Here we go again

A monument and archive dedicated to Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers was their home on the internet and always will be. This forum preserves that legacy.
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Here we go again

Post by Paty » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:52 am

Hi, everybody... It has been a while since I checked into the forum...
Firsoff, I want to express my Joy at Nighty being back and my total elation at Chris writing him!!!

My natural reaction to Claremont's announcement that the book was so well recieved... in spite of Marvel's lack of hype, as per usual...was to wonder how long they would continue to let him write it...
I mean... hey... every time he was given a book he got it up and going upwards in the ratings and had it summarily yanked out from under him... for NO good reason! but, hey, you say, that was under the editorial direction and control of Bob Hardass and his nefarious henchman, Mike Marts... long ago in the dismal nineties...
That can't happen again ... Hardass is gone and so is... oops... no... the henchman is BACK...AND HE IS IN CHARGE OF THE X VENUE!!!
Hmmm how did THAT happen? Nick Lowe was doing fine with the X venue, correcting the horrible storylines of the nineties. Oh, I see, he went over to the Spidey venue...right... of his own free will when Marts was brought back . I wonder when White out Bob... as Hardass was known in the offices for his habit of rewriting any story he didn't think spouted the trash he wanted it to soput... is gonna come back.
Why do I say this?
Well... I just saw the cover for The Magneto issue that is up for preorder right now... without this cover being shown on the preorder forms... as well as the graphics for a Magneto/sonderkommando card in some card game... and it is patently obvious that the sieg heil boys are back with Marvel as they were under Hardass.
Brevoort and Marts were active during Hardass's decimation of anything Claremontean...and it all revolved around the fact that Claremont wouldn't change Magneto's backstory... one of the most brilliant pieces of character development in the history of comics. Hardass wanted Mags to be anything but a Jewish holocaust survivor. He could have been a GYPSY SURVIVOR...IN FACT, HE TRIED TO MAKE THAT CANON AND HAD TO LATER RETCON IT AWAY. He just couldn't be Jewish. Gee... golly... I wonder where such hate comes from...
So, while Marvel wisely finally got shut of Hardass, his legacy still taints Marvel. Brevoort is bound and determined to sever Magneto's familial connection to the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver...and Marts is back to make Magneto a ratbastard again...retcons on retcons... and it still isn't right.
OK... so Perlmutter is on a tear about Fox having the rights to the X Men movies and seems to want to destroy the venue...well, I guess he learned from history, cuz Marts is the boy for the job...and I doubt that alonzo will rock that boat.

So we come back to the Nightcrawler series...WRITTEN BY CLAREMONT! Which was planned by Lowe and set in motion by him. Lowe says he went to the Spidey editorship voluntarily... of his own free will. fiiiiiiight...sure he did.
Marvel has always been a cesspool of intrigue, backstabbing and hidden agendas.... and it hasn't gotten better since I left, it has only gotten worse. I know this cuz people I trust have told me over the years and I can extrapolate from what I see happening in the books. the slimy slugs don't change their stripes... they just lay down deeper and more noxious slime and expect the outside world not to notice... or care. I mean, as far as they are concerned, the fans and readers are either mindless addicts to the books or disposable since there are always new readers coming up.
They are not smart enough to understand the old addage "Make new fans and keep the old... one is silver but the other is gold"
I am still a fervent Magnetophile... a Claremont magnetophile! But if this most recent cover... the one with Magneto as the grim reaper and piles of skulls at his feet... is any indication of where this series is going and how they will try to destroy the character , I will not be following it. I suggest to all and sundry to do the same. and if they take the Nightcrawler book away from Chris after a couple of issues, as I fully expect them to try... I suggest a similar response if that happens.
I hope it doesn't happen. I am overjoyed to have Claremont back in the saddle again writing as only he can write. But he is a danger to them. good writing garners fans and with a big fan following, Chris might get enoug clout to demand the characters he wants to write. That's dangerous to the sieg heil boys. they seem to want to wipe everything he and Dave created off the face of marvel.
anyway... just thought I would give you guys and gals a heads up. enjoy Nighty while you can... I intend to do so. But if the sieg heil boys have started in on Magneto so blatantly and so vilely, I fear chris won't be far down on their pogrom list.
It's too bad. Marvel used to be fun.
Marvel used to be Camelot...all over again...
No good thing goes undestroyed, I guess... what a shame


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