1/29 Issue: Sex, Grout, and Videotape

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1/29 Issue: Sex, Grout, and Videotape

Post by Slarti » Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:18 am

Current timeline.

Jamie: Jamie wiped his forehead with the back of his wrist, probably leaving a smear of grout behind, but he didn't care since it wiped the sweat off just the same. He looked up from where he was on his knees on the floor, debating taking a break for some water, but he was aaalllmooooost done with this little section of the kitchen. Finish this part first, then hydrate.

Jamie: He felt four little paws land on his back and he frowned, looking over his shoulder at the cat. "Jeaaan! Duparo thinks he can help by using me as a bed!"

Jeannie: Jean had been debating getting up from her perch on the counter - where her only duty was to float him tools and look cute while doing it - to get him some water. She looked at the fluffy white cat beside her."You suuuuure?" Floating to the floor, she went around the fridge and plucked the kitty off his back, then went to get him a bottle of water from the office fridge. "That was Figaro," she said over her shoulder.

Jamie: The noise Jamie made when he heard her was almost inhuman. His head turned slowly to look at the door where Jean had gone out with the cat, then up to the cat on the counter casually licking his leg. "Duparo?" The cat looked at him and twitched his nose which caused Jamie to hop up and spin around, looking for the evil counterpart even though he knew he had left with Jean. "That cat is evil incarnate," he called out the door.

Jeannie: "He's getting used to you!" Jean answered, dropping Figaro in the office onto a spare chair and starting back with his water. When she arrived, Jamie was glaring at empty air, so she held out the bottle. "Thirsty?"

Jamie: That shook him from his mood and he blinked at her. Water. "Oh! Yeah. Thanks, babe!" Jamie took the bottle and leaned over to press a kiss to her cheek. "How did you know I was thirsty?" Really? "Never mind." Uh huh.

Jeannie: Jean just smirked at his question, then grinned when he answered himself. "Had a hunch." She snagged his collar while he was close and pulled him back for another kiss.

Jamie: Jamie grinned into the kiss and brushed her nose with his when he broke it. "A 'hunch' huh? Is that what we're calling it now?" He gave her another quick kiss then pulled away enough to not knock her in the face with the bottle when he took a drink. "How's the floor looking? Do you still like what we picked? Or should we change it before I get too far?"

Jeannie: "I like it! It's historical, but not hideous. Made those cranky old preservation committee people happy.”

Jamie: He gave her a crooked grin, "And so long as we keep them happy, I don't get the boot. And if I don't get the boot, you can continue sleeping in my bed. And if you continue sleeping in my bed, in this building, since I didn't get the boot, that means you can be as loud as you want when I keep you happy."

Jeannie: "And we know you always make me very, very happy." Jean gave him a grin, debating if she wanted him to make her happy right now, since he brought it up.

Jamie: Jamie's eyes twinkled mischievously as he watched her watch him. "Now, now, Jean. I gotta finish this before the grout dries."

Jeannie: "But what if I'm thirsty, too?" Jean giggled, popping out her lip in a playful pout. She smoothed down the collar of his shirt, leaving her hand on his chest.

Jamie: Jamie bent and nipped at her pouted lip, then stood to grin at her. "Then, I would offer you a drink of my water. But not this tall drink of water. The bottle."

Jeannie: Jean's tongue popped out and she patted his chest, then turned on her heel to go back to the office to get Figaro.

Jamie: "But I love you!" He called after her, laughing as he watched her leave. Now, back to work. Faster they got this done, the faster she could have the drink she was wanting. And so could he. Jamie capped the bottle and got back down on all fours to spread some more grout for the tiles.

Jeannie: Love you, too! With her own bottle of water - because after all that now she really was thirsty, dammit - Jean picked up her fluffy baby and floated up to fold her legs and sit on the air. Figaro settled in her lap and she floated silently back into the kitchen, her head tipping sideways to enjoy the view.

Jamie: Jamie felt her eyes on him and grinned to himself, putting a little more wiggle into his work. Just because he wouldn't give in right now didn't mean he couldn't get them both worked up a bit more for the end result.

Jeannie: Jean smirked, petting Figaro, who was purring loudly. "Shake it, baby," she giggled.

Jamie: "Who? Me?" He looked at her over his shoulder and winked. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm being good and working hard so that if clients were to come in here they won't run away in terror." Not to mention, once it was cleaned up, it would be fun to christen it with her.

Jeannie: She caught the drift of his thoughts and just hummed in response. "I didn't run away in terror," she pointed out. "And I've even seen the fourth floor."

Jamie: "Well, you're different. You already know me and love me. And clients will never see the fourth floor." Jamie shuddered, making use of it to shake his ass again.

Jeannie: "Never? Does that mean you mean to leave it that way?" Jean's nose wrinkled, still unconvinced it wasn't haunted.

Jamie: That stopped him in his tracks. So to speak. His wiggle stopped, anyway. Jamie gave her a horrified look, "Hell no. I'm totally going to make this place amazing, and historically accurate with modern conveniences, from top to bottom!"

Jeannie: "Awesome!" It was a good thing this place was growing on her, then, since she'd probably be stuck living here for the rest of her life... eventually. Jean gathered Figaro for a cuddle.

Jamie: Jamie gave her a soft smile as she cuddled her cat. "Awesome," he repeated. This whole thing was awesome. Work, Madrox. Oh yeah. He shook his head to focus and went back to the task, slapping some grout down and scoring it before setting the new tile in place.

Jeannie: Catching the drift of his thoughts, she smiled too and sent him a mental hug, followed by a goose.

Jamie: Jamie jerked and whipped his head around to grin at her, "Hey now. That's not helping." He looked back at his work and stuck the separator piece between the tiles then took a teeny bit of grout and flung it at his beautiful, and still pristine, girlfriend.

Jeannie: She stopped it in midair and laughed, then squeaked when Figaro jumped for it.

Jamie: Jamie laughed at her squeak and set his tools down to stand up and get the grout before the white cat did. That would be hell to get out of his fur. He stuck his tongue out at the cat and reached around him to smear the finger over Jean's cheek.

Jeannie: Figaro wrapped both paws around Jamie's wrist while Jean tried to wriggle away, still laughing.

Jamie: And suddenly, Jamie froze and looked down at the cat. It was touching him. "Jean," he whispered, "Help."

Jeannie: The cat's claws were sheathed, so Jean cocked her head to watch. "He's..." Figaro started to lick Jamie's hand.

Jamie: Jamie blinked and stared at Figaro, "He's tasting me..."

Jeannie: "He likes you!" Jean grinned at her cat, then at her very distressed boyfriend.

Jamie: "He's figuring out what to season me with."

Jeannie: "Noooo, he's noooot." Jean giggled, petting Figaro while he sniffed and licked and... oh, there were teeth. The cat nibbled along his skin and she watched him warily.

Jamie: "Yeeees, he iiiis." Jamie's thumb flinched at the teeth. "Maybe call off your attack cat before he tries to decide on if he wants me rare or cooked?"

Jeannie: The kitty didn't have his claws all the way out, yet, so Jean picked up his little feets before the screaming could start. "That's right," she cooed at Figaro. "Play nice, kitty! You know Jamie! Your, uh, brother loves him!"

Jamie: Jamie's nose twitched. Brother. Yep. Close enough. He peered over Jean's shoulder at Duparo who seemed to be eyeing Figaro with suspicion. Good kitty. "Thanks..." Jamie slowly pulled his hand back, grout drying on his finger, so he wiped it on his pants. "I don't trust him still."

Jeannie: "He's getting better?" Jean pulled Figaro back and gave him a hug, looking at Jamie with a sheepish grin.

Jamie: "He's getting better at figuring out how to get close so he can destroy me since the attacking first, asking questions later wasn't working."

Jeannie: Jean's lip popped back out. "Aww, he was being good! He kept his claws in!" Jean cuddled Figaro closer as the fluffy white cat purred loudly and stared at Jamie with eerie green eyes.

Jamie: "Sure he was... because you were watching him." Jamie narrowed his eyes at Figaro and went over to lean on the counter and pet Duparo. "He's a mean ol' thing, huh? Yes he is. You're such a good kitty. Yes, you are."

Jeannie: Jean couldn't help but laugh as Duparo did his usual lovey-dovey routine, rubbing against Jamie's arm and sniffing where his brother had licked. She floated herself to the counter and parked her butt, with Figaro hopping off her lap for some intensive grooming.

Jamie: Jamie scooped Duparo up and took the two steps over to Jean. He gave her a grin, "Hi, Jeannie. Come here often?"

Jeannie: "Oh, you know, occasionally." Jean uncrossed her legs to let them swing against the cabinets. "But the coffee's terrible."

Jamie: "Then maybe you should complain to management." Duparo stretched to nuzzle at Jean's face and Jamie stepped between her legs so he wouldn't have to stretch as far. "Or go somewhere else for the coffee."

Jeannie: Jean's brow ticked up for a moment. "Somewhere else? Why?" She scooted a little closer to the edge and draped her arms over his shoulders, fingers lacing behind his neck. "The manager is pretty hot, after all."

Jamie: "It's not against the rules to bring in your own drinks, is all I mean. There's a Starbucks a few blocks away." He smirked at her and bent to kiss her jaw. "The manager's girlfriend is hotter."

Jeannie: "Really? I'll have to check her out sometime." Jean closed her eyes, enjoying his kisses. "Mmmm, you know... I could get us a better coffee maker..."

Jamie: "You'll have to. Let me know what you think." Jamie nibbled her earlobe then moved to her neck. "I don't know how the manager will feel about another dude making the coffee."

Jeannie: Jean wasn't able to stifle her snort. "Who said it would be a dude?"

Jamie: "...I don't know how the manager would feel about having anyone but himself or his hot girlfriend being the coffee makers."

Jeannie: It was one of those times when Jean couldn't tell if he was teasing her or being dense, so she tapped on his brain.

Jamie: Jamie frowned and pulled his head back to look at her. "...What?"

Jeannie: Oops, frown. She gave him an innocent big-eyed blink. "Babe, you know I'm talking about getting us an actual machine, right?"

Jamie: "Half way." He grinned, "But I'm the only human coffee maker you need, right? Besides a barista at Starbucks, anyway."

Jeannie: "You're the only human coffee maker I'm ever gonna need," she agreed. "Aside from the Starbucks staff." Oh, wait. "...do you have a Starbucks dupe somewhere?"

Jamie: Jamie laughed and shook his head, letting Duparo down onto the counter so he could wrap his arms around Jean. "No, sorry. Want me to send one out to learn to do that?"

Jeannie: "That's okay. One might be doing it anyway, whether you sent him to or not," she observed, brushing her nose against his now that he was closer.

Jamie: Jamie's eyebrows drew down and he studied her face while he thought on that. "You think one of my dupes would really choose to be a barista?"

Jeannie: "Uh, yeah. He'd use it to pick up girls." Duh.

Jamie: "Not every dupe is like the one from the bar, Jean."

Jeannie: "I know that, but they're you... aaaand you like girls, soooo..." She smirked.

Jamie: "Well, yeah, I like girls, but," he ducked his head to make sure she was looking into his eyes, "I only love one woman."

Jeannie: "I know that, too," she said, her expression soft. "Good thing I only love one man." Jean gave him a quick kiss. "I didn't mean a now dupe anyway, I meant one of the ones you've already got out there... like the actor."

Jamie: "I think being an actor is a step up from being a PA, so at least he's moving in the right direction?"

Jeannie: "True enough. Did you decide to just let him do his thing for a while?"

Jamie: "Yeah, may as well let the show kill him off first. That's not a job you can just do for a few more shifts and then put in a notice, y' know? And I don't really want to live in Canada for however much longer he has on his contract."

Jeannie: "Then I can keep DVRing it," she grinned.

Jamie: Jamie rolled his eyes and groaned. "Whyyyyyyy?"

Jeannie: "Because!" Her grin got even more manic.

Jamie: "Noooooo... No 'because!'!" He screwed his face up into its tiniest frown and mock-glared at her. "No more of that horrible show."

Jeannie: She raised a hand to pat his head, then ran her fingers through his hair. "Suuuure."

Jamie: He rolled his eyes and gave a resigned sigh, but then wrinkled his nose at her. "You must hate me."

Jeannie: "Nope, I love you. I also love watching you on TV, but it does make it challenging to talk to my mom." She tilted her head. "And my sister."

Jamie: Jamie twitched his wrinkled nose, "Can we make them stop watching somehow? Ruin their cable connection?"

Jeannie: "Are you a hacker, too?" Jean smirked at him and hooked her heels around the back of his thighs to drag him closer. "Among your various... skills?"

Jamie: Jamie tilted his head in thought as he ran through his various skills and certifications. "Um. No." He let his head fall to her shoulder and mock sobbed.

Jeannie: "Sad." She ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a scritching. "Of course, once they meet you, they'll know you're not really an actor."

Jamie: He pulled his head up to frown at her. "Waitaminute. What's that supposed to mean? You think I can't act? Rude."

Jeannie: Jean rolled her eyes. "So not what I meant, although..." Her expression turned calculating as she checked him out. "Did you see the show?"

Jamie: "I tried to not look and I definitely have not been trying to find it to watch, so no." Jamie turned the same expression on her, "Why? How much have you seen? Was I really that bad?"

Jeannie: "Well," she said, dragging the word out. "You're pretty?"

Jamie: Jamie winced, "That bad, huh? Dang. I would have hoped they would have hired me for something more than that." And then he pouted. "Am I really that bad?"

Jeannie: Awww, the pout. Dammit. "Aww, no... the whole show is bad in general, so I'm guessing it's the writing?"

Jamie: "And I'm just a terrible actor." Jamie sighed and wrapped his arms around her, putting his head back on her shoulder "It's okay, you don't have to lie to me. At least I'm good at a hundred other things."

Jeannie: "You are. And very, very good at a few specific things." Jean kind of felt bad now, so she shifted to hug him, leaning her head against his.

Jamie: "I guess it's a good thing I never wanted to make it in show business, huh? Being a star doesn't really appeal to me all that much." He turned his head and gave her neck a soft kiss. "Maybe we should get the floor finished so we can put the real refrigerator in sooner rather than later, huh?"

Jeannie: "Plus, seems like it's still potentially risky, being a mutant and all...

Jeannie: " She closed her eyes to enjoy the kiss. "I suppose. Want me to help? Like, really help this time?" The kitties were curled up together, with Dupero grooming Figaro. Or maybe it was the other way around. Hard to tell.

Jamie: Jamie shrugged one shoulder and pulled back to smile at her, then gave her a proper kiss. "If you want to get dirty with me, who am I to stop you?"

Jeannie: "Getting dirty with you is always a good decision." She grinned and gave him a quick peck in return. "I'm serious about the coffee maker, though. I can get us some appliances and help you with fixing this place up... without flooding things." Hopefully.

Jamie: He smirked at her and arched his right eyebrow as high as it could go. "Ideally flooding would not happen with a new coffee pot. Those things don't hold enough water to flood this room." Jamie shifted to set his hands on her waist, "Okay, Princess. Let's get you dirty."

Jeannie: "Well, no, not the coffee pot, but you could let me help get some other things..." Jean cocked her head.

Jamie: "Is that your subtle way of telling me that you don't like the fridge I picked out?"

Jeannie: "Nooo, it's my subtle way of telling you that since someday I'll officially live here too, I can help make it nice for us."

Jamie: "So, you're wanting to decorate it before you live in it? Where's the fun in that? I thought girls lived to redecorate later."

Jeannie: "Oh, I can decorate later... I'm more thinking two working kitchens for now." Jean kind of wanted to smack him for his current density level.

Jamie: "...Picking appliances isn't part of decorating?"

Jeannie: Sharing brains didn't always help them with communication. This was one of these moments. Jean counted to ten in her head and gave him a slow blink.

Jamie: Jamie took a very slow, and very large, step backwards. "I'm... sorry?"

Jeannie: And now she didn't have a Jamie. She frowned. "I'm not mad."

Jamie: "So... ...okay." Well now what? He took a slow step back towards her. "You can pick out whatever you want for the appliances?"

Jeannie: "Babe, I'm trying to say that I knoooow you're still getting started, but myyyy business is pretty established, sooo, I can totes help pay to fix this place up."

Jamie: "Oh! Um." Jamie looked around at the renovation zone they were currently in and thought about the rest of the building that still needed help. "I mean, I'm fine paying for it myself, it's just going to go at a slower pace. So if you want things done faster, I guess you helping monetarily is fine? But I still want to do most of the actual work..."

Jeannie: "You do have your own work crew," she noted with a smirk, holding out her hands with a pout to get him back in her arms.

Jamie: "I do. And all of us...me... mostly all of myselves...? Ugh." He sighed and tried again, "Fixing this building up is fun and feels super satisfying and rewarding." Jamie put his hands firmly in hers and gave her a quick tug to pull her off the counter and into his embrace.

Jeannie: Jean happily hopped down and stepped into him. "Plus, all those random skills..."

Jamie: Jamie's arms wrapped around her and held her close, looking down into her eyes. "All those random skills," he said softly with a nod. "All of those and yet, somehow, none of them are 'able to not be distracted by Jeannie.'"

Jeannie: "Thank fuck for that." She grinned up at him and then licked her lips. "I just... I want to help, since this will be our home," she added more quietly.

Jamie: He gave her a soft smile and reached up to brush some hair from her forehead. "One day. I want to make sure it's perfect for you before then. But, I don't need you to help. You do know that, right? I'm not some mooch who needs to live off of your profits. So, so long as you know that, then I'd gladly accept your help. I want you to love it here as much as I do."

Jeannie: "I want to help. For realsies, do you know how much weed costs? I'm doing fiiiine, promise." Jean turned her head into his hand. "I already do love it, because you do." She smirked. "But there's always room for improvement, especially when I get to watch you do the improvements."

Jamie: "Ohhhh," he grinned at her. "Nooow it makes sense. I'm never going to be done making improvements, am I?"

Jeannie: "Catching on, huh?" Jean giggled and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his chest. "At least I didn't request you do it shirtless."

Jamie: "Well, it is getting a bit hot lately, so you may not have to ask soon enough." Jamie ducked his head to kiss the top of hers. "Although, you can see me shirtless anytime you want, so is it really such a novelty to see me doing home improvements that way?"

Jeannie: "Yup! Just like it's a novelty to see it on TV!" Jean grinned to herself and gave him a squeeze, waiting for the explosion.

Jamie: Jamie sneered at that thought. "You could record me and pop in the DVD to watch on the TV whenever you wanted. Wouldn't that be a better solution?"

Jeannie: Jean snickered quietly. The whole 'it's me' argument broke down quickly when she appreciated the assets of his dupes. "DVD? Okay, grandpa. Who says I haven't recorded you with my phone?"

Jamie: "Grandpa?! Rude." He squeezed his arms tightly around her and shook her slightly from left to right and back again. "I'm sure you have, but the quality isn't going to be as good. And it's not nearly as fun to watch on a tiny screen. And it would probably be better if I knew where to look. Or had the camera set up at just the right angle... Liiike in the bedroom?"

Jeannie: She squeaked a little at the squishing, struggling to turn her head and plant her chin on his chest to look up at him. She raised a brow. "Are you suggesting... a private show?"

Jamie: "I'm suggesting... something we could both enjoy later... if the other one isn't around to help out..." He looked down at her with only a little bit of apprehension. Jamie had never suggested this to anybody before because he never cared about having something to watch later... but it was Jean.

Jeannie: "Well, I'm hoping we'll always be able to help each other out..." She studied his face and smirked. "It would be hella fun, though..."

Jamie: "But what if you're busy or I'm out detectiving? We can't always be around, y' know." Jamie's face blossomed into a shit-eating grin, "Yeah? You're okay with it?"

Jeannie: That grin was irresistible. "Oh, I'm down, babe." Jean gave him a little shimmy, still pressed tight to his body. You know, I can be here even when I'm not here... She quickly found his magic button and gave it a tease.

Jamie: Jamie's knees went weak and he started to sink to the floor before he caught on to what she was doing. As much as he hated to do it, he mentally flailed at her. "But when I'm working, I need to focus. On the job. Not you. And right now, I need to finish tiling the kitchen before the grout sets. And then a quick shower and I can set up my camera?"

Jeannie: She laughed, stretching up on tiptoe to give him a kiss. "Fiiiiine. Let's get dirty and then we can get really dirty, 'kay?"

Jamie: He gave her a mischievous grin in return, then dipped her for a deep kiss. Jamie let it linger for a few beats, then abruptly brought her back up, made sure she was steady on her feet, and stepped away to kneel on the floor again. "'Kay!"

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