1/18 Game: Transcendental Wind

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1/18 Game: Transcendental Wind

Post by Slarti » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:17 am

Timelined Monday, May 1, 2017

<Carol> Carol cast her eyes over the students to make sure they were behaving themselves before she turned her attention to the rest of the crowd that had come to watch Osborn's show. She frowned a little, gaze wandering to the stage slowly. There sure were a lot of people and it was hard to tell amidst the excitement whether there was much to worry about.

<Bobby> Bobby didn't like Norman Osborn. He hadn't the one or two times he'd met him during the presidential race, and he sure didn't like him more right now. So, when Oscorp makes an announcement that it's unveiling this "Sentinel Initiative" that Osborn was ranting about during the elections, it was worth paying attention.

<Norman> Norman, on a nearby roof, was watching the crowd through binoculars. He recognized a few of the journalists from various outlets. Good, when Norman Osborn told you to come, you'd better come. He let his eyes wander a bit more over the crowd. Some rubber necks, trying to find out what the commotion was about...oh, would you look at that, some mutants as well. Good, he had them worried enough for them to see what this was about.

<Claudine> Claudine wasn't worried. Xe was, in fact, in xer natural, neutral form, grey skin and all, trying to stop xerself from doing xer usual thing of scanning minds to pick up interesting information. No, shouldn't do that, that was bad and not allowed. Damnit.

<Jen> There was a short girl who'd been jogging through the park and was now attempting to rubberneck ... with very little success, "Damnit! Move people!" She flailed helplessly, "Or this dwarf is gonna go from happy to grumpy! Ohmygod! So ruuude!"

<Heather> Heather looked around, scratching her nose rather bored at the moment, "When's this thing supposed to start?" She leaned towards the other students and tried to be as inconspicuous as a 7'0" tall gold woman with giant wings could be.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth pulled her bag round and got out her fags, lighting one and encouraging people to give her a bit of a wider berth as she lit up.

<Claudine> "Hell if I know. Do I look like a mind reader? Owait..." Xe scratched xer nose, as usual more interested in people-watching than the supposedly awesome historical reason they were here. Ugh.

<Jen> Ugh! Would you look at that, a living, flying, giant Oscar statue standing right near the front! Ultra ruuuuuuuuude! Why can't I have ... like ... a tallness mutant power?

<Bobby> Bobby looked around the small crowd and the media pool. So far, it looked like any other boring political rally or propaganda platform. "Well, maybe we should have just stayed home and watched this on CNN."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "No... it's always better to be here for these things... the press miss things or get leaned on to leave stuff out..." She pushed a hand through her hair.

<Bobby> "Meh. Darren could have just hijacked the signal," he pointed out, turning to make sure their little group of X-students were behaving.

<Claudine> "Ugh, CNN? Really?" Bobby got a pair of big red eyes. "Besides, how bad can it be? At worst, we might have to go and get coffee. Can we go get coffee?"

<Tyrone> "Anyone see a hot dog stand or anything like that around here? I'm starving. Didn't get a chance to get any food before we were dragged out here," Tyrone said.

<Bobby> "We'll get coffee after," he agreed. "And some hot dogs... I miss New York dogs."

<Carol> "He probably is for Fury... if you wanna take a walk I can handle it." She glanced at him, "I know this stuff is boring but I'm supposed to be teaching it until we get someone better - it's an educational field trip on paper."

<Norman> There was now enough of a crowd to his liking, and Osborn pressed a button on his cellphone, which caused his PR guy on the small stage to check out his and then walk up to the microphone.

<Norman> The PR guy...his name was Steven, or Sten, or something like that...tapped on the microphone a few times to call everyone to attention.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Carol a flat look. "Educational field trip my ass... SHIELD just doesn't want to pay real agents today."

<Heather> "Oh hey, something's happening," Heather tucked her wings close to her back and stood up straighter.

<Jen> Mmmmm ... hotdogs. No! Bad Jen! Hotdogs bad for waistline! Think of your capris!

<Carol> "They have no money left after building you a school. Deal with it." She gave Bobby a grin then turned her attention to the stage.

<Bobby> Bobby poked out his tongue and sent her a touch of frost, then finally looked up at the stage and the nervous looking PR guy.

<Norman> "Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you on this bright and sunny day here in New York, to bear witness to, quite frankly, history in the making." He nervously readjusted his collar. Not that he had any problems with talking in front of a crowd, but normally your boss wasn't watching you from a perch like an eagle ready to dive in for the kill.

<Claudine> "Fiiiinally." Claudine huffed, looking up at the guy on the stage. Oooh, he was nervous - no, stoppit, bad goop. Xe coughed, glancing to Elizabeth and hoping she hadn't noticed the quick mindread she'd done there, then tried to spot Osborn. Nope, no sign. Gah.

<Norman> "We at Oscorp are glad that so many journalists have followed up on our invitation, but we are also grateful for all you normal Americans that have joined us on this momentous day when the Sentinel program is finally presenting the fruits it bore. Because we at Oscorp always work for all of you good American folk to improve your lives, you are in our thoughts every single day."

<Jen> Woooooh, suddenly cold? She looked around the group of mutants she appeared to be stuck behind in the crowd and frowned at the back of a dirty-blond head ... could it be? .... Naaaaah.

<Jen> Though ... should probably edge around ... just to be sure, she attempted to jostle some people to the side of her so she could move a little. "Hey! Watchit!"

<Elizabeth> Finally pulling her attention around to the stage she actually started listening to the PR guy and not idiot reported around her.

<Carol> "Yeah, I bet we are...." Carol muttered, watching the guy on the stage for a few moments longer before scanning the crowd again.

<Claudine> "Anyone expecting eagles to suddenly arrive on fireworks smelling strangely of apple pie yet?"

<StorminNorman> Osborn smiled and stepped on the glider, feeling the magnetic plating in his soles attach him tightly to its surface. He readjusted his tie with the American flag pin it and got ready for his big entrance.

<Bobby> Normal Americans. Bobby sighed and looked over at the kids.

<Heather> Heather barely suppressed a snort. Americans indeed. HA!

<Jen> "Jeeeezus!" She managed to get a better look at blond guy's face, then let out a loud squeak and covered her mouth with both hands to try and muffle herself. It really WAS Iceman from SWORD!

<Norman> "Needless to say, we at Oscorp see us as patriots, country first, and only then profit." He breathed in, time for the final stretch. "But don't just take my word for it. Instead let's hear it from the man himself, who has taken time out of his busy schedule to show Americans America's future. So, please, give a hand for the great man I am glad to call my boss and a fellow American: Norman Osborn!"

<Norman> He clapped and at the same time the speakers started to blast "Born in the USA."

<Bobby> He caught the eyes of a really strangely excited short girl who was staring at him. He smiled, because why not? Then the music started and he cringed and looked up at the stage. "You've got to be shitting me."

<Carol> "Oh please..." Carol rolled her eyes.

<StorminNorman> Norman set off and sped towards the crowd, flying a little celebratory spiral over their heads.

<Elizabeth> Oh god how damn cheesy was this shit? About as much as an American pizza. Chuckling at her own bad little joke then.

<Claudine> "Soooo...like most Americans, the money totally isn't an object, right? Totally - oh wow. I can actually feel the patriotism." Claudine drawled. Did that make xer more patriotic because xe was made in the USA? Xe couldn't help it - a giggle-snort came out at the thought.

<Jen> He looked at her! And smiled! Day: MADE! Oh she had to Twitter this shit ... would he notice if she managed to sneakily get a photo of him? not even the super lame-ass music could ruin this! The other people with him must be the X-Men! they looked too young to be government agents …

<Tyrone> "Shame no one here can change the weather, might be funny if a gust of wind was to hit him," Tyrone giggled "Would serve him right for showing off."

<StorminNorman> He finally started to hover down, giving the plebs the photo op of the day by flashing them his biggest smile and gesturing towards them, pointing, thumbs up, the whole spiel.

<Bobby> Bobby was completely distracted now, watching Osborn sail around over their heads. "Well... this is new. Tony might be jealous."

<Heather> "That is the the most bullshit patriotism I've ever seen..."

<Carol> "Pfft, with his ego? He'd just one-up the guy."

<Jen> Hoverboard? Laaaaame. What was this, Back to the Future? ... Wait, what year was this and what year was the movie set again?

<StorminNorman> He finally landed and stepped over to the microphone. "Hello New York!" A storm of flashes greeted him back.

<Claudine> "Still expecting the eagle..."

<Bobby> He glanced over at the press, whose cameras were trained on the performance, then focused at the man on the stage. "Well, if he'd shown this much personality during the election he might have made it instead of the Stark-man..."

<Elizabeth> "God the temptation to throw him off then was unbelievable." Rubbing her face and having another drag of her cigarette as she stood there watching the ego on stage prancing about.

<StorminNorman> "Now, now..." He gestured towards the crowd to calm down and pay attention. "My fellow Americans, I have come to talk in front of you, right here, not on Wall Street, not in a studio, no, right here right in the middle of all my fellow Americans, about a few things."

<Claudine> "...In America." Claudine murmured.

<Jen> Wait, Iceman was distracted! Photo-op! She held up her camera and moved it to the side so his face could be seen in shot. Cliiiiiick and upload that baby .... TrulyOutrageousJen010 - "totally standing behind Iceman at some press conference in CP! #omg #mutant #fangasm #SWORD #geekingout

<Bobby> "My fellow Americans," he Nixoned out.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth started humming the Team America music then and she was not being quiet about it.

<Heather> "He sounds like a commercial...." Heather wrinkled her nose.

<StorminNorman> "First off, I have to apologize. You may remember me having been a runner in the recent presidential election. Here, I failed you. I failed at inspiring you enough to vote for me, to vote for my idea of an America that is true to its core values, true to its history, true to itself!" He slammed his fist down a few times.

<StorminNorman> "And I have come today to tell you...I am sorry. I have failed you. And on that day, when seeing the numbers come in, I promised myself, I would never again fail you."

<StorminNorman> "I have also come to say, though, that this loss also was a blessing in disguise. 'What?' I hear you ask 'How can national humiliation be a blessing?'"

<Elizabeth> "Team America fuck yeah...." Taking the moment to wish she could show the reporters her very nice union jack pants right now.

<Carol> "It's a blessing we don't have to listen to you spout this crap all day every day..."

<StorminNorman> "To that I say: Look at the Senate! Look at the government! Full of liberals, clogging up the works, bleeding hearts running towards every miscreant that has ever spoiled the soil of this once great nation!"

<Bobby> "I'm so fucking embarrassed to be American right now." He turned to the students. "On behalf of all Americans, I'm so, so sorry..."

<Claudine> Claudine grinned at Bobby. "So...those immigration laws..."

<StorminNorman> "They have the gall, THE GALL, to stand in front of you, lobbying, fighting to take away your second amendment rights! They say 'Our forefathers could never have dreamed about the assault rifles of today.''"

<Claudine> "Wait, is that the right to bear arms or the right to arm bears? I can never remember..."

<StorminNorman> "Well, I stand here to tell you: Who are they to second guess our forefathers?! Who are they to try to take away our guns, and then turn around, trying to let a teenager that can blow away buildings with his mind run around completely un-regulated and out of control!"

<StorminNorman> "I thank God for having the wisdom to let me lose the presidential race! Because how could I have done my work, how could I protect my fellow Americans, if it wasn't for HIS plans?"

<Jen> Jen snorted derisively at that, they had the registration act, she was registered despite not being like ... a proper mutant, what more did they want.

<Bobby> "Oh boy, here we go..." He tensed slightly and looked around the crowd again, then checked the perimeter.

<Claudine> "Oh, it's about mutants. Oh what a surprise." Claudine lost interest at that point, going back to people-watching. There were a lot of uncomfortable looks in xers and Heather's direction, and xe couldn't help the spike in nerves, debating if xe should shift into something less noticable.

<StorminNorman> "Without HIS foresight, I could never have brought you my legacy, my dream: Safety for every true American, for all of you normal folks, safety from the mutant menace lurking at the edges of our society: The Sentinel program!" He pressed a button on his watch, and from the roofs around the park, half a dozen more gliders came flying towards the park.

<Jen> "... Attack of the amazon drones?"

<StorminNorman> As the gliders came closer, figures riding them as Osborn had earlier became clear, though they weren't human.

<Heather> Heather ducked reflexively and almost knocked someone over with her wings.

<Elizabeth> "Oh great lets just murder all mutant with flying robots of doom, first mutants then none Americans then the Americans he doesn't like."

<Bobby> "Oh, shit," he swore, louder than intended, and very nearly shifted to ice as he watched.

<Tyrone> Tyrone ducked, "Oi watch those wings, oh erm sorry for being in the way."

<StorminNorman> They performed intricate maneuvers over the crowd, as they had been instructed to.

<Claudine> Claudine just...stared. Oh, as if Essex's whole 'use them to make a master race' hadn't been bad enough... "Uh...Mr Drake, sir, I think we're getting stink-eye..."

<Carol> "... Well that's not good." This Sentinel thing was getting worrying. Especially given the connections they seemed to have.

<Jen> "ARGH!" Blindsided by the living Rolls-Royce hood ornament, Jen was sent flying into a young woman with a heavy looking camera.

<Heather> "Shit, sorry!" Heather folded her wings again and turned to check on Tyrone and the person she'd sent flying.

<Jen> The camera bounced off her cheekbone, making her howl, "Jeezusfuck! Owch! Mothafucker!"

<StorminNorman> "Don't worry, folks, none of those bald eagles is going to drop out of the sky. Those gliders have the newest tech from Oscorp's aeronautics division in them. Our smart boys have termed the special circuits that coordiante the output of the bioelectric reactors with the trigger-hair movement sensors Oz-tech. You know, when the Australian government first heard of that, they protested. They think they have a trademark on Oz."

<StorminNorman> You know, when the Australian government first heard of that, they protested. They think they have a trademark on Oz."

<Claudine> And there was the eagle reference. And the reference to outsiders being dumb. "Can I change the music to the Imperial March? Please?"

<StorminNorman> "But we are an American company, and in America we don't go "This isn't a knife, this is"," he said in his best Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee impression, which was actually pretty bad.

<Heather> Heather glanced at the stage, throwing a frown at Norman before rolling her eyes and going to help the girl up, "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you."

<StorminNorman> "We go "This is a nuke, and it's red, white, and blue, and Americans can name their stuff whatever way they please!" He smiled brightly at his own wit.

<StorminNorman> Finally, the gliders hovered down onto the stage and revealed the robots riding them. "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are ready to see the future of personalized anti-mutant security: The Sentinels!"

<Jen> "No, it's okay, it's cool, nothing I like more on a Monday morning then being a human ballistics experiment, best way to start the week," Jen mutter, holding her cheek. Dyaaaaaaaarn, that smarted!

<Carol> "Anti-mutant security... because there's not enough fear in the world." Carol pinched the bridge of her nose.

<Bobby> "This is... maybe we should beat a strategic retreat, before things get ugly for once?" Bobby was checking on the students and the short girl. "You okay, babe?"

<Heather> Heather chewed her lip and tried to make herself look smaller.

<Claudine> "Um...shouldn't someone remind him that it was German and British scientists that did Project Manhattan?" Claudine piped up, but when xe was glared at by a bystander xe reflexively shifted into a normal-looking human and ducked back. Hoo, no, not doing the people thing today...

<Jen> ... Iceman was talking to her! Be cool! Be cool! .... Hehehe, 'Be cool', "Errrm .... duurmnnnnee?" ... That was absolutly not cool, great job dumbass!

<MaryMoon> She was scared, but that was what Osborn wanted, right? To scare everything smaller than him? Mutants, or animals. Those poor animals... She was doing this for them!

<Bobby> "Did she hit her head?" he asked Heather.

<StorminNorman> "Not only are they strong enough to keep up with the most overpowered mutant youth on steroids, they can also scan every available frequency of light, see in the dark, and they can shoot massive beams of light from their palms, which can be set from stun to basically obliterate, for the rampaging mutant that just won't listen to reason."

<Heather> "She hit her face on a camera but I think that's it?" Heather glanced at the girl again.

<Carol> "I'd like to see them try..." Carol muttered, eyes narrowing on one of the robots.

<Jen> Cough. "I mean ... uh ... I'm cool! Not the first time i've been iced by someone not paying attention. I mean, I'm closer to the ground then mercury level in a thermometer, a lot of people miss me."

<Bobby> Bobby gave the girl the side-eye. That was a lot of cold puns, even for him.

<PeterPeta> He squeezed Mary's shoulder to reassure her. "We are doing the right thing, Mary. We can not let this evil man torture all those bunnies to produce some walking tin cans."

<Elizabeth> "So he wants to go around and kill mutants......." Staring at the man on the stage now and ignoring the rest of the students, wouldn't it be so easy just to throw him off the stage now and then get shield to like clean up all his research?

<Claudine> Claudine chewed xer lip as xe listened, only half-paying attention to the brained tiny girl. This man was declaring war on mutants. Xe couldn't really call xerself one, but... "Is no one going to stand up to him for this?"

<MaryMoon> "I know! But... those things fly... and did you see the mutants?"

<Carol> "We can't, he's obviously got backing from somewhere what are we supposed to do?" Carol glanced at Claudine.

<PeterPeta> "We will use their own machines against them! And if the mutants fight them, well, they'll just show the world that they're with The Man as well."

<Claudine> "We're in public - he wouldn't turn those things on us in front of everyone, would he?"

<Jen> "Right ... i'll just ... yeah," she blushed hard.

<Carol> "Sure he would, he'd love to show them how well they work." And she'd probably enjoy punching right through them but still...

<Bobby> "I like you," he announced to the short one, but there were other problems on his mind right now. "We're kind of outnumbered here, the best we can do is contact SHIELD, bail, and figure out what the fuck we're gonna do about this bullshit... I mean... he can't really use these?"

<Heather> "I'm really sorry!" Heather apologised again.

<Jen> Must ... hold ... it in. Must not, "I'll make like an Eskimo and mush!" Okay, maybe she must.

<StorminNorman> "Mind you, folks. I know the liberal media will be crying 'wolf' once again. 'He is out hunting down dem poor widdle mutants', they'll say. Well, never let it be said that Norman Osborn doesn't have a big heart. You can trust me on this, the Sentinels are. One. Hundred. Percent. Defensive!"

<Carol> Carol's eyeline dropped to the girl and she stared. Did she just....? She cracked up.

<MaryMoon> "Right... The Man! Down with The Man!" With that, she fumbled in her purse for the doodad the shady guy had sold them, looking to Pete for reassurance.

<PeterPeta> He put his hands around hers and gave her a reassuring nod. Then they pushed the button together.

<Heather> "Right because lasers that explode people are totally not aggressive." Heather shook her head.

<Bobby> "You," Bobby announced, pointing at the short girl. "Are funny!" He grinned.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth sidled over to Claudine then. "Look if this goes bad you any good with shields?"

<StorminNorman> All of a sudden, the Sentinels' heads turned towards the mutants in the crowd in unisono.

<Heather> Heather blinked, wings spreading a little in her surprise, "Uh... I take it back?"

<Jen> They ... liked her lame jokes? "The appology? Don't come over all frosty on me now."

<Claudine> Claudine chewed xer lip. "Yeah, I'm...well, I can't exactly shield but I'm good at - they're looking at us. They're looking at us."

<Bobby> Bobby cackled - he couldn't help himself.

<Heather> "No... whatever I said that made them look this way...." Heather chewed her lip. "Nice robots?"

<Tyrone> "So... maybe we should go for those hot dogs now?" Tyrone said, taking a step away from Heather's wings.

<Elizabeth> "Fuck they are as well...." Elizabeth stepped back and raised her shields carefully, only not letting them be seen as she did. and just around her and Claudine for now.

<MaryMoon> She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, counting down from the button push. Then, it happened. She looked around and hurriedly let go of the device to stuff in her earplugs.

<StorminNorman> "And for those that still don't believe, they also have a completely defensive and non-lethal mechanism. Courtesy of of Oscorp's sonic research departme-..." All of a sudden the Sentinels started to release a sound that seemed like hysterical laughter, and Osborn, the PR guy, and the security details around them held their ears and just fell to the ground.

<Carol> The mood of he crowd shifted a little and Carol focused back on the stage in time to cover her ears, "Holy shit!"

<StorminNorman> The Sentinels moved towards the mutants, their short-range sonar incapacitators broadcasting towards the mutants from their mouths.

<StorminNorman> They also raised their arms, which started to pulsate.

<Jen> "They're ... ohshit," and now the laughter, "HOLY BALLS!"

<Bobby> Bobby shifted to ice, unable to help himself. "It wasn't that funny!"

<Carol> Okay, it was okay. Sound was energy. Carol composed herself, moving to put herself between the robots and the students.

<Elizabeth> "What the fuck!" Hands covering her ears and struggling to hold the small shield up all of a sudden.

<Claudine> Claudine clamped xer hands over xer ears, narrowing her eyes. "I know Osborn's an idiot but I don't think they're meant to do that..."

<Heather> Heather's hands were also over her ears until her powers adjusted to the threat, all her senses screaming 'danger' as loud as they could.

<Jen> "Uuuugh," Jen whined, covering her ears from the horrible sound, her stomach was churning, since when did sounds make you feel sick?

<Bobby> Bobby grabbed their new little friend and pulled her behind him, trying to shield her from the robots as best as he could.

<Claudine> Xe took in a breath, shifting xer ears away and working with xer telekinesis to bring up a shield over the group to disappate the sound over. "Everyone okay?"

<PeterPeta> Having his earplugs fitted in, he gestured towards Mary and the others with his Kalashnikov. Time to take Osborn out. "Animal Liberation Front, unite!"

<Elizabeth> "Apparently just standing here is an offense to those machines!" half bent over as she kept her ears covered and looked to the rest of the group. "Who's idea was this again?"

<Bobby> "DOWN!" Bobby spotted the guns a moment before the young man and woman in the center of the crowd opened fire.

<Jen> "Um ... not really," She glanced around and then let out an earwax melting scream, "Guns! TERRORISTS!" She latched onto Iceman, "I don't have any powers don't let them kill me!"

<Heather> "Something's wrong, they were fine before!" Heather's wings spread wider, her skin hardening to protect her from the immediate threat of the bullets.

<Carol> "God damn it!" Carol glanced to Bobby, "Stay with them." She lifted into the air to fly towards the idiots with guns.

<Tyrone> "Hey watch those wings! Oh guns," Tyrone stepped closer to Heather. "Hi again! Mind if I take cover next to you?"

<Claudine> Claudine ducked automatically. "It's not American if there isn't a terrorist threat, right?" Xe couldn't help it, inappropriate humour was probably hereditary. Xer shield rippled and warped under the sound.

<Heather> "Sure, I'm bullet proof right now... I think." Heather gestured Tyrone behind her.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth took a deep breath and calmed her self down before taking her own shield down and focusing on the pair with the guns and grenades, then a shield formed up around the pair and stopped them from moving.

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Bobby yelled at Carol, throwing up ice shields between the robots, crazies with guns, and Osborn screaming on the stage. "We're gonna get all you defenseless folks outta here!" he told the short girl.

<Carol> Carol headed straight for Norman to get him and his useless security detail out of harm's way.

<Bobby> "Too bad they're not using bullets!" He watched the shield form and the energy blasts from their modified weapons hit the nearly invisible barrier. For a moment, it held, then broke through.

<Heather> "Not good!" Heather turned to use her wings as a shield, curling them around herself and Tyrone protectively. "Are we going or staying?"

<StorminNorman> He was still writhing on the ground, as the after-effects of the sonic incapacitation made his body shiver uncontrollably. Those damn mutants, he should have known they were planning something!

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth yelled then as her shield broke, clutching her head as she staggered. Forcing herself to throw another shield up between Norman and the terrorists, hoping this one would hold for longer.

<Tyrone> "I think I had a dream about this," Tyrone muttered to himself. "I suggest we go, get a higher viewpoint so we can see whats going on?"

<Jen> "Icy we go before those crazies with guns sleigh us all!" Jen suggested, terror causing her brain to short-circuit a little, leaving her stuck on the cold puns.

<Carol> Carol landed beside Norman. "Sorry about this..." She wasn't. She picked him up rather unceremoniously and carried him off the stage.

<Claudine> Claudine let out a squeak as one of the blasts sizzled past xer. Only xer reflexes stopped it giving xer an interesting haircut. "How the hell did they get them?! Elizabeth, is this a good time to use those bits you told me off for using before?"

<Bobby> Bobby gave the short girl one more glance, then looked at the new kid. "Yo! You! Tyrone! Teleporter! See what you can do to get people out of here!"

<Elizabeth> This barrier to save energy was an opaque purple and managed to with stand the energy long enough for Carol to get the twat off stage. "Yes use them! If they're useful things use them!"

<Heather> "Why are they shooting at us?!" Heather didn't get it, they hadn't done anything!

<Claudine> Claudine nodded, shifting - oddly enough - into a copy of the tiny girl that had been doing bad puns just so that xe could move through the panicking crowd a little better. Xe needed to be close for it to work, that was the only drawback...

<Bobby> "They're shooting at Osborn! He pissed off a bunch of people, apparently!"

<Tyrone> "Ok I'll create a portal for people, but I suspect most of the idiots, sorry 'general public', will run away from it." Tyrone shouted to Bobby, "I can't force them to be safe."

<Heather> "Not them! The robots!" She looked over at Tyrone, "Sure you can - that's what the police do all the time."

<Carol> Depositing Norman at a safe distance, Carol ferried his security detail and PR dude over there too then left to go and punch something. Seemed like she was going to get to try and break the robots after all.

<Jen> "Force me to be safe! I'm too punny to die!" Jen flaiked at 'portal guy'.

<Claudine> Claudine got close enough then that xe could see the people firing wildly, trying not to be caught by th crowd's stampeding. Carefully, xe tried to get into the mind of one - Mary Moon? Really? - and get her to put the gun down before anyone got hurt. Namely them.

<Elizabeth> Shaking her head out as she pulled that barrier down she pulled another one up around one of the robots this time forcing it into a nearby tree while desperately trying to hold onto the barrier.

<Carol> "Hey! Robot dudes!" Carol yelled to get their attention, though there was little time for her target to turn around because of the speed she was flying at. "It would be totally awesome if you used your energy beam things on me."

<MaryMoon> Confused, she turned in a complete circle trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, she kept firing as she did this.

<Tyrone> "Ok, everyone who wants to be safe, step through this portal." Tyrone turned to Heather "I'll be inside there making sure people get through safely, mind scaring the idiots through?"

<Heather> "I can try, not sure I can manage scary though," She offered a grin.

<Bobby> Bobby herded the panicky girl toward Tyrone before turning his attention to the robots.

<Tyrone> "Oh believe me I was scared of you for a while. And you still haven't said yes or no to that coffee yet." Tyrone disappeared into his portal.

<Claudine> ...Oh good Lord, this woman. Claudine resisted the urge to facepalm even as xe ducked and tried again. Gun down, finger off the trigger, you can do it, how had natural selection not taken care of you yet...

<Heather> "Because you keep running away..." Heather muttered after him, shaking her head and going to start herding the dumbasses.

<Jen> Jen didn't need telling twice, she was through that portal like a dog after a squirrel.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth having dealt with one robot ran after Claudine and she could feel the girls mind working at the terrorists. So looking round she tried to spot the other on the guy so she could try as well.

<MaryMoon> The gun fell from her hand and she started to drool just a bit.

<Bobby> Bobby formed an ice slide over the crowd, effectively scaring another small group to the portal, and engaged one of the screaming, giggling, flailing, and firing robots, tackling it off its little glider.

<Carol> The robot happily obliged with the energy blasts, "Finally!" Carol charged up her own and blasted the sucker.

<Jen> Jen fell out of the portal and just about avoided landing on her face, "Ew ... smells fishy."

<Claudine> There we go, there's a good girl, now on your knees with your hands on your head and maybe you'll get a biscuit. Claudine felt a little giddy that it was actually working - xe'd only ever done it as an instinct, never like this. Xe spotted Elizabeth and gave her a small smile.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth nodded then to the other women and spotted the guy running at him in skirt and heels, trying to look like she was a panicky member of the crowd.

<Jen> "Oh ... uh, sorry," she apologised to the woman running the sushi cart she'd landed next to, raw fish, bleeeh!

<MaryMoon> She just toppled over like a felled tree in the Amazonian rainforest.

<Claudine> ...That wasn't right. Claudine prodded the woman's mind carefully. Xe hadn't overdone it, had xe?

<Elizabeth> Seeing the guy and his odd guys she focused again like she had at the theatre press conference and a mental scream aimed at him just happened. STOP!

<Carol> "Anyone that isn't bullet proof should jump in that portal to safety right now!" Carol prompted, "Mutants excluded, we need to contain this mess."

<Bobby> After checking to make sure they really were robots, Bobby tried to chill it enough to slow it down. Nope. Nope, nope... oh shit!

<Claudine> Carefully feeling around the woman's thoughts, xe bit xer lip. Oh. Um. People's thoughts weren't meant to be empty like that...why was her heart slowing - no, don't do that, don't - oh crap.

<Claudine> ...Maybe no one would notice, the woman didn't have many thoughts ricocheting in there before anyway...something to do with some of the substances she'd imbibed. Claudine rifled through what was left of the woman's mind anyway, meticulously cataloging the remaining memories. They could come in useful, maybe?

<Carol> It was quite nice that the robots kept shooting at her, replenishing the energy she was expending taking them down and making it easier for her do that all at the same time. "I think there needs to be more robots in my life."

<PeterPeta> Stop?! He shook off the thought, but Peter realized that the battle was lost. The mutants had hurried to The Man's aid, and he and his friends had been decimated. But there was no way he would ever be caught by them. At the very least he could take some of them with him to hell. He pulled a trigger out from under his hoodie,which was attached to a belt of C5, strapped to his chest. "For the animals!"

<Bobby> Bobby was tired of wrestling with the robot and finally gave up, freezing the thing solid and shattering it. Oooo, but the glider thing looked fun.

<Carol> The shout got Carol's attention, "Shit! BOMB!" Robot or bomb... fucking decisions!

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth slammed a shield up and around the idiot with the bomb instead, this time she could be useful and not break down mid battle. Hands up and glowing as she forced her energy into that barrier.

<Tyrone> Popping his head back out of the portal Tyrone asked, "Anyone else, coming through... ah a bomb, I'll wait inside for more people."

<Carol> Oh hey, the kids were useful. Awesome. Back to punching the metal people. And Bobby failed at flying. "Amateur!" She called after him as the glider went into a tree.

<Claudine> Claudine heard the shout, pulling out of the woman's mind, ducking the glider that Bobby was on. "Liz!" Xe called, seeing the vest. Crawling over to her, xe added xer own energy to the bubble, a headache starting up.

<PeterPeta> He pushed down the button and...nothing happened. But...they had said...

<Claudine> Claudine stared at the man behind the bubble, not sure if it was safe to lower it. The others had the Sentinel things, this was...good, right? They'd won?

<Elizabeth> Don't let it down Claudine, and for the first time she managed not to scream her thoughts to another mind but merely say them. "Shit did I just do that?!"

<Jen> Right ... well that was ... fun, in a psycho-kinda way. How many calories get burned by screaming in terror? Enough for a hotdog? Well, only one way to find out ...

<Heather> "Do what?" Heather asked, running up beside her, "Wait, hold that thought. Hi!" She smiled at the guy in the bubble, "Please don't blow yourself up, it's messy and pointless..."

<Claudine> "You did. And not going to." Claudine nodded, smiling at Elizabeth. "I don't think he can, Heather, he's already pressed the button and nothing worked."

<Heather> "Uh.... what if it's one of those other things? Dead man's switch? Only goes boom if he lets go?"

<Elizabeth> She tried it again, carefully this time as she didn't want to over step boundaries with the other girl. Hey look we can talk without having to include the scary enthusiasts now. "Er we aren't sure hence we are keeping the shield up."

<Claudine> This is...awesome, actually, I've never had another telepath talk to me like this... "Yup. That and it could be a booby-trap, hah."

<PeterPeta> He pressed the button repeatedly, but nothing went boom. Then he just dropped to the floor and sobbed. The poor bunnies would go unavenged!

<Carol> Enough of the robots were down that they were less of a problem now, "I'm on the line with SHIELD, they're sending bomb disposal... just keep him on ice until they get here..."

<Bobby> While he had crashed into the tree on the first attempt, he did figure out how to crash into something better - another robot! "Waaahooo!"

<Claudine> Claudine watched him curl up. "I...don't think he's a problem, he's let go and pressed the trigger a lot...I think mostly he needs a hug."

<Tyrone> Walking up to Heather, Tyrone said "So... what're we looking at here?"

<Heather> "Dude with a bomb... that's maybe broken or just shit and still dangerous... but he's definitely broken." Heather put her hands on her hips and watched the sobbing heap of a guy.

<Tyrone> "Yeah about that... I kind of created a few portals are removed the detonators a few minutes ago. He looks a bit upset about that," Tyrone giggled.

<Claudine> So...shield down or up so that the hug-squad can do their thang? Claudine sent to the other girl.

<Heather> "... That could have gone horribly wrong but good job!" Heather grinned and patted Tyrone on the shoulder.

<Elizabeth> Shield up, any guy sobbing on the floor over bunnies does not deserve a hug after shooting at people.

<Claudine> ...You got a point. Heh. Xe glanced at the woman xe'd vegetablised. Oops.

<Carol> Carol pulled the head off the last robot and watched it crash itself, holding up the head to talk to it. "I think Norman might want his money back because you suuuuuck."

<Elizabeth> However you could take your shield down, no sense both of us wasting energy. Looking round to what Claudine was staring at she raised an eyebrow. "What the fuck happened to her?"

<Claudine> Claudine nodded, carefully withdrawing xer energy from the shield before settling for a shrug. "I don't know. I got her to put the gun down and then...um...she just..." Xe gestured at the woman.

<Heather> "I guess we should hang around until the authorities get here or something?"

<Tyrone> "And then we can get a hot dog?", Tyrone asked Heather "And maybe that coffee?"

<Carol> Carol landed between sobbing guy and melted brains, the robot head tucked under her arm. "I'm all for fast food and coffee once the bomb squad arrive with the cavalry... also I'm keeping this. I think I might use it as a paperweight."

<Elizabeth> "Fucking cool paperweight."

<Tyrone> "That paperweight is leaking goop, it is going to make a mess of your desk."

<Bobby> Once he started looking at it as a skateboard, the glider got sooo much easier to use. Bobby came in for a landing, jumping off the thing and catching it. "I want to take this home, too!"

<Carol> "I earned it! But they'll probably try to take it off me..." And someone just volunteered. "Here. Put it in the jet." She held it out to Tyrone.

<Tyrone> "No way am I touching that! Oh one minute." Tyrone created a portal around the head, "Ok that'll be waiting for you in your bed when you get home."

<Carol> "... You're in trouble. I will think of a suitable punishment later."

<Heather> "How do you know where her bed is? You end up in there too?" Heather raised an eyebrow at Tyrone.

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