Bill Mantlos Needs Our Help

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Bill Mantlos Needs Our Help

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:22 am

So Greg Pak tweeted a link this afternoon.

It seems Bill Mantlos, the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy writer and creator of characters such as Rocket Raccoon, whose career was shortened during a hit'n'run by a driver in 1992), has been experiencing difficulty in continuous providing of care. As we all know, creators don't live this high-life we assume when we first jump on board with being a fan of comics. Every reader soon learns (sometimes the hard way after accusing a creator at a Con of having money, as many-many-many have) - that the Creators who we hold so dearly have the same costs as us. Some may remember Dave Cockrum's ongoing battles with character rights in order to pay for his healthcare as well as Paty's continuing struggle.

While it is always a good time to give, it may not be in your financial place to do so currently. That's understandable. But many creators at Marvel have circulated this link in hopes to help Mr. Mantlos' brother continue the care of one of the greats.

As Mr. Pak politely said this afternoon, please consider. And thank you.
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