12/8 Game: Bunny Shots

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12/8 Game: Bunny Shots

Post by Slarti » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:03 am

March 30th

<Jack> Jack came stumbling back towards the others, rubbing his jaw in obvious pain. "Okay, you were right, guy was more straight than a Westboro baptist member. Has a hell of a right hook though." He picked up an empty glass that still had some ice in it and held it to his face.

<Aodhfionn> "Told yeh." Fianna chuckled, downing his shot. "Swear down, he knows how to swing them hips though. Chin up, bunny-boy, he ain't the only nice pieca ass on the floor."

<Jean> Jean was one of those nice pieces of ass on the floor, dancing for all she was worth and looking good while she did it. Like she was going to actually talk to these losers she was here with. Except Jack. He was warm. And snuggly. And fuzzy. And warm. And ears.

<Cassie> "And even if he were gay, obviously he's not a nice guy," Cassandra pointed out, stepping up behind Jack to put her hands on his shoulders and give him a gentle massage. "Who punches a bunny?"

<Jack> "Yeah, who does punch bunnies? Meanie." Jack agreed, his eyes wandering back to the dance floor while enjoying the touching of Cassie. "Ooh, Jean's looking like she's having fun. Think I'll join her." he added, grabbing a random drink that was left on a table and finished it before slipping from Cassie's fingers to head into the crowd of dancers.

<Jean> "EEE! Thumper!" Jean spotted the ears coming through the crowd and waved at him.

<Aodhfionn> "Mmm, poor bun." Fianna chuckled, though his red eyes were fixed on the aforementioned pretty ass of Jean and smirking. Then they snapped back to Cassie, a clawed hand reaching out and drawing her closer. "Wanna go join 'em, sweets?" And he still had a certain little pendant around his throat too...

<Cassie> Cassandra watched as Jack joined Jean on the dance-floor, herself leaning into Fianna's embrace. "We can't let them steal all the show for themselves, can we?" she replied, looking at her pale partner and mimicking his smirk.

<Jack> "Jeeeeaaaaan!" Jack replied as he slipped in front of her, cutting in front of a guy who thought he had a chance with her. "I love how you're wearing something that fits with my look!" he told her, gesturing towards her skirt, her jacket and himself.

<Aodhfionn> "Nope." He grinned, pressing a kiss to her throat. "C'mon, girl. You can steal a show jus' by turning up."

<Jean> "I know! We so match!" Jean fluffed her black shaggy skirt and spun in a circle to pouf it fully. She had the jacket draped loosely on her shoulders because OMG HOT and nearly dropped it in her excitement.

<Jack> Jack got slapped through the face by faux fur.

<Cassie> "I don't know... the competition is quite strong tonight. Those big ears surely are an eye-catcher." Cassandra chuckled as she swayed between the other dancers, slowly floating towards their two friends. "Not to mention the fluffy little wiggler." She flicked said wiggler as she stepped past.

<Jean> Jean eeped and used her teke to snatch it from mid-air in a most subtle fashion.

<Jack> Jack flinched when something went for his precious tail, and ended up groin bumping Jean.

<Jean> Jean eeped again and then realized what had happened. She giggled. "Wooow, Thumper!"

<Jack> "Wooow? Oh, that's nothing, should see it when it's not tucked away in pants." Jack replied. "You having fun yet?" He asked, a wide grin, his ears swaying as his body moved to the music.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna smirked as he passed Jean, making the shadows around her - and there were a lot - whip and change for a moment before going back to normal. "Bet y' could wiggle one more, mmm?" He purred in Cassie's ear. "Hey, Jean. Enjoyin' your nigh', princess?"

<Jean> "Oooo, baby!" Jean was still giggling, and with her jacket now secure flung her arms around the rabbit, finally noticing the others had joined them. Vampire boy's stunt made her squeak and practically hop on Jack, however. "OMG!"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna laughed. "Thank me later, Jack." He winked.

<Jack> Jack grabbed hold, and ended up with a Jean clinging to him. He did not mind at all, his grin now an inch from her away. "Well hello, fancy meeting you in my arms. Come here much, or is this your first time hanging out in a bunny hold?"

<Jean> "Vampire boy go'n' eat me!" She was half giggling, half serious and made herself more comfortable. Mmmm fuzzy.

<Cassie> "Rarely in front of such an audience, however," Cassandra remarked, a sly smirk on her lips as she looked over her shoulder at Fianna.

<Aodhfionn> "Oooh, promises - wonder if she'll taste as good." Fianna grinned against Cassie's ear and purred into it quietly. "Ain' eaten yet tonight, wouldn' mind eatin' out..." He play-nibbled on her ear to put the point across, while Jean got an oh-so-innocent look.

<Jean> Yeah, she got enough bits and pieces of things and stuff from his mind to make her cling to Jack that much harder. At least he was vegan!

<Jack> Jack rested his head next to Jeans as he held her tightly. One thing about being covered in fur, no need for a lot of clothing, so there was a lot of fur to cuddle against her.

<Aodhfionn> "Also, I ain't a vampire." Nope, he was a cannibal and loved it. "Although if tha's what floats you, sweets..." He grinned at her fangily.

<Cassie> Cassandra sucked on her lower lip in anticipation, an impish smile playing around the corners of her mouth. "Got something special in mind?" she crooned, resting her head against his as she lounged in his arms. "Maybe we should find you an appetizer."

<Jean> Jean released her death grip enough to get some distance between them and the creepy couple, then shook it off and started her enthusiastic dancing again.

<Jack> Jack still made sure he was within arm's length of Jean as they danced. He preferred the previous distance they had, where his body was right up to her's. Now if only his ears weren't being deafened by the unprecedented loud music...

<Aodhfionn> "Mmm. Unfortunately I don' think my appetizer's happy with that idea." Fianna grinned - he had no idea that Jean was a telepath, so wasn't particularly guarding his thoughts. "Shame, but I don' mind skippin' onto main course if you don't..." He winced at the loud music, catching Jack doing the same. Poor guy.

<Aodhfionn> "...Though maybe elsewhere. This restaurant's too packed an' loud, huh."

<Jean> Fluffy was too far away, so Jean wound her arms around his neck again to dance. Better!

<Cassie> "Then I wonder why are we still here?" Cassandra wanted to know. "When we could be anywhere we like?" Following the sweeping gesture of her arm, she created one of her shadowy portals right in the middle of the club. "Though, this one just leads outside for now..."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna grinned as one of the dancers fell through the hole with a scream. "Hey princess! Bunny! Fancy findin' somewhere more fun?"

<Jack> Jack pulled Jean right up against him so he could give her super big pleading eyes, "Can we? The music is getting too loud for my big floppy ears." he told Jean, and with extra effect he relaxed his ears to make them go down the sides of his head, on to her arms.

<Jean> "AWWWWW! Sure!" She petted the ears, because.... ears!

<Jack> Jack lead her towards Cassie's hole, "Hold tight, she said this leads outside, so no idea where outside." he added, just wanting her to cuddle him tighter.

<Jean> "I hate these things!" Jean was quite happy to cuddle up to him and slid her arms under his vest to get a better grip around his fuzzy ribs.

<Cassie> "Have a wonderful night everyone, and thanks for all the applause!" There was no one applauding, in fact, but that didn't keep Cassandra from taking a flourishing bow before she stepped into her own portal.

<Aodhfionn> With Fianna following right after, holding tightly to Cassie. "Damnit, I wanna do this wit' my shadows. Bastards. So. Where to, guys?"

<Jack> As Jack pulled Jean along and stepped in the portal, they ended up standing outside, the cold night air refreshing the rabbit, and just reminding him just how much he actually drank. He blinked a few times.

<Jack> "I... am not sure. Anyone know of another club with less clang clang ting ting sort of music?" Jack asked, his fuzzy arm stroking over Jean's skin to keep her warm until she got her jacket on.

<Jean> Jean moved back only long enough to get her jacket on before she attached herself to the rabbit again. They were a fairly fuzzy pair now, and the cold air was sobering Jean up more than she liked.

<Cassie> "We're all strangers around here, Jack," Cassandra reminded the rabbit boy as she stepped from the swirl of shadows onto the sidewalk. "So our only choice is to explore what else the night has to offer."

<Jack> "I got a better idea." Jack said, then leaned in to ask Jean, "Do you mind just seeing if you can scan through people's heads for a good club that we might enjoy?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna stepped out, straightening his collar as he looked around curiously and only a little unsteadily, considering how much he'd had to drink. "Best way to explore a new area." He smirked. "Pub crawl. Hey, how 'bout there?" He nodded at an odd-looking front nestled between two clubs.

<Jean> Her answering laugh was a little too evil.

<Jack> Jack eyed Jean with a bit of concern before a cold wind blew past them. He rubbed his warmth against Jean some more to make sure she stayed toasty warm. "Well it's a good idea to get out of the cold anyhow." Jack wondered just how much Jean might have gotten from his mind.

<Jean> Her eyes may have (or may not have) taken on somewhat of a glow as she scanned the minds of the crowd inside and the people outside on the sidewalk. "Oooo... anybody speak Spanish? There's a latin club!" She pointed down the street.

<Cassie> Cassandra was dressed appropriately for the weather - for a living dead girl, anyway. The corset and frilly skirt left most of her slender limbs uncovered, and even the black sleeves around her lower arms served looks alone. "I know some a word or two," she tentatively admitted. "We've had some Spanish speaking artists at the circus."

<Jean> "I could just, you know..." Jean reached for Jack's head and playfully dug her fingers into the fuzz of his forehead. "Suck it out!" She made a matching sound.

<Jack> "Ooh, that sounds fun, and softer on my poor ears. Also, I know some spanish as well." Jack said, then had to take a second to remember how it's said "Tengo una serpiente del tamaño de catorce pulgadas en mis pantalones, y es hambre de gatitos."

<Jean> Jeans's eyes widened.

<Jack> Jack grinned at Jean, and just waggled his eyebrows at her.

<Jean> "Dios mio!"

<Jack> "Si!"

<Jack> "Anyway," Jack added with the stunned Jean in arm, "Let's go grad a quick drink where Fi snuck in, and get a bit warmer, then pop over to the latin place,"

<Aodhfionn> "Whatever he said sounded jus' dirty enough for my likin'." Fianna grinned. Himself, he was in leather for the evening, and his trusty top hat because why the hell not. "Soun's good to me!"

<Jack> "Think I'll leave Cassie to translate that for you." Jack said, steering Jean into the pub. It was like walking into a warm home that smelled of basting sauce and alcohol. Jack started ordering drinks while everyone started warming up.

<Jean> Jean may have been checking the package after she found a seat.

<Cassie> "I'm not giving any guarantee that anything I say will be correct or not offensive," Cassandra remarked as she claimed a seat at the same table that Jean had spotted.

<Jean> That snapped her out of her contemplations. "That never stopped you before!"

high as he grinned, taking off his hat. "I dunno. I find her offensive shit hot. Ain' that what matters?"

<Jack> Jack came to the table with everyone's drinks, putting the tray down on the middle, and sat down, shifting in his seat and readjusted how he sat before getting comfortable. "What i miss?"

<Cassie> "Oh, I wasn't saying that I'll let it stop me." Cassandra snickered as she shifted and got comfortable on her chair. "I was only trying to warn you, so you won't be surprised if Jack gets punched again."

<Cassie> "You're gonna get punched again," she answered promptly.

<Jean> Jean giggled.

<Jack> "Oh? Will I at least know why?" he asked, shifting his chair closer to Jean, just to get a tiny bit of physical contact from at least.

<Jean> "Well I won't punch you!" Jean reached for her drink with one hand and behind Jack's ear with the other.

<Cassie> "No." Cassandra shrugged before reaching for her drink. "Though, it'll probably be my fault somehow."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna's hand hadn't moved from Cassie's thigh as he picked up a likely-looking drink. "Same. Migh' do something else though." He grinned, toasting him with his shot before downing it. And promptly coughing. "Holy shit!"

<Jack> "Ooh, whoops, didn't think it was that strong." Jack said, looking at his shot, then just downed it as well. "That's not so-*COUGHCOUGH*" Jack cleared his throat. "Smooth." he wheezed.

<Cassie> Cassandra froze right before the glass touched her lips. She looked at Fianna, then at Jack, before eying the drink in front of her. A moment of contemplation later, the girl simply one-shot the whole thing. "Oh yes," she said, licking her lips as she put the empty glass down again. "I think... I feel something..."

<Jean> Jean so didn't know what all the fuss was about, because she'd totally done her shot within a split second. You didn't fuck around when free shots were involved.

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