4/12 Issue: Billionaire Philanthropist Babysitter?

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4/12 Issue: Billionaire Philanthropist Babysitter?

Post by Esynthia » Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:42 am

Timeline: A few hours after Issue: Arcade Games

Rogue: Rogue toddled her way to the kitchen and stopped in front of the counter that held the cookies. Slowly, she craned her neck up to look towards where she knew they were. "Up!" She grunted and jumped, flailing in midair to try and keep herself balanced. "Cookies!" Rogue crawled onto the counter, pulling the cookie jar between her legs and tossing the lid off. "Mmmmm. Mah fav'rite!"

Tony: While all he really wanted was a good, stiff drink, he was pretty sure all he was going to get in the current situation was a glass of warm milk. Tony let his people deal with the ongoing media circus, leaving him to deal with the daycare inside.

Tony: He'd completely missed this stage in Hope's life, so he was at a loss of what to do here.

Rogue: Rogue's green eyes went wide and she froze with her hand over her mouth, cookie shoved half-way in. Boy! "Hi," she mumbled around the cookie. She didn't want to get in trouble so she pulled the uneaten half out of her mouth and offered it to him with a crumbly grin. "'S good!"

Tony: To say that watching his girlfriend on the kitchen cabinet offering him a slobbery cookie was unsettling when she was a three-year-old was... bit of an understatement. Tony gave her a slightly pained smile. "I bet it is. You go ahead and enjoy it, thanks."

Tony: He went for the fridge to see what he could find to drink. He'd thought they were all accounted for and napping, so finding a stray kid in the kitchen did not reassure him.

Rogue: She frowned at him, but shoved the rest of the cookie in her mouth anyway. Rogue pushed the cookie jar away then stood on the counter. She looked over the edge and eeped, stepping back and bonking her head on the bottom of the cabinet behind her. "Owie!" A big pout formed on her face and she plonked back down onto her bottom while she rubbed the offended noggin.

Tony: Hearing her Owie!, Tony turned back from the fridge and went to wrap his hands around Rogue's middle and pick her up, placing her carefully on the floor. "Gotta watch out for those mean cabinets, right?"

Rogue: Rogue blinked her big eyes at him while he held her. "Ah like you." And then she was on the floor. "Up!" She thrust her arms in the air and frowned at him.

Tony: Fuck. "And I like you!" He cleared his throat. "Just not the way I did this morning..." he muttered, bending to pick her back up again and try to settle her on his hip the way he'd seen people with actual children do.

Rogue: She blinked at him again, confused. "Why're you upset?" Rogue pet his goatee and snuggled against his shoulder. "Wha' happen?"

Tony: He sighed and patted her back. "A tiny man in a bad suit ruined my day." With her settled, he finally made it to the fridge and opened the door. He had expected some take-out boxes and aged pizza. This... this was neither.

Bobby: Inside the fridge, Bobby was awakened by the sudden light. "Whazzamatta?"

Rogue: Rogue jumped at the new voice, until she saw who it was, of course. She squealed in excitement in Tony's ear, then squirmed out of his grasp to jump into the fridge with Bobby. "Bobbyyyyyy!"

Bobby: "Rogueeeeey!" Bobby tried to catch her, but coordination was not a thing for their stubby limbs and they both landed in a heap that broke the shelf of the fridge, which was not designed for such abuse.

Tony: "Carefu- ah, fuck it..." Tony gave in to the urge to facepalm, rubbing both hands over his face and through his goatee.

Rogue: Rogue squealed again, but not in excitement this time, as they tumbled out of the fridge. She had her eyes screwed shut and she was clinging hard to Bobby's neck. "Is it over? Safe now?"

Tony: Their small bodies rolled out in a cascade of questionable foods and aged condiments. Tony took a step back. They were super powered, right? They were fiiiiine. Right?

Bobby: "It's safe! I'll keep you safe, Roguey! From all the fridges!" Bobby gave her a happy squeeze and wriggled onto his butt to help her sit up too.

Rogue: "Yay!" She wiggled and writhed until she was upright and practically sitting in Bobby's lap. "Meanie fridges! They break!" Suddenly, Rogue gasped and looked at Tony. "YOU SAID A BAD WORD!"

Tony: He did his level best not to laugh. "I'm sorry. I do that sometimes. Just... want me to drop a fifty in a jar for you?"

Bobby: Bobby frowned. That sounded familiar for some reason. His brow furrowed as he tried to remember. Oh well!

Rogue: "A... fifty?" Her tiny brow furrowed as she tried to contemplate that. "Fif...ty. How many is a fifty?" Rogue looked down at her gloved hands and spread all of her fingers wide, then shoved them in the air toward Tony, "This many?"

Tony: "Yep, there you go, kid. Perfect." He ran his hand back through his hair and checked his phone. No word from Heather or Fury. "Why don't we go join the others for nap time?"

Bobby: "I was nappin'! Then you woke me up and the fridge broke!" Bobby's brow furrowed once again. "That's not fifty!"

Rogue: Rogue looked from Tony to Bobby, back to Tony, then down at her hands. She counted her fingers slowly and gasped when she got done. "THAT'S ONLY TWELVE!" She wriggled out of Bobby's lap and jumped to fly up to Tony, but was staring at his belly button. She frowned hard and tried to fly higher but wobbled in the air and made a frustrated noise. "Y' promised no lies!"

Tony: His eyes widened when she threatened his belt buckle. "Okay, okay! A real fifty!" He reached to steady her, thought better of it, and ended up with his hands just hovering to either side of her.

Rogue: She beamed at him and took his big hands in her tiny ones. "Yay!" Then, Rogue looked down at Bobby and whispered rather loudly, "Y' gotta count it f'r me. Ah dun like maff. 'Tay?"

Bobby: "I'm great at counting things!" Bobby grinned up at her, his messy blonde hair in his eyes as he got to his feet.

Rogue: Rogue kept hold of one of Tony's hands and zig-zagged back to the floor to take one of Bobby's in her now free hand. "Ah c'n count import'nt things. One," she gave Bobby's hand a gentle tug, "boy Ah like," then looked up at Tony and tugged his hand, "Two boys Ah like. See? Important stuff!"

Tony: He gave her a pained smile that he hoped didn't look too pained. This was gonna be a looong night.

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