12/27 Issue: Alone Time

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12/27 Issue: Alone Time

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:23 pm

Timelined in early May.

Bobby: "So I feel like this is weird. Like it should be weird? Or maybe that I should be weirded out that I don't think it's that weird anymore?" Bobby set his and Paige's luggage down inside the door of the blue Carolinas beach cottage and he took his first look around, then grinned at his wife.

Bobby: "Hey, random stranger! I'll give you money to let me borrow your house for a weekend?" He shook his head and laughed. "It's cool though..." And not just because it was decorated in shades of blue and white.

Paige: Paige giggled at her husband, pulling him to her for a well deserved hug. "It's a little weird.... like... I'm tooootally going to wash the dishes twice." And she wasn't even going to mention the sheets. Nope!

Bobby: "Yeaaah, probably not a bad idea." Bobby was happy to be derailed by the hug and tipped Paige back for a well-deserved dip kiss.

Paige: Paige let out a surprised sound, but quickly recovered. She held onto Bobby and returned the kiss with a grin. "Hello, handsome!"

Bobby: "Hello, beautiful!" Bobby gave her another peck and set her back on her feet, holding her out to grin at her like an idiot. "It's been way too long since we've had time to ourselves..." He rubbed his hands over her arms and waggled his brows. "Alone..."

Paige: Paige giggled at him, blushing deeply. "It has... And this is such a gorgeous place!" She pounced on him for another hug and kiss, so glad for the chance to be away from the stresses of her work and her fellowship.

Bobby: Bobby extended that kiss, kicking the front door closed behind him and eyeing up the sofa for its possibilities. The kids were back in Boston with Auntie Roguey and they had the weekend and this cabin to themselves.

Paige: Paige slipped her arms up around his neck, pulling him to keep him close against her. How long had it been since she'd had any real alone time with him?

Bobby: Way, way too long. Bobby bent to grab the backs of her thighs and hoisted her up to carry to the sofa.

Bobby: He placed her on the blue sofa with a dirty grin and straightened up, peeling off his shirt. "I've missed you, Mrs. Drake."

Bobby: ((aaaaand time passes))

Paige: Paige sat on the deck of their cottage muuuuuuch later in her new pink bikini, rubbing sunscreen all over her, pausing to sip on her margarita. Oh this was the life! "Bobbbbbberz. We should come here more often!"

Bobby: Bobby was watching her with the sunscreen and thinking that was his job... but then they'd probably end up back inside. "Definitely. And since Rogue isn't really guarding the president anymore she's free to babysit more... just gotta pry you outta the hospital sometimes." He took a drink of his own margarita and gave her a grin.

Paige: Giggling, Paige leaned over to give him another kiss. "I hope once I finish this fellowship I'll be able to breathe a bit more. Except for emergencies of course. Which... there seem to be a lot of those. But hopefully I will be home a LOT more."

Bobby: "Good, 'cause I miss ya, babe. The kids miss ya." He gave her a quick kiss in return.

Paige: Smiling, Paige looked over at him. "I miss you too. You've been busy lately too though! Any new adventures you haven't told me about yet?"

Bobby: "Nothing too exciting, since the X-Men are still slow going. Carol has the nuthouse cleaned out and I think Cess is moved in, but we're not officially active yet."

Paige: "Probably a good thing you aren't too 'active' though right?" Means he was safer.

Bobby: "Well, I guess, but I have a feeling Stark wants to make a big deal about the launch." He rolled his eyes.

Paige: Paige grinned, reaching out to take his hand. "So long as you come home safely at the end of the day. We need you!"

Bobby: "Well, you lucked out there, babe, since I'm one of the most death-proof ones on that team." He took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

Paige: "Good!" Paige beamed at him. "I kinda like having you around," she teased him.

Bobby: "Well, good." Bobby'd had his doubts about that one, so it was good to hear. He grinned and leaned over to kiss her hand.

Paige: Paige giggled and moved to sit on his lap. "Do you think you could help me with this sunscreen? I can't seem to reach some places."

Bobby: "Well, well... I would be happy to help." He grinned and took the bottle from her, settling her on his lap.

Paige: Giggling more, Paige relaxed and let him work, looking out at the ocean. "I was thinking.... there's a really nice restaurant nearby. Maybe we could head there for dinner?"

Bobby: "That sounds good." He was enjoying thoroughly applying sunscreen to his hot wife. "Maybe take a walk on the beach?"

Paige: "Oh oh! And look for sea shells!? And Sea glass?!"

Bobby: "I could always make some ice dolphins..." He looked out over the ocean, still running his hands over her back distractedly.

Paige: "Oh oh yes! That too, please!" Paige smiled up at him.

Bobby: "Get my Elsa on," he laughed, dropping a kiss on her shoulder, then making a face because it tasted like sunscreen.

Paige: Paige shivered a little, but smiled. "You're um... kinda sexy... when you do that."

Bobby: Bobby wiped his lips on his wrist and gave her a confused look. "When I... make that face?"

Paige: She giggled more, kissing the tip of his nose. "When you use your icy powers."

Bobby: "They are pretty cool," he smirked.

Paige: "The coolest," she smirked back at him.

Bobby: Bobby broke and gave her a bright grin. "Okay, babe. Walk and dinner? Dinner and walk? Forget both and go back inside?"

Paige: "All of the above?" Paige suggested with a slight shrug.

Bobby: "But in what order?" Bobby cocked his head.

Paige: "Hmmmmmm..." Paige kissed him softly. "Inside first...... and last."

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