7/5 Issue: What the cat?

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7/5 Issue: What the cat?

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:06 pm

Current to baby shens.

Brian: Brian was taking a break from his sister (who was in a timeout in her faraday cage for letting three of her 'dolls' have accidents). But he wasn't getting a rest. He had been roped into a game of 'Star Wars' by Carol because she couldn't find Joe and someone needed to be 'the bad guys'. At least he didn't have to be the princess.

Carol: Carol had a new partner in crime. A ginger cat she had found roaming the grounds. The cat got to be Chewie. She was, of course, Han Solo. PEW PEW. She lasered the stormtroopers.

Brian: "Hey!" Brian complained, "No real lasers!"

Shinobi: Obi could only be thankful he was wearing a bedsheet and not a metal bikini. "At least she's not at full power?" He had his eye on that cat, and the cat had an eye on him as well.

Brian: "She can't really hurt me, but I don't think we should encourage her shooting people with lasers..." He ducked another barrage.

Carol: "Come on, Chewie! We gotta rescue the princess!" The cat paused to lick itself. Carol frowned.

Shinobi: "...have you met her? She's always shooting people. She's shot me. She's shot my mom. She's shot my dad, but he likes it."

Brian: "Her adult self has better control of her powers," Brian pointed out, "But apparently not her temper..." Carol was now yelling at 'Chewie' because licking its butt was not going to help defeat 'the dark side'.

Shinobi: Obi just shrugged. He was wearing a toga and a headband with two brown buns made of socks. Being shot would only improve his day. "Where did she say that cat came from again?"

Brian: "She didn't. Joe said there's been a cat lurking around for a few days... sometimes it's on the end of the bed sleeping in the morning. He has no idea how it gets into her room." But it was kind of funny watching Carol get increasingly annoyed at the cat as it ignored her and continued to lick itself.

Shinobi: Obi eyed the cat as it ignored him, too. "I swear I've seen that cat before..."

Brian: "It's a cat. They all look the same."

Shinobi: He looked at the other guy, nearly losing a bun. Reaching for it automatically, he frowned. "Not all cats are orange. They're not clones."

Carol: While the dark side was distracted, Carol decided she didn't need back up. She torpedoed Brian.

Shinobi: Obi jumped sideways to escape the attack.

Brian: Brian's feet left the ground and he was airbourne for a moment before he landed again. This time on his back. His attacker already running off to complete her mission. "... Did she just headbutt me?"

Carol: Carol giggled and ran through the overgrown grass to Obi. "I saved you!"

Shinobi: "How many fingers am I holding up?" He flipped him off, for general purposes, and screeched himself when he was tackled down by an itty bitty blonde. "Whoa! Did you?! Was he a stormtrooper?"

Carol: "Yeah!" Carol assured her 'princess', as 'Chewie' came trotting up behind her and meowed, "You didn' do an'thin'!" she complained at the cat.

Shinobi: "That's just how cats and wookies are," he said, righting his buns again and trying not to be weirded out by the toddler in his lap.

Carol: Carol cuddled into Obi, "It's okay. I don't need help."

Shinobi: Maybe she didn't, but he sure did. He could picture Tony walking in about now. "So how did you and Chewie here meet?" Obi found himself making uncomfortable eye contact with the cat.

Carol: "He tried to eat my cereal." She patted the kitty, "Cheerios are not for cats." She parroted Joe's comment from the breakfast incident.

Shinobi: "He... was already in the building?" There was nobody to ask if they already had a cat he didn't know about around here.

Carol: Carol nodded, "He likes it here."

Shinobi: "Do you, uh, remember seeing him before? Before he ate your cereal?"

Carol: "Uuuuuh..." Carol thought about it, her tongue between her lips and her head tipping back. "I dunno.... maybe? Lotsa cats."

Shinobi: It was cute, and he wasn't sure he should consider it cute, considering. "Well, yeah, but this cat in particular." Chewie was still staring at him.

Carol: Her shoulders scrunched up in a shrug, "He likes pop tarts."

Shinobi: "I don't think pop tarts are for cats, either." He shifted his hold to reach a hand toward the cat.

Carol: The cat leaned to sniff Obi's hand, "But he likes them..."

Shinobi: "Well, I suppose as long as he eats cat stuff the rest of the time." He chanced a pet over the cat's head.

Carol: "What's cat stuff?" she looked around for clues, "I can catch birds!"

Shinobi: "Fancy Feast? Kibble?" He knew cats were into birds and mice, but - "Careful, you don't need to go catch any birds. I'm sure if he wants one he can catch it."

Carol: "But he can't fly! I can fly!"

Shinobi: "But he's a cat," he laughed, scritching behind the ginger cat's ears. It seemed friendly enough, and he was probably just being paranoid.

Carol: "Yeah! Cat's can't fly. They don't got wings or super powers..."

Shinobi: "They don't need them. They're tiny fluffy balls of fury."

Carol: Carol looked at the cat that was purring as it was being scritched then looked at Obi. She was not convinced. "Nu-uh."

Shinobi: "Think about the claws. You have your finger gun, but he has toe razors." He illustrated with his own finger gun.

Carol: Carol reached to lift one of the kitty's paws to look at it, poking one of the claws, "Lasers is better," she determined.

Shinobi: "That so?" He reached up to adjust his buns again, then realized she was distracted and started to slide them off.

Carol: "Yeah! Look!" She lasered some grass. "Pew pew!"

Shinobi: He put the buns back in place, just in case. "Let's be careful with that, okay?"

Carol: "Okay!" She grinned, "I only pew pew bag guys."

Shinobi: "Remind me not to take you to the grocery store then," he laughed.

Tony: He'd seen Braddock come back inside to go deal with his incarcerated, pint-sized sister, but he hadn't seen his son-in-law for a while. Rogue was napping - with male Elsa, again - and that meant Tony could go wandering.

Carol: Carol blinked at him while she tried to figure out why the grocery store was bad. "Why?" her nose wrinkled in her confusion.

Shinobi: Obi laughed harder, half expecting a zap for it, then spotted Tony coming across the lawn. Fucking of course!

Carol: Carol pouted at the continued laughter, but she was distracted when his gaze shifted and she followed it. She hopped off Obi's lap to hide behind him. Where Tony went, there was usually a Rogue.

Shinobi: And now he was in full view, in all his princessy glory.

Tony: His phone was already out, snapping photos. "I like it! Very... 'on my way to a bacchannal.'"

Carol: Carol was peering out from behind Obi, looking for Rogue, making small sounds of concern.

Shinobi: "It's Princess Leia," he responded, looking over his shoulder at Carol. "Hey, you're freaking her out. Watch it." Obi moved to slide his arm around her little shivery shoulders.

Tony: "...why's she so jumpy?" Danvers was never scared of him before. Ever. Even when he threatened to have her court martialled.

Carol: Carol ducked to look around Tony to see if Rogue was behind him somewhere, she was happy to accept the cuddle though. Safe. She clung to Obi's 'princess dress'.

Shinobi: "She's got that thing with Rogue. I think she's looking for her." He smiled a little at her cling. At least Tony wasn't taking pictures of this.

Tony: He tilted his head and regarded them for a long moment, then looked behind him, as her gaze seemed to be there instead of on him. "Oh. Right. I knew that." He'd read the files. Once. Eight years ago.

Carol: "Rogue not here?" She looked up at Obi then over at Tony for confirmation.

Shinobi: Obi just gave Tony a look.

Tony: "Nope! Rogue's taking a nap, so no little girls hiding in my pockets." He pretended to pat them down, making a slight face when he wondered if that was an appropriate comment to make.

Carol: Carol relaxed and climbed back into Obi's lap, "Okay!" The cat hopped over the long grass to go investigate Tony's shoes. Carol reached up to scrunch princess Leia's buns.

Tony: Smirking, he very nearly went for the phone again. Hope would love to see this. "Hm?" Tony looked down at the sniffing feline. "When did we get a cat?"

Carol: "That's Chewie!" the tiny Han Solo informed him helpfully.

Tony: "Chewie, huh?" He took a sloooow step back before the cat could decide to piss on his shoes or something.

Shinobi: Obi smirked at this, but filed away the reaction. He hadn't seen this cat before either. "Haven't you heard the saying that cats adopt you?"

Carol: Chewie meowed at Tony and followed his shoes. "He likes people food!"

Tony: "Oh yeah? Canned tuna all around?" This time he stepped to the side. "I'm not going to change the litter box."

Carol: Chewie accepted the challenge, butt wiggling before he pounced on the shoes. Carol's nose wrinkled, "Ewwwwwww."

Shinobi: Obi laughed at Tony's slight jump. "I think he likes you."

Tony: "Wonderful! These are Italian!" The cat found the end of a shoelace and nommed.

Carol: "Chewie is from Kashyyyk!" Carol told Tony.

Tony: "Appropriately named, I see." He tried to edge away and the cat pounced.

Carol: "It's short for Chewbacca, dummy!"

Tony: "Bless you, too, genuis."

Carol: Carol grinned, "Imma genius!"

Shinobi: Obi laughed. "You outsmarted the Stark today, so I think so," he told Carol.

Tony: "Watch it, princess, or I'll send those pictures to your wife."

Carol: Carol looked between Obi and Tony then leaned to whisper into Obi's ear, toddler style, "I can pew pew cell phones?"

Tony: He gasped in mock offense and grabbed his chest. "The betrayal!"

Shinobi: "That's right," Obi laughed. "She's on my side now!"

Shaw: Both men were so amused they didn't notice the newcomer making his way from the building to the lawn, after looking for them inside. Sebastian paused at a distance. What in hell was he wearing?

Carol: "Han Solo is always on Princess Leia's side!" Carol overbalanced stood in Obi's lap and toppled into the grass, "I'm okay!"

Shaw: He wasn't entirely sure he'd believed the X-Men were transformed into children until he saw Carol fall over. Sebastian ran his hand through his hair and fought a chuckle.

Shinobi: "Careful, Han. It's hard to shoot first if you're face down." Obi may have seen Star Wars a few times himself.

Carol: Carol got to her feet and spotted Sebastian, "Hi, Bastian!" She waved. "Chewie likes Italian shoes. Are your shoes Italian?"

Shinobi: Oh. Of course. Of course he was here now. Obi hid his wince from his father, but he could imagine what was to come.

Shaw: "Today, they are not. My wife told me I should wear normal people clothing. Clearly, she is wise." He turned his smirk from her to his son. "She didn't tell you the same, I see."

Shinobi: And there it was. "I'm a princess," he deadpanned.

Tony: He cackled, not noticing the cat untying his shoe.

Carol: "I saved him from the dark side!" Carol announced. "But the dark side ran away."

Shinobi: "The dark side had to go check on his sister," Obi explained. "So Darth Braddock was vanquished."

Shaw: Sebastian noticed the cat and looked from it to his friend. "And you've acquired a sidekick of your own, Stark."

Tony: He looked down and was both concerned and impressed. "Did you know cats could untie knots?"

Carol: "Chewie is smart!" Carol went to give the kitty genius a high-five.

Shinobi: The cat jumped up into Carol's arms and Obi took the opportunity to peel off his buns and stand up.

Carol: Carol giggled and snuggled the kitty, "Let's get pop tarts!" She looked around at the adults, "Uh, I mean... tuna..." She dropped the cat. "Run Chewie!" She ran and so did the cat.

Shinobi: Obi was surprised they both went in the same direction, the cat following closely behind the screaming little blonde. "Wow."

Tony: "I swear to God, whoever fixes this? I'm giving them a medal. In fact, I might give them all the medals."

Shaw: He nudged Tony. "Send me those pictures later," he said with a smirk, his eyes on his son and his bed sheet.
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Re: 7/5 Issue: What the cat?

Post by Esynthia » Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:20 pm

Jamie gets a medal? YES!

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