7/13 Issue: Stranger Shadows

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7/13 Issue: Stranger Shadows

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:46 pm

Tyrone: Tyrone was snoring gently, sleeping on the floor of Carol's office, surrounded by all of Carol's empty scotch bottles.

Carol: Carol was oblivious to the loss of her scotch because she was still a toddler and currently playing 'Ouch-too-hard!' tag with her irate younger brother who was trying to get her to put on some shoes. At least she was wearing pants. She giggled and disappeared down the basement stairs again.

Joe: Joe groaned. Not the haunted basement tunnels! At least she was predictable when she went down there.

Beth: Beth was in jail again. This time she had used her dolls to lockdown 'Brain' in one of the offices. Stupid cage. She sat in the middle of her bed pouting mightily. Stupid Brain.

Tony: Tony was in an office, too, but had consumed very little scotch. It wasn't for lack of trying, but the super powered toddler squad was a full time job.

Lifeguard: Heather was having a toddler timeout on the roof 'patrolling'. It was safe up here. No sticky hands. No runny noses. No super powered toddlers trying to yank your feathers out because they were pretty.

Rogue: Rogue's thumb hung loosely out of the side of her mouth and she mewled in her sleep. She rolled over into the warm behind her, trying to burrow into it. Tony's hanky was still clutched tightly in her tiny fist that was tucked under her chin.

Bobby: Bobby was that warm, and Rogue was making him warmer. Why she didn't want to nap in the fridge with him, he would never know.

Rogue: The fridge was too cold! Rogue stretched her hanky-filled-fist out in front of her but when it hit the warm, she lifted it above her head and gave her thumb a single, weak suck.

Joe: "Carol! Come on... this is a creepy place!" By now he knew the way but he still didn't want to be down there, lighting or no. He for sure didn't want to look into any of the rooms off the main corridor. The echoey giggling of his sister probably wasn't helping.

Lifeguard: Checking her watch, Heather realised she'd probably been on the roof longer than she could get away with and sighed. Stretching her wings, she jumped from the edge and glided back to the front door, landing lightly and folding her wings again before she went inside. "Mr Stark? Still in one piece?" she called along the hallway.

Tyrone: Tyrone stretched in his sleep as he heard the voice, "Five more minutes, mum," he muttered.

Tony: He was in one piece, but he was making coffee now, having given up on his day drinking for the moment. "So far so good!"

Lifeguard: Heather tracked the reply to the source, "Where's your tiny girlfriend?" She put her hands in her pockets.

Tony: "Having nap time with tiny male Elsa." He gave her a grin. "Coffee?"

Lifeguard: "Please..." there wasn't enough in the world. "At least if they're sleeping they can't pull feathers out... Beth's been using SHIELD agents to sneak up on me."

Carol: Carol was stood staring at the basement portal because its weird energy called to her. She was hypnotised. Then, all of a sudden, everything got smaller... or rather she got bigger. Then there was not-at-all manly scream from behind her.

Tony: "She's a menace," he agreed with a laugh, pouring another cup for Heather. He looked up and nearly sloshed the hot liquid. "Did you hear something?"

Carol: Carol yelled in surprise and turned to see what the screaming was and blinked at Joe's back. Then she looked down at herself. Oh. Naked. Awkward. A wave of energy passed over her and solved that problem.

Rogue: Rogue was suddenly too hot and instinctively brought a thin layer of ice to coat her skin then settled back into a deep sleep.

Lifeguard: Heather nodded to Tony's question, heading for the door to the basement, "Stay here or come with me..." Heather didn't know which would be worse at this point but her danger sense wasn't yelling at her so there was that.

Tyrone: The girly scream barely registered with Tyrone, but it was enough to rouse him. He stood up wearing only his boxers, knocking the last few empty scotch bottles off the desk as he used it for leverage. "Time for coffee I guess," he said as he headed to the door. He stopped just as his hand touched the door and went back to grab his cloak, "Don't want to traumatise the children... again."

Tony: "...I think I'll stay up here. Go check it out, Goldilocks." He took his coffee and went to check on the tots.

Lifeguard: "Scream if you need me..." Heather started down the basement stairs.

Beth: Beth was now, if possible, even more cranky. She was naked. Her clothes were in her dresser. And she was locked in her faraday cage. And some asshole had put the button that turned the current off on the outside of the door. She took a deep breath then yelled as loud as she could manage. "BRAIN!"

Tony: He heard a yell from down another hall and picked up his pace, opening the door to Rogue's room and stopping in the doorway. Oh. His head tilted. Well, half of his view was good.

Tyrone: Tyrone heard the shout as he left the office. Was that a zombie calling for brains? He ran in the direction of the sound, as he neared where he thought it came from he shouted, "Hello? Does someone need help?"

Beth: She didn't recognise the voice but it was a voice that could open the fucking door, "Yes! Get in here!" She pulled her blanket up to hide her nakedness.

Tyrone: Tyrone didn't think to try the door handle, he just kicked the door... and fell on his arse as the door put up more resistance than he expected. "Ok..." he tried the handle and the door opened towards him. Entering the room he saw the girl locked in the cage, "Who locked you in here? Doesn't matter, let me open this..." he reached for the bars...

Beth: "No wait!" Beth flailed a little, "Turn it off first!"

Tyrone: Tyrone didn't hear in time, he touched the bars and was sent flying back to the door. "Owww...."

Beth: Beth winced in sympathy, "Are you okay? You have to turn off the switch..." she pointed at it, "It's electrified..."

Tyrone: "No kidding..." Tyrone grumbled, then reached over and flipped the switch.

Rogue: Rogue felt things shift around her and her instincts woke her up, somewhat abruptly. Her eyes opened, but she refused to move anything else. Bobby? She frowned and tried to look around them, still without moving. What happened? ...Why was she staring at adult Bobby's face? Her eyes tracked down to see her very naked chest and she scrambled back from him. "Shit!"

Beth: Beth was able to unlock the door from the inside now that the power was off and she climbed out with her sheet. "Thank you, whoever you are!" She employed her telepathy to make Tyrone close his eyes so she could get dressed minus voyeurism.

Lifeguard: There were two voices echoing through the basement labyrinth but neither of them sounded like they were children. Heather picked up the pace a little, "Helloooooo...?" two blond heads appeared out from a doorway. Two Danvers heads. That made sense. But they were both grown up! "Carol! You're back to normal!"

Carol: "Gah!" Carol flailed and disappeared under a mass of golden wings. Somehow, Joe had acquired super powered dodging skills.

Bobby: Shit? Bobby knew that voice, and that reaction, but... He woke up with a jump when she scrambled away. "Anna! What the fuck?!" Bobby was realizing not only was he naked, she was too. Fuck! What the fuck did they do? ....why was Tony watching them?

Tony: His nose wrinkled and he took a small sip of coffee while he watched the show. "Thank God. No more diaper changes."

Rogue: "Tony?!" Rogue squeaked and whirled around to see her boyfriend standing in the door. "Oh, Tony!" Her eyes jerked back to Bobby. What the heck had they been doing?! Why was Bobby naked?!

Tony: His nose twitched and he put his cup down inside the door, coming inside to pick up a throw blanket and wrap it around her shoulders - carefully, since no bracelet. "How much of the last week do you remember?"

Bobby: Week? Bobby reached for the covers and dropped them over his lap, looking around the room and trying to recall if he'd smoked anything Chris had given him recently.

Rogue: Rogue blinked at him and wrapped her fists in the blanket to pull it tighter around herself, wishing she knew what to do. Who to turn to. Her eyes shifted to Bobby and she licked her lips, but turned her body to Tony. "Ah'm not as bad a toddler as Beth?"

Tyrone: "Erm, hello Beth, I'm Tyrone. You might remember me, we used to go to school together. I remember you from your powers... I thought you were supposed to ask permission? Or you know... just ask me to turn around?"

Carol: Once she was untagled from Heather, Carol got to her feet and looked around the portal room, "Let's take this upstairs before Joe convinces himself he's seen a ghost."

Tony: He laughed, sliding his arms around her. "That's definitely true."

Bobby: Toddler? Bobby frowned, confused eyes flicking from Tony to Anna. "What the fuck."

Beth: "My way's faster," Beth pointed out, pulling up her jeans and grabbing a t-shirt. She skimmed through some memories. "Oh. Yeah. I remember you now."

Rogue: Rogue let Tony hold her and she leaned into him, careful where she let her head rest, but walked him in a half-circle so she could see Bobby, too. "Y' like t' nap in th' fridge," she grinned. "It's cute."

Tyrone: "Yes, but your way is rather... rude. Now stop it, before I..." Tyrone paused, "Yeah I can't really tell Carol, she's a baby."

Beth: "Learn to shield better," Beth let him open his eyes again now that she was dressed, "A baby?" Beth scanned the building for brains. "No she isn't."

Tyrone: "She isn't?" Tyrone suddenly realised what had woken him up, he could sense Tandy again, stronger than at any point in the last week, "Where is she? I need to see her now."

Beth: Carol's mind was hard to get a fix on but she wasn't alone. "She's downstairs with Heather and her brother." Beth headed out into the hallway, reaching out with her telepathy for Jean. Where was she? Yoooooo bitch!

Tony: "You really leaned into that whole Elsa thing," he agreed, enjoying the feel of adult girlfriend back in his arms.

Bobby: "I..." Did not remember any of this. "Are you sure we didn't just get some bad drugs from someone?"

Tyrone: Tyrone raced out the door and headed for the stairs, "CAROL!" he called repeatedly as he ran.

Carol: Reaching the top of the basement stairs, Carol heard the yelling. "Hello....?" she called back.

Beth: Beth located more brains upstairs so she went to find the attached bodies. "Hey! X-Men! What the fuck?!" she pitched her voice to carry ahead of her.

Tyrone: Tyrone rounded the corner and tried to stop himself, he slipped and slid the last 5 yards towards Carol... "Arrrghhh!!! Carol!"

Carol: Carol caught the sliding Tyrone, "Hey, where's the fire?"

Tyrone: Leaving his cloak behind as he jumped up from the floor to hug Carol, Tyrone sobbed "Carol! It's good to see... you again!"

Joe: "Why is no one wearing clothes?!" Joe lifted one of Heather's wings to shield his poor eyes.

Carol: Carol hugged Tyrone reflexively, "Yeah... it's great being tall again..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Bobby, "You don't? None of it?" She looked up at Tony, letting him see the concern in her face, then stepped away from him and towards Bobby and their makeshift nap pallet. "Bugs, what's the last thing y' remember?"

Tyrone: "Tandy! I can sense Tandy again!" Tyrone rushed the words out, "Not like the other times this week, it's really strong."

Carol: Tandy? Tandy... why was that name familiar? Oh. Oh! "You can? Can you teleport to her? Don't do it, just tell me..."

Bobby: Bobby shrugged, running a hand through his hair and keeping his other fisted in the covers. "Press conference? Um... oh, that little guy! Red hair? Really white suit?"

Tyrone: "Yes I can. But I've learnt my lesson. I need backup!" Tyrone continued to talk as fast as Pietro.

Rogue: "Arcade. Yeah..." Rogue's nose wrinkled at the memory of him. Then she heard yelling down her hall. "Beth?!" She flew out the door, wrapping the blanket around her like a towel. "What's wrong?!"

Carol: "Okay well you'll have some. So hold that thought." Carol went to the intercom on the wall. It was the first time really testing the system but... it should work. Her voice interrupted Beth as she started to talk, "Any adults with powers that are still naked better put on some clothes. We have a rescue mission to run."

Rogue: Rescue mission? Rogue headed back to where she'd just come from and gave Tony a confused look, "What didn'tcha tell me since Ah was a tot?"

Beth: Beth was already on that because brain-fu, "Ginger guy stole Jean and Jamie and Tyrone's not-girlfriend!" She stopped in the doorway.

Tony: He opened his mouth to answer, then nodded at Braddock. "That. That... covers it."

Rogue: She narrowed her eyes a bit at Tony, "You, me, later." Then looked at Bobby, "Also, Ah'll fill y'all in later. Hope y' got y'r powers back 'cause we gotta go save our little sister's cousin."

Bobby: Bobby's brain hadn't quite kicked into gear. "Our who what now?" Did he have powers? He experimentally iced up. Yup.

Tyrone: Tyrone opened a portal to teleport away from Carol, "Be right back!" he called. Arriving back in Carol's office he looked around whispered to himself, "She is going to kill me," and quickly started pulling his clothes on.

Beth: That was a confusing sentence, "Come on. They're downstairs." Beth turned to head back toward the stairs.

Rogue: "Jean. We gotta save Jean." She rolled her eyes and headed for her closet, tossing the blanket out to land on Tony's head once she was out of Bobby's line of sight.

Carol: Carol sighed as Tyrone teleported off, "Heather, hate to say it, but you've gotta stay here with Tony. Brian still around?"

Tyrone: Tyrone pulled his T-shirt on, took it off and put it back on the right way around. He grabbed his cloak again and decided to walk back to Carol, saving his energy for when he needed it.

Lifeguard: "He's in the lab, I'll get him..." Heather did hate this part of her job.

Bobby: "Sister's little... okay, gotcha." Bobby stayed iced up and dropped the covers, getting to his feet. Hey, the floor did seem further away than he'd remembered recently. "Do we know where they are?"

Rogue: "Ah have no clue." She stepped back out, snapped her bracelet in place, and pulled the blanket off of Tony to give him a kiss. "Stay safe?"

Beth: Beth jogged down the last few steps, zipping up her uniform jacket. She hadn't bothered changing out of her jeans though because time. "Why is the Brain coming?"

Tony: "Oh, I have the protection of the Academy." He winced. "By the way, she might want her feathers back. You be careful." He tugged her back for another fast kiss, then gave her a swat on the ass. "Get 'em, tiger."

Bobby: Bobby tried not to watch them, edging around them and into the hall to go join the team.

Carol: "Because extra hands." Carol raised her own hand to wave at Brian over Beth's shoulder.

Brian: "Oh thank God. I wasn't sure if Heather was just pulling my leg..."

Rogue: Rogue laughed and gave him a grin over her shoulder, "Always, sugah." She slipped into the hall after Bobby and gave his hand a quick squeeze. They would have to talk about a lot of things... Later. "Alright, guys. Do we know where we're headed?"

Carol: Carol pointed at Tyrone, "Cloak's got it."

Tyrone: "Yeah I've got it," Tyrone said as he walked up behind Rogue. "Whoa is everyone coming? I might not be able to take you all."

Joe: "I'm staying here. No powers." He shuffled toward Heather.

Carol: "You've got this," Carol told Ty, "For Tandy, right?"

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow and slipped her bracelet into her pocket. "Ah c'n do it f'r ya if ya want," she moved to peel her glove off. "'Cause y'r power's takin' all o' us whether ya like it'r not."

Tyrone: "Yeah... I can take you all, I just can't guarantee you'll all be sane when we get to our destination, but... I'll try my best," Tyrone smiled back at Rogue.

Carol: "What we see in there won't be any worse than shit we've already lived through, trust me." Carol put a hand on Tyrone's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

Lifeguard: "Good luck, guys.... wish I could come with you."

Rogue: "Keep Tony safe, Heather..."

Lifeguard: "I will. He'll be right here drinking too much scotch when you get back." Heather gave Rogue a smile.

Bobby: Bobby gave Anna a tight smile and decided shit sounded bad enough he didn't need to go find his uniform. He just took his place with the team and looked at Tyrone. Hey, he remembered that kid!

Rogue: "Just th' way Ah love h- t' see him." She grinned at Heather. "Alright, Stranger Danger. Let's do this."

Tyrone: "Ok, let's go, everyone stay close, this will take a few minutes. Actually... do you want to go direct, or a bit away so we can see what is going on?" he inquired.

Beth: Beth wasn't sure about her own mind when she'd be in this place or Brian's. She took her brother's hand to extend her mental protection to him for what it was worth.

Carol: "I think we're past the point of subtlety. If this guy has any indication we're there we'll be back to toddlers in no time... just go straight there."

Rogue: "Subtle ain't mah strong suit," she agreed with Carol.

Tyrone: Tyrone opened the portal, "Ok, remember stay close to the person in front of you," with that he stepped in to the portal.
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