The return of the Futurians

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The return of the Futurians

Post by BH123 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:47 pm

This was a pleasant surprise. I was at Midtown Comics last week. Among the independent titles, I was surprised to see issue three of a miniseries entitled Avatar of the Futurians. Yes, that's right, as Dave Cockrum's Futurians. It was written & penciled by a gent named David Miller. I had no idea that there had been any plans to revive the characters. After
Dave passed away, I had resigned myself to the fact that a series that had so much potential would remain unfulfilled. I lamented the fact that various circumstances had conspired to prevent Cockrum from being able to do an ongoing series.

So I was quite thrilled that someone, with the permission of Paty Cockrum, was having a go at bringing back the Futurians. I was a bit perturbed that I had missed the first two issues, but luckily Midtown had them in their back issue bins.

Even better, Joe Rubinstein came on board as the inker with issue #2. Joe is a great embellisher, plus he inked Cockrum in the past, so that was a really appropriate choice. Also, Greg LaRocque and Michael Netzer drew great covers for the first two issues.

There's a website with information on the miniseries....

Well, I thought this was cool. Hopefully there will be further
Futurians-related material down the line. And I'd love to see the original stories get reprinted in a new trade paperback. Cross your fingers!

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The return of the Futurians

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:33 am

I love Midtown Comics, such a great comic store.

I'm glad to see/hear that Futurians made some kind of return... thought I thought it was awhile ago.... even earlier than just 2 issues...
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Re: The return of the Futurians

Post by PirateKurt » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:00 am

There is an unpublished Futurians story by Dave Cockrum, I helped finish the last 2 pages, I worked from Dave's thumbnails, cliff has the full 22 page story, Paty did one page too, I don't know if/when it is to be published, But I do know Cliff has the pages, and the pages Dave did are awesome. It was actually my first comissioned comic work, I had to filk Dave's style, with Mosquito and the new characters, especially Blackmane whom Dave saw as one of his alter-ego's. But it was a lot of fun to draw, I hope it sees print one day:)

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