Dave's fanzine work

A monument and archive dedicated to Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers was their home on the internet and always will be. This forum preserves that legacy.
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Dave's fanzine work

Post by kenmeyerjr » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:42 pm

Hi fellow Cockrum fans.

I am one old dude...I still have fanzines from the 70s with Dave's wonderful work in them, before he went pro. I have been writing a column on fanzines for a little while now, and Dave's work is all over it, including the upcoming column on Fantastic Fanzine 12 (posts monday the 29th). Check it out at http://www.comicattack.net and look for the column Ink Stains! I would be grateful if you left comments. I also provide links to pdfs of each fanzine for download...have to spread the joy! Paty, if you would like to take part at all in this upcoming column or any other, I would be honored!

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Dave's fanzine work

Post by Paty » Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:20 am

Fantastic Fanzine???
WoW... I used to read that! LOL... back before I worked at Marvel. It was where I first saw the work of a young artist I thought would go places... yep... his name was Dave Cockrum!
As you can see by the date of this post, I don't check in very often these days...sorry about that...

The summer went by too quickly... time does that these days... the older you get, the faster it goes away... trust me on this.

I clicked on the link and , of course, it is all recent stuff, and I am so computer unsavvy, I never found the page you mentioned... so came back here and replied here where I understand the setup...LOL
I lived most of my life without computers and it was, by and large, a happy life. I am not sure computers and the net have made the world a happier place...I am still thinking about that... all I know is that I have always liked holding a comic book or graphic magazine in my hands. there is something about the feel of the paper and the smell of the ink...it has it's own magick that is lacking on a computer screen. I hope books and magazines never go away, but fear mightily that they might and when technology comes crashing down ... not IF, mind you... but WHEN... maybe we can go back to the halcyon days of reading a real comic book...not the glossy piles of crap we are exposed to now.


the tech was low, the paper waas crappy, but, sweet mama, the comics were beautiful back then. The colors were limited by the ability of the crappy paper to accept only so much ink... but the colors had the gentle patina o fthe yellowish paper to moderate the raw color... and they glowed with a life and soul that is lacking in the computer coloring of today... no matter how well it is done. and, believe me, as an old time colorist, some of it is done terribly by folks that understand computers... but don't have a clue about COMIC BOOK coloring...which is a whole world unto itself.

I also loved FF for the Fantuccio art which was weird and wonderful...a very distinct style. Dave said he thought Fantuccio went into comercial design cuz comics just didn't pay a living wage. Well, yeah... back in that day, an artist got fifteen dollars for a full page of comic pencilling!!! not breakdowns... finished pencils!!! sigh...ya had to be crazy to get into that biz!!!

LOL... well... yeah... when ya got four color ink in your veins, it is hard to ignore it...

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