4/19 Issue: Boston Tea Party

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4/19 Issue: Boston Tea Party

Post by Esynthia » Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:25 am

Timeline: After Issue: Billionaire, Philanthropist, Babysitter? and [insert Carobi Issue name here]

Beth: Beth had found the rec room and was holding court with all the agents she had running around after her. She was having a tea party! She liked her new friends. They were good at reaching stuff.

Rogue: Rogue was running from where she had left Tony, pocket hanky held triumphantly over her head when she skidded to a halt at the sight in the new room. She blinked and tilted her head then stuck her thumb in her mouth to watch the events unfold. Then she spat it out, forgetting she had gloves on. "Ewwwwww..."

Beth: Beth looked up at the voice, blinking at the other girl. She grinned, "Come play tea time!"

Rogue: "'Kay!" Rogue shoved the hanky in her pocket and skipped over. Her eyes moved from one to another of the agents, then slid slowly to Beth. "Mrs. Nesbitt looks weird."

Beth: "She had a busy morning!" Beth informed her, "She had to go to the post office and then the florist!"

Rogue: "Oh!" Rogue nodded, accepting that answer as fact and sat down between two of the agents. She gave them both a grin. "Ah needs lotsa sugah." She took a handful of air from the sugar dish and let the pretend cubes plop into her teacup before she slurped at the edge of the cup. "Yummy!"

Beth: "Mommy says sugar is bad for your teeth." Beth nodded solemnly.

Rogue: "That's stupid. Sugah is tasty." She slurped louder. "We need cookies." Rogue looked at the agents and pointed at one across from her. "Duck, duck, goose!"

Beth: "Miss Abernathy, please get us some snacks for afternoon tea!" The agent with the corresponding nametag got up to get the demanded snacks.

Rogue: Rogue squealed in delight and bounced on her cushion. "Ah wanna do that!" She peeled off her glove and reached over to Beth. "Lemme try!!"

Beth: Beth flailed as the hand came rapidly toward her face and fell over in an attempt to avoid it hitting her nose.

Brian: Brian Braddock was not in a good mood. After a 'conversation' with his mother, he had been on a very uncomfortable flight, in a very frustrating car rental office, and in a debating match with an overly enthusiastic SHIELD agent. He sighed and composed himself before he got out of the car and headed into the building.

Rogue: Rogue pouted when Beth got out of reach. "No fair! Ah just wanna try it, too! Y' need t' share!"

Beth: "No I don't! You can't make me!" She didn't know what she was supposed to be sharing but Rogue couldn't have it! She squeed as the agent nearest her picked her up to lift her to safety.

Brian: Brian knew that squeal. He had hoped to god to never hear it again. He peered around the door frame into the room. So... not magically fixed while he was on a plane. Unfortunate.

Rogue: "Can too!" And then she was in the air, but not because she'd done it. Rogue squeaked and kicked her legs to try and break free. Little bodies were not strong enough! "Put. Me. Down!" She let out a shriek in warning. "Ah just wanna play with it too!"

Brian: Well... it wasn't going to get any better any time soon so he may as well just... Brian cleared his throat, "Elizabeth, why don't you introduce me to your new friend?"

Beth: Beth's head whipped round at the sound of his voice and her face lit up, "BRAAAAAAAAIN!"

Rogue: Rogue stopped fighting and went slack in the agent's hands. Boy. She blinked at the new person. A grin spread on her face and she blinked her big green eyes at him. "Hai! Ah'm Rogue!"

Brian: "Hello, Rogue. Very pleased to meet you. I'm Elizabeth's older brother, Brian." He looked around at the Agents then eyed his sister, "I think it's time to let your dolls go back to work before they get in trouble."

Beth: Beth pouted, "You're not the boss of me!"

Rogue: Rogue squirmed until the agent put her down and she trotted up to the new boy. Once she reached his feet, she craned her neck up to look at his face. "Up!"

Brian: He looked down at the girl and sighed inwardly before crouching to lift her up. "Where are the adults that are in charge?"

Rogue: "Ah'm in charge! Ah'm a leader! Ah c'n do it!" She stuck her now non-gloved thumb in her mouth and let her eyes drift over his face. Rogue put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "Ah'm th' boss," she mumbled around her thumb.

Beth: "Nu-uh! Me!" Beth protested, now on the floor again with her hands on her hips.

Brian: This was his worst nightmare come to life. "I'm sure you're both very capable but I would still like to talk to an adult."

Rogue: "Um. Like... Th' Pres'dent? He's less growed up th'n us." Rogue sat up to pull his pocketsquare from her Tonys and settled back down with her new acquired 'blankey' on Brian's shoulder. "Ah like you."

Brian: "Thank you... and yes, the President seems like a good place to start.... Do you know where he is?"

Beth: "Oh! I do! I do! I know lots of stuff!" Beth ran for the hallway.

Rogue: "Noooo!" Rogue wailed as Beth ran away from them. "He'll take mah blankie 'way! Ah dun wanna talk t' him! Ah got it fair'n squaaaaaaare!"

Brian: Brian shifted Rogue's weight and reached inside his jacket to pull out a handkerchief, "If he wants his back, you can have mine." He was going to keep Elizabeth where he could see her.

Rogue: Rogue gasped and blushed, snagging Brian's hanky. "Ah didn't even hafta steal y'rs!" She snuggled against him again. "Ah like you," she repeated as she stuffed her thumb back in her mouth.

Brian: Brian offered her a smile as he followed his sister through the building, hopefully not on a wild goose chase.

Tony: Tony had a migraine. He'd lost track of his mini girlfriend after she'd stolen his pocket square and was hoping the agents were doing their jobs because he wasn't going anywhere until the tiny demons quit stabbing the inside of his skull. Maybe this was what he got for taunting the blue guy.

Beth: "Found you!" Beth announced as she burst into the room Tony was hiding in.

Rogue: Rogue squeaked and clambered up onto Brian's shoulders, clinging to his head, Tony's hanky tight in her fist, thumb still in her mouth as she watched Tony with wide eyes.

Tony: "Oh shi-" Tony stopped himself just in time. Hadn't he locked that door? You'd think Xavier's office would have been more secure. He'd have to talk to the man about that... when he wasn't napping on a towel, that is. "Hi... hello..." his eyes wandered past the tiny English blonde to a big beefy blonde... wearing his girlfriend as a hat.

Brian: "Sorry to wander in without calling ahead, but my sister seems to have forgotten how to answer her phone in her current state." Brian checked Rogue's balance on his head, "My name is Brian Braddock."

Rogue: "Ah didn't hafta steal his hanky," she pointed out from her hiding spot, then poked her head up far enough to stick her tongue out at Tony.

Tony: "Oh, yeah... Braddock... I thought you looked familiar." Tony waved him in, rubbing his temple with his other hand. At the pop-up commentary, he smirked. "Well then you found the superior gentleman, didn't you?"

Brian: "I'm sure my mother would be thrilled to hear that admission."

Rogue: "But Ah like yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu..." Rogue's tiny mouth twisted into a pout around her thumb and her big green eyes started to well up.

Tony: Tony felt his own eyes start to bug at that reaction. "And I like you," he assured. "You can have my handkerchief! You can have all of them."

Rogue: Rogue sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve. "So," she hiccuped, "y' not gonna take it 'way?"

Beth: "Ewwwwwww you got bogies in your haaaaaaair now!" She pointed at Brian, then giggled and ran off.

Tony: "No, I'm not going to take it away." He winced at the snot and got up, grabbing a handful of tissues from a box on Xavier's desk and going up to Braddock and his hat. He handed some to each after the mini Braddock's comment.

Brian: "Elizabeth!" He yelled after his sister but she kept right on going, of course. He sighed and accepted the tissues, "Thank you..."

Rogue: Rogue took the tissues and stared at them dumbly, then climbed off of Brian and launched herself at Tony. Still clinging to both of their hankies. "Mine!"

Tony: "God-Fu-Ow!" Tony caught her, but just barely.

Brian: "Excellent... I think I should go and catch Elizabeth before she finds more agents to play with.... if you think you can manage Rogue by yourself...?"

Tony: "I'm never sure about that," he said, a nervous laugh bubbling up despite himself.

Shinobi: On their way to the kitchen, Obi heard voices, one of them very familiar. "Wanna talk to the president first?" he asked his little blonde charge.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes went wide at his admission to not being able to handle her and then she caught a case of the giggles and nuzzled him. "Y' looooove meeeeee!"

Carol: "He smells like daddy," Carol wrinkled her nose. "Cookies after?"

Shinobi: "I... never wanted to think about what he smells like." Obi made a face to amuse her and nodded. "Cookies after."

Tony: "I dooooo," he agreed, settling her in his arms and smiling a little at the cuddling. "At the moment, in a completely platonic and appropriate way."

Rogue: "...Wuzzat mean?" She lifted her head to blink at him in confusion then stuck her thumb suddenly back in her mouth because she could.

Tony: "It means yes." He pressed his lips together so he wouldn't laugh at her sucking her thumb.

Brian: "He means you're faring better than my sister." Because he wanted to strangle her. A feeling that was very familiar.

Beth: Beth had been back to the rec room to collect snacks and spied new victims on the way back. "Hi!" She grinned from further along the hall.

Carol: "Cookies!" Carol wriggled to get down because Beth had treasure.

Rogue: Brian was still there! Rogue bounced in Tony's arms and turned her torso to reach for him. "Y' talk funny! Ah like it!"

Brian: "I think you'll find that I'm the only one here talking properly..."

Shinobi: Freed of his burden, he knocked at the door of the office before he went inside to see his father in law, his baby-fied girlfriend, and a Brit. "So... weird day, huh?"

Brian: Oh good, someone he recognised. He offered Michael Shaw a tight smile, "That's one way to put it..."

Rogue: Rogue sqwaked at the new entry and buried her face in Tony's chest. "Bad man! Don't let 'im get me!" She tried to climb into Tony's suit jacket without falling from his arms at the same time.

Tony: Tony jumped at the sudden freak-out. "He hasn't been bad in years. Obi is my son-in-law. He's fiiiine." Relatively speaking.

Shinobi: His eyebrows shot up and he took a step back. "I... don't remember ever shooting her?"

Beth: Beth shared her cookies with her friend and slowly edged back into the office like she'd never left.

Carol: Carol bumped into Obi's legs and looked up at him then down at her cookies. She had two cookies. She wanted two cookies. But..... She held one up to Obi. "Cookie?"

Rogue: Rogue slowly calmed herself and turned her head to give Shinobi side eye. "Oh." Her thumb went back in her mouth and she watched Shinobi carefully as she snuggled back into Tony. "S'not who Ah thought."

Shinobi: He looked down at Carol with a smile. "Thank you, but you can have them both if you want." Obi had enough problems already on board. He looked back up to watch Rogue's reaction. He wasn't sure he wanted to know who she thought he was.

Tony: Tony gave Obi a lost look, patting his girlfriend on the back. "Okay. You're fine then."

Carol: Carol looked up at the voice, blinking at Rogue for a moment before hiding behind Obi and pretty much crushing the cookies into his pantslegs as she clung to them.

Rogue: Rogue nodded against Tony's chest, but continued to watch Shinobi's face, making sure he wouldn't change to somebody else if she looked away. She brought Tony's pocket square up to her face, rubbing it along her cheek to soothe herself.

Shinobi: Suddenly, Carol went anaconda on his leg and he knew she still had a portion of her super strength. "Hey, what's wrong?" He bent to try to see her.

Carol: Carol burrowed her face into his legs and shook her head, "Bad touch!"

Rogue: Rogue frowned and lifted her head to see who had said that. "Meanie," she yelled to the room at large. "Bully!"

Tony: Tony looked from Carol to his son-in-law and then back. His eyebrows rose. "Bad touch?"

Shinobi: He put both hands up. "I absolutely did not."

Joe: No one was here to tell him not to go into the building so... Joe let himself in. "Hellooooooo? Anyone home?"

Rogue: "JOE!" Rogue catapulted herself from Tony and barely caught herself with her flight before she hit the ground and took off running for the hallway. "Jooooooooeeeeeee!"

Carol: Carol perked up almost instantly, "JJ!" She released Obi and the crushed cookies and bolted from the office. There was a startled yell of 'Oh shi-!' then a thud.

Tony: Obi and Tony exchanged another long look and Tony collapsed into the chair. "I'm not checking!"

Shinobi: He looked down when he felt something hit his shoe. Cookie... remains.

Joe: Joe coughed, winded when his back hit the ground. "Ow..." he groaned. Then he felt his face being patted by a small hand and dropped his gaze from the ceiling to the blue eyes blinking back at him.

Carol: "JJ okay now?"

Rogue: Rogue scrambled up to Joe's face and blinked at him, too. "Wuh happen, Joe? Got a owie?"

Shinobi: He made a face at the mess on his pants and started trying to brush off the grease and crumbs. It was all true. Children were sticky.

Joe: He blinked bemusedly at this other face, "I'm fine..." he did not know this person.... kid... he slid his gaze back to his sister. He hadn't known her at this age. This was weird....er than usual.

Carol: Carol's protective streak kicked in and she shoved Rogue off her brother, "No! No touch!"

Rogue: Rogue hit the ground and skidded into the wall. Her lower lip stuck out and wibbled for a moment as she stared at Carol, then let out a sobbing wail.

Tony: Tony heard that wail, and despite its squeakiness he recognized it. "Rogue?" He dragged himself up and past his muttering son-in-law. "What's going on?" God, he hated parenting.

Joe: Oh, was that Rogue? Joe eyed the crying kid as he sat up and Carol slid into his lap looking decidedly 'grr' at kid-Rogue. Okay. She was a toddler and still trying to protect him. That was kind of cute. Then he saw who was coming down the hallway. Was that the President?

Rogue: Rogue sat still until Tony got close enough, then raised her arms up to him, continuing to sob. "Sh'... Pushed... Meeeee!" She gasped and hiccupped, "Ah just... want.... mah brotherrrrrrr!"

Joe: Joe was even more confused, "... We are not related..."

Tony: Tony picked up his pint-sized girlfriend. "Well pushing isn't very nice..." He looked at Carol and... a man who looked a little like a male Carol?

Carol: Carol pointed at Rogue, "Bad touch! Don't touch JJ!"

Rogue: She buried her face in Tony's chest and hiccup-sobbed, "She's... SO... mean!"

Tony: Tony gave her back some awkward pats as he made a pained face at the other adult.

Joe: Joe shifted Carol from his lap to the floor so he could get up, "So... I'm Carol's brother, Joe.... Our mom called me at work and left a hundred messages while I was in a meeting... now I know why."

Tony: "Yeah, I'm... you know who I am." He sketched an air hand shake at him and then ran his hand through his hair. "There was... a situation, that led to... this situation." He sighed.

Joe: "Mom said something about the opening ceremony on tv..." he watched Carol wander off down the hallway.

Carol: "Obiiii! Cookies!" Carol reminded him as she appeared back in the office doorway.

Beth: "Cookies!" Beth was totally up for more snackfoods. "Brain! Get cookies!"

Brian: Despite himself, Brian found his feet leading him right toward the kitchen.

Rogue: "Mah brother," she turned and watched Carol with an angry look, tears still streaming from her eyes.

Tony: "Yeah, some unknown... somebody, did... something... and now we've got people missing and people turned into toddlers?" If Tony sounded unsure what was going on it was because he was.

Shinobi: "Your cookies are smashed into my pants, Carol," he said, still brushing as he looked up.

Carol: Carol looked down at the cookie mess, her lower lip popping out. "But... but..."

Joe: "We're still not related..." Joe told Rogue.

Rogue: A tiny gasp came from her as she looked at Joe and the wibbling lip started again. "But... but..."

Tony: Tony bugged his eyes at Carol's brother, patting and making soothing noises. Play. Along. It might be an order.

Shinobi: "We can get more cookies!" He already heard crying in the hall and there didn't need to be more.

Joe: "Those memories belong to Carol..." he sighed at the look on her face, deciding to go find his actual sister.

Carol: Carol raised her arms to Obi, "Up..."

Rogue: And then he walked away from her and she lost it. Rogue threw herself back into Tony's chest, sobbing, abandoned by the person she was excited to see.

Tony: "It's okay," he tried, holding her closer. "Shhhh, it's okay. He's just... we've all had a long day, Anna." Tony kept his voice low.

Shinobi: He picked up Carol and this time was able to park her on his hip with less fuss.

Brian: Brian was in the kitchen staring at cupboards full of snackfoods. Why was he in the kitchen? Fucking telepaths. He sighed heavily and took out a box of cookies, turning to go back to the office.

Joe: Joe paused in the office doorway finding someone holding his sister and another blonde girl blinking at him. "Hi..."

Rogue: Rogue gasped again and leaned back to look at him. "Y-you know mah name... Ah knew Ah liked you!" She threw her arms around his neck and sniffled. "Y're th' only one who likes me, though!"

Beth: "Come play tea party!" Beth grabbed Joe's hand and stole him away.

Shinobi: "Hi..." He looked from Carol to the guy and then the other little girl was dragging him off. "Well. Cookies?"

Tony: "I do know your name," he said, still patting her back. "That's not true."

Carol: "Follow!" Carol instructed, pointing after her abducted brother, "JJ! Come baaaaaack!"

Shinobi: "Yes, ma'am?" Obi followed after the guy, deciding there was no arguing with a baby.

Rogue: "Why won't anybody play with me?" She looked up at Tony with a big pout and eyes still wet from her last tears.

Brian: Brian followed the trail to the rec room and found his sister with her new hostages for tea party. He put the cookies down on the coffee table and took a seat on the sofa. This was going to be a long day.

Joe: Joe's new name was apparently Mrs Merryweather. "Please tell me this is gonna wear off soon..."

Tony: Tony had no idea how to respond to her question. He gave her a squeeze. "Sometimes, kids can be mean." Sure. Why not? It was true, after all.

Shinobi: Obi arrived at a tea party and sighed, answering the guy's question. "I wish we knew..."

Carol: Cookies! Carol wriggled to be put down to join the tea party and nom cookies. Mostly just for the cookies.

Brian: "It better wear off... Elizabeth is terrible for using her telepathy all the time as a grownup... I can't imagine how much worse she'd be as a toddler...."

Shinobi: "I think she's already at it," he said, nodding toward the vacant-eyed SHIELD agent at the party.

Brian: "Yes... she does it to me all the time." Brian sighed, "So, apologies in advance on her behalf..." Not that he harboured any illusions that Beth would actually apologise when she was returned to normal.

Rogue: Rogue snuffled and stuck her thumb in her mouth again, watching his face with sad eyes. "Am Ah mean," she asked around her thumb. "Dun wan' be mean..."

Tony: "You are not mean," he told her sincerely. She was bossy, and that was obviously a lifelong trait, but not mean. "I meant the other kids. You're a delightful little girl."

Shinobi: "I'm married to a telepath, so I have pretty good shields. She can stay out." He kept a wary eye on the other little blonde now, however.

Brian: "I wish I could tell you that would help... if she really wants in there, it probably won't." Before Carol mashed the contents of the cookie box in her frustration at being unable to open it, Brian decided to help her.

Joe: "I don't care if it doesn't help... can someone teach me how to do that before I really start thinking I'm Mrs Merryweather?" Joe looked over at the other two men.

Rogue: Rogue squeaked in delight and beamed at him, thumb still in place. "T'anks, sugah!" And then she remembered, "Sugah! Ah 'ant cookies!"

Tony: Tony was going to get a photo of that thumb one of these times. Someday, they'd laugh at it. Or at least he would. "Then we will find cookies."

Shinobi: "You can kind of picture a brick wall in your brain, or a big bubble...anything that looks like it says keep out..."

Rogue: "Will y' be mah bes' frien', Tony?" He was nice to her and wanted to give her cookies! Rogue loved cookies!

Joe: Joe was skeptical, "That works?"

Shinobi: "It takes practice, but it can't hurt," he said with a shrug.

Tony: "Absolutely," Tony responded, happy she wasn't crying anymore. He stopped himself from drying her tears since she wasn't wearing an inhibitor... and now he was debating if he could adjust it for her current state.

Joe: Joe attempted to do this while responding to Beth's chatter until Carol plonked herself in his lap with the box of cookies Brian had opened for her.

Rogue: That earned Tony another happy squeak and she wriggled in his grip. "'Ookies now please!" And then a thought hit her and she gasped, green eyes going wide and thumb leaving her mouth in her upset state, "BOBBY'S MAH BEST FRIEN'! AH'M A TR..." She stopped and her nose wrinkled, "...a, um... A triceratops...? A turnip...?"

Tony: And suddenly, Tony was deaf. He looked at her in mild shock and suppressed a smile. "You're looking for the word traitor, but you're not a traitor. You can have lots of friends of different types."

Shinobi: Happy he was no longer the focus of Carol's attentions, Obi started to slip away.

Rogue: "AH'M A TRAITOR!" She fell backwards in his arms, nearly bent in half in her dramatic upset. Rogue blinked as she saw Shinobi upside down through the door. "Cookies!"

Brian: Brian eyed Michael at his attempted escape, "Where are you going? This is a multi-person job."

Shinobi: "There are SHIELD agents for this... act of domestic terror, or whatever it is!"

Tony: "You're not," he started, nearly dropping her when the sudden contortions started. Then, she was distracted. "Yes! Cookies!"

Brian: "Those poor buggers are woefully ill equipped..." Brian shook his head, "And children do better with familiarity."

Rogue: "To th' tea party, bes' frien'!" She pointed towards the open door, still bent backwards. "Y'll play tea party wit' me, right?" Rogue lifted her head to give him hopeful eyes. "Pleeeaaaase?"

Tony: "Yes, I would love to have tea with you." Tony was slowly dying inside, but it was tea time!

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