6/11 Issue: It's a Girl!

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6/11 Issue: It's a Girl!

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:16 am

Timelined after Great Ball of Fire.

Tandy: Tandy had woken up alone in the white room. At first she'd been scared but, when nothing bad happened, she quickly got bored. She listened to music for a while as she checked the dimensions of the room, humming along, then eventually the boredom and the music led to dancing.

Tandy: She was kind of enjoying herself so it was alarming when a voice cut through the music and she discovered she was no longer alone. Her impact with the floor knocked her earbuds from her ears and she backed up until she hit the wall behind her. "Where the hell did you just come from?!" And also why were they covered in... was that blood?

Jamie: Jamie whirled around at the new voice, putting himself between it and Jean and Anna. "Us? Where did you come from?!"

Jean: Jean opened her eyes again and realized she wasn't blind. She could see Jamie's ass, which was never bad, except her head hurt and her stomach was-

Jean: She lurched sideways away from Anna and heaved.

Tandy: "I've been here on my own for ages! You're the ones that just appeared out of nowhere!" And oh my God. Now there was vomit. Don'tthrowupdon'tthrowupdon'tthrowup.

Anna: Anna eeped and reflexively gathered Jean's hair out of the way and rubbed her back.

Jean: Since this was roughly the thousandth time she'd done this over the last few days, Jean luckily had nothing to bring up. Her stomach didn't get that memo, however.

Jamie: "Ack!" Jamie whirled back around to see Jean retching, then back to the new person, then back to Jean. Gaaaaaah! Protect or nurture? Protect or nurture?!

Jamie: Protect! Jamie saw that Anna was handling Jean and he turned back to the new person. "We didn't do it! The psycho ventriloquist dummy did it!"

Tandy: Ventriloquist dummy? ".... what?" Tandy blinked at him. None of this made sense. "Wait, wait, wait... start at the beginning..."

Jamie: "...You didn't see the short little man with the overly large bowtie?" Jamie frowned at her. That wasn't fair. Why did they have to put up with him, but no one else did?

Tandy: "Oh! Him! Yeah... his goons hit Ty over the head... I hope he's okay..." she realised then her music was still playing so she turned it off and stuffed her headphones back into her pocket.

Jamie: "You hope he's okay? Why? He's an asshole and I'm gonna pummel him the first chance I get."

Tandy: Tandy blinked at Jamie, "...you know Ty?"

Jean: Jean heaved again, then curled into herself with a groan.

Jamie: "Who? No. I know a giant bowtie though and I'm gonna use it to string him up until he chokes." Jamie grumbled then realized his upset probably wasn't helping Jean's upset, so he took a breath. "Sorry. Lots of things happening right now."

Tandy: "Oh... because I meant I hope Ty is okay.... he's... not smart." She sighed, "But if he's okay I know he'll find me."

Jean: None of that had helped her head. At all. Jean tried to sit up, but got dizzy and immediately flopped back over, this time onto Anna. "This sucks..."

Anna: "Just lie down for a little while, okay?" Anna tried to settle Jean a little, "Close your eyes, have a nap if you want...."

Jean: "Who'se talkin' to..." She mumbled, listening to Jamie with this new voice. "I think I'm brokeded fer realsies."

Jamie: Jamie couldn't stand it anymore and went to Jean, keeping the stranger in his peripheral as he crouched next to her. "Babe... You're not brokeded... Just concussed and pregnant."

Jean: Jean squinted at him when she heard him move closer and attempted to smile. Not brokeded... "I'm whaa?!" She sat bolt upright and the room spun. Bad idea! Abort!

Anna: Anna lifted her hands to catch Jean if she fell over again after that sudden movement and looked at Jamie, "She's pregnant? Since when?"

Tandy: Tandy watched this display bemusedly and decided she was maybe better off with her headphones in.

Jamie: "Whoooooa there, Jeannie." Jamie recoiled a bit and tried to grab her arms and lower her back to a prone position before she puked. "Since... since all the... ya know... nausea?"

Jean: Jean tried to think back and... she had been barfy. "Hhhhm." She tried to squint up at him with her puffy eyes.

Anna: "Um... maybe the nausea was just, you know... stress?" she offered before Jamie broke Jean further.

Tandy: Tandy got to her feet, stretched, and counted herself back in to her dancing.

Jamie: "....girls puke from stress?"

Anna: "Anyone can if they get worked up enough. Stress does a lot of weird shit to your body."

Jamie: Leave it to him to be surrounded by girls who puke from stress. And the only dude around (that he knew of) he wanted to murder. "Oh. Alrighty."

Anna: Anna frowned hard at him, "You remember the part where I'm a doctor, right?"

Jean: The jello salad inside Jean's head wasn't solidifying into truly coherent thoughts, buuuut... "Maybe?"

Jamie: "Yeah? I'm a licensed EMT. Big whoop." Jean seemed stable-ish for the moment, so he turned back to their new gu-WAIT. He whirled back to Jean. "Yeah?"

Anna: Luckily for Jamie, Anna believed in her oath.

Jean: She reached for him and ended up patting the air. "Never barfed b'fore when you died..."

Jamie: "S...so..." He hesitated, but ended up breaking into a smile anyway, grabbing her hand that was flailing in mid-air. "Are we gonna have a baby?"

Jean: "Iunno... pills don' always work..." Plus they fucked like bunnies. "An' rabbits have lossa babies." She tried to twine her fingers with his and wriggle closer to him.

Anna: Anna decided it was time to try and extricate herself from between Jean and Jamie.

Jamie: Jamie couldn't stop the giggle that escaped him and he sat to pull her into his lap. "You are Bunny. Apparently."

Jean: God she so loved that giggle. Jean smiled and curled up in his arms. "Maybe so," she whispered.

Jamie: "Hey, guys! We're gonna have a baby!" He still didn't know who the fuck that other person was, but he didn't care! He was gonna be a daddy!

Jean: She put her hand to her belly, looking down at herself. It was what she wanted, after all – a family with him - but not trapped here.

Anna: Anna gave them both a bright smile, even though she was concerned they were jumping to conclusions.

Jamie: Okay. Dad-mode activate! ...No? Why did it not work like that? Jamie sighed, "I don't know how the hell to get us out to save the baby. I'm sorry, Jeannie."

Jean: Considering she felt like her brains might ooze out of her eyeballs at any moment, she was less concerned about a maybe baby. "S'kay..."

Jamie: ...Right. Concussion. Jamie gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead. "So, back to this new person... Who are you and who is Ty and why the hell are you in our personal torture bubble?"

Tandy: Oh they were talking to her again. Tandy paused in her dancing and took an earbud out, "Ty's my best friend. He always knows where I am so... we just have to wait... and I guess it's not your personal torture bubble?"

Jean: "I wish I had my bubbles..." It came out remarkably clear for her present state. Hey, maybe sitting still was helping!

Jamie: Jamie super-frowned and gave Jean a gentle squeeze. "I know, babe. Me too." He looked up at the new girl again, "...How does he always know where you are?"

Tandy: Tandy shrugged a little, "I don't know... it's his powers... and mine. He can sense me... the energy I put out... He's a teleporter... and he knows people. He'll get us out."

Jean: "I know where you are, 'cause the hat bird smoosh," she told Jamie, giving him a pat.

Jamie: Jamie snerked and pet Jean's hair, "You sure do, babe. I love you for that. I know where you are, too." Wait. "He can sense you? Can he sense you without your powers, too? Or do they have to work in tandem?"

Tandy: Tandy gave a helpless shrug, "I don't know... I store a kind of energy in my body... so, in theory, it's still there even if I can't reach it...."

Jean: Ooooh, pets. Jean leaned her head against his shoulder. Her stomach felt a little better now, so she moved her hand to return the favor and found skin. Riiiight. No shirt. It made her giggle.

Jamie: "So, in theory," he repeated, "he can find you even though this fucking puppet can turn powers on or off on a whim?" Giggles? Why was Jean giggl... Oh. Jamie grinned at her as she pet his torso.

Tandy: Tandy nodded, "Yeah... and he can get help too... like I said - he knows people."

Jamie: Jamie blinked at her, "You have no fucking clue who we are, do you?"

Tandy: Tandy shook her head slowly, "No, should I?"

Jean: Jean looked up and tried to get her eyes to focus on the blonde. "...you know the president too? Ooo, Imma tell Rogue..."

Jamie: "...We're the people who would do the saving."

Tandy: Tandy frowned, not sure what he meant by that.

Anna: Anna had been rolling the information around in her brain and finally came to a realisation, "Ty.... wouldn't happen to be short for Tyrone, would it?"

Tandy: Tandy pointed at her, "Yes! You know him?" Wait. "Were you at the mutant school?"

Jean: "Wish one? It blew up a few times..."

Anna: "Ty went to the one in Danvers." Anna filled in the blanks, "I remember him. He got lost in space... and on a Russian submarine."

Tandy: Tandy nodded, "Yeah... he told me about that..." she grinned. "I told you he was an idiot."

Jean: "We ha' a lot of those..." She gave Jamie another fond pat.

Jamie: Jamie sighed heavily and shook his head. Then blinked down at Jean, "Hey!"

Anna: "Do you think he'd go back there to get help if you were missing?" Anna was feeling hopeful now too.

Tandy: Tandy nodded, "Yeah... it was his go-to place when we met and he was freaking out. Teleported into some woman's office... and then she was mad because he got drunk on her good scotch."

Jean: "Not a horse," she said, giving him a solemn nod and some more petting.

Jamie: "....why would he risk pissing off Carol? That's a death wish." He frowned at Jean, "What?"

Jean: 'Hay! Duh." Jean returned the frown, but it hurt, so ended up more of a grimace.

Jamie: "Yeah, but...." Jamie laughed and shook his head again, "Never mind, babe."

Tandy: "I mentioned he's an idiot, right?" Tandy decided to double check.

Anna: She laughed, "Once or twice."

Jamie: "That's more than 'idiot' status, though."

Jean: Jean carefully laid her head back against him and traced his collarbone with her fingertips. "Y'way smarter than that..."

Tandy: Tandy shrugged, "He's a teleporter that can become intangible. He doesn't have much to be afraid of. Anyway, my point is... he can get help... and then he can help them find wherever we are and we'll be home in no time."

Jean: This teleporter thing was ringing a few rusty bells in Jean's brain. "Oh! I remember him! Boy Cassie!"

Jamie: Jamie giggled and tried not to squirm under her touch. Tickles! But also, is so nice. "Problem solved then! All we have to do is survive this gore-porn nightmare! Not a problem," he deadpanned at the new girl.

Anna: "We just have to be careful...." Anna patted Jamie soothingly, "My name's Anna, by the way. This is Jamie... and the concussed one talking nonsense is Jean."

Tandy: "Tandy," she returned the favour of the introduction.

Jamie: "Okay, Tandy, how long have you been here?"

Jean: She loved his laugh, so she kept up her exploration to keep hearing it. "Don' die any more... please." Hearing her name made her twitch a little, but she was comfy. No movie.

Tandy: "Uh..." Tandy counted the songs she'd listened to, "Been awake for an hour maybe.... don't know before that."

Jamie: "I won't, baby. Promise." He wriggled a little against her touch, grinning at her. Jamie looked up at Tandy, "How are you not freaked out by the fact that there's one: no way out, two: blood on the floor, and three: the fact that we're all pretty bloody ourselves."

Tandy: Tandy figured telling them 'Ty and I take out drug dealers on the regular' would not go down well. "Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet?"

Jean: Blood. Right. Jean looked down at her hand on his skin. Gross, crusty dried blood. His and hers. "Guh... my ring's gross..."

Jamie: "...'Kay." Jamie had no idea what to say to this woman. He'd just died twice and nearly died a third time. It'd definitely sunk in for him already. "Aww, I'm sorry, babe... I'll pay to get it cleaned when we get home." Or he could spit shine it, but maybe after she wasn't puking up nothing all the time.

Jean: "Home." She sighed, closing her eyes. "I wanna go home..." Jean flattened her hand over his chest.

Jamie: "I know, babe..." He brought his hand up to lie over hers. "Me too." Jamie looked up at Anna, then over at Tandy. "How long does it normally take him to find you?"

Tandy: "It varies... and I saw them hit him over the head so... he might have a concussion like your friend there..."

Jamie: "This is the mother of my child, thankyouverymuch. Not just a 'friend.'" Jamie looked at Anna, "Speaking of concussions... Any chance your powers have blinked back on to heal her?"

Anna: Anna shook her head, "No such luck. We'll just have to wait it out. Wake her up every hour and monitor her vitals..."

Jean: "We weren't s'posed to until the crazy died..." Jean nodded a little, but it made her head hurt.

Jamie: "Yeaaaaah... Surprise, I guess?" He gave a weak chuckle and curled some of her hair around his fingers. "Okay, so we're trapped here with a loopy, pregnant, super telekenetic telepath, a healer-possessor, a human clone machine, aaaaaaand... someone who can get tracked by someone else."

Tandy: "I can also throw light daggers," Tandy added helpfully. "They're fun."

Jean: "And birb!"

Jamie: "Light daggers? Pretty sure anyone can throw a dagger if it's light enough." Jamie barked a laugh, "And birb, yes. From the hat."

Jean: His loud laugh made her jump. "Hat birb smoosh."

Jamie: "Oof. Sorry... Yeah, hat birb smoosh. We're smooshed. Just the way I like it."

Tandy: "Noooooo, daggers made of light." Tandy clarified, "They're about this big," she held up her hands 6 inches apart, "And I can kind of direct them."

Jean: Jean wished she could feel him in her head right now, but nope. Instead, she could feel him with her hands! So, she did.

Jamie: Jamie's giggles got a little squeaky and he grabbed at her hands, trying to calm her down. "Okay, so... Kind of like Beth with her weird psychic knives. Cool. Maybe we should try to figure out some sort of plan for if our powers all turn on at once for about 15 seconds to bust us out of here?"

Tandy: "My daggers can cut through pretty much anything...." Tandy supplied. "I could try the weird walls..."

Jean: Since her hands had been immobilized, she paid attention. Sort of. "I need birb bubble... then i can burn it all down."

Jamie: "Um... no fire, kthx..." He gave Jean's hands a kiss, then laid them down, keeping his own over them. "Did you try anything to get out when you first got here? Any kind of investigating...? Anything?”

Tandy: "Yep. And then I got bored and decided I'd listen to music instead."

Jean: "Nooo, you know my fire is okay..." Since she couldn't touch, she started to nuzzle his neck, but broken nose. Jean whined and gave him a lick instead. "Wouldn't hurt you... ever."

Jamie: Jamie gave a girlish squeal at the lick, then realized what he'd done and cleared his throat. "Did you figure anything out? There are a few things we know about the room already, so if you figured out anything new..."

Tandy: "It's a big white box." Tandy deadpanned. "That's it."

Jean: Okay that noise was fun! She wanted him to make it again. Liiiiiick.

Jamie: She definitely made him make it again and he flailed at her. "Stooooop." Jamie leaned his head back a bit, hoping to deter her. "Yeah, except that's not it. It absorbs sound, so who's to say it wouldn't absorb light. Or fire. It also is basically a giant two-way mirror."

Tandy: "How do you know that stuff?" Because there wasn't any way she could have figured that out on her own in a room banging on the walls.

Jamie: "I'm Jamie Madrox. I know stuff."

Tandy: "Good for you, Jamie Madrox. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the class."

Jean: "'cuz they made him watch me watch him die..." Jean pouted at him, then smacked her lips a little. He tasted... sweaty. Salty. With a hint of... copper. Her stomach flipped and she tugged her hand free to clutch it again.

Jamie: "I'm a licensed detective. Among many other things... I'm more observant than most because I can see things from every angle." His nose wrinkled at Jean's statement, "And that..."

Tandy: "Right. I'm observant. But that borders on clairvoyant. How the heck was I supposed to work out on my own that the place is a two way mirror?"

Jamie: "Well, maybe not that part... But that the walls and floor, and probably ceiling, absorb sound and impacts. That's kind of hard to miss, I would think."

Tandy: Tandy shrugged, "Makes me wonder why though. Maybe there's other rooms."

Jamie: "I don't think that's it. This brat of a child-shaped adult seems to be able to bend reality at a whim. I think he made this room to be like this. I just can't work out the 'why,' which is important."

Tandy: "If it's a two way mirror, it's probably so he can watch us suffer for shits and giggles."

Jean: "He sucks," Jean offered, ever helpful.

Jamie: "Well, like Jeannie said, he used it to make me watch her suffer... And she couldn't hear me yelling at her that it was a dupe..." Frowning, he looked down at Jean again, who looked a touch less green than a minute ago. "Yeah, he's not very high on my 'invite to the wedding' list."

Tandy: "Um... question... what's a dupe?"

Jean: "It's a Jamie, but not all of Jamie." Jean leaned her head against him again, her hand still on her stomach. "Like Diet Coke Jamie."

Tandy: "....I don't get it."

Jean: "This is my Jamie," she explained, getting comfortable in his lap again.

Jamie: Diet... Coke... Jamie opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again and thought about it. That wasn't inaccurate... Not quite accurate at the same time, though. "I can replicate myself with enough kinetic force applied to my body. The catch is that the dupe is a piece of my personality... my soul. So.... um... when one...dies...I feel it. I die. But I'm Prime. The original."

Jean: "My Jamie," she repeated, snuggling into him.

Tandy: "Oh, okay..." that was a weird power. "How much force is enough force?"

Jamie: "A solid thump works most of the time. The easiest, though, is stomping my feet, so I do that." Jamie grinned and pulled Jean closer, "Your Jamie."

Jean: "I hit him with a windmill once."

Anna: At the alarmed look on Tandy's face, Anna gave Jean a gentle pat, "Maybe you should stop talking, huh?"

Jean: "Is true though." Jean tried to look at Jamie for confirmation.

Jamie: Jamie cackled and almost fell backward. "It was a mini golf windmill blade. But it was enough force."

Tandy: Tandy was reassured that it wasn't a whole-ass windmill. That was terrifying. "Okay..." she nodded with a slightly forced smile.

Jamie: "She thinks we're crazy, Jeannie. Are we crazy?"

Anna: "Why is that even a question?"

Jean: "I think we're crazy, yep."

Jamie: "....we're not crazy. We're just not normal."

Anna: "There are degrees of crazy."

Jean: "I'm made of fire and you're scared of fire but you want to marry me."

Jamie: "You're not made of fire... and I wanted to marry you from the moment I saw you. That was before I was scared of fire and before you became fire." Jamie gave her a smile then looked up at the other two. "None of us are normal anyway since we're mutants."

Anna: "Yeah... but you should hear yourselves..."

Jean: Jean was quiet while she thought about this.

Jamie: Jamie opened his mouth to fire back a clever retort, then closed it. He did hear them. And he knew exactly how they viewed them because he had other hims in his head telling him how they viewed it. "Yeah... but...." Don't even try. "I got nothin.'"

Anna: Anna gave Jamie a pat, "It's okay. I don't judge."

Jean: "Told ya," she decided. "Crazy." Jean nodded and closed her eyes.

Jamie: "At least we're not like the soulless wonder on the other side of the walls."

Jean: Jean made an offended noise but didn't open her eyes.

Jamie: "Hey, I didn't add in the word 'ginger' on purpose. Your hair is much prettier, anyway."

Jean: "Duh."

Anna: "And it will remain pretty as long as we don't let you throw up in it," Anna nodded to herself then got up to move over beside Tandy because she didn't want to be near the canoodling and slightly loopy couple anymore.

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