need a seat if y' supposed to go over my knee..."

Cassie: "Absolutely." After giving Fianna an enticing smile, Cassandra gracefully slipped out of his embrace to lead him towards where Jessica and Sebastian were sitting, passing Jack and Tyrone in the process. "Got another lonely heart in need of cheering up here," she quietly asked the rabbit.

Jack: "Have fun... guy!" Jack told Tyrone, still not knowing the guy's name, but glad he did a job well done. Next up, Melody. The cupid stand-in made his way back to the bar.

Jessica: Jess settled into the seat, finally removing her coat revealing the nice red dress she was wearing for the occasion.

Melody: Mel was using her finger to lick up the last of her drink, eyeing the top shelf of the bar with interest, completly oblivious to the fuzzy doom headding her way.

Jack: The closer Jack got to Melody, the more realization of his mistake seeped into his fuzzy noggin. He facepalmed. "I should have hooked you up with that guy that came with you lot."

Melody: "Bwhu?" Mel spun on her barstool, "You talking to me, puffball?"

Tyrone: Oh my God! This woman is stupid No way was Tyrone putting up with that for the rest of the night. Looks like the only way he was going to get another drink tonight was if he went back to pickpocketing. He was good at it before he had powers, he'd just do it the old fashioned way.

Aodhfionn: Fianna followed happily, watching that ass move as he did, hand still on her hip. Scoooore. "Hey, Shaw. Lookin' fine, sir, if you don' mind me sayin'."

Jack: "You wanna hook up with that guy that came with your group?" Jack asked, "The one that looked like he was looking for my wallet." he told Melody.

Shaw: Sebastian gave the boy a tight-lipped smile. "Your choice of dress makes me feel quite at home." Taking Jessica's coat, he laid it aside and unbuttoned his jacket.

Melody: Mel peered around Jack to eye up the noob, "Not really ... he looks kinda skeevy."

Jack: "Well it's either kissing him for free drinks, or I could see about sending guy after single guy your way until you see one that you like."

Cassie: Waiting for Fianna to sit down, Cassandra opted to pick his lap as her own spot to get comfortable. "I'm afraid not even I can compete with Sebastian's fashion sense," she remarked, keeping an arm around the boy's shoulder while using her free hand to adjust the short skirt she wore.

Melody: "But he's at the school now, right? Wouldn't that just make things awkward?"

Tyrone: Heading back to the rabbit with a mischevious smile, Tyrone decided to pickpocket Cupid first, he'd seen the wallet sticking out of the back of the diapers he was wearing and the rabbit deserved payback for the blonde.

Jack: "I don't understand," said the guy who slept with anyone, stranger or coworker or even fellow student.

Melody: "I guess I'm just an old fashioned girl who doesn't like random hookups," Mel shrugged, watching Tyrone out of the corner of her eye.

Elizabeth: Elizabthe sent Cassie the text message as she was finally ready to be picked up for the party.

Shaw: Sebastian rested his hand on Jessica's knee as he sipped his scotch, watching Cassie and the new boy settle far too close for comfort.

Jessica: Jess crossed her legs neatly, the slit in her dress displaying just enough skin. "It's nice to be back in a city I know my way around for a while."

Aodhfionn: Fianna picked the hat off her head and put it back on his, sending a grin at Shaw. "This is how I dress when I can be assed." He smoothed a hand over Cassie's skirt, other arm curled around her to keep her on his lap and resting on her hip. Free drinks for the night and a hot girl...oh yes.

Tyrone: Getting Cupid's wallet was not going to be as easy as Tyrone had thought, the cutie the rabbit was talking to was watching him.

Jack: "Ah, so chances are very slim that you'd end up asking for one of my guys in the backroom." Jack said waggling his eyebrows. "Wonder whether the guy got it on with one of the girls I pointed out." Jack said turning, and seeing Tyrone sans girl. "You struck out?" Jack asked him.

Cassie: Cassandra fished her phone out of the handy cloth sleeve strapped to her thigh. "I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me to just a second," she told Fianna, offering both a comforting smile and a tender kiss to the forehead. "Keep my seat warm for me, will you?"

Tyrone: "Couldn't stand her, you were right about her being ditzy. I like my women to have a little bit more intelligence."

Shaw: His thumb tracing over Jessica's skin, he smirked at the boy as his lap ornament abandoned him.

Cassie: Having said that, she slipped off his lap and proceeded towards the back of the club, turning around to wave at her friends before disappearing from sight. Teleporting out of sight would cause less of a commotion on such a busy night, she thought.

Melody: "Harvey here's thinking we should hook up," Mel smirked at him.

Aodhfionn: Aw, damnit. "Sure thing." He watched her go before sitting back and adjusting his hat, catching Shaw's smirk. "What?"

Jack: "Then you'd hate the brunette. She's from new jersey." Jack replied, looking back to Melody. "Hey, like I said, just if you want free drinks. Otherwise, you gotta pay."

Elizabeth: Elizabeth was waiting in the entrance hall as agreed with half a dress on, seemingly made of pink and voilet latex hearts sewn together, red boots up to her thighs and a hopeful look on her face thinking of Jimmy being there.

Melody: "But since you decide to have this conversation with me right infront of your barman it's a bit redundant now, right?" She giggled a little and finished off the fruit salad that came with her drink.

Shaw: The smirk split into a grin.

Aodhfionn: "Hey, if y' wanted the lap instead, you shoulda said." Fianna winked at him.

Cassie: Cassandra hadn't been lying when she said it would take her only a couple seconds, returning to the main room before long with another girl in tow. "I wasn't exaggerating when I said it's a busy night, was I?" She gave Elizabeth a grin as the two made their way towards the bar.

Jessica: "You can't have him, he's mine." Jess slid an arm around Sebastian possessively.

Tyrone: "Hey at least you can use words with more than two syllables, thats better than the girl he tried to set me up with before. As I said intelligence is a turn on."

Elizabeth: "No apparently not!" Smiling at her friend and following along, hips sashaying as she went, face hopeful as she looked around for Jimmy.

Shaw: "I believe I can restrain my passions," he chuckled, feeling the warmth of Jessica's possessiveness.

Jessica: Jess leaned against him, shifting her position and causing the slit in her dress to move and display a little more. "Good." She gave Sebastian a kiss on the cheek.

Aodhfionn: "Hey, can't stop me window-shoppin', sweets." Fianna winked at Jess, before spotting Cassie again with a - hoo. That was a dress because there was material involved, but that was as close as it got. "Besides, th' girl's right there. I like corsetry." Shaw got another smirk. "As good as y' look, don't think you'd look as good as her."

Melody: "Bet single mom's with toddlers are a turn off though, right?"

Jack: Jack noticed the latecomer. "Okay, people, if you jsut start dressing like that, then my job here would be way easier." the cupido bunny said.

Shaw: Sebastian's hand slipped between her knees and slightly higher at the show of skin. He did look at what had attracted the boy's attention, though.

Cassie: "Miss me?" Cassandra smirked as she strolled over to where Fianna was sitting, her hips gently swaying with each step. "Please tell me you did." The raven-haired girl promptly slid back on the boy's lap and draped her arms around his shoulders. "I hope the company I brought makes my absence a little easier to stomach."

Elizabeth: "I'll take that as a compliment shall I jack?!" She called across the bar with a smile, following Cassie with a drink in hand.

Tyrone: "Why don't we just start with the free drinks and see where we go from there?" Tyrone asked after a little pause

Aodhfionn: "My heart was torn asunder by the lack of your presence, my dear lady." Fianna grinned, hands once again on her hips. "But I gotta admit, tha's some company, girl." Claws were traced very carefully up her back then.

Melody: "Wow, not running screaming? I'm impressed," Mel treated him to a smile, "Melody Jacobs, I can raise the dead."

Elizabeth: Smiling at Fianna she sipped at her cocktail. "Thanks Fianna, Hey jack is Jimmy here tonight? Cause he didn't answer his phone earlier." Tugging at the laces on her boots she looked round again.

Tyrone: "That is an interesting talent." Tyrone said, as he surreptitiously removed the money from the rabbit's wallet and discarded the empty thing on the floor behind him.

Cassie: "Oh, you poor boy." Cassandra grinned as she traced her index finger across Fianna's cheek and towards his lips. "If there's anything I can do to mend your broken heart, don't hesitate to tell me."

Jessica: So how much do you want to throw a bucket over them right now? Jess glanced at Sebastian as she projected the thought at him.

Tyrone: "So are we talking just animals or humans as well? And for how long?"

Aodhfionn: Fianna was going to reply to Elizabeth then when that finger quite nicely took his attention. Red eyes met hers as a smirk formed under the finger. "I can think of a few things to help the pain..." He said quietly, before pulling her down for a very passionate kiss.

Jack: Jack sucked in his breath, "Sorry, Elizabeth, but Jimmy's not here. Last I saw him he mentioned something about going on a date with a fish or something. Marlin... trout...cod?"

Melody: "How about you? Apart from the fancy fingerwork there?" Mel had to apreciate the skill there, "Anything so long as it's dead, an for as long as I need," she shrugged, "I once animated an entire graveyard and held the Detriot courthouse to ransome."

Shaw: He smiled into his drink, fingers trailing across her skin. It's amusing, and it reminds me of the Club, of course. The boy already dresses like he belongs there.

Elizabeth: "...Oh... yeah the latest CoD games out isn't it?" Huffing and crossing her legs to slump in the chair.

Jack: "You want a free drink?" Jack asked Elizabeth. "It'll make you feel a little better." he suggested.

Elizabeth: She held up her cocktail then and smirked at Jack. "You really think I paid for this one?"

Jessica: And talks like it... Jess sipped her own drink.

Cassie: Cassandra arched her back ina catlike manner as she bent her head and leaned into the kiss, keeping her eyes closed while bringing up both hands to gently frame Fianna's face. When they finally parted due to a lack of air, she couldn't resist to playfully nip and tuck the boy's lower lip.

Tyrone: "Well when I don't have this bracelet on," Tyrone tugged at the offensive object, getting a shock from it for his trouble "I can manipulate darkness and even create portals through it."

Tyrone: "Personally I think zombies sound far cooler."

Shaw: Now he felt even more as if they were back in the Club on fantasy night.

Aodhfionn: "...Well now, I'm sold f' the night." Fianna purred as the kiss broke. He traced a claw down her throat. "...An' day. Hell, for as long as y' think you can take me for." He smirked at her.

Jack: "Then let me at least buy you a drink." Jack said to Elizabeth, "Don't want to say the words on the house out loud, people might mistake me offering it to everyone." he added.

Jack: "After you're done with that one of course."

Melody: "Oh, that's a hat-trick of powers now isn't it? We should get a prize ... and undead minions are pretty handy to have. Though these days I stick to just animating dead animals to do stuff ... people get a bit freaked by wlaking human corpses."

Elizabeth: Setting the drink down on the table she started trying to move the olive around inside it without trying. "No I'll have another now please, preferably something to floor me in one glass."

Jessica: Maybe we should show them how to do it properly?

Tyrone: "Oh but it has got to be fun at halloween?"

Melody: "Personally I think it's best at Christmas, dress them up in santa suits."

Cassie: "We could see who makes the other one beg to stop first," Cassandra suggested, her lips forming a devious grin while her fingers caressed Fianna's face.

Shaw: The smile he gave her was crooked and predatory. I'm always up for a challenge.

Tyrone: Tyrone burst out laughing, this girl was funny. "Shall we see about getting another drink?"

Jack: "Don't think we got anything that powerful." Jack replied, getting the bartender's attention. A conversation between the rabbit and the bartender started, going from "I know I told you the rule applies to everyone including me, but as your boss, I'm telling you, just give one more free drink for the lady." all the way to "Fine, geeze, I'll pay... for stuff I already own. Hell."

Jack: Jack reached down the back of his diaper, and started feelign around. His hand then went down the front, nearly pulling the only clothing he had down as he searched for his missing wallet. "Right, this is embarrassing."

Aodhfionn: "Oh fuck me yes." Fianna grinned a little breathlessly, kissing her again and not particularly caring about anyone else around him. Wasn't like he couldn't hide them anyway. "You're perfect."

Jessica: At least we won't have to watch them this way. She set her drink down, sliding her now empty hand across Sebastian's chest and up to cup his cheek to pull him into a kiss.

Jack: "Crap crap crap, next time I'm shoving it in with my junk, then I know where it is all the time." Jack mumbled, "Elizabeth, sorry to do this, but I think I might have left my wallet in my office, I'll be right back."

Melody: Melody looked the guy up and down ... well, free drinks was free drinks and he was informed about her milfy status, "Alright then, mystery man."

Cassie: "Why yes, that's one of the things I intend to do with you," Cassandra commented, while shifting on Fianna's lap so she ended up straddling his legs. Her chest brushed against his as she leaned down for another kiss, leaving some of her black lipstick on his face in her passion.

Shaw: Yes, but we can still hear them. Soon, he didn't care, returning the kiss and quickly deepening it.

Tyrone: Tyrone wasn't expecting the tongue when they did their kiss for the barman, but hey whatever, he returned the kiss happily. "The name is Tyrone." he said after the kiss ended.

Aodhfionn: Not that the white-skinned guy cared, though he did catch his hat before it fell off. Over a hundred years old, damnit. The rest of the club could go to hell now, a hand in her hair and another on her back, playing with the ties to her corset. He'd liked Cassie from the moment he'd met her, and this was...very nice. "Think it's the other way round, girl." He grinned evilly.

Jessica: Jess moved seats, sliding into Sebastian's lap, the slit in her dress coming in handy.

Jack: When Jack got back to Elizabeth, he was out of breath and holding on to his diaper to not let it fall down. "Can't find my wallet anywhere. I think it might have fell out somewhere."

Melody: She'd been dry since Nate died, you couldn't blame her for getting a little enthusiastic, "Nice ... now how about those drinks, huh?"

Tyrone: "Sure." Tyrone turned to the barman, "Good enough for you? Or should we try harder?"

Elizabeth: "Shit that sucks man, it'll turn up somewhere, till then no worries I brought money so I can still get drinks." Giving him a sympathetic look, once again none of her normal twitchyness present.

Cassie: The tip of a tongue flicking across her lips betrayed Cassandra's excitement. "You make that sound like a threat," she said, her slow, rhythmical movements causing her lithe body to grind against Fianna's. "I like that." She put her forehead against his and licked his lips.

Aodhfionn: "Don' promise, I threaten, an' you keep movin' like that and I'm gonna need more'n shadows to hide us." He grinned, his eyes flaring a little to show his want. "Is this a good time t' say I'm a real big fan of Jack the Ripper?" His hand had slid down to gently dig the tips of his claws into her ass. Screw drinks, this was much more fun.

Cassie: "Does that mean I'm going to miss the one or other precious part of me in the morning because you decided to take it as a keepsake?" Cassandra sucked on her lower lip, a shiver crawling up her spine when his claws scraped accross her exposed skin.

Shaw: Taking one last long pull of his scotch, he set it aside and licked his lips, looking up at her. His fingers traced down her spine until he flattened his palm on her lower back to pull her tight against him. Now free hand catching in her hair, he angled his face to kiss her, softly at first. My beautiful Jessica, how I love you...

Jack: "You know..." Jack said, giving Elizabeth big puppy/bunny eyes, "If you kiss it better, I think the bartender would give you a free drink."

Aodhfionn: "I dunno, depends how much I wanna come back for more, don't it?" He purred. "I migh' just decide you don't need those clothes any more, though..." He let her feel a little more of his claws at the sight of the shiver. And the scents...good job he didn't care about crowds, huh?

Elizabeth: Elizabeth head tilted at Jack then having given up trying to make the olive move. "Kiss what better exactly?" Raising an eyebrow at the bunny boy and sipping her drink.

Jessica: I love you too, I think we already won this game. She pressed herself close to him, sliding her fingers up into his hair and giving it a slight tug.

Jack: "My feelings, that I lost my wallet." he told her. "Just a nice big wet fat smooch, on the mouth, gotta make it look real for the bartender. That's the Valentines Special, kissing couples get free drinks. Incentive to get people together."

Aodhfionn: Which had, apparently, really worked for Cassie and Fianna...if they actually remembered that there were drinks on the books, that is...

Elizabeth: "Your serious..... if I snog you we get free drinks?" Laughing alittle then. "I can't remember the last time I kissed anyone!"

Melody: A beer and another cocktail appeared on the bar and Mel grabbed it before anyone else got any bright ideas, "Thanks Tyrone ... or would you prefer just Ty?"

Cassie: "Looks like we have much in common, after all, because I just came to the same conclusion," Cassandra replied, reluctant to remove her lips from Fianna's even when she slipped out of her tailcoat. "And believe me," she added, locking eyes with him, "you will be coming back for more."

Shaw: We have. Eyes closed, he lost himself in the kiss and the wash of emotions.

Tyrone: "Its Tyrone, never really like Ty. Thanks for the drink and the kiss wasn't too bad either." Tyrone giggled, "Look around for me if you want more. Of either."

Jack: "Don't worry, I know all about kissing, I did it millions of times on thousands of things-PEOPLE I mean people." Jack told Elizabeth.

Melody: "Tyrone then, and I'll bare that in mind," she chuckled, going back to her drink, figuring the master thief wanted to work the room a little more.

Elizabeth: ".... Right...." Knocking back her drink then she scooted nervously closer to him. "Fine just for the free drink then but if you give me myxomatosis I'm exploding your tail..."

Aodhfionn: "That was definitely a threat." He tilted his head back, grinning at her a little dangerously, a claw under her chin bringing her closer. "I like it. Now...either we go find somewhere t' get you out of those gorgeous but unwanted clothes, or..." Shadows began to climb over them slowly, wispy tendrils slipping up Cassie's legs. "...I ain' the most patient of serial killers, sweetheart."

Tyrone: Moving away from the bar Tyrone decided to pick some more pockets, he was going to need money to get away from the school if he couldn't get the bracelet off. He'd be more careful to make sure no one was watching now.

Jessica: Jess enjoyed the kiss, breaking it off briefly to grin at Sebastian before going back for more, bringing her hands down to hitch her dress up a little further so she could get more comfortable.

Jack: "I don't think I can give that to you..... I might be able to give that to rabbits... or get that from rabbits.... but I'd rather not try." Jack said, smirking and shifting closer to Elizabeth.

Cassie: Arousal mingled with excitement, bringing a glint to Cassandra's eyes and a shiver to her limbs. "Then we have no time to waste," she said, carefully brushing her cheek along the claw, lowering her head far enough so she could run her tongue over the sharp tip. "Let's find us a hidden spot where you can be all alone with your victim."

Elizabeth: Chuckling nervously then the normally confident girl was obviously shy about this, she wasn't kidding about the kiss. she'd been about 15/16 when she'd last kissed and she was 18 now? "Fine but your warned I'm shit at this...." Leaning into Jacks face.

Shaw: His hands dropped to her thighs, running up beneath the hem of her dress to savor her smooth skin. The first mental caress was feather-light, followed by another and he gave her a warning hiss of breath to keep as quiet as possible.

Jack: Jack moved back after the kiss. "Yes, you are. Just relax, let me show you how." he said, and then he slipped his hand behind her, his lips to hers' and gave he a damn well proper kiss.

Aodhfionn: Oh hell, she was good at this. His tongue went over his fangs as the shadows crawled a little higher. "This place got any back rooms, sweets?" He half-whispered, letting the claw drag down her cheek and throat.

Elizabeth: The kiss Jack got in return was messy and clumsy, she was tense through it all and frowning because it didn't matter how good it was on his side she was feeling as awkward as hell about it.

Cassie: "You're in luck twice," Cassandra replied with a shaky voice, keeping her eyes closed as she tilted her head from one side to the other, just to feel the claw slide across her delicate skin. "This place has the most exquisite back rooms, and I happen to know where the keys to them are..."

Jessica: Jess sucked in a surprised breath, her posture shifting with the sensation.

Tyrone: Spotting a couple engrossed in each other and heading towards a door towards the back, Tyrone lifted the guy's wallet, the fool didn't notice a thing.

Aodhfionn: He pulled her down then for a hard kiss, letting her feel the fangs. "Get the keys an' show me the way then, because my shadows ain' any good at blockin' sound." He growled against her ear. "If you're quick enough, migh' even use the claws to remove your beautiful clothes."

Shaw: He smiled against her lips and pressed his forehead to hers, looking into her eyes as he continued with purely mental strokes.

Cassie: Cassandra responded by biting her lip again, barely concealing her perky grin. "You won't even know I was gone," she assured Fianna, trailing a hand down his chest as she slid off his lap. "Wait for me by the stairs."

Tyrone: Now spotting Shaw looking completely distracted, Tyrone considered whether he could get away with his wallet as well.

Aodhfionn: Fianna stood, giving her a half-smirk back from under his hat as he pulled it on. "I'd better not." He purred, hand gripping her ass before disappearing into the crowd. Fuck. Yes. Thank god for the long coat...

Jack: "Two things, first, I think the bartender considered that an okay kiss, and drinks will be coming, and secondly, I think you really need to get Jimmy to kiss you, so you two get more practice in." Jack told Elizabeth. "Now if you would excuse me, I need to go find my wallet. My lucky first condom wrapper is in there, and I'm scared I'll end up knocking up a girl if I lose it.

Elizabeth: "......... thanks." Rolling her eyes alittle she got up and wondered over to the bar wiping her lips and the lipstick off before grabbing the drink off the barman and downing it. checking her phone there was no reply messages. Fuck Valentines.
"The secondary penis slides into view. And they all lived happily ever after."
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