4/24 Issue: The Losing Game

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4/24 Issue: The Losing Game

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 25, 2021 4:39 am

Timelined after Crazy Immunity.

Jean: Jean wasn't sure how long she let Anna soothe her fears, but eventually Jean pried herself off the floor. She started searching the blank white walls for seams, weaknesses, anything.

Anna: Anna was sucking on a polo and working on getting the coins to balance on the squidgy floor.

Jean: She sighed and kicked the wall after her third circuit around the room. She needed to pee, and she needed a drink of water, and neither thing was gonna happen anytime soon.

Anna: "What are you doing?" Anna glanced up at her at the kick.

Jean: "Trying to find, like, a door? Or something? Anything?" Jean shrugged. She'd shed her uniform jacket in favor of Jamie's leather jacket. Hands stuffed in the pockets, she sighed and looked up at the white ceiling.

Anna: "If you find a bathroom or a bed, let me know..." Anna decided to let her get on with it if it made her feel better.

Jean: "Yeah... no kidding. There's gonna be a puddle in a corner pretty soon..." She started another circle of the room, checking for cracks and testing to see if she could touch her powers.

Anna: "Terrible planning on this kidnapper's part not to provide a bucket or something..."

Jean: "Maybe we're not supposed to be here long enough to have to pee..." Jean swallowed, closing her eyes and trying to see if she could sense Anna in the room with her. Nope.

Jamie: Jamie gasped in pain as he was dragged from the rack, hardly able to keep his eyes open. Must. Stay... Awake...... He felt a fist shove into his chest and the air was knocked out of him, bugging his eyes wide just in time to watch the face connected to the fist vanish and a white ceiling replace it.

Anna: Anna yelped as a body landed next to her on the floor.

Jean: "Don't do that!" Jean yelped in response to the yelp, spinning in place. "Oh, shit..." Jamie? She scrambled back to the center of the room, dropping to her knees beside him. He looked terrible! "Oh my God.... Jamie?!" Her hands hovered over him, unsure where she could touch him without hurting him more.

Jamie: Jamie groaned and took a shaky breath, unable to speak. But he heard Jean. Jeaaaaan.... His eyes fluttered closed and he winced as he tried to take another breath. Jeannie.... Jamie forced his eyes open a crack to look for her. Everything was blurry, but he saw red against the white and he tried to smile.

Anna: Once her shock wore off, Anna's doctor-mode activated and she instantly leaned over Jamie to examine him.

Jean: He looked... almost unrecognizable, and she brushed his hair back from his face to try to get him to look at her. His eyes weren't focusing. Fuck! "Jamie? It's me. What happened?" She glanced up at Anna for help, then back.

Anna: Anna was running on habit, checking his pulse before bending over him to listen to his chest. "Jamie, I'm going to lift your shirt to have a look at you, okay?"

Jamie: He heard people talking to him but wasn't quite sure what they were saying, wincing again when he was touched. It wasn't bad touching, though. It was soft and gentle. So at least that was something. "J..."

Anna: Anna carefully raised the hem of his shirt to look at the injuries and winced in sympathy, "I'm sorry, this is going to be uncomfortable... I need to palpate your abdomen..."

Jean: She couldn't get him to respond and bit down hard on her lip, the tears springing to her eyes. Then Anna pulled up his shirt and she gasped. "Oh God..." Jean searched for his hand, hoping she wouldn't hurt him by taking it carefully. "Jamie, please... can you look at me? Can you even hear me?"

Jamie: Jamie's eyes moved, searching for the voices. What was happening? There was a feeling at his hand and his fingers twitched, trying to touch. He swallowed, but it was difficult, and he opened his mouth to try again, "Je..."

Anna: Anna bit her lip as she pressed against different parts of his belly with her flat hand. Not good. "He's bleeding internally..."

Jean: "Yeah! It's me!" She leaned in close, trying to get into his line of sight as he tried to say her name. Her head whipped to look at Anna. "He's what?!" She'd had enough first aid training with the X-Men to know that was not good.

Jamie: Oh, good. It was Jean. He let his eyes close when he knew it was really her. He was just so tired...

Anna: "There's nothing I can do... we can just keep him comfortable..."

Jean: "Nothing you can do?!" She knew what that meant, too. "No... nonono..." She felt his fingers move against hers and then his eyes slid closed. "Jamie? Please... don't- hey, look at me?" She leaned in close, hunching over him and kissing his forehead, then his mouth. She could taste blood.

Jamie: Jamie tried to float back to consciousness when he heard her terror and the tears. The most he could do was barely move his lips to try and kiss her back, but even that was hard. He was tired and it was getting cold.

Anna: Anna sat back on her heels, "I'm sorry..." if she had her powers or... any medical equipment, she'd be able to do more.

Jean: She felt him try to return the kiss and sobbed, rounding on Anna with another head whip. "You're sorry?!” She screamed. "You're sorry?!" She knew it wasn't Anna's fault, but... "He's-"

Jean: Jean refocused on Jamie and pressed her forehead against his. "Please. Please. Stay with me? I love you... I can't-" She was babbling now, but she didn't care. Without her powers she was useless, and he was all alone in his own head.

Anna: Anna held up her hands in a placating gesture. She knew Jean wasn't really angry with her but she needed to take it out on someone. She got up and moved away so they had a bit of privacy.

Jamie: Something warm and wet fell on his closed eyes and he tried to open them to see her, but couldn't. A tear slipped from him and ran down his cheekbone. Love you, Jeannie... Always.

Jean: Jean blindly reached and set her other hand on his chest to feel his heart. It was still beating, but weakly. "Stay with me, baby. Y-you still have to ask me to marry you again. I promised I'd say yes, and I-I will." She kept babbling, not sure what she was saying anymore as she tried to get a response from him.

Jamie: You already did. His finger twitched on her ring and suddenly, Jamie didn't hurt anymore. Nothing hurt anymore. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time and he embraced it.

Jean: "...s-so grateful I had another chance, and we have a future, so you've gotta be here for it." Jean was still babbling, but she stopped when she thought she felt a slight movement. Then, his heart stopped beating under her palm. "Noooo, nononono!"

Anna: Anna moved back over to them, gently giving Jean's shoulder a squeeze before she crouched to check the pulse in Jamie's neck.

Jean: Jean jumped at the touch. She'd already almost forgotten Anna was here. She watched Anna check, her own hand on his still chest. Nooo.

Anna: She bent over him to listen for any breathing. There was nothing. "I'm sorry, Jean... he's gone..."

Jean: She shook her head rapidly, making herself dizzy. "He can't be gone!" She fell back on her ass, but scrambled up again to let go of his hand and placed both of hers on the center of his chest. "I-I know CPR!" Sort of. She'd had training, but it'd been a while.

Anna: Anna reached for her but stopped just short, "Jean... Jean, it won't help... he's lost too much blood..."

Jean: "It-" She looked from Anna to Jamie. "Won't...?" Jean wanted to do it anyway. To do anything to bring him back to her. His face was white, under the bruises and blood, and she was shaking, hands still over his heart. "This... why?! She wailed, her voice cracking. “We didn't do anything to this asshole!"

Anna: Anna shook her head, "I don't know... I don't know why anyone does stuff like this..."

Jean: Jean fell backward, covering her face with her hands. He was gone. Jamie was gone. Part of her knew there was a possibility that this was a dupe, but their kidnapper had taken their powers, so it just as easily could be her Jamie. Either way, it was still Jamie. She sobbed, her breath catching and making her choke.

Anna: Anna took off her cardigan to cover Jamie's face before crawling over to Jean to give her a tight hug.

Jean: She turned to cling to the other woman, hiccupping and choking in turn.

Anna: Anna wanted to tell her that everything was going to be okay... but how would anything ever be okay for her again?

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