6/11 Issue: Oh, Tandanna!

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6/11 Issue: Oh, Tandanna!

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:23 am

Timelined right after Fic – Lighter and Whack-a-Dupe.

Tandy: Tandy and Anna had arrived back to an empty white room and had spent the first little while speculating about what could be happening to the other two but that quickly got depressing so Tandy put her music back on and lay on the floor.

Jean: "No! Fuck you!" She almost had him! Jean materialized back in the white room and fought a split second of panic before Jamie appeared at her feet, still out cold. "Go to hell, you fucker!" she screamed at the ceiling, flipping it off with both hands before she went to check on Jamie.

Tandy: Tandy's flail at the surprise arrival wasn't really her flail. She sat up, pulling her earbuds out, "The fuck happened to you?"

Jean: He was breathing, his pulse steady, and that was all Jean had time to check before she jumped and screamed, twisting to look at- "Where's Anna?!"

Tandy: "I'm here..." Anna's voice came out of Tandy's mouth. "Stuck."

Jean: Jean's face found itself in the D: emoji yet again. "Whaaaat?!" She moved so she could see Tandy. Anna. Tandana? "That's a thing?! How is that a thing?!" She peeled off her undershirt and started trying to wipe the blood from under Jamie's busted nose.

Anna: "We were in some kind of combat arena and that's not really my thing.... so I possessed Tandy... and now my powers are off and I can't get out."

Tandy: "It's weird." Tandy frowned.

Jean: "He put us in another funhouse of death thing and kept me tied up next to him to watch Jamie die like ten times." She was looking for injuries now, aside from the obvious with his leg and nose. Luckily, aside from scrapes and bruises, he seemed okay. Physically.

Anna: Anna took over control after a moment of internal discussion to examine the broken leg. "How'd this happen?"

Jean: Jean settled his head in her lap and stroked her fingers through his hair. "Giant hammer. I heard it break..." She made a face. "Arcade killed like five dupes at once, all in different ways, and Jamie... it was too much. He passed out. Arcade was distracted so I tipped my chair onto him and he lost it for a second. I had my powers back! I was SO close to murdering that fucking soulless ginger asshat!"

Tandy: Tandy sighed, "Maybe next time..." She wrinkled her nose as Anna used her eyes to look Jamie over, getting blood on her hands and everything. Ew.

Jean: "He was walking on it, so that couldn't have helped..." His nose was still leaking so she dabbed at it with the cleanest corner of her white undershirt. "At least he's not dying this time, and I know for sure he's Prime."

Anna: "It for sure didn't help..." she carefully felt out the bone beneath the skin. At least it was a closed fracture...

Jamie: Jamie snorted at the feeling of his nose being touched and then realized that shouldn't be happening, causing him to flail, smacking something with his arms before his eyes even opened. "Stoppitdon'ttouchmeIdidn'tdoanything!"

Jean: "How bad is it? Like, my first aid exper- ACK!" Jean dropped her bloody shirt to catch his wrists. "Jamie! Jamie, it's me, babe. You're okay."

Anna: Anna lifted Tandy's hands from Jamie's legs in case of more flailing.

Jamie: Jeannie? Jamie sighed in relief and slumped in her lap, letting his arms fall heavily to his sides. "Oh. That's good then."

Anna: "There's no way to really tell how bad it is without an x-ray... but I'd have a better idea if we took his trousers off..." Anna decided to answer Jean's question now.

Jean: Jean looked up at Anna and nodded.

Jean: She paused to inspect her own arms, rubbed raw from the restraints. Fucker. Jean touched her fingers to her neck and twinged. "How do you feel?" Jean gave him some more pets since he hadn't even opened his eyes yet.

Jamie: "Fivemoreminutesmom," he slurred out, head lolling to try and push into her pets. "Promisewon'tbelate."

Jean: Jean sighed. "I think he needs a minute before we try to strip him....”

Tandy: "It's okay we can wait, right?" Tandy wasn't in a hurry to help a near-stranger out of his pants.

Jamie: "Strip?" Jamie tried to force an eye open, but it was difficult. "Jeannie?" He could barely see her through his lashes, but he'd know that red hair anywhere. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, "Jeannie."

Jean: Jean couldn't help her quiet laugh. "Of course you heard that part. It's me. We're back in the white room. Anna needs to take a look at your leg, so... no pants." Jean petted some more. "You okay with that?"

Jamie: Jamie groaned and tried to shift to sit up, then hissed in pain when he moved his leg. "Yeah... But... I don't think I can help." He opened his eyes a bit more to look for Anna. Must be behind Jean, then. "Be gentle," he whined at Anna, tilting his head back a bit so his voice would carry over Jean's shoulder.

Anna: "I'll be as gentle as I can," Anna assured him, starting with his shoes while Tandy tried to let Anna get on with it without without covering her eyes.

Jean: "You're fine. I'll help her." Jean bent to kiss his forehead before she shifted to get up.

Jamie: Oh. Her voice was coming from in front of him. Must have just missed seeing her. Jamie gripped Jean's hand before she got too far away and just took a second to look at her. She was safe, unharmed, and had her mouth back. "Did we win?"

Tandy: "Define 'win,'" Tandy requested, "We kicked ass... well, I kicked ass. Anna watched my ass."

Jean: "I scared the shit out of him." Jean smiled and squeezed his hand. "So he dropped us back in here instead of fighting a girl with her powers on. Pussy."

Jamie: Jamie blinked at the answers, confused by all of it. "Huh? Who did what now?"

Anna: Anna sighed and shook Tandy's head, "Never mind."

Jean: Jean gave her adorably confused but broken boyfriend a pet. "I tried to kill his ass, but I didn't have time."

Jamie: Jamie felt his shoes leave his feet and he pushed to look at them. Would those be needed while they were off of him? Like how he wished he had kept his shirt with him but it was left in the murder maze? "Jeannie? Cling to my shoes."

Jean: "Okay," she said, but didn't move as she gave him another pet. Maybe more broken than she thought. "You want me to help?" she asked Tandanna.

Jamie: ...why wasn't she clinging? "Jeannie... Like your life depends on it." What if he stepped on something sharp and impaled his foot?!

Anna: "I can manage," Anna gave her a small smile, "Not the first semi conscious person I've had to undress... just hold his hand in case it hurts."

Jamie: "No," he protested, "hold my shoes."

Jean: "Nobody is gonna steal your shoes, babe." Jean gave Anna a look and held out her free hand for the shoes.

Anna: Anna handed over the shoes, "Oddly enough... not the first person obsessed with their shoes either."

Jamie: "Noooo... poofed away. Gonna need those." He saw the shoes get passed and relaxed a touch. No stabbed soles for him.

Jean: Jean tucked the worn shoes in next to them and settled back in to cuddle her lap Jamie while Anna worked on him.

Tandy: Tandy was resisting Anna's next move so much it made her head hurt. She didn't want to pull those pants down! This was so many levels of not okay. "Are you sure you have to look....?"

Jamie: "Look at what? Where's Anna?" He frowned at the new girl, "I'm a one-woman man! Take your paws off, madam!"

Jean: "You suuuure you don't want me to help? I'm good with looking!" She petted his hair.

Anna: "Yes, I have to look!" She fixed Jamie with a look, "I'm a doctor, I've seen it all before. Stop your whining."

Tandy: "But I'm not a doctor!" Tandy protested, "There's no unsee button in my brain!"

Jean: "It's not like it's a bad view," she pointed out, offended on his behalf.

Jamie: "You are not! You're that new girl!" ...What was her name again? Think, Madrox! ...Thinking hurts... "Tanzania!"

Anna: "I'm in here!" Anna protested, "And you can not look... just... stop backseat driving for five minutes!"

Tandy: "It's Tandy..." she corrected wearily, "And I don't know how to not backseat drive in my own head..."

Jean: "She is... Anna and Tandy have a smoosh right now," she explained, super helpfully.

Jamie: "A smoosh? That's not good. We don't have a metal hat to unsmoosh." He narrowed his eyes at Tandy, trying to keep her in focus. "Take a nap," Jamie suggested helpfully.

Jean: Jean nodded at Tandy-Anna. Nope, Tandanna. She was sticking with that. "He has a point there. Take it from a telepath. Just... pretend you're somewhere else for a while and let Anna do her thing."

Anna: "I possessed her. It's not permanent... just a bit more long term than I planned." Anna attempted to shove Tandy's consciousness back a little bit as a hint. "I promise I'll be careful with your body."

Jamie: "I know you will. You're a doctor," he gave Tandanna a lop-sided grin, which then turned into a wince. Why did he suddenly want to cover his face and pretend to be Marsha from The Brady Bunch?

Anna: Anna patted Jamie's non-broken leg with Tandy's hand. "Yes. I am a doctor." Tandy was lurking now so she adopted her usual doctoring manner and whipped off those pants.

Jamie: "Nnnnrrgnn," he tensed at the pain and tried to breathe, but just sniffed up a bunch of blood.

Jean: Jean grabbed her undershirt again and tried to help him before he yakked blood onto her.

Jamie: Oh. Soft touches. He leaned into Jean, but tried to stay as still as possible for Tandanna. "Hellooooo nurse."

Jean: She giggled at his line and bent to kiss his forehead.

Anna: Anna moved to examine the leg properly now that she could see, probing as gently as she could. "I know this hurts... usually you'd have some nice drugs on board by now but we don't have that luxury thanks to the psychopath in charge..."

Jamie: "Drugs just make me hungry," he grumbled. Waitasecond... "Why aren't I hungry?"

Anna: "Not those kind of drugs..." She smiled and shook her head, poking at his knee a little now. It was starting to bruise.

Jamie: Jamie hissed and jerked, which only hurt worse. "How long've I got, doc?"

Jean: "None of us are hungry... we kinda think the asshole turned it off somehow." Jean was watching Anna poke around with Tandy's hands. It looked... bad. She bit her lip to stop herself from telling him not to joke about that.

Anna: "Well, I don't think we'll have to amputate..." she sighed, "But I am worried about it..."

Jean: Amputate?! Jean bit down harder on her lip and tasted blood.

Jamie: "It's fiiiiine. I'll be fiiiiiine." Jamie gave a soft chuckle. It was fiiiiiine. "I can just... absorb a dupe and he'll take half the damage." That... wasn't right. Yeahuh. Was so. ...Or maybe not?

Anna: "I want you to stay off it, okay? Until I can heal you or we can see what kind of damage is going on in there... just... don't make it worse..."

Jean: Jean cocked her head at that. "But... your dupes had broken legs too..." Well, until they all died.

Jamie: "They did? Oh, right." That wasn't helpful. He shifted his gaze to Tandanna, "You don't make it worse." Jamie frowned at himself. What was that even supposed to mean? "What?"

Jean: "Um... Can you check his nose? See if he's got a concussion, too?" Jean gestured at her own face. "My head is still killing me, but at least I don't need that nose job anymore?"

Anna: She sighed, "Take a nap, Jamie." She rolled up his pants to use them to prop up his knee somewhat and tucked them under it. "Yeah... I'll check his nose... if it's broken I'll set it..."

Jamie: "Nnnraaag!!!" His leg did not like being moved and Jamie squirmed a bit to try and fight the pain. "Nose? What's wrong with my nose?!"

Jean: "It's like mine was." Jean leaned to look at it. Ouch. "Maybe asshole will fix yours too so he doesn't have to look at it," she griped.

Anna: Knee propped up, she moved to look at Jamie's nose, carefully prodding it with Tandy's fingers. "Speaking of noses... how's your head, Jean?"

Jean: "Still pounding... kinda dizzy." Now that she was sitting and her adrenaline was wearing off she was feeling fairly shitty again. Jean watched with a wince and squeezed Jamie's hand.

Jamie: Jamie twitched at the nose prods. Yep, it hurt alright. Stahpit. Focus on Jean instead. "How is that possible? Why are you still feeling that way?" Oh right! "Is it the baby?"

Anna: "It'll be the concussion... which you probably also have..." She rolled Tandy's eyes a little and fixed Jamie's nose for him.

Jean: What baby? She frowned and then recalled. Oh... oh! Welp. "We have matching concussions!" She tried to give him a grin to distract him.

Jamie: Jean's grin did not distract him. Jamie flailed and yelled, wrecking where his knee had been carefully propped, which made him yell again. "SONUVABITCHINHEAVENANDHELLANDALLTHEPLACESBETWEENTHATFUCKINGHURT!"

Anna: Anna smiled, "You're welcome!" She returned his knee to its prop.

Jean: "Jamie!" She tried to stop him from flailing, which made her head spin and she landed back on her ass with a muffled thump.

Jamie: Oh no, Jean fell down! He tried to flail and catch her, but it didn't work because it moved his knee again which made him yelp. They were a sorry set of superheroes.

Jean: As sweet as his attempts to save her from herself were, she really wished he wouldn't. "I'm fine! Just... don't move!"

Anna: Anna fixed them both with a look, "Are you two going to behave yourselves so I can give Tandy control of her body back?"

Jamie: "....." Jamie just stared at Tandanna, still unsure how she was able to impersonate Anna so well.

Jean: Jamie's brain appeared to have shorted out, so she wriggled her way back onto her knees and squinted at Jamie's nose. Hopefully he wouldn't need a nose job.

Jamie: Suddenly a Jean came into view veeeery close to his face and his eyes shifted slowly to look at her, afraid if he did much more, they would collide. "Come here often?"

Jean: "Unfuckingfortunately." She sighed, then smiled at him and leaned closer to kiss his forehead again. "I'm so glad you're okay...ish."

Jamie: "Right backatcha, babycakes." He tipped his head a bit to try and catch her lips. "So, who's going to tell the new girl that she's really good at impressions, but she probably shouldn't impersonate a doctor again?"

Anna: "If you weren't all banged up I'd smack you for being a fecking eejit." Anna sighed, "I'm gonna poke Tandy and let her take the reins back..."

Jean: Jean was happy to kiss him and ducked her head to accommodate. She giggled against his lips. "That's really Anna. She can possess people, so she possessed Tandy but asshat turned off her powers and she's stuck."

Jamie: "No shit? That sucks more than ... well, more than a lot of things that I can't think of right now." Jamie looked over to Tandanna, "I dub thee, Tandanna."

Jean: She giggled, unable to help herself. "I did, too!" Jean gave him another kiss because she could. "Great minds think alike? Especially when concussed?"

Tandy: Tandy, now back in control of herself, shook her head, "Nooooo we are not naming this! That implies it's gonna last long enough to need a name and, no offense to tiny Irish women, but I don't want one in my head."

Jean: "I like tiny Irish women in all kinds of places," she piped. Whoops. "Well, not now, but... before..."

Jamie: "It makes sense, though, right?!" This was exciting! They were perfect for each other even without the link! Oh, Tandanna was speaking. Pay attention. Tiny Irish women... long time... "I don't know about you, but I don't want a tiny Irish woman in my head who's mad at me for saying mean things about them."

Jamie: His eyes shifted back to Jean, "...I feel like if we weren't so in love we would be the best of friends."

Jean: "We are the best of friends, too!" Jean took his hand back and kissed it, holding his with both of hers. He was hurt, but alive, and they were together. "My best friend, my only love..."

Tandy: Tandy's nose wrinkled, "We're gonna go.... sit over there... away from all the hormones..."

Jamie: He stuck his tongue out at Tandanna, "You're just jealous." Jamie used his free hand to pull her to lie down with him, wanting to hold her as close as possible. "I love you, Jeannie. And, if the birb can hear me, I love it, too."

Tandy: "Nope, just nauseated," Tandy assured him as she sat down in her chosen corner. "If you're gonna carry on being cavity inducing, I'm going to put my music back on..."

Jean: Jean settled down beside him, cuddling into him and resting her hand on his bare chest. "I love you, and of course she loves you, too." He was pretty much naked now, but sadly in no condition for fun. "Are you cold?" Shock was a thing, right?

Jamie: "Nope. I don't feel a thing. Nooot a thiiiing." Her hand was super warm on his skin, though, and it felt nice. Maybe he was a bit cold. Who cares? Jean snuggles! "Does Tandana need some snuggles?"

Tandy: "No thank you! We're fine!" Yep. Listening to music was safer.

Jean: His skin was cold and she didn't like his response, so she freed herself to go fetch his jacket and her uniform jacket from the other side of the white room. Once back, she used them both as makeshift blankets and settled back in against him.

Jamie: "Oooh, cozy!" That was much better now that he thought about it. "Tandaaaaaannnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa," he sing-songed, "snuuuuggle piiiiiiiiles are fuuuuuuuun."

Jean: She giggled and shook her head until it hurt, then rested it against his shoulder, sliding her hand back in place between his skin and the jacket.

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