Dave Cockrum has passed away

A monument and archive dedicated to Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers was their home on the internet and always will be. This forum preserves that legacy.
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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by CliffordMeth » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:40 am

Paty & I just hung up. She requested that, in lieu of flowers, contributions are made to ACTOR, a cause/organization that she and Dave believed very strongly in.

Please add this memo to any postings regarding Dave.


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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by xpawn » Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:29 am

Our deepest condolences to Paty and all at home. My wife and I just heard of a friend's mother's passing yesterday and things like this do not come easy at all. It was tough for me when my grandmother passed away a couple years ago. And it's sad to hear news about someone's loved ones' death. As I type this, tears are flowing down my cheeks. It's never easy. Especially when it's someone we love and hold dear in our hearts. Whether or not we know him/her personally, everyone is special to at least someone on the face of the planet.

To Paty and Dave's family, our prayers are with you. I had the honor of corresponding with Dave a few times in my capacity as a staff writer and interviewer for Newsarama and other comics news sites. And I'll definitely cherish all my (albeit brief) exchanges with one of the few legends that I've gotten to come in contact with in my entire life.

Dave, we'll all miss you.

Ben & family

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by HoodedMan » Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:44 am

Mr. Meth, your words regarding Dave's last days are truly touching. Dave was a friend of the entire forum, but I think all of us know him even better now, the man behind the works. I'm personally touched both by the outpouring of love and respect on your part and on the part of all of Nightscrawlers.

Mr. Cockrum was an amazing, amazing man and I think he deserves every bit of the respect everyone is paying him. Thank you all.
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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Garble » Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:52 am

My heart goes out to Paty and the rest of Dave's family.

Having Dave post here was always a pleasure so great, it felt surreal. I'm so grateful to have had the honor and privilege of talking to a man who's art and personality touched so much of my life.

Thanks, Dave.

You will be remembered and missed.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by mattress » Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:30 am

My deepest sympathy to Paty and the rest of the family.

I was lucky enough to be living in Charelston, SC for a few years. I got to meet Dave and Paty at the Charolette,NC comic convention. And I need to just let everyone know this great and happy story I have about Dave and Paty. It is nothing special to anyone but me, but I want to share the happiness that the day brought to me and hope that a little of it helps.

I went to the convention for the sole pupose of getting a couple things signed by Dave. As luck had it, I got there early and Dave and Paty were just setting up. I played the fanboy and eagerly went to get my signatures. Of course I talk a lot and I started asking questions and gushing like a little school girl. Before I knew it the entire day had passed and I had spent almost all of it talking to Paty and Dave about everything from religion to the farm the had bought to the weather in South Carolina. That day was one the most fun I have ever had at a comic comvention. I have often told friends about meeting one of my heroes and how wonderful that day was.

I know that the memory may not be that special to anyone but me, but because it is so special to me I had to let everyone know. I will always look at the autographed pictures and comics and remember that day.

Thank-you Dave and Thank-you Paty for taking the time to talk to a fanboy and give me a day that I will remember always.

I am sure that all of you that had the chance to meet Dave and/or Paty had as great of time as I did. Remember that happiness always when you think of Dave, Paty and Nightcrawler.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by psychonaut » Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:50 am

I'm fairly new to the board and never got to talk with Dave, but had browsed the forums and was impressed at how active he was here. It warms my heart whenever artists take the time to converse with their public. We are lucky to have enjoyed the fruit of his labors of love.

I remember the picture of Bugs Bunny and the other Loony Tune characters standing "speechless" when Mel Blanc died... it is not hard to imagine our dear blue teleporter lighting a holy candle in church with tears rolling down both cheeks. Like those of Blanc and Jim Henson, Dave's characters will pay homage to him for long after he has left this world.

Blessings and comfort to all his family.

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Dave Cockrum Tribute

Post by TedL » Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:57 am

It's a very sad day for us all...

I posted a small tribute to Dave on my website at http://www.comicsfun.com/comicart/cockrum

My sincerest condolences to Paty, Ivan and Dave's other family and friends.

Ted Latner

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by jafabian » Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:08 am

OMG....I just heard about this. This hits me hard.

I have been blessed over the years to have had to opportunity to converse with Dave thanks to the joys of the Internet. We traded posts on the DCMB's quite a bit and when he told me of his own site I signed on. I haven't posted much here over the years but I have lurked regularly and when I did sign on it was usually because I had a question for Dave which he always answered honestly.

Personally, this really....impacts me. Dave is THE reason I collect comics. My first comic was Superboy starring The Legion Of Super-Heroes #197. The story is "The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time." I quickly hunted down as many issues of Superboy and the Legion as I could. What impressed me was that it was a different interpretation of Superboy that I was used to, and the artwork showing the 30th century, to me, was fantastic! It was a whole 'nother world to me! The characters, the stories, the designs. This was how comics SHOULD be! And when I learned how he redesigned almost the entire team I became a Dave Cockrum fan for LIFE. I was incredibly dissapointed at his leaving DC, but when I learned he would be working that same magic formula on the X-Men, I was thrilled. And I wasn't dissapointed as well as literally millions of others. Dave certainly hasn't put out the sheer volume that Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Gil Kane or George Perez have in their careers but to me, his influence is no less. His design sense was always, IS always, tops in the industry. Many, many artists can learn from him today and Dave left no better medium for them to learn from. Just look in the back issue bins.

Look at his redesign of Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics has tried over the years to top it. Even renaming her twice. Gave her different looks but Dave's original re-design kept coming back. Not even Dave himself could top it when he redid her as Binary.

In closing, I hope that Dave's Futurian series can continue in some form, with Paty's blessings. That's one of my favorite graphic novels. Many, many blessings to her and their families at this time. Dave's in a better place now, and I am happy for him in that regard. Many, many blessings to her and both her and Dave's families at this time.

God bless,

Beware the Sleestak

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by B A M F ! » Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:44 am

I havent been here in so long....

but as soon as I heard the heart-wrenching news Paty, Dave's family and everyone else here at Nightscrawlers were the 1st things that came into my mind. I unfortunately never had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mr. Cockrum and as goofy as it sounds I was always ridiculously nervous about posting in his forum here at 'scrawlers. My reverence for him and his work are THAT high. Many times i'd think of how i'd come in here and tell him about just HOW much his work and his creations have touched my life, but whenever i'd start typing, to me, it always sounded like I was just being a colossal "ass-kisser" and not being sincere. So, incorrigible procrastinator that I am, i'd put it off and just lurk... thinking that I could ALWAYS come back at another time and tell Dave about how much his work had meant to me and my childhood. I'd just save it for a future moment when I could really "find the words" without coming off as such a brown-nosing groupie.
Then I heard of his passing tonight....
and it literally felt like my heart was swelling up into my throat. Because I had NEVER taken advantage of the opportuntiy I had with Nightscrawlers to express to him JUST what an amazingly positive effect his work and his creations have had on my childhood and my life.
Please forgive me as I hope this doesnt seem selfish...but i'd like to write to him as I should have back when I couldnt find the nerve...

I was raised on your X-Men Dave.
And for a skinny, goofy, bookworm of a sci-fi/comic-geek growing up in New York City I guess it was only natural that, of ALL of the X-Men I was almost instantly drawn to your alter-ego Kurt Wagner/NIGHTCRAWLER. A character who on 1st look would seem to be an outcast among outcasts. But once you got to know him it became apparent that this loyal, funny, caring, mischievious, self-doubting, brave, chivalrous hopeless romantic was actually the heart and soul of the team as well as the living, breathing example of "never judging a book by it's cover". YOUR creations and contributions have touched the lives of a generation of comic book fans and literally changed the face of an industry that you loved. An amazing, AMAZING accomplishment that few creators in ANY given field have a chance to do in their lifetimes. No disrespect to messers WEIN and CLAREMONT but as far as i'm concerned DAVE COCKRUM is the reason that we have the "ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT" cast of X-MEN characters that have so enraptured a generation of "comic book geeks".

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Dave for countless hours of pleasure escaping into a world that you had such a HUGE hand in creating. My childhood would have been a much sadder, lonlier place if not for your super-human creativity and the incredible power of your imagination....


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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by emblemcomics » Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:53 am

I'm in shock,
I just heard the sad news.

Condolences to Paty, Ian
and the rest of the Cockrum family.


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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Northstars Love » Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:10 am

Wow! I'm so shocked and saddened by this news! :(

Like some here I don't come here often anymore. But one of the greatest highlights of Nightscrawlers was Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers will not be the same with Dave gone.

Rest in Peace Dave.

My condolences to Paty and the rest of the Cockrum family.

aka Bamfer, The X Dream

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by CurlyyHairGirl » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:11 am

I'm so sorry, I just heard the news. Dave was a reat man with a beautiful mind. I'm going to miss him even if I didn't know him as well as others.

Love and prayers always,

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Paty » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:52 am

thanks everyone for your outpouring of praise for Dave. I think he would have loved knowing how much he really meant to all of you.
I will try to keep Cockrum Corner going but you willhave to bear with me for a bit as we do what must be done and settle all the legalities here.
dave loved this forum and enjoyed meeting all the folks that popped in... as do I. Haven't been here recently cuz Dave's health woes has kept me busy...but I hope to peek in more often and try to answer any questions you might stillhave...as much as I can.

My thanks go out to the admins who created this tribute for Dave... he would have been quite impressed I think...maybe a bit overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and respect...cuz he was truely the most humble man I have ever met...given the enormity of his talent.

Huggies to you all and my gratitude for your messages
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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Diablo » Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:31 pm

Man, this is so sad...
How lucky we have been to chat with Dave these past years. The earth has lost a genious. A man so nice, so talented that he will indeed be remembered by generations of fans.
I cried a lot today. Dave's creations have been a big part of my life since I first met them, almost twenty years ago.
I remember shouting of joy in front of my computer when I received the first answer from him, here at Nightscrawlers. My wife then thought I was crazy. Now she has read Dave's work and she understands me.

We're gonna miss you, Mr Cockrum. It's because of you we're all gathered here, at this fine, fine board.

Love you, Dave
Love you, Paty.

Max and Emma.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by AjLombardi » Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:00 pm

Rest in Peace Dave you've earned it.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by MabusRex » Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:08 pm

I just wanted to stop in and pass along my condolences to Paty and the Cockrum family and say how much a pleasure it was being a part of a community with Dave. He will be missed.


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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by GalacticAgent » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:10 pm

To all Dave's fans,
Let me tell you a little about my best friend Dave.

I first knew Dave when I met him in high school band. We both were seniors, played trombone and I was the new guy who just moved to Denver. Dave was the first guy that I made friends with and the two of us struck up a friendship that has lasted 46 years

We formed a little cadre of friends and every Friday we would try to go to a movie, usually grade triple z, and then to a Sambo’s (how unPC) restaurant. We were a strange group. Dave, George, Jim, another Dave, sometimes Mike, and myself. Dave, George, and myself were the closest. Can you imagine the 3 of us walking thru downtown Denver, on the way to a terrible movie, singing Stan Freberg's United States of America? It boggles the mind.

When I found out that Dave enjoyed cartooning, I knew I had found a soul-mate that I could relate to. Drawing and art are my passion and when you find another person who not only likes drawing and art but also loves comics and the same kinds of art as you do, the relationship becomes more then good friends.

Dave and I would sit for hours drawing out cartoon wars at George’s house. The cartoons would start very mildly and progress to the absurd. Dave was so talented. He would visualize an idea and then almost effortlessly put his vision on the paper. Next to his sketches, mine looked like scrawls. He said that he was envious of my metal rendering technique. That’s because he was the visionary and I was the technician.

After high school and college, we were both eligible for the draft during the Viet Nam war. He decided to join the Navy, which displeased his father who was hoping his son would choose an Air Force career. Dave wasn’t interested in a military career. He wanted to be a comic book artist. This was the single overriding goal that drove him.

When I joined the Navy, we were both based at NAS Mirimar, CA near San Diego. He was attached to a fighter training squadron based there and I was attached to a fighter squadron, which would be deployed to the war zone. I would visit him at his desk and we would sit and sketch and think of different types of superheroes. Many times he would do the sketches and I would do the inking. That is how the Galactic Agent cover was conceived.

Needless to say, we did quite a bit of running around in the San Diego area. We’d sometimes close a topless beer bar or get sunburned in La Jolla. When I came back from my first cruise, Dave had married! He met his wife in the letters section of a comic book, of course! Then it was the 3 of us, sometimes 4 if I had a date, still sketching and now watching Star Trek.

When I came back from my second cruise, Dave had been redeployed to Guam and he was a daddy! We corresponded for a short time but neither of us are letter writers so we eventually lost touch. In 1997, I was browsing the internet and plugged in his name in a search engine and out came 8 results. I remembered Dave’s middle initial was E and his phone number was listed, so I called him. I think both of us were dumbfounded. He wrote me a lengthy letter, sent me some autographed copies of his work and then I dropped the ball again. Dave had sent me all this wonderful examples of his work and as graphic artist, all my works are taken by the customer so I had nothing to send him back except my website address.

We didn’t reestablish contact until 2005, when I was browsing the internet, came across this wonderful site, and reconnected. By then Dave had moved to SC.

As you see, we have remained close friends. Sometimes you think you have all the time in the world to continue a friendship that has lasted over 46 years. You think that you will have plenty of time to have another cartoon war. You think that you will have time to again give a hug to great friend. Then you go to a black web page and realize you have let something special slip through your fingers. I was thinking of starting a cartoon war with Dave as an incentive for him to use his hands. Too little, too late.

Paty and Ivan, I cannot express enough to you my deepest sorrow at your loss. We will keep you in our prayers. I hope that sometime in the future we can meet, I can get to know you and share our stories and love of Dave.

Dave was my closest friend and I loved him dearly.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Blue Fairy » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:56 pm

I have been a shadow person on Nightsclawer for almost two years. I don't even sign in most of the time... choosing instead to read the postings in Cockrum Corner and never commenting .... I have enjoyed reading what has been posted. I enjoyed reading Dave's his replies.......
I met Dave more than 44 years ago as an art student at SIU. He was a sweet, gentle, generous lovely young man filled with ambitions and so much talent....as well as lovely quick wit ..... He had dreams like most students of the time.... the really big differences with Dave was he had his eye on the prize in a way that anyone who spent a little time with him knew without a doubt he would make his dreams happen . When he talked about what he wanted to do with his life.... his eyes would light up and he would become so animated that he came very close to dancing as he talked about drawing comics books. I remember saying to him that I should have him sign the drawings that he gave me after class one day because I had admired them. A year and a half ago I did get those drawings signed.
Of course our drawing teacher was horrified that Dave wanted to "throw away his talents" on something that was little more than a child's toy. (Little did that prof know .... I can't even remember his name..... and people all over the world will never forget Dave or his great talent) In our figure drawing classes Dave always had two drawings going.... one that the professor had assigned and a second page with his detailed close up drawings of many parts of the model (and no she wasn't naked.... remember this was the early 60's in the hearthland of this country ).....he draw her hands, feet, the cure of her neck or how the foreshortening was to be done ..... Our teacher walked around the room watching and talking and guiding our work.....As the professor worked his way around the class Dave kept one eye on the professor and the other on what he was doing so he could flipped the assignment page over what ever else he was working on at the time. Sometimes I would warn him to turn the page... I remember marveling at how easily he could lay down the right lines time and time again ...... It was pleasure to see him draw.... and yes paint. He was also outstanding in the sculpture class....... even though he didn't think that he was good at painting or sculpting.

The lady in charge of magazines and comics at UD's (a local drugstore/bookstore that the students used a great deal) knew and trusted Dave so much that she allowed him to come in and open the bundles of newly arrived comics and sort out the ones that he wanted even if she wasn't around. They came in once a week on Tuesday if I remember correctly. And as you all know he had collected comics from an earlier age..... When he left school at the end of the summer quarter he stored a trunk full of comics .with them ....... he never saw those comicsagain. The family that he lived with at while at school just didn't ship them home to him so he had to start his collection yet again ..... I have seen Dave and Paty's collection of comics and regular books...... trust me when I say he has more than made up for what he lost.

A few more things that you might not know about Dave's many talents... He played the harmonica as well as the guitar and he was good at both .... He also had a wonderful singing voice. The first time that I remember studying with him at the library I couldn't believe how fast he was turning the pages of the text book that he was reading ...... If you have never observed a speed reader doing their thing..... it is a bit unsettling the first time. The good news was he had almost total recall of what he had read. He was an Eagle Scout.....

I guess what I really wanted to tell all of you Dave has always been the great man who's worked you all have come to loved.... even when he was a young man. He has alway been modest about his great talent.....

My husband and I spend a week and a half with Paty and Dave in Oct ... Both of them were gracious host ...Larry and I will always treasure the time we spend with them both.

I feel very very lucky indeed to have had Dave Cockrum pass thought my life..... and I am going miss him very much for as long as I live.

Ann Mowry Fisher aka Blue Fairy

PS I apologize that I just rambled on and didn't get organized...... something that is hard to do when your heart is filled with loss

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Kaileighblue » Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:04 pm

I never met Dave. And I never really talked to him on the board but for some reason this really has me torn up. I've never been one to cry over people especially ones I've never met but this has me in tears. Nightcrawler is the reason I got into comics and wated to try to draw in a comic style.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by MGPetrino » Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:27 pm

I lost a part of myself and my youth today. I knew Dave Cockrum for a brief time in 1976, and I remember every day. He usually made me laugh at a time when I needed laughter. He granted me a bit of immortality. For some reason he was on my mind today. Now, I know why.

My deepest sympathy to Paty Cockrum, Ivan Cockrum, and all of Dave's friend's and family.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by Editor Man » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:01 pm

I was absolutely floored to hear this news today. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Dave face-to-face, but I did get to interview him over the phone a few years ago, and he was a big contributor to my books at TwoMorrows. He was always helpful, always humble, and I always imagined that our paths would cross at some future convention so that I could thank him in person for all of the assistance which he gave me. I can't believe that'll never happen now. I'm in shock.

Thank God that places like Nightscrawlers exisited so that he could converse with his fans, and they with him. He really was a man of the people, and I'll miss him dearly. Even though he was barely in my life, through his work he was always in my life, and even though his presence there will remain, I'll miss his presence here.

Glen Cadigan

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Post by Enelas » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:08 pm

When it is your time, then no one can stop you. Not children, however powerful they are, nor friends, who are giving their love with every smile. The more love, the sadder it is. But he is not sad. He is right here and watching us. I hope that he will be watching Nightscrawlers until it follows him to the place of things not forgotten. I wave him goodbye into the cloudy skies.

I send all my love to you, Paty.
He is well now.
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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by melton » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:50 pm

In my own little world, Dave Cockrum was one of those people who was always going to live forever.

The real world is a much sadder place, especially now.

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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by muchdrama » Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:35 pm

Dave, the very first comic I ever read until it was dog-eared was drawn by you.

I'll miss you.
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Dave Cockrum has passed away

Post by kurt_the_quick » Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:51 pm

he had a big influence on my life. salute sir!

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