12/29 Issue: Club Rules

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12/29 Issue: Club Rules

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 30, 2020 7:33 am

Timelined in early May.

Jessica: Jess sighed and checked her hair in the mirror before she got out of the car. Tonight was going to be more tedious than ever. At least she wasn't doing this alone... she offered Sebastian a small smile. "I know I'm not allowed to threaten anyone because it won't help... but can I zap them a little bit?"

Shaw: Sebastian offered her his arm and a smirk. "If anyone becomes insolent enough to merit that, then who could fault the Lady Imperial?"

Jessica: "Apparently plenty of people... but not to her face."

Shaw: "They are grasping, jealous cretins, encouraged by my fossilized uncle."

Jessica: "One day they'll realise they're targeting the wrong people..." she rolled her eyes, "We're trying to build something better but noooo..."

Shaw: "Genius is never recognized in its time." Sebastian sniffed, but gave her a grin before they stepped into the vestibule just outside the private entrance to the New York Club.

Jessica: "Then we shall beat them over their heads with our genius until they accept it," she determined, returning the grin.

Shaw: "Precisely." The door was opened for them and Sebastian schooled his expression as they swept into the room.

Jessica: Jess kept pace with him, scanning the room as they entered and picking up bits of conversation. Unsurprisingly, they were the topic of several of those conversations. They really have very boring lives if ours are so interesting...

Shaw: Sebastian led her to the table reserved for him at all times, gracing a few members with approving looks and ignoring the rest.

Jessica: Jess took a seat and got comfortable, waiting for her drink to arrive. "So, how long until we go around telling everyone it's all bollocks?"

Shaw: "Oh, we wait to see who wishes to come to us first." Sebastian gave the server a nod as his scotch was served. Also, it's never amiss to use our advantages to discern any threats, or true believers.

Jessica: I suppose if they come here and ask us we can call them sensible at least.... She picked up her drink and cast her eyes around the room for signs of movement.

Shaw: Perhaps, or perhaps they believe it will benefit them to appear subservient. Sebastian took a slow sip of his scotch and kept his ears trained on the murmurs around them.

Jessica: Either way we'll know which ones we can trust because I can spot a lie three miles away.

Shaw: A useful gift indeed. Sebastian rested his hand over hers on the table. It could have also been helpful for Monet to be here, as her loyalty was at least beyond doubt.

Jessica: She offered him a small smile for the gesture, turning her hand slightly to brush her fingers against his. "Shall we place bets?"

Shaw: "On who will crack first?" He chuckled and returned the caress. "Well, it's busier than I anticipated." Sebastian saw some familiar faces, but more with which he was unfamiliar. "I suppose I should spend more time here," he sighed. "Particularly now."

Jessica: "It'd be easier if coffee worked on me..." she sighed, "These late nights are not my friend..."

Shaw: "You need only put in a few appearances, koibito," he said, taking another sip of his scotch. A few people were milling around now and he kept his eyes on them.

Jessica: She shook her head, "Noooo see, if I make myself scarce it'll send the wrong message. We need to present a united front. You know that."

Shaw: Sebastian arched a brow at her. "I do, but I was being chivalrous on your behalf." An older woman separated herself from the group and went to the bar. He watched her, trying to recall her name and station.

Jessica: "Oh, bless you... chivalry is dead." She gave him a grin before taking a sip from her drink.

Shaw: "Well, our little Club is based on some rather anachronistic ideas, so I suppose if the shoe fits..." He smirked over at her, then resumed watching the old woman. "Does she look familiar to you?"

Jessica: Jess eyed the woman, cocking her head on one side, "Nope... we should bring Carol here. She's good at faces and names..."

Shaw: "She may wish to continue to have a modicum of plausible deniability, love, so I'm not sure she'd want to come here."

Jessica: "She thinks it's creepy," she threw him another grin, "Full of weird old people in silly outfits trying to fool people into taking them seriously."

Shaw: His head slowly swiveled to look at his wife. Sebastian gave her a slow blink, then laughed, loudly. "Well, that is entirely accurate."

Jessica: Jess laughed too, "I knoooow! So I couldn't really argue with her there which meant I lost... don't tell anyone. It'll damage my street cred."

Shaw: "Oh, of course not." Laughing was also damaging, according to some of those weird old people, since when Sebastian turned to look back at the room there were a dozen pairs of eyes on them.

Jessica: "Ooooh we're in trouble," she giggled behind her glass as she took another drink.

Shaw: Sebastian raised his head and stared down an old man whose name he could not recall. A human, so he'd been beneath his notice.

Jessica: "No one's going to come over to check if you start glaring at everyone," she nudged him with her elbow.

Shaw: "I am their Lord Imperial and they must bow." He was in the zone now, and finally the man looked away and the buzz of conversation returned.

Jessica: "If they bowed they'd probably never get up again..."

Shaw: Sebastian fought the snicker in the back of his throat, covering it with a sip of scotch.

Jessica: Jess was pleased with the reaction, "Maybe we could make it a game... like reverse limbo."

Shaw: He was still snickering, and had to swallow back an overly large sip and fight his wince as the same old woman fixed him with her old gray eyes.

Jessica: Jess wasn't bothering to hide her amusement. Fuck them all. She was happy. She would let them see this didn't phase her. "Oh! We could do a theme party! Instead of a limbo pole they can waddle under a cane!"

Shaw: The old woman approached, dropping into a curtsy that didn't even wobble. He fought a nose wrinkle, as that was one of the Club's ceremonial aspects he found most ridiculous. "Please, stand. I hope you're having a pleasurable night."

Shaw: "Of course, Lord Imperial." She looked at his consort with a twitch of her lips. "Lady." Holding to the old ways, her formal attire wouldn't have been out of place in the 19th century.

Jessica: Jess didn't miss the expression and she raised an eyebrow at the woman as she raised her glass to her lips for another sip of her wine.

Shaw: "You may not recall me, my lord, so allow me to reintroduce myself." She presented her hand to him and inclined her head. "Abigail Harkness."

Shaw: Sebastian's expression did not change and he accepted her hand, raising it to his mouth for a kiss and letting go. All the while, he was trying to recall who she was.

Jessica: Jess tried really really hard not to wrinkle her nose when he did that. She wasn't sure she succeeded.

Shaw: She smells like mothballs, he protested to his wife.

Jessica: Jess attempted to cover the snort with another sip of wine. She wasn't sure she succeeded with that either.

Shaw: The old woman's sharp eyes moved from Sebastian, to Jessica, then back. "It's been a joy to see a young couple in the Imperial seats again."

Shaw: "Thank you," he responded, wondering if the woman recalled he'd been the Lord Imperial for some time now.

Jessica: She going senile? Jess flicked her gaze to him before focusing back on the woman.

Shaw: Abigail Harkness smiled. "It's an even greater joy to see another Shaw return to the Club."

Shaw: "Pardon?" Sebastian hid his reaction. "To whom are you referring? My son Michael?" Obi had also been inducted some time ago, after all.

Jessica: Yep. Totally bonkers old biddy. The woman seemed to have answered her question, Probably lives with fifty cats. I'm not kissing you til you wash your mouth out.

Shaw: "No, not Michael." Her tone was a little mocking at his name. "Esau."

Shaw: Sebastian's brow raised. "He is not a member of the Hellfire Club."

Shaw: "Is he not?" Abigail smirked.

Jessica: Jess kept her expression neutral somehow but beneath his hand, static crackled across hers.

Shaw: Sebastian felt the tingles on his hand. Calm, love.

Shaw: "To my knowledge, he has never been in the rolls. I was the first of my family to be inducted." And only because he was a mutant.

Jessica: Trying. Jess flattened her hand on the table for a moment willing the electricity back where it should be before relaxing her hand again. Is she doing this on purpose or is she just an idiot? Because if she's doing it on purpose I reserve the right to zap her and find out if her hair is real.

Shaw: "I think you may want to check your sources, my lord."

Shaw: "Quite the contrary. You make extraordinary claims, so I believe the burden of proof lies with you, my dear Miss Harkness." Sebastian kept his hand on Jessica's, in case she got zappy.

Jessica: Jess wondered if she was going to develop an eye twitch.

Shaw: "Perhaps you should ask him yourself." The woman's smile was almost triumphant and Sebastian's hackles rose. His eyes narrowed on her as he forced himself to not scan the room.

Jessica: Jess was trying hard to rein in the electricity again. What the fuck game is she playing?

Shaw: I suspect this is the game. To see our reaction. If he were here why would he not come to taunt us himself?

Jessica: Because he's worried one of us will rip out his spine?

Shaw: Quite possibly.

Shaw: "Well, I'd be delighted to see him," he said, putting on a sharp-toothed grin. "Wherever are you hiding him?"

Jessica: Okay... rule check... am I allowed to zap him?

Shaw: Perhaps.

Shaw: "He's closer than you might think, my Lord Imperial." She bowed her head and turned her back to him as she walked away.

Jessica: I might have someone slip laxatives in her drink later....

Shaw: Feel free, my love. He took another sip of his scotch and scanned the room, looking for his long-lost, unmissed uncle.

Jessica: She grinned and leaned to kiss his cheek, "I'll do that now while I get more wine..."

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