2/5 Issue: Ripley's Believe It Or Not

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2/5 Issue: Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Post by Esynthia » Sat Feb 06, 2021 1:18 am

Timeline: A few days after Issue: Honest Tony

Carol: Carol yawned and leaned back in her chair, stretching and looking over at the clock. Time for more coffee! She rolled her chair out and got to her feet, picking up her empty mug on the way to the door. Did emails count as paperwork? She was sure getting a lot of them... but they weren't as boring as paperwork.... yet.

Rogue: Rogue stepped into Carol's doorway, hand poised to knock on the frame when she saw the other woman heading for the door. "Hey! Ready f'r y' lunch break? Pretty sure Bobby'll be here soon. Ah f'r one am tired o' workin' t' set th' basement t' rights."

Carol: "Does coffee count as lunch?" Carol held up her empty mug. Probably not but unless someone had come by and made something that wasn't a sandwich she wasn't going to eat. She was bored of sandwiches. Maybe she could get Rogue to make her food.

Ripley: "Are you sure I've been here before?" Chin in her hand, Rip looked up and then up some more as her dad's old truck rolled to a stop.

Bobby: "Yep, I'm sure. You were probably too little to remember it. We never lived here after... the other school." Bobby made a face as he cut the engine.

Rogue: She laughed and shook her head. "No. Y' need protein t' keep y' healthy. C'mon then. Ah'll make somethin'." Rogue looped her arm through Carol's and took a cursory look at the screen that monitored the front lawn as she pulled her into the hall. "Oh! Bobby!" She let go of Carol and flew to open the door, grinning from ear to ear at the familiar truck.

Carol: Damn! So close to free food! She sighed, "I'll be in the kitchen!" she called over her shoulder. Definitely needed more coffee.

Rogue: "Ah'll be there in a minute t' cook! Ah promise," she called over her shoulder.

Bobby: Bobby was occupied with looking for his phone when Ripley perked up and took off to see her auntie.

Rogue: Rogue flew to meet Ripley and scooped her up, twirling her around, enjoying the rewarding familiar giggle. "Hey, sugah!" She carefully kissed Ripley through her hair when she stopped spinning.

Ripley: "Dad says I've been here before, but I don't remember, so I don't believe him." She looked over Auntie Rogue's shoulder at the building again. "Nope. Definitely not."

Rogue: Rogue laughed and rolled her eyes. "Y' used t' come here with me every day 'fore y' daddy married Paige."

Bobby: "Hey hey, Roguey!" Bobby still hadn't found his phone, which was always a good sign. Giving up, he slammed the door of the old blue truck and started across the lot to the girls.

Rogue: "Hey, Bobby!" She gave him a grin and took Ripley's hand, spinning her in a circle with it while Bobby caught up to them. "Ah was just 'bout t' make lunch f'r Carol an' me. Y'all hungry?"

Bobby: "Always, of course. Especially if you're cooking, babe." He returned the grin and caught Ripley to ruffle her green hair.

Carol: Carol was getting herself an approximation of lunch while she waited in the kitchen. Sitting on the counter, she munched on some cookies and watched the coffee pot.

Rogue: "Great! C'mon then." She hauled Ripley under her arm like a football with a resounding squeal from said football. "Anythin' in particular th' two of y' want?" Rogue nudged the door open with her shoulder as she looked back at Bobby, then down at her carry-on. "Mac an' cheese? PB an' J? Anchovies in chocolate sauce?"

Bobby: "Oh, definitely the anchovies. Nah, wait, sardines." Bobby fell into step behind them.

Ripley: "Mac and cheese, duh!" She barely got it out between giggles, going limp to see if that would help. "I need my lightsaber!"

Rogue: "Oh, what 'bout liver an' onions! That's every kid's fav'rite, right?" She jostled Ripley a bit to give her ribs a quick tickle. "Y' wouldn't dare use y'r weapon 'gainst th' one who gave it t' ya! Otherwise y'd be a sith an y' daddy'd be sooo saaaad."

Ripley: Rip squealed and giggled and squirmed but she was still stuck tight under the arm. "But, you said you're a sith, Auntie Rogue!"

Rogue: "Shh! Don't tell Daddy!"

Bobby: "Oh, I already know your auntie's evil preference, Rip..." Bobby made a face at the liver and onions. "I draw the line on the liver and onions myself. Bleargh. Pass!"

Rogue: Rogue laughed and made her way to the kitchen, shifting Ripley to her back. "Ah ain't too fond o' it mahself." She grinned at Bobby, "So, mac an' cheese f'r Rip an' maybe some fajitas f'r th' three adults?"

Carol: Coffee! Carol hopped off the counter to fill her cup as she heard Rogue in the hall.

Bobby: "Fajitas? Shiiiit, this day keeps improving." He spotted Carol as they entered the kitchen and ramped up the grin. "Hey, Carol!"

Rogue: "Hey! Language!" Rogue made a face over her shoulder at Ripley, who giggled and squirmed down to go see what kind of cookies Carol had.

Carol: "Hey, kiddo!" Carol smiled at Ripley, keeping her coffee and cookies safely out of reach and shooting a questioning look at Bobby.

Bobby: "Okay, Paige," he teased, finding a spot on the counter to park himself. "Hey, Rip, why don't you chill on the cookies until after you suck down all of Auntie Roguey's mac and cheese?"

Ripley: Ripley pouted and gave the heaviest of sighs.

Carol: "Sorry, kiddo. I guess you have to wait til you're an adult before you get to have dessert first."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Bobby for that remark, but didn't say anything in front of Ripley. "Ah'll make y'rs first, sugah." She went to the fridge to pull out everything she needed for both meals, then to the pantry for the tortillas and noodles, then set to work finding the right pots and pans. "This kitchen needs t' be reorganized. Clearly somebody who doesn't cook set it up."

Carol: "Don't look at me..." Carol returned to her own spot on the counter with her coffee and cookies. "Feel free to move stuff around... but not my coffee. Leave that where it is."

Rogue: "So long as y' don't mind mah movin' th' coffee pot, which takes it away from y' coffee... Or th' coffee could just follow it."

Carol: "Leave them both alone! I can find them when I'm an uncaffeinated zombie. They have to stay there."

Rogue: "They're in th' way, gal." She arched an eyebrow at Carol. "What if Ah move it t' y' office an' buy a new one f'r in here?"

Carol: "Do you ever want me to actually leave my office? Because if you do that I might not..."

Rogue: Rogue barked a laugh, "Good point. Cain't have that."

Bobby: Bobby leaned over and snagged the pot, taking a sniff. "Wooo, damn. Babe, you sure this is coffee?"

Carol: "That's what it says on the packet," Carol confirmed. "What are you trying to say about my coffee?"

Rogue: "He's sayin' it ain't chicory."

Bobby: "I think it might be related to the stuff they pave the roads with." He gave her a shit eating grin and swirled the dark liquid in the pot.

Carol: Bobby got the finger-gun to the forehead.

Bobby: "OW, motherfucker!" He nearly dropped the pot, then shot a look at Rip. "I didn't say that, right?"

Ripley: "Whatcha gonna give me not to tell?"

Carol: Carol put her coffee and cookies down to rescue the pot and put it back on the hotplate.

Rogue: Rogue gave Ripley a look. "Y' not gonna tell. An' Daddy ain't gonna say it again. Right, Daddy?"

Carol: "It's okay," she told the coffee, "He's sorry."

Ripley: She screwed up her nose and sighed, "Fiiine."

Bobby: "He's only sorry that he got shot in the forehead!" Bobby gave Carol a stare that didn't hold when he looked at her talking to the pot. He shook his head and laughed.

Carol: "You'll be sorry you got shot in the ass too if you badmouth coffee in front of me again."

Rogue: "Children, y' both pretty." She shot Carol a look. "Damnit, language!"

Carol: She laughed, "Language, yourself!"

Rogue: "...Dang it?" She looked back at Ripley and noticed the girl was trying to keep her giggles stifled with both hands. "Oh, alright. Y' c'n laugh, gal. Go 'head."

Bobby: Ripley did just that and Bobby watched her with a soft smile. She looked so much like her mom.

Carol: Carol topped off her coffee and set the pot back on the hotplate, warming her mug with her powers. "So, what are we eating?"

Rogue: "Mac an' cheese f'r Miss Ripley an' fajitas f'r us pretend grown-ups." She set Ripley's water on to boil and moved to get some spices for the meat she was going to slice. "Sound okay?"

Carol: "Oh, hey, you know I'll eat anything."

Bobby: "Sounds good, babe," he said, shaking himself out of his thoughts when Ripley caught him staring and poked out her tongue before turning to inspect a poster on the wall.

Rogue: "Great!" She pulled her gloves off and stuffed them in her belt then started seasoning the meat.

Ripley: Her gaze shifted around the room and she sighed, "Daaad. I'm booored." She spun in a circle on the stool, kicking the counter of the island every time she went by to give herself more momentum.

Carol: Carol watched the gloves go into Rogue's belt and then turned her attention to the spinning child. "Well... there's a whole huge building you can explore...."

Bobby: "Don't break anything," he said automatically, making a shooing motion, then stopped. "Don't go outside or downstairs. Otherwise, have fun. May the force be with you."

Ripley: "Yay! Thanks!" She hopped down and ran out, then skidded to a stop in the hall, turned around and popped her head back in. "Can you yell for me when my food's done?"

Rogue: Rogue laughed and shook her head. "Sure, sugah. Have fun." She turned back to the meat when she saw Ripley grin and dash away again. "So, what's new, Bugs?"

Carol: Carol took her coffee to the doorway to listen for any drama while still being in earshot of the adults so she could talk to them too.

Bobby: "Nothin' new under the sun, Dollface." Bobby let his legs swing, but stopped just short of kicking the cabinets. He was housebroken, after all. "How's things with the ego?"

Rogue: "Th' ego?" She frowned at him, then registered what he meant. "Oh! Tony? Um..." Rogue looked behind her to make sure Carol was still paying attention and that Ripley was definitely gone. "So, Ah'm pretty sure he almost told me he loved me th' other day... We were rompin' 'round th' White House naked an' there was lots o' nearly sayin' somethin's then changin' his mind."

Carol: Carol was glad she hadn't been drinking at that moment because she was pretty sure she would have inhaled her coffee.

Bobby: Bobby kind of wished he was drinking something, and it'd have to be stronger than coffee. "No shit?!"

Rogue: Rogue made a face at both of their reactions. Maybe saying something had been a bad idea. She turned back to her task, pouring some oil in a hot skillet to cook the meat. "Yeah... Nobody's said that t' me since Sam. Ah'm not sure how'd it'd feel hearin' it fr'm somebody else. Ah might like it, but... It might hurt."

Carol: "Or it might feel good..." Carol offered from the doorway.

Bobby: "She's right, babe." He leaned into her peripheral vision to grin. "I don't think it's something he'd say if he didn't mean it. He's not that kind of dick." Bobby smirked. "Although you'd know more about his dick than me."

Carol: Carol wrinkled her nose, "Ewww...."

Rogue: Rogue grinned and felt her face flush, turning her head away from Bobby in hopes that he didn't see it. "Ah ain't thinkin' he'd say it if he didn't mean it. Ah just mean that hearin' it fr'm somebody who ain't Sam might suck. Or, Ah guess, t' y'r point, Carol, it might release me fr'm feelin' trapped. Anyway, point is, what do Ah do?"

Carol: "Let him figure it out?" Carol shrugged.

Bobby: "If he's that close to saying it, I'd guess it won't take him that long to figure it out." Bobby totally saw the blush, but didn't call her on it, sitting back up to lean against the cabinet. "Do you know how you feel about him?"

Rogue: "That's more what Ah meant... Ah don't know what Ah'd say back. Ah like 'im a lot, but..." She sighed and looked over her shoulder at Carol. They'd talked. She knew. "Ah dunno. Maybe?"

Carol: "You know you don't have to say it back, right? It's not gonna change how he feels..."

Bobby: "I mean, he knows your history, so I'm sure he'd understand taking your time." He saw Carol and Anna exchange looks. Oh, good, girl code.

Rogue: "Ah know Ah don't gotta say it back, but... Ah dunno. Ah'm torn. This calls f'r booze. Later. After th' kid's not here." She finished with the chicken and moved on to cooking the steak. "Bobby? Y' gotta have some thoughts, right? Ah mean, y' seemed more shocked'n me 'bout it."

Carol: "That might just be surprise that Tony has feelings...." Carol supplied, poking her head out into the hall to see if she could spy the kid.

Bobby: "Not that he has feelings, babe," he amended. "Surprised he's decided to almost share them. Big steps for a Stark." Bobby chuckled a little, thinking of the two Starks in his life.

Rogue: "Well, he did ask me t' be his girlfriend, which was also a pretty big step. So, maybe Ah'm just someone who helps people make steps?" She laughed, "Hopefully Ah won't make somebody take steps away."

Carol: "If you were going to help anyone take steps away it'd be me and I'm still here..." Carol pointed out, frowning as she didn't see the kid.

Bobby: "I'm still here, too!" He leaned to grin at her again. "Like a bad penny."

Rogue: Rogue took a step towards Bobby to bump him affectionately with her shoulder, "Mah lucky penny." She kissed his shoulder and moved back to the steak before it got too done. "Ah do see y'r point there, Carol, but Ah raise y' with y' wanted t' kill me when we first met up again. So..."

Ripley: This was booooooriiiiiiiiiing... She had been in every room that wasn't locked, and some that were because what good were powers if you couldn't use them for innocent fun like that, and now she was hungry again. How did she get to the stairs again?

Carol: "I got over it..." Carol shrugged.

Bobby: "What's a little attempted murder between friends? We've all been there." Bobby nodded, realizing he hadn't heard Ripley for a while. He tilted his head to listen. "Hey, do you hear anything? Like... a kid? A quiet kid is a dangerous kid."

Ripley: "Got 'em!" Rip stood at the top of the stairs, eying them with her hands on her hips. Her gaze shifted to the banister and a grin slowly curled onto her face.

Ripley: "Geronimoooo!" Ripley leaped onto the railing and sailed down, "Whoo!" One more curve to go... Suddenly, she lost her balance and tried to correct it, but ended up falling backward over the rail instead of forward onto the stairs. She screamed in terror as she toppled over. Her back hit the ground and shoved all the air out of her in a whoosh, and she bounced once, her head hitting the corner of a marble topped table.

Ripley: Ripley lay prone, mouth gaping like a fish, eyes wide as saucers as she felt the blood trickle down her forehead. And then, out of nowhere, she could breathe. And she wailed, tears already streaming down her face. "DADDYYYYY!"

Carol: Carol was already in the hallway, her coffee cup smashing on the tiled floor. That looked like it had hurt... but at least she was crying. That was probably a good sign... She crouched and, more out of instinct than any actual training, she put her hand over the very bloody headwound.

Bobby: "Fuck me! Rip!" Bobby launched himself off the cabinet and followed Carol out of the kitchen at a run. She was already there, and then he saw the blood, automatically looking up to see how far she'd fallen. Also, she could fucking fly! "Rip?"

Rogue: Rogue jumped, knocking the skillet off the stove and bolted into the hallway after Bobby, "Rip?!" Her first instinct was to scoop Ripley up and check her from head to toe, but she forced herself to stay back. Carol was helping her and Bobby was here. She would just hover off to the side and wring her hands together. Hands. Skin! She yanked her gloves from her belt and pulled them on just in case Ripley needed her, too.

Carol: Apart from the very nasty headwound, Ripley looked to be in one piece. No bones were sticking out anyway... but the headwound was enough. Her nose wrinkled a little as she lifted her hand just a touch to take a look. Were her eyes playing tricks on her or was it closing?

Bobby: Bobby crouched beside her, trying not to panic at the amount of blood on Carol's hand, Ripley's face, and the floor. At least, when Carol pulled her hand back it didn't look dangerous. "Rip, can you talk?"

Ripley: "Ooooow, shiiiiiit...."

Carol: Carol had to laugh at that, "That's a yes..."

Rogue: Rogue worried at her lip as she watched the scene unfolding, not even going to say anything about Ripley cursing. She knew who she had gotten that one from. She sounded just like her dad. "Is... Is she okay? What happened?"

Bobby: "Well, she fell off the railing, somehow." Bobby wasn't going to point out the whole flying part while his child was crying and bleeding on the floor. He grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Does anything else hurt, baby girl?"

Carol: "Ripley decided to learn why we don't take the express route down the stairs..." Carol replied, lifting her hand again. Huh. Now there was no wound. "Stupid question.... does this one heal?"

Ripley: She struggled to sit up and crawled into her daddy's arms, sobbing against his shoulder. Her head didn't hurt anymore. "My butt hurts," she mumbled between hiccups.

Rogue: Rogue crouched beside Bobby and smoothed Ripley's hair back, pressing a long kiss to the top of her head. "Dang it, sugah. Y' scared us."

Bobby: "I'm sure it does..." He hugged her lightly in case she was broken and looked up at Carol. "Not that we know of? But... I didn't know I could either until..." Vic gutted him. Bobby's face screwed up at that memory. "But she's never shown any of my powers. Just Lorna's."

Ripley: "I didn't..." She sniffed and wiped her nose on Bobby's shoulder. "I didn't ice."

Carol: "Well..." Carol rubbed her thumb over where the wound had been to wipe the blood away, "She's not bleeding anymore..."

Bobby: "Huh." He frowned at both women, shrugging his other shoulder and making a mental note to check his shirt for snot. "I dunno. Rip, babe, does your butt feel better, too?" Phrasing. Oh well.

Carol: Ripley might be feeling better but Carol was feeling a little dizzy. She decided to sit down where she was, "Rogue, could you get a cloth or something to clean this up...?"

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Carol. "Y' alright, gal?" Now that she felt her heart starting again, knowing that Ripley was okay, she was noticing other things. "Yeah, Ah'll clean it up."

Ripley: Ripley sniffed and rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands. "No... It still huuuurts."

Carol: "I'm fine..." Carol waved away the concern. "You did land pretty hard on it..." she commented on Ripley's butt talk.

Bobby: "Well, then you didn't heal that..." Bobby helped her wipe her eyes and raked her messy green hair back from her face, grimacing at the blood on his hands and in her hair. "Think you can walk? We'll get you cleaned up?"

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow but didn't say anything, heading for the kitchen. She got an ice pack for Rip's tailbone and some warm, damp towels as well as some dry ones. All old that wouldn't be missed if she couldn't get the blood out in the wash. She walked back out and knelt in front of Bobby, handing Ripley the pack with a smile, and handing him one of the wet cloths to clean her up with. "Try this."

Carol: Carol held out a hand for one of the damp cloths to clean the blood off her own skin. "At least we don't have to go to the emergency room..." She frowned up at the lights as the flickered.

Bobby: "Thanks, babe..." He took the cloth from Anna and helped Ripley get the pack settled on her ass, although he wasn't keen on spending all day on the floor with her. Walk it off in his dad's voice was replaying in his head when the lights flickered. "...wha?"

Rogue: Rogue paused with the cloth halfway to Carol and looked up. "Y're fine alright."

Carol: "Okay... so I'm a little dizzy..." She admitted, leaning to take the cloth.

Bobby: Bobby looked over at Carol with a frown, pausing his wiping at Ripley, which she was dodging anyway. "...maybe you're the healy one?"

Carol: Carol blinked at him, "Because blasting things with energy and punching holes in walls screams 'healer' to you?"

Rogue: Rogue let Carol take the cloth and moved around them all to start wiping up the blood. She frowned as she thought over what Bobby said. "Seein' as how y' c'n manipulate y'r energy t' have a diff'rent output levels, Ah don't see why y' couldn't've healed her, Carol." She glanced at Ripley, "Did y' feel anythin' fuzzy when Miss Carol was holdin' y' head?"

Ripley: Ripley ducked the cloth again, flailing at it while trying to keep the ice pack in place. "It felt... Funny? I dunno, Auntie Rogue..." She super frowned at her aunt, then smooshed her face into her dad's chest. "I want mac and cheeeeeeese," she whined.

Carol: Carol wiped her hands off as she considered Rogue's words, "I feel like I've expended a bunch of energy... but I didn't feel myself doing it..."

Bobby: "Well, if you're hungry then you're definitely fine," he laughed, which made Ripley flick her bloody rag in his face.

Rogue: Rogue laughed at Ripley and shook her head. "Ah'll finish it as soon as Ah finish cleanin' up th' mess y' made fr'm not catchin' y'rself with flyin'." She balled up one towel, trying to keep the blood inside it, then moved to use a damp one to make sure the marble and wood didn't stain. "Do we need t' have a powers session, Carol? Boy, it's been ages since Ah've used that term."

Carol: "You know where we can find injured people that'll let me test my maybe-powers on them?"

Bobby: "Want me to chuck 'er back over the railing?" He started to lift Ripley and she squeaked and slapped him with the rag again. "Okay, I deserved that."

Rogue: "Ah more meant that Ah'd absorb ya an' tell y' f'r sure one way or another. Since Ah cain't get hurt an' neither c'n Bobby, really. An' Ah second Ripley's sentiment 'bout his idea."

Carol: "Or I can go visit Hope and no one has to touch anyone..." she suggested, too busy trying to modulate her energy absorbtion before she tripped the circuit breaker to moderate her response.

Rogue: "Right. Hope. Does what Ah do only better. Hates that Ah'm datin' her dad. She's a peach." Rogue tried to hide her disdain in her voice, but wasn't sure she succeeded. Ripley seemed none the wiser though as she tried to stand up. "Careful, sug. Go slow an' work out th' kinks b'fore y' go back t' full speed."

Bobby: "Eh, walk it off, kiddo." Bobby gave Ripley a bright grin when she shot him a dark look, holding the ice pack to her ass. Still, when he hopped to his feet he steadied her with his arm around her shoulders.

Carol: "Sorry, kiddo... don't think I've got enough juice left to make your butt not hurt..."

Rogue: Rogue watched Ripley walk back toward the kitchen with a wince of sympathy. "Maybe we need a flyin' lesson. Teach y' t' catch y'self if that happens again. It ain't second nature at first." She cleaned up the rest of the blood and stood, holding a gloved hand down to Carol, "Up an' at 'em, gal."

Carol: "Yeah..." She took the hand, using her free one to steady herself on the wall. "I'm fine..."

Bobby: Bobby walked with Ripley and steered her to a chair, where the girl gingerly sat. "That's a good idea, babe. Mom and I can't help you with flying."

Ripley: "Can we wait until my butt doesn't hurt first?"

Rogue: Rogue's nose twitched, but she bit her tongue and headed back to the stove to put the noodles in the still boiling water. "Ah know y' mama's power backward an' f'rward, sugah. Ah c'n teach y' how t' control it better'n anybody else, prob'ly. If y' want."

Carol: Carol leaned against the wall for a moment to gather herself. Probably it would be smart to take a flight to build up some energy.

Ripley: "Like you know dad's powers, right?" She looked at her father for confirmation.

Bobby: "Yep. Auntie Roguey knows all," he laughed, ruffling her green hair and noting that they'd need to get her in a shower before Paige saw her.

Rogue: "Exactly." Rogue's features softened when she smiled at Ripley. "Just like that." She looked back towards Carol and frowned, "Do y' need me t' go find a generator'r somethin'?"

Carol: "I'm fine!" She repeated, taking her weight with her flight powers and heading for the front door, "I'll be back in a minute...."

Bobby: "Don't 'I'm fine' at us, Carol! We coined that phrase!" He called after her, giving Anna a concerned look. "I can watch the noodles, go after her, babe."

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow at Carol, and gave Bobby the same look back. "Thanks." She jogged until she got to the stairs, then lifted into the air to catch up to Carol, "Hey! What's goin' on, sugah?"

Carol: "I need an energy bump before I trip a fuse somewhere... Gonna go hit up space for some juice."

Rogue: "Okay... Do y' need help gettin' t' th' ozone layer?"

Bobby: Bobby went to the stove and gave the noodles a stir, poking his tongue out at his daughter when she told him not to freeze them.

Carol: Carol shook her head, "Nah... if I fall, the friction'll charge me up anyway..."

Rogue: Rogue gave her a look, "Yeah but how y' gonna explain th' crater in th' pavement if y' don't get very far?"

Carol: "I don't think it'll require much explanation if that happens because I'll still be in it when the authorities show up."

Rogue: That made her snicker, "Ah guess that's true." She shook her head and sighed, then gestured to the door, "Alright, gal. Good luck."

Carol: "Yeah..." Carol waved it off, using a little of the energy she had left to swap her clothes before taking off straight up.

Rogue: Rogue watched her go and shook her head again, then went back to the kitchen. "Looks like it's just us chickens f'r a bit. Did y' burn tha noodles, Bugs?"

Bobby: "I didn't burn them, or freeze them." He had been tempted to clear the steam from the strainer, however. Bleh. He gestured at the noodles in the strainer with a flourish.

Rogue: Rogue gave him an impressed look and gave the air next to his cheek a kiss. "Thanks!" She gave Ripley a grin, "Ah'll have y'r mac an' cheese done in a jif, baby girl. Then we'll eat like kings! ...Except if anybody wants steak fajitas. They'll eat like rats off th' floor."

Bobby: "I'm cool with that. Just gotta give the five second rule an emergency extension, right?" Bobby gave both girls a bright grin.

Rogue: Rogue and Ripley both wrinkled their nose as they looked at each other. "Ewww," they said in unison. "Y' daddy's gross. Why do we put up with him?" She tickled Ripley on her way back to the stove to stir the cheese into the noodles and toss some peppers on a fresh skillet.

Ripley: She squealed and giggled, "Because we love him. Duh!"

Rogue: "Duh! O' course!"

Bobby: "Duh," he agreed with a laugh, sliding his arm around Anna's waist and giving her cheek a kiss through her hair.

Rogue: Rogue's grin grew and she leaned into him while she stirred. "Duh," she repeated, a bit softer. This was her happy place.

Ripley: A scowl formed on her face as she watched her dad and Auntie Rogue. No fair. Then she grinned and shuffled quietly over, sore butt forgotten, and stuck her head between them so she could be a part of the hug, too, wrapping a small arm around each of them. "Group hug!"

Carol: Carol landed on the lawn, feeling much better after a bath in solar radiation. She swapped her clothing back to normal before heading inside again. "I'm back minus remnants of crater...." she called.

Bobby: "Group hug cures all ills, huh, pipsqueak?" Bobby bent and carefully picked Ripley up, settling her on his hip like he did when she was much smaller. He heard Carol come in the door and blinked at Anna. "She sounds better..."

Rogue: Rogue kissed Ripley's covered shoulder when Bobby brought her up to his hip. "Love cures all ills." Her eyebrows went up and she looked towards the sound of Carol's voice and gave Bobby a shrug. "Space has lots o' energy t' draw from."

Carol: She reached the doorway and sighed at the broken mug and coffee all over the floor. A moment of silence for the soldier fallen in battle.

Bobby: Bobby shrugged in response and set Ripley back down after a kiss to her healed forehead. "You feeling better now, babe?"

Carol: "I can do this again so yeah..." She briefly lit up all orange and glowy to demonstrate. "Can't do that if my reserves are low..."

Bobby: He winced and shaded his eyes. "Warn a guy, will ya."

Rogue: Rogue grinned at Carol and looked down at Ripley who was staring in awe. "Y' stunned th' Drakes!"

Carol: Carol laughed, "Jealous?" She went to get some paper towels for the spilled coffee and a broom for the bits of mug. "Only room for one person this awesome around here."

Bobby: "How'd your head fit back through the door?"

Carol: Bobby's ass got the finger-gun.

Rogue: Rogue laughed. "Play nice you two."

Bobby: "Mothe-rrrrr-ahhh-pussbucket!" He barely caught himself and Ripley just laughed along with Anna. "Oooow." He rubbed at his ass dramatically.

Rogue: Rogue took Ripley from Bobby so he could better rub his sore behind. "See? Now Daddy's got a hurt butt too. And Miss Carol is butt hurt. Two very different things."

Bobby: Bobby snorted, unable to help it, then cackled.

Carol: And Rogue got the finger-gun! Finger-gun was getting a workout today.

Rogue: Rogue gave Carol a toothy grin, "That tickles. Do it again."

Carol: Ooooh those were fighting words. Her own grin turned devious.

Rogue: Rogue saw the grin and laughed again, "Ah'm holdin' a kid an' Ah'm cookin' y'r lunch. That tussle can wait, gal."

Bobby: "Rip, you're a human shield. Remember this milestone." He laughed.

Carol: Carol pouted but decided food was more important. "I'll let you off only because there's food involved."

Rogue: "Ah figured that'd be y'r answer." Ripley frowned at her and Rogue mock-pouted, "Still love me?"

Ripley: Ripley eyed her carefully and then threw her arms around her aunt's neck. "Yep!"

Bobby: "All would be forgiven when she's filled with mac and cheese anyway, right, kiddo?" Bobby started to open cabinet doors to find her a bowl.

Ripley: Rip giggled and nodded, carefully maneuvering to kiss her aunt's cheek through her hair like her dad had done a few minutes ago. "Food is the way to my heart. Or so Daddy said before. I like food."

Carol: "Food is good," Carol agreed. "Your Aunt Rogue and your daddy will tell you I'll eat anything."

Bobby: "I signed us up for some floor fajitas while you were gone. You in?" Score! Making a sound of triumph, Bobby pulled out a bowl and went to dish some up for his daughter.

Carol: Carol shrugged, "Not like it'll kill me."

Bobby: "That's the spirit!"

Rogue: Rogue blinked at them both and sighed, moving to set Ripley back at the table while Bobby fixed her plate. "Y'all're both disgustin'. Ripley an' Ah're gonna have non-floor-food 'cause who knows what's been on this floor lately. Or who." She gave pointed looks at both adults, hoping Ripley didn't catch on.

Carol: "Coffee." Carol supplied, "Coffee has been on the floor."

Bobby: "Don't know him," Bobby responded, grabbing another bowl for Anna and dishing up mac for them both before taking it to the table.

Rogue: "But y' do know Tony." She smiled and thanked him for the food. "An' me."

Carol: "..... Ewwwwww...." her nose wrinkled mightily.

Bobby: That was finally enough to give Bobby pause and he gave Anna a look that implied he might barf on her.

Rogue: Rogue blinked innocently at them both. "Y' don't think Ah'm alright enough t' eat off of?"

Carol: "... There are so many things wrong with that question."

Bobby: Bobby opened his mouth to answer, but Ripley. His teeth clicked shut. Nope. Dammit.

Rogue: Rogue gave both of them a sickly sweet grin and turned around to toast Ripley with her fork. "Dig in, darlin'."

Carol: "I know where you sleep..." Carol muttered as she went to reclaim her cookies.

Rogue: "There is still chicken that was done cookin' 'fore Ripley bit th' dust. It's beside th' stove." She kissed the air towards Carol, "Don't say Ah never did nothin' f'r ya."

Carol: Carol already had a mouthful of cookie but that wasn't going to stop her replying, "You promised me lunch before they got here!"

Rogue: "An' Ah delivered!"

Carol: "To the floooooooor!"

Rogue: "Chicken is on th' counter on a plate, woman!"

Carol: "Yeah, yeah... but now I have to figure out what to do with it..."

Rogue: "Holy f-" Rogue tossed her spoon into her bowl with a sigh and pushed out of her seat. "Y' put it in a fu-lour tortilla," she did so, "plonk some peppers an' onions in it," Rogue did that, too, "an' slap some cheese an' sour cream on top," done, "roll it up," rolled, "an' y' have a fajita." She shoved the plate at Carol with a look. "Eat it."

Bobby: Bobby looked at Ripley, who just looked back at her dad, then shrugged and kept eating her mac and cheese.

Carol: She grinned, "Thank you!" She took the plate. Victory!

Rogue: "If there weren't a kid in th' room, y' wouldn'ta won that round an' ya dang well know it." Rogue sat back down in a huff and picked her fork back up.

Carol: "But there is and I did!" She was pleased with herself.

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