2/5 Issue: Honest Tony

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2/5 Issue: Honest Tony

Post by Slarti » Sat Feb 06, 2021 1:11 am

Current timeline? (put it where it fits, oh mistress of the timeline)

Rogue: Rogue hung her head off the end of Tony's bed and stared at the movie that had been playing in the background for the past hour. She had no idea what it was and didn't really even notice it was on until now anyway. She blew at a strand of hair that was stubbornly stuck to her cheek with sweat. "Ah'm thinkin' it might be dinner time." But dinner required clothes. She frowned and forced herself up onto her elbows to look at Tony, which made her frown turn to a grin. "Y' hungry?"

Tony: On his side, enjoying the heaving bosom at eye level, Tony returned that grin. "Always. But then, you know that." The grin turned dirty and he ran his hand over her bare stomach.

Rogue: Rogue felt her cheeks flush and her grin broaden. She caught his hand and brought it up to her mouth, nipping gently at each of his fingers as she kept her eyes on his face. "We've been in here almost all day. How on earth are y' still 'hungry,' sugah?"

Tony: He bit down on his own lip, watching her with a crooked smile. "Oh, come on. We both know I'm insatiable." Tony scooted just a little closer to press himself into her side.

Rogue: "Ain't that th' truth. Only met one man as hor- Ah mean, hungry, as you." A coy smirk slid onto her face and she rolled to put her back to him, setting his hand delicately on her hip. Rogue gave an exaggerated yawn and pretended to snuggle down into the mattress, but used it to scoot backwards into him instead.

Tony: "Nonsense! I have no equal." Tony's hand slid over her hip to flatten on her belly and pull him tight against him. Pushing himself up on his other elbow, he nosed her ear, dislodging the hair stuck to her cheek.

Rogue: "Ah never said he was as good as you. Ah cain't judge that." She bit her lip on a grin but tipped her head a bit to give him more to play with. "B'sides that, y're th' President. Nobody's better'n you f'r simply that fact alone." Rogue put her hand on top of his, weaving their fingers together.

Tony: "I see, so this other magnificently horny friend of yours wasn't that sort of friend?" He curled his fingers over hers and squeezed her hand. Tony kissed her neck and along her jawline as he spoke, grinning against her skin.

Rogue: "He decided he'd rather be with his baby mama than me, so no, we didn't get very far." Rogue giggled a bit and squirmed when his mouth moving on her neck tickled. "But that's so far in mah past that it ain't of any consequence anymore."

Tony: As his own baby mama was dead, he had no pithy response to that. Shaking it off, Tony laughed at her giggle, enjoying her body wriggling against his. "Well, good. I've got you all to myself then."

Rogue: "Did y' have any doubt 'bout that one?" She grinned at him over her shoulder, "Ah don't get naked with just anybody, y' know. Even if they are th' leader o' th' free world."

Tony: Setting aside that she couldn't get naked with just anybody, of course. "I am that." An idea formed and Tony's lips curled up into a scheming smile. "A fact of which we should take full advantage." Now on a mission, he gave her a kiss and sat up.

Rogue: Rogue happily accepted the kiss, but was a bit bewildered when he sat up. She pushed to sit too and blinked her big green eyes in confusion. "Maybe Ah'm bein' a bit naive, but Ah thought we were takin' advantage? O' both things: mah gettin' naked with you an' y'r bein' th' leader o' th' free world."

Tony: "We're in the White House, yet we aren't taking full advantage of all the... history we could make here." Tony popped off the bed and held out his hand to her. "I think it's time for a tour."

Rogue: "Tony?" She slowly reached out her hand to take his, still confused. "Y' actually want us t' get dressed? On y' day off? Are ya ill, sugah?"

Tony: "Get dressed? Absolutely not! I'm the president, after all." He grinned brightly when she took his hand, giving it a tug.

Rogue: Rogue laughed and fell into him when he tugged her off the bed, unable to catch herself with flight because of her inhibitor. "Don't y' think that's kinda... Scandalous?"

Tony: "Scandalous? Isn't that part of my official title?" The grin ramped up further and he caught her, taking advantage of the moment to pull her in tight.

Rogue: "Is it? Somehow that wasn't part o' mah trainin'." Her arms slid around his neck and she raised on her toes to press her lips to his. "Though, Ah guess if Ah'm part o' th' scandal then it's okay by me. What'd y' have in mind?"

Tony: Tony took his time returning her kiss, then pulled back to talk. "Well, we know you're familiar with this portion of the executive residence, but do you know how many rooms there are in the White House?"

Rogue: "Um. A lot?" She kind of hated feeling dumb about that, but she wiped most of that knowledge from her memory when she didn't have to check them for dangers every few hours. "Why? Are we gonna scamper t' every room while naked just t' see how long it takes f'r some paparazzi t' shoot us through a window?"

Tony: He laughed. "Are you kidding me? A paparazzi couldn't get an angle to shoot through these windows. We're going to see how long it takes the staff to catch us."

Rogue: Her eyes went huge and she laughed weakly, hoping he was kidding. "Y're not serious... Are y'? Ah mean... It's barely accepted that Ah'm ya girlfriend. They all think Ah just slept mah way int' th' job an' int' havin' a sugah daddy."

Tony: "Barely accepted?" Tony scoffed and shook his head, tsking at her. "I'm the most popular president in recent history. I mean, have you seen my approval ratings? The people love you..." His eyes softened for a moment, then snapped back into focus as he plucked her arms from his neck to take her hand and tug her toward the hall.

Rogue: That made her eye him for a moment until she was dragged towards the door, shaking her from her thoughts. "No, they love you. Ah'm just th' tart who's along f'r th' ride." She squeezed his hand, "Not that Ah mind bein' along f'r th' ride..." Oh, he was getting really close to actually being in the hall and she was still nervous about being in her own skin, even with her inhibitor. Her natural instincts were screaming that it wasn't safe.

Tony: "Hey! Hey." He pulled her in and gave her a hard kiss, then pulled back to meet her eyes. "Do not call yourself a tart, Anna Marie."

Rogue: Rogue knew that tone, but the kiss definitely took the harshness from it. Her eyes went wide when he used her real name. She almost forgot that he knew it at this point. Rogue opened her mouth to respond, but closed it since her two instincts were to snap at him for using her name or sass him for trying to scold her. Neither worked. Not right now.

Rogue: Instead, she said the first thought she had, "Ah f'rgot y' knew that..."

Tony: "I know all," he said with a smirk, taking in the shifting emotions crossing her face. "Now," he started, taking her hand again. "Come on. It'll be fun! It's late... there's no one around." Maybe. "Nude kitchen raid could also be fun."

Rogue: She tilted her head as she watched him watch her, wondering what he was thinking. Rogue grimaced as they got to the door and squeezed his hand, all nerves. "Th' inhibitor won't stop workin' right? You know what y' in f'r. Th' staff don't."

Tony: "Why would it stop working?" He winked. "Don't trust me?"

Rogue: "Y' know that ain't it." She pulled him to a stop before he could open the door. "Ah just don't wanna hurt anybody." Rogue looked up into his eyes and winced, "Th' patch short circuited... This could do th' same. Promise me it'll work still if we happen t' get caught by grabby handed people?"

Tony: He sighed and met her eyes, leaning down to give her a quick kiss. "I promise you. It's tough. I made it to last you."

Rogue: Rogue took a slow, deep breath, held it for a few seconds, then blew it out fast. "Okay. Lead th' way, Mr. President."

Tony: "It'd be my honor, Miss Battle." He cocked his head to give her a quick grin and flung open the door before she could protest, dragging her down the hall to a rotunda. Hearing footsteps and soft voices, he spun her into the curved wall, hiding them both behind an ornate pillar.

Tony: He pressed her against the wall, manic grin in place. "See? Fun!"

Rogue: Rogue barely had time to squeak before they were hiding again. The look on his face pulled a stifled giggle bubbling from her. "Y're such a bad influence on me. Xavier'd have mah hide if he knew this was how an X-Man was behavin'."

Rogue: But, Rogue did have to admit that it was kind of fun. Especially with Tony. The steps passed down another hall and she gave him a quick kiss, pulling him further down the hallway, giving him a tug to hide them behind a tapestry. Not because she had heard anything, but because she always wanted an excuse to hide behind one.

Tony: "I am a wonderful influence." It was Tony's turn to get dragged and slid behind the priceless tapestry.

Rogue: She grinned up at him and raised up on her toes to nip at his lower lip. "Y're horrible. But Ah love it."

Tony: Tony smiled against her mouth. "Horrible! I should be offended, but I'll let that slide."

Rogue: "Y're only lettin' it slide 'cause Ah'm right an' y' know Ah like it anyway." Rogue put both of her hands on his face, gave him a hard kiss, then slipped out from behind the tapestry without him.

Tony: Tony fought with the heavy fabric for a moment before joining her. "The Truman balcony is right out there if we want to give the paparazzi a better view." He gestured at the windows.

Rogue: Rogue chewed her lip and peered out the window from a few feet away. "Y' really want all of America seein' what Ah look like naked?"

Rogue: She gave him a sly look, "Ah mean, if that's whatcha into..."

Tony: "Hmm..." He considered this. "Your landscape does boast some spectacular peaks, but I think I would prefer they not be shared from sea to shining sea." He gave her a cheesy grin, eyes crinkled, and his gaze flicked to her chest.

Rogue: Rogue felt herself blush at his complimentary description and stepped further from the window. "Good, 'cause Ah really don't want 'em seein' it either. Mah skin is a hazard t' everybody's health but one, so far, an' Ah ain't wantin' people everywhere t' think it's safe t' touch on an everyday basis."

Rogue: She tiptoed to the corner and peeked around it, then gave him a smirk over her shoulder. "Tony, if we hurry, we could maybe get in a quickie right here in th' hallway 'fore anybody makes another round."

Tony: "Well, you're lucky you met me then," he grinned, picking up the hand attached to the wrist wearing the inhibitor bracelet. He kissed the back of her hand. "We could! But then, we'd miss out on the opportunity for a longie in the Lincoln Bedroom."

Rogue: Her features softened as he kissed her hand and she nodded, "Very lucky." And then he followed up the sweet with some standard Tony crazy and she laughed. "Is that really what this was about? You wanted to take me in the Lincoln Bedroom? Why are we sneaking around naked, then?"

Tony: "Because it's fun." He gave her a look as if she was covered in pudding and he needed a lick.

Rogue: Rogue felt her face heat and she couldn't meet his eyes anymore, lower lip caught between her teeth. He made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and like they were being so bad all at the same time. "Then let's continue havin' fun, sugah." She squeezed his hand and tugged him around the corner, heading for the Lincoln Bedroom.

Tony: Tony opened the door with a grin and pulled her inside, spinning her around and slamming the door shut before he pressed her up against it for a kiss.

Rogue: A tiny squeak escaped her before she was silenced by his mouth on hers and she melted against the door. Rogue slid her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss, enjoying the moment for a little bit before she broke it to grin at him. "Ah think Ah'll miss moments like this when y' not President anymore."

Tony: "But then we'll have Stark Tower, and my house...s," he replied, kissing and mouthing his way over her jaw and onto her neck.

Rogue: "Stark Tower?! Y' wanna do this where y' daughter works? Really? There's so many cameras there..." Even though she was a bit worried about that, she couldn't help her head tipping back to give him a broader expanse of her neck, urging him on with a tiny sigh of pleasure. "Y' gonna get one in Boston so y' c'n come see me a lot? Or am Ah gonna hafta just fly t' you when Ah need mah daily dose o' Tony?"

Tony: "Daily dose... I like that. Daily injection? Too far? Nah, I didn't think so, either." Tony happily babbled, voice gone rough with his desire, as he lowered himself to kiss over her sternum. "I could get a house in Boston..."

Rogue: "Ah don't want y' t' feel like ya hafta, though..." Her eyes fluttered closed, her head fell back against the door, and her fingers moved up to grip his hair. "Y' could always just stay with me at headquarters when y' visit."

Tony: Tony laughed. "Are any more of your little blue friends back?" His lips moved downward until he wrapped his arms around her to hoist her up.

Rogue: Rogue gasped and wrapped her legs around him, happy to not be strong enough to resist him. "No, thank goodness. Though, Ah've been stayin' at Bobby's a lot, so if they came back while Ah was gone, nobody said anythin' t' me."

Tony: Tony didn't know his way around the ornate Lincoln room terribly well, so he bumped into a gold settee on his way to the bed with her. "I meant to do that!"

Rogue: Rogue clung to Tony, instinctively trying to lift them up so she could keep her balance, but then remembered that she was wearing her inhibitor and thus couldn't fly or pick him up easily. So instead, she clung tight and laughed, "Just like y' 'meant' t' fall f'r me?" She felt her face heat a bit once she realized how she had worded that, but she hoped he knew what she meant, so tried to not let it show that she was embarrassed.

Tony: He caught his balance easily enough and stopped by the bed to kiss her before he deposited her on the embroidered cover. She was pink, and beautiful, looking up at him with wide eyes. His expression softened. "Yeah, exactly like that."

Rogue: She was about to push herself up to her elbows but stopped at his words. "Tony..." Her heart was pounding but she knew better than to press the issue. Starks didn't talk about their feelings, after all. Rogue finally pushed up to grab his hand and pull him slowly to her. "C'mere, you."

Tony: Tony climbed onto the bed and over her, stopping when they were face to face. "Yes? I'm here, Anna Marie." He smirked.

Rogue: The corner of her mouth twitched when he said her name again and she gently bumped his nose with hers. Rogue finally decided she liked him calling her that. "Mah name sounds good on y' lips. Does it feel weird, though?"

Tony: "Not at all." He grinned and gave her a kiss. "It feels natural. Very, very natural."

Rogue: Her smile grew and she kissed him back, lingering a bit. "Good. Keep it there, then." She brought her hand up to brush her thumb over his cheek. "Tony... Ah..." Rogue stopped herself and kissed him again.

Tony: Tony knew a dodge when he saw one, since he, too, was a master of the technique. He returned the kiss, settling himself just to her side so his hand was free to explore. After a moment, he broke their kiss just to watch her, his thumb brushing over her skin.

Rogue: Rogue turned her head to him, enjoying his touch with a soft smile on her face. Her eyes searched his features, looking for any sign that she had pushed her luck or that maybe she had been on the right track, but he just seemed the same. So, maybe that was good then. "Penny f'r y' thoughts?"

Tony: "They are worth far more than that," he chuckled, leaning in for another soft kiss.

Rogue: That made her laugh into the kiss and she pulled back to look him up and down, then down her own naked body. "Sorry, but Ah ain't got more'n that right now. Not even that if Ah'm bein' honest."

Tony: "I'm sure we can work out an arrangement." Tony considered her for a moment, opening his mouth, then closing it. There was a reason he never let women get too close, after all.

Rogue: "Ah'm sure we can," she smirked at him and shifted onto her side, propping her head up on her hand. Rogue regarded him for a long moment, wondering if she should let him dodge like he let her dodge. "Y' seem t' like mah body well 'nough. That seems like a good place t' start with payment, yeah?"

Tony: "Well enough?" He barked out a laugh, then shook his head. "You do realize how incredibly inappropriate it is to have this conversation in this room." Tony pushed himself up on his elbow to look around. "Honest Abe's ghost should be here any second."

Rogue: Rogue made a show of pushing up to look over her shoulder and at the room at large. She dramatically collapsed with a grateful whoosh of air. "Ah think we're safe. That was a close one, sugah!"

Tony: "It was, and all over a penny with his portrait on it." Tony tsked and flopped down beside her.

Rogue: She laughed and let her head fall to the side to look at him again. "Truth be told, Ah think he'd be okay with what we were talkin' 'bout. Every President needs t' be able t' have someone they c'n confide in. He may not've approved o' our 'intimate relations' but th' talkin'... That'd be okay."

Tony: "Intimate relations," he repeated with a snicker. "But, you're right... and I do appreciate that. You're-" Tony stopped himself, frowning. "I'm going to stop while I'm ahead."

Rogue: Rogue rolled onto her side and propped her head up again, eyeing him with narrowed, critical eyes. "Were y' 'bout t' call me somethin' not nice? 'Cause that's th' only thing Ah c'n think that'd make y' get on mah bad side while we're both naked in th' White House."

Tony: "No," he laughed, then sighed at himself. "I was... about to say something sentimental that would just sound insincere, considering the source."

Rogue: "Anythin' y' say sentimental Ah never take as insincere since y' never say anythin' sentimental." She smirked and rocked forward to give him a kiss then rocked back to where she had been and her gaze softened. "Ah don't want y' t' say somethin' y' ain't sure y' wanna, though. But, if we're bein' honest, here in Honest Abe's room, Ah'm glad it wasn't somethin' not nice."

Tony: "It wasn't anything like that..." Tony moved closer again and smoothed her hair back, hand sliding over her shoulder to pull her tight against his body. "And, I am being honest, in honor of honest Abe." His lips twitched. "I'm... glad you're here with me."

Rogue: "Ah'm glad Ah'm here with y' too, Tony." Rogue lifted her chin to catch his lips in a gentle kiss. "Nowhere else Ah'd rather be than here." Her lip twitched and she bit it to try and keep a straight face, "Naked. In a dead man's room."

Tony: A straight face was impossible and Tony giggled. "See, you took the words from my mouth, no change necessary." He gave her an answering soft kiss. "But, fun fact - this wasn't his bedroom."

Rogue: She frowned in curiosity and looked over her shoulder at the room again, "No? Ah mean, Ah know Washington didn't live here 'cause it was built after his presidency, but... really?" Rogue looked back at Tony, "This wasn't his bedroom? Then which dead man's room am Ah naked in?"

Tony: The White House has been remodeled by nearly every president. I, of course, did some necessary technological upgrades, gratis." He grinned.

Tony: "It was the dead man's office.

January 17 2:55 AM Rogue: "Ah would expect absolutely nothin' less, sugah. An' Ah'm sure y' did 'em all yaself." She grinned and gave him another kiss. "But, office.... Huh." Rogue traced the shape of his ear with her fingertips while she thought about the fact that she was naked in a dead man's office. "So, this room could easily have th' secretary fantasy played out an' it wouldn't be too far off."

Tony: "It very well could have, especially if Kennedy or Clinton used it." Tony gave her a wink and returned that kiss.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes went a bit wide, "Gross. Suddenly, somethin' 'bout th' secretary fantasy ain't appealin' anymore."

Tony: That made Tony laugh outright. "I'm sure I'm not that far from the norm for the commander in chief, they've just taken greater care to hide their scandals."

Rogue: "Ah think y're a far cry from th' norm in all th' best ways, sugah." She grinned at him, "Not countin' th' scandal o' datin' y'r daughter's teacher."

Tony: He made a dismissive noise. "Bottom of the list there." Hope had remained Hope about the entire situation, of course, but he hadn't expected anything else of her. Tony rolled onto his back and looked up at the intricate wallpaper and molded plaster.

Rogue: Rogue laid her hand on his chest and watched his face for a moment then decided to not ask again. She lowered her head to kiss his shoulder and let her fingers play with his chest hair, slowly drifting around his torso. "Y' do know that Ah'm happy with y', don'tcha? Scandals an' all."

Tony: Tony smiled up at the ceiling. "I am too." He looked down at her, what he could see, anyway, and wrapped his arm around her, using his other hand to catch one of hers. "Happy, that is. You make me happy. You're feisty. Keep me... on my toes. It's good. For me, that is."

Rogue: She nuzzled his collarbone to try and hide her smile. She wasn't sure how he would take the fact that she thought it was cute when he got flustered. "Well y' sure keep me on mah toes, too. Ah think ya excitement 'bout life matches well with mah feisty. Ah'm glad o' that."

Tony: "You're right, I think. We're... good together." He gave her a slight squeeze and looked around for Abe's ghost again.

Rogue: Rogue laughed and shook her head a bit, "Damned Sebastian Shaw." She tipped her head up to look at him, mocking pout in place. "Does this mean I have to like him now?"

Tony: "So long as you don't like him too much," he laughed. "I've played that game with him before he was married." Tony smirked and craned his neck to kiss her pout. "You, I plan on keeping."

Rogue: Her nose wrinkled at that thought, "Ah think Ah'd be murdered by mah best friend if Ah ever did anythin' with that evil sonuva... person. Also, gross." Rogue shimmied up to be even with his face, giving him a sly grin. "Y' gonna keep me, huh?"

Tony: "I am." He paused. "Well. I plan to, unless you have other plans?"

Rogue: "Ah definitely don't, sugah." She gave him a kiss and nipped gently at his lower lip when she pulled back. "But y' know what a kept woman means, right?"

Tony: "You can't be looking for a prenup already?" Tony laughed and rolled to flip her onto her back. "Ruthless!"

Rogue: Rogue laughed with him and wrapped her hands over his biceps, brushing his skin with her thumbs. "Course not! But Ah do expect some amount o' y' sugarin' me if y' plan t' make me a kept woman."

Tony: "Understood. Pure cane, no Splenda." He grinned down at her, then leaned in for a kiss.

Rogue: She couldn't help but laugh again then met him halfway for that kiss. Her hands slid up his arms, over his shoulders, and into his hair, holding him in the kiss as she lowered her head back down to the mattress.

Rogue: If he really planned on keeping her, she figured she should give him something in return (not that it was any kind of chore for her), so Rogue slipped one leg up around his hips and broke the kiss to smile at him. "Y've only ever given me th' purest o' sugah. Ah don't expect y'll ever change that."

Tony: "I am Tony Stark," he reminded her between kisses. "I have to live up to those expectations." Tony nipped at her lower lip and trailed kisses over her jaw, teasingly brushing his neat goatee over her skin.

Rogue: "Tony Stark'r not, y' definitely didn't have any expectations t' live up to f'r me. Until just now, anyhow." Her eyes closed and she tipped her head to rub more of her skin against his facial hair. "If both of us lived up t' what other people's expectations are of us, this woulda ended a long time ago."

Tony: "Well," he said, drawing the word out as he tickled her with mouth and hair. "I do enjoy defying expectations..." Tony slid his hand over her side and down her hip, catching the back of her thigh to pull her leg higher over his waist.

Rogue: "Ah particularly enjoy it when it puts us where we are right now," she let her desire play in her voice, "Don't you?" Rogue took the cue and hugged him a bit tighter with her leg, pulling him in closer.

Tony: "Absolutely." Tony raised his head to look at her for a moment, before he bent to catch her mouth for a deep kiss.

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