2/7 Issue: Texts From Last Night

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2/7 Issue: Texts From Last Night

Post by Esynthia » Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:44 am

Timeline: After Issue: Prickly

Carol: Having spent the whole evening with Obi, ridiculous B movies and Chinese food, Carol was feeling pretty good. Even if a tiny part of her was feeling that niggling guilt. Shh. Go away guilt. Cactus-wife is terrible wife. Obi would agree. She had tried going to sleep but now her bed smelled of him. Which made her brain start overthinking things again. Uuuuugh.

Carol: After a half hour of unsuccessful attempts to sleep, she got up, found some pants and some scotch, then headed to Rogue's room and knocked on the door. "Special delivery...."

Rogue: Rogue uncurled herself from where she had nestled against the arm of her loveseat and floated over to the door to open it for Carol. "Hey, sugah. What's up?"

Rogue: She took in the scotch and Carol's oversized pajama shirt then used the book she had been reading as an extension of her arm to gesture her inside. "Y' alright?" Rogue turned and set the book on her entertainment center before going to her bathroom for some glasses she kept for water. Not today!

Carol: "My brain won't shut up. I need to drown it."

Rogue: Rogue stopped walking and just blinked at Carol for a few seconds. "Ah guess drownin' it's better'n wantin' me t' put ya in another coma."

Carol: "It's talking smack." She added helpfully, closing the door behind her and walking over to Rogue's sofa. She flopped down on it and sighed. "Why do I hate myself?"

Rogue: She set the glasses down on her coffee table, then curled back up in the spot she had abandoned. "Well... Y' gotta give me more t' go on than that. 'Cause there's all kinds o' stuff from y' past, but nothin' relevant t' recent, well, anythin'."

Carol: "Obi was here..." she supplied, opening the bottle and pouring two glasses. "I let him take a nap in my bed."

Rogue: Her mouth moved to a silent 'oh' of understanding and she picked up her glass, tossing back half of it. "Gal, Ah gotta tell y' from experience that nappin' in th' same bed as a married man, who ain't your man is a bad idea. Even if it's totally innocent. Even if it's 'cause o' mind control."

Carol: "I wasn't in there!" She flailed, "I know that's a bad idea! I'm not a total moron!"

Rogue: "Well, at least there's that then. Y' got me beat," she finished the glass and held it out for more. "So, if y' weren't in there, why was it a bad idea?"

Carol: She refilled the glass for Rogue, "Because now my bed smells like his cologne..."

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose, "Oh. Damn." She sipped at the glass this time. "Wanna sleep in here? Ah c'n go somewhere else'r put on mah inhibitor."

Carol: Carol held up her glass, "I wanna get drunk. We'll see if that works."

Rogue: "Works for me!" Rogue tapped her glass against Carol's. "So, since we're on th' subject o' unavailable men... Do y' think Bobby's reaction 'bout Tony was bad?"

Carol: Carol frowned, letting the scotch sit on her tongue for a moment while she thought about it. "I don't know... Think he was genuinely surprised... you know Starks and the L word. They're worse than me."

Rogue: "It ain't like he ever said it. All he got out was 'Ah-' then he changed th' subject. More'n once, though!" Rogue stared down into her glass and frowned, "An' then there's th' fact that part o' me wanted him t' say it, but how much o' it was so Ah'd have an excuse t' run, how much was so Ah'd have a reason t' pretend like Ah ain't pinin' over mah best friend, an' how much was 'cause Ah might feel th' same?"

Carol: "If I knew that I could get a whole different job..." She thought about it for a little longer, "Ask Jess. Bet she'd be able to tell you which it is."

Rogue: "But then Ah'd hafta tell her 'bout how Ah feel 'bout Bobby... An' she already ain't too fond o' mah relationship with Tony." Rogue sighed and took a drink. "So, what was Obi doin' here anyway?"

Carol: "Jess is just worried about you and Tony both. She's a worrier. Doesn't want anyone getting hurt... Hell, maybe she already knows you like Bobby and that's why she was weird about the Tony thing." She emptied her glass and poured another. "Obi was in town for work so he stopped by to hang out and not go straight home to an empty house..."

Rogue: "Yeah, but Bobby's married. Somebody needs t' shoo me off o' him." She emptied her glass and held it out since Carol was already pouring her own. "So... He wanted t' see you? Or he just didn't wanna be alone?"

Carol: She paused, not sure she knew the answer to that one, "We're friends," she settled on with a shrug. "And it's not like Jess didn't go though a phase of messy relationship with Bobby. He's a nice guy. She can totally understand that. She's not judgy."

Rogue: "No, she ain't judgy bout that relationship, but she's sure judgy 'bout mah one with Tony." Rogue took another drink, then settled the glass on her knee, while she thought for a minute. "Friends is good. An' what with him bein' married, it's th' best y' gonna get. So, at least y' got that, yeah?"

Carol: "Yeah..." she wrinkled her nose, "Except he's not happy... because Hope works twenty hours a day and he never sees her."

Rogue: "He knew what he was gettin' int' when he married her, though. She's a Stark. If y' wanna see y'r Stark, y' gotta be willin' t be with them at work. An' fr'm there, distract 'em offa whatever project theyre doin'."

Carol: "Yeah but... it's not like their relationship started like a normal thing... maybe he's having second thoughts now... I don't know..." She emptied her second glass and refilled it. "But he shouldn't have to go to her office to have a meal with her..."

Rogue: "Ah'm inclined t' agree..." Rogue stared down into the amber liquid, "An' Bobby shouldn't hafta beg f'r attention either."

Carol: "No one should have to from their spouse... it would suck to live like that..." she pulled a face and caught up with Rogue on drinks.

Rogue: "Ah agree with y' there. Ah feel lucky that Tony likes payin' attention t' me. But..." She frowned and took a drink. "Buuut, am Ah bein' awful since Ah've got a thing f'r somebody else, too? Or is mah thing f'r Bobby just 'cause he gets me?" Rogue propped her elbow on the arm and rested her chin in her hand, turning her head to look at Carol out of the corner of her eye. "What is it that draws y' t' Shinobi?"

Carol: "Well, I mean... maybe you should forget your thing for Bobby because you have Tony now..." she suggested, "With Obi... I don't know... I can talk to him... and you know that's hard for me..."

Rogue: "Ah caaan't," she groaned and finished her drink, reaching for the bottle for a fourth glass. "Ah do know that. What makes it feel like y' c'n talk t' him? Is it like a chemistry sorta thing? Or, maybe, like how Bobby an' Ah are, where we c'n pretty much read each others minds?"

Carol: She shook her head, "I don't know... it's just... easier... like I don't have to worry he's going to freak out about anything... maybe it's because we both have kind of a weird past... I don't know..."

Rogue: That made her laugh, "Weird don't exactly describe either o' y'all's pasts too well. An' y'rs was fairly normal-ish 'til Ah came along an' screwed it up... Sorry 'bout that, still."

Carol: "Yeah but it's made us weirdly similar... His memories aren't real... My memories aren't there... He's a clone... I'm half alien with no freaking clue how..."

Rogue: "Well then, glad Ah could help? Kinda?" Her nose wrinkled and she took a large swallow.

Carol: Carol slouched in her seat, "We're both a hot mess."

Rogue: "Maybe..." Rogue stopped herself and shook her tumbler in a circle to make a wave in her scotch. She wasn't sure she should say it because she wasn't sure what answer she wanted. But, better to just get it out there and she could decide how she felt later. "Maybe we should tell 'em how we feel? Then they c'n talk us down from it? Tell us we're stupid?"

Carol: Carol blinked at her for that suggestion and shook her head slowly, "Nooooooo there's no way I'd ever get the words out before I spontaneously combusted."

Rogue: "But y' said y' could talk t' him?"

Carol: "Yeah but... there's talking and then there's possibly torpedoing the entire relationship...."

Rogue: "So, maybe y' don't just blurt it out. Maybe it's more o' a 'hey, Ah've been feelin' things Ah don't think Ah should an' Ah need y'r opinion'?"

Carol: "... You're familiar with my relationship to tact, right?"

Rogue: "Which is why Ah'm givin' y' words, gal. C'mon! Keep up!" Rogue tossed back the rest of her glass and went for more, "Keep up with me here, too."

Carol: ".... We're gonna need more scotch."

Rogue: Rogue grinned and hopped up, setting her glass down as she passed the table. "Ah've got plenty." She opened her armoire and opened a tiny cupboard inside, where she kept her booze. "Vickerz taught me well."

Carol: "Secret booze closet! ... I used to have one of those." And secret booze lots of other places. "Don't need to hide it now."

Rogue: "Ah don't hide it. Everybody who needs t' know where it is, knows where it is. Ain't like Ah use it often." She pulled out another bottle and went back to her corner of the couch. "Now, we need t' finish off th' first bottle so we c'n start this one."

Carol: "I can definitely help with that." She wanted to be drunk. Drunkness would happen faster if she drank faster.

Rogue: "Gal, y' don't need t' inhale it." Rogue laughed and shook her head. "Okay, so, back t' what we were talkin' 'bout... Words f'r these scary conversations that we gotta have or we'll torture ourselves f'rever."

Carol: "I'm bad at words. I made Cess tell Chris when I was pregnant."

Rogue: "Y' want me there t' mediate?" She laughed, "Y' c'n be in on mah convo with Bobby if y' c'n stop him from freezin' th' room in shock."

Carol: "I can for sure provide my space-heater qualities for that if you want..."

Rogue: "Y' didn't answer mah question 'bout your conversation."

Carol: "Oh... right... Do I have to be there for the conversation?"

Rogue: Rogue gave Carol a flat look. "What do y' think?"

Carol: "But I don't wanna..." she whined. "I don't want to see that look...."

Rogue: "Which look?" She frowned, "Stop y' whinin' gal. Y' ain't a baby."

Carol: "That look that says the friendship is over and I'm back to being alone again..."

Rogue: "One: if y' bond is as good as y' say, it won't be over. Two: y' ain't never gonna be alone 'cause y' have me."

Carol: "You know that's not the same, right?" she shook her head, "You're not Steven... and I know Obi isn't either... but I can talk to him just as easily as I did with Steven... I missed that...."

Rogue: "Then use that as ya 'in' int' th' conversation. An' if it takes a turn f'r th' worse, just say y' meant like a brother." Rogue topped off both of their glasses and opened the new bottle.

Carol: "But that's not true... and also I'm really bad at not telling the truth..."

Rogue: "But it is true!" Rogue gave her a grin and shifted to lean her back against the arm and face Carol. "Y' do love him like y' brother in th' sense that y' c'n talk t' him like Steven."

Carol: "But it's not the whole truth... and if I'm right and he can read me just as well as Steven did he's going to know it."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Carol. "That ain't helpful a'tall." She drained her glass in one go and moved for more. "What if y' wrote him a letter?"

Carol: "A letter?" Carol raised an eyebrow, "What am I? 60?"

Rogue: "Ha! Maybe? Y' are an alien after all!" She sipped her new glass as she thought, "An' e-mail then?"

Carol: She wrinkled her nose, "Too much like work... for both of us..."

Rogue: "But at least he'd see it? An' y' wouldn't have t' see his face while he read it."

Carol: "And I'll be dreading him open it until he actually does it... also the words thing..." more scotch. "Are you sure you can't do it for me? You're kinda a spare me if you think hard enough..."

Rogue: Rogue blinked at her, trying to make that not be offensive. She knew Carol didn't mean it to be, and they were super similar, especially because of the incident when they first met... But this solidified the 'bad with words' thing, too. "Ah'll make y' a deal. Ah'll do it f'r ya, but only if you do it f'r me."

Carol: "I can do that... but don't expect tact... not that Bobby's good at tact either.... Hey, this is perfect!"

Rogue: "Ah only have one problem... Ah wanna know exactly what he says. 'Cause sometimes he says things weird, but that's 'cause he means 'em different an' doesn't know how t' say it." She glanced down at her glass. Time for a refill. "So... How d' we hide me?"

Carol: "I can translate Bobby. He does that words falling out of his mouth thing that I do. Just tell me what you want me to say to him..."

Rogue: That made her whine and she shrank into herself a bit. "Ah dunno..." Rogue looked around the room, hoping for inspiration and finding none. "What would y' say if Ah just said t' wing it?"

Carol: Carol paused half way through taking another sip of scotch, "Uh... probably just that you're in love with him? I mean... unless you think that's too strongly worded...?"

Rogue: Rogue's nose wrinkled and she stared at Carol for a long moment, "Maybe? Maybe not? Ah dunno." She huffed and stared down into her glass again. "What would y' want me t' say t' Obi?"

Carol: "That... I don't know... I have these feelings for him and I know it's not okay... but I can't make them go away..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned, "But y' would just straight up tell Bobby Ah was in love with him?" She finished off her glass and stood, looking around for her phone. "Ah have an idea." She spotted it and dove for it on the opposite side of the room, next to her computer. Once she had it, she held it up triumphantly. "Textin'! With approval b'fore sendin'! Then, we also have an' out!"

Carol: "That.... works..." she levered herself up, "I will be right back..." She needed to get her phone.

Rogue: "Great!" She flew back to her seat, poured more scotch in both glasses, and wiggled to get comfy again.

Carol: "Am I texting Bobby from your phone or my phone just so I know what I'm doing here...?" she paused in the doorway.

Rogue: "Mah phone. An' Ah'll text Shinobi from y'rs. That way, when they try t' ask us, we c'n say 'Carol did it cause she thought it'd be funny' or 'Rogue did it as a prank 'cause she knew y' napped in mah room' or whatever."

Carol: She nodded, "Okay..." she headed to her own room, picked up her phone and some snacks, then headed back to Rogue, tossing her phone into the other woman's lap and holding out her hand for the trade.

Rogue: Rogue held her rather full glass out of the way of the toss. "Hey! Careful!" She slurped a bit off the top then set her glass safely on the table before handing over her own phone. "Remember, no sendin' 'fore approval. But! Th' person who does not own th' phone has t' hit send so it's not a lie when we tell 'em who did it."

Carol: "Okay..." there were a lot of rules for someone with a lot of scotch in their system. She flopped back into her seat and picked up her glass for more thinking juice.

Rogue: Carol's phone opened in a snap for her and she pulled up a text to Obi and just stared at the keyboard for a long time. [Hey! I'm glad you came by tonight.] She made a face and deleted it, starting fresh. [So... My bed smells like you now. I can't sleep because of it.] That could be a good start. She showed Carol the beginning to see if she liked it. "Obviously Ah ain't gonna send 'til Ah type th' whole thing."

Carol: "Well at least he knows I'm sleep deprived and its his fault?" she gave Rogue a grin, then stared down at the other woman's phone. How to start....?

Rogue: "Awesome! Off an' runnin' then." She picked up her scotch and took a long, slow sip while she thought about what to say next. [So... My bed smells like you now. I can't sleep because of it. ...But that's not the only reason why I can't sleep. I need to get something off my chest and I hope you won't hate me for it.]

Carol: Carol put her glass down so she had thumbs and made a start. [Hey... So I need to tell you something important that I've been keeping to myself for a long time.] She held up the phone to show Rogue.

Rogue: "Oooh. Ah like it!" She nodded enthusiastically. "Y' c'n be me nearly as well as Ah c'n be you!"

Carol: "Awesome." And she didn't even have a cheatsheet. She chewed on her lower lip while she composed the next part. [ I want to be honest now because-] because was a terrible follower. She deleted it. [I want to be honest now even though it's hard and I hope it won't affect our friendship in a negative way.]

Rogue: [I know we don't go super way back or anything, but I feel this ] Rogue groaned and deleted half of that. [I know we haven't been friends for a long time, but I feel like I can talk to you about anything. You're a really great guy and I want to be honest with you...] She tapped her thumb on the side of the phone and picked up her scotch again while she stared at the words.

Carol: More thinking juice.... More more because the first more wasn't helping. Oh yeah she had snacks! She put the phone down to open her cookies.

Rogue: Rogue heard the crinkle of packaging and her head shot up. "Cookies! Gimme!" She dropped Carol's phone to her lap and held out a hand, "Please?"

Carol: She laughed, offering the pack to Rogue as she took one for herself, "Thinking makes you hungry too, huh?"

Rogue: "Drinkin' makes me hungry. It's like what gettin' high does f'r most people." She took a nibble from the cookie then set both cookie and drink down to pick the phone back up. [I can't sleep when my bed smells like you because it makes me think of you. And wish you were still in it.] Kind of steamy, but not questionable yet.

Carol: Carol set her cookie down, balancing it on top of her glass. [We've been friends for a very long time. You're my best friend. But I've come to realize and finally admit to myself that I want more than that.]

Rogue: [I know I shouldn't feel like this. You're married, after all... But, Hope doesn't appreciate you.] She picked up the cookie and put it between her teeth before continuing. [I'm falling for you, Obi. Crazy past and all.] Rogue took a bite and set the cookie back down. 'Crazy past and all.' "Are we crazy f'r doin' this?"

Carol: "... Probably. But I don't have a better idea... do you? I think we'd be crazier if we sat on this for any longer...." She had lost her train of thought so she reread the message so far. [Hey... So I need to tell you something important that I've been keeping to myself for a long time. I want to be honest now even though it's hard and I hope it won't affect our friendship in a negative way.]

Carol: She paused for a bite of cookie. [We've been friends for a very long time. You're my best friend. But I've come to realize and finally admit to myself that I want more than that.] She chewed her lip, not sure about the next part but Rogue could delete it... [Maybe that's why I don't want Tony to say those words because it'll complicate things further when they're complicated enough already.]

Rogue: "No... This is th' best idea Ah've got." Rogue sighed and reread everything she'd written up to that point. [So... My bed smells like you now. I can't sleep because of it. ...But that's not the only reason why I can't sleep. I need to get something off my chest and I hope you won't hate me for it. I know we haven't been friends for a long time, but I feel like I can talk to you about anything.]

Rogue: [You're a really great guy and I want to be honest with you... I can't sleep when my bed smells like you because it makes me think of you. And wish you were still in it. I know I shouldn't feel like this. You're married, after all... But, Hope doesn't appreciate you. I'm falling for you, Obi. Crazy past and all.] "Hmm..." She deleted the last bit; it needed something more between the mention of Hope and the admission of love.

Carol: She finished her cookie while she composed the rest, [I want you to know how I feel. I've fallen for you and these feelings won't go away. It's up to you what you do with that information. I'm not asking for anything from you other than your honest response.] She was out of brain now and held the phone out to Rogue.

Rogue: [But, Hope doesn't appreciate you. Not like I do. I'm falling for you, Obi. Crazy past and all.] Rogue paused to take a look at what Carol had typed. Her chest went tight at the bit about Tony. Did she really feel that way? It was possible, she guessed.

Rogue: "Now'r never, Ah guess." She swallowed hard, then went back to finish Carol's message. [I want us to stay close, though, so if you don't feel the same, I get it and don't expect anything in return.] She re-read it, then held it out for Carol to read and make adjustments if she wanted.

Carol: Carol read the message over. It was a reasonable approximation. She chewed her lip then held her phone back out to Rogue. "You can send it..."

Rogue: Rogue licked her lips, looked at her phone in Carol's possession, then Carol's phone in her own hands. "On three? One... Two... Three..." She hit send, shut the screen, and tossed the phone away like it had a spider on it.

Carol: Carol hit send on Rogue's phone then launched herself off her seat after her own phone, somehow manageing to catch it. "Don't break my shit!"

Rogue: "It wouldn'ta broken it!" Shitshitshit. Rogue's stomach was in knots and she tossed her phone over onto her bed, not wanting to deal with it if he was awake and saw it already. Then another thought struck her and her eyes went wide. "What if Tony sees it?!"

Carol: She blinked, "Why would Tony have Bobby's phone?" She was upside down in the air currently and shot Rogue a confused look. She was going to put her phone in her pocket but thought better of it and righted herself first.

Rogue: "On mah phone! What if he sees it on mah phone?!" Rogue suddenly couldn't sit still and shot into the air, flying back and forth between her desk, armoire, and couch. She stopped just long enough to pick up her glass and knock the whole thing back. "Shit."

Carol: "... You let him read your phone?" Carol watched her until she started to make her dizzy. "Why didn't you say that before!"

Rogue: "Ah don't let him, but Ah don't stop him if he gets curious! Ah never had anythin' t' hide b'fore!"

Carol: Oh shit. "What if Hope reads Obi's phone? That crazy redhead will kill me!"

Rogue: "What did we just do?!"

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