2/08 Game: Balls Of Fury

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2/08 Game: Balls Of Fury

Post by Scumfish » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:13 am

Timelined Thursday, May 25, 2017

<Heather> Heather wasn't sure the whole white jumpsuit thing was a good look for her. It certainly didn't balance well with wings so she'd dropped her powers for the exercise which meant she was a little chilly in the late spring air.

<Christopher> "Alright." Chris bounced a little as he took in a breath of brisk air. "This is going to be fun. I promise. Well or you're all going to hate me and classes are going to get a hell of a lot more awkward than when I walked in with just boxers on." He laughed a little and dropped the bag of paintball guns on the ground.

<Melati> "I guess they don't make these with people with tails in mind," Melati said, her claws tearing the white fabric to make the hole in the back of her jumpsuit a little wider. "So what's this about? We ran out of money to pay the workers and get to rebuild the rest of the place ourselves? And since when is anyone worried about us getting dirty?"

<Christopher> "Who's ready for our first class project?" He looked around at everyone dressed up in white.

<Tyrone> Tyrone moved over next to Heather, "This is a different look for you. I'm quite liking it, to be honest. Although Mel looks a bit uncomfortable."

<Heather> "This is how I look when I'm not all shiny... I prefer being all shiny. It's a lot colder here than back home."

<@Melati> "Class project?" Melati asked, looking as doubtful as she sounded. "Looks more like work to me."

<Tyrone> "I meant the white boilersuit..." he giggled, "Although yes I think this is the first time I've seen you without wings."

<Heather> "Oh yeah... that too...." she wrinkled her nose, looking down at herself, "I don't think white's a good look for me... at least, not this much."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna trudged up, rolling the sleeves of his jumpsuit up. "So...who's idea was it t' give the albino kid white clothes?" He grinned. "I look like one've them twins from the Matrix. Ullo, teach."

<Christopher> "Well I'm hoping you guys won't be white for too much longer. Hmm I expected more students. Eh big ole F's for them then. Okay everyone grab a gun and pick a color." Chris was still holding the bag of paintballs just incase they rebelled against him as soon as they got the guns.

<@Melati> "Did I hear right - guns?" Now the lizard girl sounded a little hopeful and she decided to actually tune in to the teacher's words. "He did say guns, right?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna squinted at the cloud cover, then eyed up his hands. Hmm. No, he should be okay, there wasn't too much sun today. "Yup. Guns. Woulda preferred knives - an' that's a no-brainer, mate, red for me."

<@Melati> After grabbing one of paintball guns out of the bag, Melati weighed the toy weapon in her hand as she stepped over to Chris. Her gaze went to the colourful ammunition in his hand, before she looked up at his face. "Yo, do you have pink?"

<Heather> Heather went to pick up one of the weapons and eyed the colours on offer, "Is there yellow in there?"

<Tyrone> "Ah we each get our own colour? Excellent at least we'll know who fails and shoots themselves in the foot. And red? Nice blood red?" Tyrone picked up a gun and waited expectantly for ammunition.

<Christopher> "Yes, yes and triple yes. I've got all the colors you could imagine and some that I only thought I'd see during an acid trip." Chris pulled out big containers of each that was requested. "Alright now there's rules. Number one, no face shots. Number two, no paint equals an F."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna picked up his gun. Ugh...still didn't like them, but this was for fun. "Fuck yes blood red. Best colour there is - seen my eyes, mate?" He chuckled, sighting down the barrel. He shivered a little bit before moving to the ammo. "We get protection, mate?"

<Shaw> Why was there a gathering of armed students on the lawn? On his way from the still-empty room he'd once shared with Jessica back to the main classroom building, he paused to watch this new spectacle. Sipping his coffee, he squinted against the morning light.

<Christopher> "Protection from what?" Chris raised an eyebrow. "OH goggles yeah I should have some of those somewhere. And girls try to spare the boys private bits... I don't think they'll enjoy getting shot there very much."

<Heather> "Shouldn't we get extra points for not getting shot? I mean... getting shot is bad..."

<Tyrone> "Nah... blood red isn't the best colour, I want black... and you reckon you've got all the colours? How about white? The same colour white as these suits?"

<Heather> "We'll spare theirs if they spare ours. Sound good to you, Mel?" She set the paintball gun down and pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

<@Melati> Melati was loading her gun, but paused and focused back on their teacher. "Now there's an idea," she said, eyeing all the colours again. "Maybe we should combine that with said acid trip. And no face shots? Really? But anywhere else is okay, right?"

<Aodhfionn> "I dunno, depends on the boy." Fianna grinned fangily. "I'd like goggles, but my eyes are kinda...y' know, sensitive an' shit. No poin' screwin' with shadow if I can't see, righ'?"

<@Melati> "I don't know, my boobs have dealt with worse..." Melati raised her gun and playfully took aim at Tyrone's crotch, one eye closed and the tip of her tongue poking out the corner of her mouth.

<Shaw> Despite enhanced eyesight, there was only so much one could do with the sun in his eyes, so Sebastian decided to stroll closer to see what they were up to.

<Tyrone> "You know Mel, that I can create a portal so that you shoot yourself in the head?" Tyrone laughed and stepped behind Heather anyway.

<Heather> "Hey! I'm not a human shield, get your own cover!" Heather ducked out of the way.

<@Melati> Melati laughed and rested the gun on her shoulder. "So how's this supposed to work?" she asked Chris. "We just go running into the field and unload on each other in a giant free for all?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna just laughed, picking up the ammo and loading it in. "So...what say we make this place a li'l brighter?" Eep, sun, no, bad. As it came out from behind a cloud, he covered any available skin in its protective shadow. Flicking on the goggles, he aimed a practice shot into the ground a ways away.

<Christopher> "Nope, sorry Heather. You don't get hit you get an F. This is art, not hide from paint like it's acid." Chris loaded up his paintball gun, his was a wee bit fancier than the ones he'd issued out to the students. "Alright. Who's read Hunger Games? If you want more colors there's a hidden trove of items and paint grenades out in the woods. Whoever gets it, gets extra credit."

<Heather> "But we don't want to get shot! You guys get shot at all the time!"

<Tyrone> "One minute... the idea is to get hit? Ok.." Tyrone took aim at Chris and fired.

<Aodhfionn> "Suck it up, princess, paintball ain' dangerous unless you get a headshot." Fianna grinned through his shadows. "I, personally, wan' at least one splat from each of y'." He tilted his head. "Paintball Bukkake is best bukkake."

<Shaw> Ah, paintball. He was no longer alarmed, but he was still watching, sipping his coffee. When his phone buzzed in his pocket, he reached for it to read his latest message from Emma on how things were going at the office.

<Christopher> Chris sighed a little and popped a shot into her leg. "Don't be a wimp. Go have fun, be kids. Person with the most colorful jumpsuit wins a night out on the town with this studly proffesor." Chris laughed.

<Aodhfionn> "An' you say that after I make a bukkake comment. Oh, prof." Fianna just grinned.

<Heather> "I'm not being a wimp I'm just pointing out that this could be a learning experi- Ow!" She scowled and fired a shot at the teacher's stomach.

<Christopher> "Hey now!" Chris laughed and flipped the switch on his gun to auto so he could let loose on the student who shot at him. "Bonus points to Tyrone for being in the spirit of the game first!"

<Shaw> He read the message, listening to the students and Hope's tactless male companion banter.

<Tyrone> Tyrone quickly created a portal and laughed gleefully as he redirected all of Chris's shots at the other students.

<Christopher> Chris let off another long pull of the auto, this time wildly so paint went everywhere. "Come on people don't be such wimps." His grin went a little cracked and he shot himself, it's not like they hurt.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna sidled around the group, tapping the muzzle of the gun against his knee - and then shooting Mel in the back with a grin. "Shame none'f the suits're here. This'd make their uniform better."

<@Melati> "I like your attitude, but I have to disagree on what you said about bukkake." Melati readied her gun and grinned at Fianna.

<Heather> Heather decided now was the time to run for cover.

<Aodhfionn> "Y' got a point there." Fianna grinned at her toothily. "Best bukkake is edible bukkake." He winked.

<@Melati> She casually pulled the trigger and painted several pink dots across Fianna's lower body and chest.

<Tyrone> "Oh sorry... I'm supposed to let some of these hit me aren't I? There... " one hit him in the stomach, "thats better."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna laughed, the shadows scattering from each hit and fired back at her. "Hey, I make pink look good!"

<@Melati> "Pink looks good on everything." Melati flashed a while firing a few more shots at Fianna, before turning to spread the love among the rest of her fellow students. "I still say we should be on something for this."

<Aodhfionn> "Hafta agree wit' you there...though paintball in a wood is cliched, ain't it? We got a whole abandoned section of hospital..." Fianna tagged Tyrone a couple of times and Chris in the ass, just because.

<Heather> Heather had taken cover in the wooden pavillion that had been painted white, flinching at the impacts of the pink on the trellis behind her. She turned and opened fire back at Mel.

<@Melati> "Ow! My tit!" Melati winced, covered the injured part, before laying down some wild return fire.

<Heather> "Sorry! I can't aim for shit!" Heather apologised, spraying the guys with paint pellets too.

<Shaw> He'd been a good distance from this little fracas, so he wasn't paying the most of attention, until he felt what felt like rain. Looking up at the cloudless sky, he frowned, then looked down. He growled. There were... flecks.

<@Melati> "If you wanna make up for it, hold still for a second." Melati stood still, the gun braced against her shoulder as she looked down the crude sights. "Because I'm actually a pretty decent shot." With Heather chest lined up, she squeezed the trigger to send some more pink downrange.

<Shaw> After a thorough check, he realized he was speckled rather liberally with a couple of colors. Stowing his phone and swearing in French, he launched into a run to find Nord.

<Heather> Heather eeped and ducked behind a pillar, laughing and leaning out to fire a few more shots at Mel and the others.

<Tyrone> Tyrone peered down from where he was hiding (sitting on the roof of the pavilion), it was so tempting to take shots at Mel and Heather... them and Shaw, but that'd give away his position. Of course he could create portals... so he created 3 and fired into them. He sniggered to himself as Mel, Heather and Shaw all got hit in the back, not one of the shots coming from his direction.

<Heather> Heather eeped again and looked to the trees to see who was shooting at her. She saw nothing. "Damn it! Why can't my powers work on pretend threats?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna, meanwhile, had stepped back and disappeared into shadow. He might not be able to teleport like his girl could, but he could damn well make it look like he did...

<@Melati> "I can threaten to punch you for real if that helps," Melati shouted her offer across the open field, having taken cover behind a rotting tree.

<Heather> "Not sure that counts as life threatening peril either!" Heather called back, looking to see if she could see where the voice had come from. Nope.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna was in the process of circling around behind the building when henearly tripped over a box half-buried in the soil. Looking down, he grinned. Oh baby. Digging the box out, he opened it, finding a few cartridges of paintballs and - joy of joys - the promised grenades. Blurring through the shadows, he suddenly revealed himself next to Mel and put his finger to his lips, patting the box.

<Shaw> Unable to spot Nord, he certainly felt the shot to the back and swore again.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna had spotted Shaw - how could he not, in that suit - and he just grinned. "Hey, sweets..." He murmured. "Wanna piss off a suit?"

<@Melati> "Is that..." Melati began, but quickly silenced herself when she noticed Fianna's gesture. Glancing down at the box, she then looked up at the boy and showed him a toothy grin. "You know what kind of gifts us girls like."

<Shaw> Sebastian located the bag with the paintball guns and ammunition and decided for now, as his suit was already ruined, he would best arm himself.

<Aodhfionn> "Let's jus' say I'm goin out with a pretty unique lady an' we know how to have a good time." Fianna winked. "Now, do we get the others an' all gang up on him, or do you an' I become somethin' to fear on the battlefield?"

<@Melati> "And share the bounty?" Melati nodded towards the box, before she gripped her gun tightly. "Screw the others and let's make this place pretty."

<Aodhfionn> "If I wasn' taken..." Fianna smirked at Mel, before looking up at the sky. Oh look, a light source. How nice. He concentrated. "How good're your senses? Because welcome t' twilight, princess." And with that, for a large part of the grounds, night quite suddenly fell.

<Shaw> Loading the thing took embarrassingly long, but then he was more accustomed to real weapons than fake. He checked the action and test fired at the white monstrocity of a gazebo and smirked.

<Shaw> The expression faded with the failing light. "Oh..."

<@Melati> "The way I know your girlfriend, she won't bite your head off for sampling other treats." Melati chuckled, before her voice faded when the light did the same. "Now that's gonna make things more interesting."

<Heather> "Cheating! You're cheating!" Heather yelled to the darkness.

<Tyrone> Tyrone dropped down besides Heather, "Hi. Got dark all of a sudden didn't it?"

<Heather> "Fi's fucking with the lights..." Heather pouted, "Cheaters."

<Tyrone> "Doesn't bother me... see the lovely white eyes? I can see anywhere... shame that I have to lose the hair to get them. I like the hair."

<Aodhfionn> "That she won', though I'll bet it ain' as pleasurable for her t' do the same." He chuckled a little darkly then, able to see absolutely perfectly in the darkness. Which meant he could see Shaw. Taking the pin out of the grenade, he blurred out of cover, snuck up to him and proceeded to drop the grenade by his foot...and ran like fuckery back to Mel.

<Shaw> "Nord! Where are you hiding, you imperious brat!" He took cover behind the wood, bracing a shoulder to a support beam and closing his eyes to listen until his night vision could adjust.

<Christopher> Chris had managed to find his way into a nice tree stand he'd set up before hand and started raining down paintball fury.

<Tyrone> Watching Fi, Tyrone sniggered "Watch this Heather..." Tyrone created a portal and quickly reappeared next to Shaw "Don't mind me!" He picked the live grenade up and portalled out again, dropping it where Fianna was hiding.

<Heather> Heather crouched to try and take advantage of what little cover she had, feeling more than a little exposed. "I don't like this..."

<Shaw> The portal made Sebastian shout in surprise and he opened his eyes, marking the locations of those he could hear.

<@Melati> Her amber reptilian eyes could see well even in the dark of night, but this deep blackness was something else. "Ah, don't worry about me," Melati said, barely recognising anything more than a few steps away. "I have a pretty fine nose and keen ears."

<Christopher> Chris managed to chuck a few large neon green grenades without falling out of the tree. A few of them landing near shaw.

<Tyrone> Tyrone reappeared next to Heather, "Did you see that? Awwwww I was hoping to get on Shaw's good side by protecting him from that grenade... and now someone has ruined it... although neon green is definitely his colour."

<Shaw> Staying put was clearly not a good idea, but when he started a crouching run around the perimeter of the structure he found himself splattered thoroughly. He bit back his surprise this time and kept moving.

<Heather> "I can't see shit." Heather complained, "And I can't aim that well in the first place."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna spotted the grenade and moved back, though not enough to dodge all the mess. "Goddamnit." He grinned. Another grenade was selected and considered.

<@Melati> Melati's pointed ears twitched as she tried to locate any of the other by the direction of their voices alone, vaguely releasing some shots into the darkness. "Someone yell when I hit 'em, okay?"

<Shaw> Rounding a corner, he caught the edge of a railing and pulled himself up, shouldering the weapon to vault over it and land behind the two students. "And your chatter puts you at tactical disadvantage."

<Aodhfionn> "Hey Mel." Fianna murmured. "Cover your eyes a sec, will y'?"

<Heather> Heather yelped at the sudden arrival of the teacher, "I'm already at a tactical disadvantage! I don't want to play this game anymore."

<Tyrone> "Sorry forgot you couldn't see...... yikes", Tyrone jumped and made a portal taking Heather with him behind Shaw... "Shoot..."

<Christopher> Chris rained pellets down into the darkness not really caring if he hit someone or not. This was the best idea he'd ever had. "Who's up for beers and some skin ink after this little party?" He dropped out of the tree and skirted his way around to hide from people.

<@Melati> "Why!? What's happening now?" Something told Melati to better do as advised, so she raised her arm to cover her eyes.

<Shaw> "Oh, I don't think so." He spun in place and opened fire on the two.

<Heather> "Nooooo not fair not fair! Bunch of cheaters! All of you!" She flailed at the shots hitting her.

<Tyrone> Tyrone had made himself intangible and the shots travelled through him, "Sorry, Heather"

<Shaw> He cut off the volley with a frustrated grunt since the girl was flailing. "I propose an alliance."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna listened to the gunfire and 'patpat's of paint, smirking. He never believed in fair play, and besides, if you looked at it in a certain way...he was helping them get extra credit. The 'night' suddenly disappeared, bringing the sunlight blindingly back in after the darkness...and the splat of a few grenades going off. "Extra credit! Y' welcome!"

<Heather> "Argh!" Heather covered her eyes, "I'm blind!"

<Shaw> Perhaps not, as the girl seemed near useless. Sebastian found himself squinting at the young man with the portals.

<Christopher> Chris found his way to Fi when the light came back. "So who's up for an alliance? I think the others are grouping up too." He threw a couple of the paint grenades into the shelter.

<Tyrone> "Alliance? Maybe.... Wow that is bright", Tyrone acted on reflex the area around the pavilion was plunged into darkness again. "Ok... I didn't know I could do that!"

<@Melati> "Thanks for the warning, anyway," Melati muttered, wincing despite having shielded her eyes. Blinking a few times, she lowered her arm and tried to make out where the others were hiding out. "Yeah, I can feel they're up to something." Crouching down, she picked up a pair of the paint grenades.

<Shaw> "Well, that is interesting." The sudden darkness made him blink yet again, and the rain of grenades made him swear.

<Heather> "Oh my God! Stop fucking with the sun!"

<Tyrone> "Give me a minute to work out what I did and I'll try and fix it," Tyrone laughed.

<Shaw> He slicked his hand through his hair and made a disgusted face at the paint covering his fingers. Pink. He was pink.

<Christopher> Chris reloaded his gun and pulled out a second gun. "Alright extra credit to whoever coats shaw in the most colors. He handed the other two as many packs of paint balls he had and started to pellet the structure as much as he could.

<Heather> Heather brushed her paint soaked hair out of her face, some of it had come loose from the ponytail. "Seriously... all of you cheat."

<Tyrone> As soon as Tyrone heard Chris, he grabbed hold of Heather and incidentally Shaw, turning them both intangible as well.

<Shaw> "I'm simply using the abilities given to me by nature." He was shocked by the sudden contact, and then rather pleased by the assistance. He looked over at Heather. "Aren't your abilities entirely intended to react to differing situations by providing what you need?"

<@Melati> "You can only cheat when there are rules, honey!" Melati sent Heather a grin as she bolted across the open field and towards the nearest cover.

<Heather> She shook her head, "Only situations where people's lives are in danger. This is no good to me."

<Christopher> "Don't whine! Whoever is the most covered gets the highest grade."

<Shaw> "I could put Nord's life in danger, if you'd like," he muttered.

<Tyrone> "Ok... I think I've worked out how I made it dark, let me try and fix it..." with that Tyrone tried to make the darkness disappear, instead creating patches / tendrils of darkness in the area around the pavilion, "Ok... thats different."

<Heather> "But then my powers would just save him... and he's cheating."

<Christopher> "Bring it, you walked into this fancy boy!"

<Heather> Heather covered he eyes again, "Argh! Seriously!"

<Tyrone> "Hey... I gave you warning..." Tyrone protested.

<@Melati> "That sounded kinda dirty, Professor Nord." Melati grinned to herself, remaining in cover with her back to the wall.

<Christopher> "Well I did say winner gets a night on the town with me didn't I?" He laughed as he moved to find another vantage point.

<Shaw> Fancy boy? he mouthed, shaking his head and watching the light show. "And have you offered Miss Stark as well in this reward?"

<Heather> "There wasn't much warning..." Heather protested, shaking her head and blinking a lot to clear her vision.

<Tyrone> "Sorry, new ability, I didn't expect the change to be quite so sudden," Tyrone apologised. "But the good news is I think I'm getting the control of this and I can make those remaining tendrils disappear. Or... I can direct them." Tyrone sent the patches to where the others were hiding, plunging only them into impenetrable darkness. "Well... the playing field is levelled for you now, shoot at the black areas, they can't see you."

<@Melati> Melati peeked her head around the corner, looking down the length of crumpled wall. "Did someone say tendrils?" she asked, covering the area with her weapon. "We're not starting any tentacle shit now, are we?"

<Shaw> Sebastian aimed and fired at the patch of darkness from which the team leader's voice originated.

<Christopher> "How bout we not kill the lights anymore. I don't want anyone getting hurt out here." Chris called out to the two students who had that ability.

<Heather> Heather decided to take advantage of her one advantage and opened fire on the darkness. "Oh yeah, you would say that now that it's not someone on your side."

<@Melati> "Hey, not in the boobs again!" Melati yelled in the direction she had felt the impacts come from.

<Tyrone> "Hey its a new ability, I'm still getting the hang of it, I'll make them look like fluffy bunnies when I've had more practice," Tyrone shouted in the direction of Mel.

<Christopher> "Heh you wanna play that game I can even the odds." Chris blasted off a few force blasts into the ground sending dust and dirt flying to block out the field to everyone.

<Heather> "If you wanted them not to use their powers maybe you should have said so at the start and then it would be fair on me." She frowned, stalking out of the gazebo thing and concentrating for a moment before golden wings burst through the back of the jumpsuit. She barely paused before leaping into the air. Death from above!

<Christopher> The girl going into the air made her an easy target and Chris returned fire. "Fine someone gets hurt don't come crying to me. I've done my teacherly duty with the warning."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna smirked at the shadows and varying dustclouds, pulling himself back into them and moving. Stopping long enough to roll and light a cigarette - being careful to make sure no light from it was visible - he snuck up behind the teacher. "Hey handsome." He purred - before splatting his ass mightily with paint and running off.

<Tyrone> Tyrone finally managed to get full control of the tendrils and made them disappear. However seeing Chris aiming at Heather he created a portal just in front of his gun, redirecting the paintballs so Chris shot himself in the arse.

<Heather> In the air, she could easily dodge the shots, moving into the sun so she was harder to see and opening fire.

<@Melati> "Come on, I've got plenty for all of you!" Melati closed in on the others, firing without pause while constantly switching targets. When her gun clicked empty, she paused in her step. Had she even packed any replacement ammunition?

<Shaw> Sebastian jerked, recognizing the voice, then felt the jolt to the ass. Nord forgotten, he spun and opened fired on the student.

<Heather> Oooh a stationary target. She could totally hit that and gravity would be her ally! Mel got shot in the ass too.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little when his shots were redirected. "Hah! See now that's a creative way to use those powers! Extra credit Tyrone!"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna got hit - oh boy, did he got hit - but he couldn't help the helpless laughter at the expression that made it all worth it. "Mate, you suit acid-trip suit - maybe y' should get that shit tie-dyed! If it bothers y', strip." And with that, he opened fire on Shaw a bit more in return.

<@Melati> "Oi!" Melati spun around when something stung her ass, only to lose her balance and stumble backwards before she fell on her tail.

<Heather> Heather rained down yellow splatty pretend death from above on all the 'enemy' targets, safely positioned with the sun behind her.

<Shaw> His own gun was loaded with a rainbow of colors from the leftovers in the bags, the white of the structure and of the student was getting well painted. "I'm more bothered by the shoes - I had these made in Italy ten years ago and the man who made them is dead!" He was rather enjoying the impacts, however, and started closing on the boy.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna grinned fangishly at Shaw. "Should know better'n to wear 'em round students, sir." Despite the grin, the normal wariness that he always got when Shaw was concentrating on him started creeping over him. He clicked on empty, backed up and reloaded, still firing.

<Shaw> As any good predator would, Sebastian sensed his unease and smiled unpleasantly - all teeth. He started getting creative with his aim to herd the boy.

<@Melati> Lying in the grass, Melati patted herself down and quickly came to the conclusion that she was out of ammo. "Lame." She chucked the empty paintball gun aside. A moment later, she remembered one goodie she still had. Or two, rather. "Hey, Teach, who did you say wins again? The one who's covered in the most paint, right?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna carried on backing up, not liking that grin or the fact he was being herded. Should he run? No, that meant he'd have his back to the bastard. Fuck. Why the hell did he feel like Shaw knew everything about him and - no, this was just a bit of fun, the guy was fucking with him. He kept eyecontact, licking his fangs unconsciously.

<Christopher> "Yup but I choose the winner." Chris laughed a little. "So bribery is always good." He teased them.

<Tyrone> Tyrone took aim at Chris, "Can teachers win as well?" Tyrone teased.

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked at the younger man's growing nervousness.

<Christopher> "Only Shaw." Chris issued the challenge for the other students.

<Tyrone> "Oh Ok." Tyrone suddenly whirled round and emptied the last of his ammunition at Shaw.

<@Melati> "I'll kiss your ass later, but for now, y'all can congratulate me." Having pulled the two paint grenades from her belt, she flicked the pins of both of them and let go of the safety. She chucked them straight up and closed her eyes, just in case the goggles would do nothing.

<Shaw> He heard his name, and that was enough to make him turn his head - just in time to take several rounds to the back, neck, and right in the ear.

<Heather> Heather didn't want in on those shenanigans, she didn't want to know what happened to students that pissed Shaw off. There were probably stories.

<Tyrone> Tyrone created a portal and redirected the two grenades so they were above Shaw instead, "I hope the two of you teachers enjoy your date together"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna's nerve almost broke, before Tyrone opened fire. He grinned and did the same - well, until he saw the ear shot. "Fuck! Shaw, y' okay sir?" He hesitated - the guy was scary - before taking a few steps towards him to check. He'd heard horror stories about paintballs to the ear.

<Shaw> The shock and pain made him lose focus entirely and drop the paintball gun to clap a hand to his ear. He lost feeling in his knees at about the same time and the went to the wooden floor at the same time the paint exploded over his head.

<Heather> "You want to be covered in paint?" Heather landed in a crouch behind Melati, wings spread out. "I can help with that."

<@Melati> Waiting for an explosion that never came, Melati opened her left eye when she heard Heather's voice instead. "Oh, you do...?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna got to Shaw just in time to be covered in paint too, swearing a blue streak before kneeling beside him. "Hey, Shaw, do me a favour an' tell me shots t' the ear don' do anythin' bad to you, will yeh?"

<Heather> Heather merely grinned fangilly at Melati and opened fire.

<Shaw> Hand still to the side of his head, he glared up at Aodhfionn. Frankly, he wasn't sure, since his head was ringing along with the surge of energy singing through his body. "We'll find out," he ground out, wincing when moving his jaw hurt.

<@Melati> "Did I win?" Melati asked when the barrage finally ended, the paint dripping from her once white overall. She winced a little. "Damn, couldn't you aim someplace else for once? My chest feels all numb now."

<Heather> "Sorry, I don't aim very well so I had to pick the biggest target."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna breathed a sigh of relief - though he wasn't sure if that glare and...possible threat?...should make him nervous. Fuck it, he was always nervous around Shaw. Man was too smart. "Yeah well, y' start throwin' up you're on your own, I don' do vomit." Gore, yes, other bodily fluids hell no. "How you feelin'?"

<@Melati> Melati flashed Heather a toothy grin in response. "I'm glad you didn't aim for my ass then."

<Heather> "Well... you turned around..."

<Shaw> Slowly, he removed his hand from his ear and looked at it. "...that was not a red paint ball, was it?"

<Aodhfionn> "...No, sir, that it weren't." Fianna licked his fangs - his equivilent of biting his lip - before looking over to the other students and then back at Shaw. Please don't eat me... He nearly laughed out loud at the hypocrisy over that thought. "I ain't much of a first aider but that isn't good. Uh...you need a hand? An'...sorry about the shoes. Seriously. If I'da known..."

<@Melati> "Ouch." Melati continued to smile even when making a hurt face. "If I still had my gun, I'd shoot now. So, I can only do that..." She swiftly reached up to grab Heather's wrists and pull the winged girl down on top of her painted self.

<Heather> "Argh!" Heather's six limbs flailed as she faceplanted into Melati's boobs.

<Christopher> "Alright my students I think it's time to finish up and get graded and cleaned up before your next class." Chris bit his lip at Shaw's injury, that's not good.

<Shaw> He scowled at the blood mixed with paint, then back up at the boy.

<Aodhfionn> "...Assumin' that's a yes. Look, I ain' got the money, but if there's a way I can make up for 'em - I ain't a complete bastard." Said without a trace of irony. "Can y' stand? Or I'm gonna have to carry you like a princess, sweets." ...Maybe he should just keep his mouth shut?

<Tyrone> Tyrone walked over to Mel and Heather... "Wow you've take a bit of a beating today Mel. Can you still feel your chest?"

<Aodhfionn> ...Yeah, he wasn't babbling at all. Why did Shaw do this to him?

<@Melati> "Can Heather finish to motorboat me first?" Melati asked, raising her head. Looking up, she smirked at Tyrone. "I almost couldn't, but it quickly got better."

<Shaw> Sebastian snarled at that and pulled himself upright, promptly slipping on the wet paint, grabbing the boy, and taking him back down with him.

<Aodhfionn> "...Oh, well, sir." Shut UP for once in your life Fianna!

<Heather> Heather pushed herself up, shaking her head in an attempt to rid her face of all the paint. "Has anyone got a cloth so I can safely breathe through my nose again?" she lifted the goggles up onto her head so she could at least see.

<Christopher> "Can I have my student back Sebastian? Or are you too busy cuddling?" He laughed a little at everyone cuddling. "Time to get graded."

<Aodhfionn> "Hey, no, I'm cool wit' bein' cuddled!" Fianna called with a nervous grin. "Does this count as tryin' to get better grades, teach?"

<Shaw> That turned his attention to Nord and he was up far too quickly, shoving the student out of the way to get to his fellow and soon to be deceased teacher.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna slipped back on the paint, staring up at suddenly angry and bleedy Shaw. Hell, the guy was hot, he'd have to admit that, and bonus - he wasn't doing that at him any more. He wiped his face, eyes going to the besuited and paint-splattered ass. Mmm.

<Tyrone> Tyrone stepped next to Chris and made them both intangible just as Shaw reached them.

<@Melati> "Oh wow, this is getting intense," Melati said, pulling off her stained goggles as she scrambled back to her feet.

<Heather> Heather staggered upright, wings flaring out to help her balance. "What did I miss?"

<Christopher> Chris raised his eyebrow at the student using his powers on him. "Shaw, not the time nor the situation. I can't help you walked in on my class. Alright kids grading time."

<Aodhfionn> "Think we're about t' witness some hot teacher-on-teacher discipline." Fianna grinned, leaning back in the paint.

<Shaw> Sebastian overcorrected in his attempt to stop when Tyrone got in the way and barreled through them, losing balance and finding himself again on the ground. With a scream that hurt his head, he twisted and got back to his feet, panting. "Get away from him, boy," he sneered.

<Shaw> His head cocked at Nord. "Your recklessness will be dealt with later."

<Christopher> "You're the one who was reckless. Go cry in your scotch. I was going to offer to pay for a replacement suit before you decided to get an attitude for something that wasn't my fault."

<Aodhfionn> Yeeaaah, technically it was mine for making him way pissier, but I ain't admittin' that for no money.

<Heather> "I really don't think aggrevating him further's the best way to go..." Heather put in, moving to stand between the two men and spreading her wings as a further barrier. This was what she was for... technically.

<@Melati> "I love that I decided to come to this class." Melati smiled to herself at the sidelines. "That even makes up for the crappy jumpsuit."

<Tyrone> "Hey don't forget Mr Shaw can still win this competition. Calm down. You can't just strip him of his chance at the amazing prize."

<Shaw> He straightened up and the winged girl blocked Nord from his view. Regaining his dignity, he snorted to himself. Later.

<Heather> "Everyone just take a deep breath and calm down because I really really don't want to be put in the position of my powers activating against teachers."

<Christopher> "You're fine Heather. Come on guys lets go get graded up. You all did amazingly well." He gave them a warm smile, just brushing off Shaw's glares of death.

<Shaw> "Nothing to worry about, my dear." Sebastian smirked at her, wiping paint from his face. He licked his lips, grimacing at yet more paint. He could still feel blood trickling from his ear when he leaned to spit.

<@Melati> Melati eyed the two teachers for another moment, before she turned her head to look at Heather. "So, you gonna scrub my chest, or what?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna pushed up carefully, circling around Shaw warily - he realised he wasn't...afraid so much as careful. There was something about the guy that set off his instincts. "Hey, I got some paint off Shaw. Does that give me a good grade?" ...Well, not afraid until he said stupid things for fuck's sake...

<Heather> "Not feeling all that reassured but... okay..." she relaxed her stance, folding her wings back. She turned her head to stare bemusedly at Melati. "Am I gonna what?"

<Christopher> "Hey now. Save the college experimentation for when class is over." Chris laughed.

<@Melati> Melati grabbed Heather by the hand and simply dragged her behind towards the showers. "Just come along."

<Shaw> He snorted, hiding the wince, and turned to go back to the Grey Gables building.

<Heather> Heather decided to just go with Mel, at least that way she didn't have to punch out a teacher or something.

<Christopher> "Hang the smocks in my room to dry so we can get them graded up."

<Aodhfionn> "Get that ear checked out!" Fianna yelled after Shaw, before rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh fuck, I'm in so much trouble..."

<Shaw> Thinking better of his plan, he turned back to the group."Tyrone, yes?" He gestured to the young man, then regretted it and covered his ear with his hand again.

<Tyrone> "Yep, thats me. Tyrone." He gulped.

<Shaw> "You are a teleporter. I believe that would be the most effective way to take care of my problem here."

<Tyrone> "Are you asking me to teleport you to the shower so that you can wash off? Or asking me to teleport Mr Nord into space? Because the answer to both is NO."

<Shaw> He smirked. "No, I have another destination in mind, and you would prefer not to do a favor from the goodness of your heart, I can reward you." Just for emphasis, he clapped a pink-and-green arm around the student's shoulders.

<Tyrone> "I'm not teleporting you into the girls' shower either. But ok, lets talk"

<Shaw> "Excellent." Sebastian smiled the toothy smile again and started walking with the student for a bit of privacy.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna gloomily rolled himself another fag, the first ruined by paint, and lit it. He was being paranoid and stupid. No way would Shaw know about him...or what he'd been a part of. Kicking at the ground, he took in a breath. "I'll put in my overall later, mate." He nodded to Chris, still watching Shaw's retreating back.
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