7/13 Issue: Rescue Reunion

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7/13 Issue: Rescue Reunion

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:53 pm

Timelined right after [Issue]Stranger Shadows.

Jamie: The walls were slowly fading around them and Jamie grit his teeth. Now or never... He looked over at himself, still covered in bits of what was left of the ventriloquist dummy and took a slow breath before he reached out his hand and reabsorbed the dupe. He gagged the second he remembered what he'd done, but shook it off. Jean first. Freak out later. "ANNA!" Shit. Shitshitshit.

Jamie: He stood, trembling as he carefully carried Jean like a broken doll into the unknown areas that were seeming to become the real reality faster than the fake one could disappear. "ANNAAAA!"

Tandy: Fuck it was cold! Tandy pulled her hoodie tighter around her. She shook Anna awake from where she'd been napping. "Anna! Something's happening!"

Anna: "No, I don't want any cabbage! Oh... What?" She looked around. Where was all the white. Someone was yelling. "What did I miss?"

Jamie: "ANNA!" Fuck! Where was she? "Hold on, Jeannie. Just.... Hold on. Please." Jamie held her closer as he stepped cautiously through the factory... Hooks. Meat hooks. FOCUS. He swallowed hard and kept going. "ANNA I NEED YOU!"

Anna: Anna took in her surroundings. "Are we in a fridge? Helloooo?" She called at the yelling voice.

Tandy: "Maybe..." Tandy found the door and, rather than trying to open it, stuck a dagger through it and cut a hole. "But we have powers... or I do..."

Jamie: Jamie nearly tripped over a rotting half carcass of a cow and stumbled around it. "Okay, baby. Please wake up." Maybe this way? Wake up, Jeannie... We're free. I did it for you. Wake up. Please? "ANNA," his voice cracked as he tried to not think about the fact that he could have lost Jean regardless of the puppet master being dead.

Anna: "I'm here!" Anna called back, trying to pin point where the voice was coming from.

Jamie: He froze in his tracks when he heard the voice, trying to hear which direction it came from. This way? "Marco?!" Please be this way. Turning around could waste valuable time...

Anna: "I ate all my polos!" She replied.

Jamie: Yes! He picked up his pace, trying to not jostle Jean too much as he did so. "Anna, Anna, Bobanna, fee fi fo fanna...?" C'mon... Gotta follow the voice...

Anna: Anna didn't know that song so she embarked on another, "There's a Leprechaun in me head, and I wish that I were dead, For I don't think he'll e'er let me be...."

Jamie: That works! "Atta girl. Keep singing, Anna," he murmured. "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandee, Yankee Doodle do or die!"

Anna: "Oh, he tempts me with his gold, and if I were e'er so bold, I'd strangle him and leave him in the street...." She heard Tandy breaking into more fridges with her daggers and occasional use of actual handles.

Jamie: "A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam! Born on the fourth of July!" He stumbled into where Anna was and let out a whoop of success.

Anna: "You look like shit." She hurried over to both of them, testing to see if her powers were active on the way. Yep. She wiped her hands on her pants then reached to touch both Jamie and Jean at the same time.

Jamie: "No," he shook his head and pulled back from her as best he could. "Focus everything you've got on her first. I'll keep. Please, Anna..."

Anna: "Shut up," Anna used her teke to pull him back and hit them both.

Jamie: Jamie snarled at being forced closer again. "Anna. She drowned. She's not waking up. Please focus on her first."

Anna: "I can heal you both." He was practically naked anyway so finding bare skin was easy. She grabbed his arm and put her hand on Jean's exposed shoulder, releasing heals from both hands.

Jamie: "But what if you need it all for her? My injuries aren't life threatening and hers are!" Even as he was arguing, he felt the brand on his neck healing and, hopefully, disappearing.

Jean: Jean felt strange. Floaty. Was someone in her head? So tired. Jamie? He was there, and he was terrified, but it wasn't just him she felt. Or the Phoenix.

Anna: Anna very gently touched Jean's mind with soothing thoughts in case she lashed out. You're safe now....

Jean: Anna was in her head? Jeanna? Nooo, that wasn't right. Anaean.... way worse.

Jamie: Jamie grumbled under his breath until he felt Jean in his mind again. Soft, but definitely there. Jeannie? We're home. We're safe. Wake up? Please?

Jean: Talking! There was talking in her head! For the first time in days, it didn't hurt though. She knew those voices and relaxed, reaching for Jamie's mind for a mental hug. Safe?

Jamie: He laughed at the mental hug and gave her one back. Safe.

Tandy: "Anna! These people need help!" Tandy called over from the bank of refrigerators. Quite a lot of the other prisoners Arcade had been holding were hurt.

Anna: Anna turned to look in Tandy's direction and saw all the injuries. "Okay, I'm coming..." she rubbed her hands together and set off toward them.

Jean: Jean stretched a little and cracked an eye, looking up at Jamie, who was watching her like a hawk. "Hey." Her voice cracked a little, but woo! She could talk!

Jamie: Jamie let out a hoot of joy and sank to the ground, clinging to Jean as tightly as he thought wouldn't hurt her. "Hey!" Home, safe, Jean was alive! No idea where they were, but whatever!

Jean: And down they went! It made her laugh a little and she wriggled in his hold. "What happened?" She looked around, then back at Jamie.

Tandy: "Anna slow down..." Tandy followed the mad Irishwoman around, catching her when she lost her balance from getting up too fast.

Jamie: "Um. I got rid of the threat?" How wasn't a necessary detail, right? Nah... He kissed her soundly and pulled back to grin. "And now we're home."

Jean: Jean returned the kiss and shifted to get more comfortable in his lap. She made a face at their surroundings. "Home looks pretty bad..."

Jamie: "Well... Not home home. Just... Not there, home. Back in reality, home." Jamie grinned, "Safe, home."

Anna: Anna waved Tandy off, "I'm fine. I've got this." Probably needed a lie down but the floor was icky. "Why is there a cat...?"

Tyrone: "We've arrived folks, everyone out quickly," Tyrone said as he opened his portal directly next to where he sensed Tandy.

Jean: Jean saw Anna across the large empty room, with a bunch of other people and Tandy. She opened her mouth to say something when the air opened right beside the blonde. "GAH!"

Tandy: Tandy knew exactly what that was. "It's Ty!" She reached into the portal, filling the darkness with her light. "And he brought friends!"

Anna: Anna had a cuddly ginger cat. She was happy to sit on the icky ground for the cuddly cat... and she was super dizzy.

Rogue: Rogue stepped out and looked around with a frown. "Arcade didn't look th' type t' hole up in an abandoned slaughter house. What gives?"

Carol: "Maybe he thought it'd be fun?" Carol suggested, eyes falling on Tandy first, "Long time no see." And then she saw the cat, "How in the hell...?"

Bobby: His memories of the last week or so were already sketchy, and going through whatever the fuck dark hell Ty had dragged them through didn't help. Bobby shook his head sharply before looking around.

Tyrone: "Hi Tandy, I brought friends!" Tyrone said as he hugged Tandy.

Beth: Beth was barely holding the minds of herself and Brian together but the light flooding into the darkness totally helped. She popped out with Brian just before Tyrone.

Tandy: "I told them you would!" Tandy gave Ty a squeeze.

Jamie: Jamie frowned and slowly stood, bringing Jean with him, still cradled in his arms. "I guess that's our ride home home?"

Jean: Jean made a face at the dark hole. "Can we call a taxi?"

Tyrone: Tyrone looked around and asked Tandy "Of course, now would you mind telling me, who do we get to... reeducate?"

Jamie: "I don't know how to tell them where we are, babe..." He frowned at her, apologetically. "Maybe one of the fliers could give us a lift until you feel better?"

Tandy: Tandy let go of Ty and looked around, "No one here... we were all being held..."

Carol: "I'm gonna take a look around," Carol determined, "Get everyone together... we're for sure not gonna fit everyone on the jet in one go."

Tyrone: "It's Ok we don't need the jet, with Tandy's help we can get everyone back safely." Looking back at Tandy, "You are up to it aren't you? I don't want to portal if you're exhausted."

Jamie: Jamie decided now was a good time to pipe up, "Um. Yeah, that's not my favorite plan."

Tandy: "I've barely used my powers for... however long I was in the white room. So I'm good." She summoned a light dagger. "Someone might need to carry Anna... she went on a bit of a healing binge." Said healer was now using the kitty for a pillow while it nommed her hair.

Jean: "I'm a flier," she noted as they got closer, realizing she was in her bra and Jamie's pants and nothing else.

Beth: Beth took off her uniform Jacket and held it out to Jean.

Tandy: "Ty's portals are perfectly safe if I'm with you," Tandy assured Jamie, "It looks scary but it can't hurt you while I'm in there protecting you with my light."

Jean: Jean wriggled to get down and accept it, tackling Beth for a hug when Jamie reluctantly put her down.

Jamie: "I'm so tired of things trying to attack me. Is there really no better way to get back?"

Beth: Beth returned the hug tightly, I'm here to listen if you want to talk, stoner bitch.

Tandy: "Nothing's going to attack you... it's not like that in there...."

Jean: OMG it was a lot. Jean squeezed, sniffling. Are you okay?

Jamie: Jamie grunted noncommittally. It still didn't look safe to him.

Beth: Yeah... at least until later when I get it in the neck from The Brain. Beth petted Jean's hair.

Tyrone: "Has anyone got any spare clothes for Jean's friend? I'd offer my cloak, but... I kind of need it."

Jamie: Jean's... friend? He narrowed his eyes at the cloaked kid. "I'm also sick of people not noticing the fact that she's got a ring on her hand that I put there."

Bobby: Bobby noted with a smirk that, for once, he wasn't alone in the naked club. "Wish I could help you there."

Carol: Carol headed back to the group at a slightly quicker pace, "I think we can worry about whether or not everyone's wearing pants, later... We need to go. Now."

Rogue: Rogue hovered, taking a quick count of everyone to make sure they were all there. "Let's skedaddle, folks. Get movin'!"

Jamie: Jamie blinked at Bobby, then looked down and wished he hadn't. "I'm so glad you're made of ice right now, dude."

Jean: Oh yeah! Jean pulled back and showed Beth her hand. "I'm engaged! For real!"

Tandy: "Follow me, everyone. Stay in the light and the shadows won't bother you any," Tandy led the first of the refugees into the portal.

Beth: "About bloody time you two idiots figured it out," Beth smiled at Jean, "Let's get you a shower and you can tell me all about it."

Bobby: "I wish you were, too, Xerox." Bobby smirked at Jamie, then noticed another one from the corner of his eye. That kid and his powers. Man.

Bobby: At least the other one had pants.

Jean: Jean giggled and bounced a bit, which made her dizzy, so that'd have to wait.

Brian: Brian went to scoop up a sleeping Irish Doctor while the cat hopped off to trott up to Carol and rub up against her legs.

Tyrone: "Congratulations to the pair of you!" Tyrone said, "Ok, Cloak's taxi is on the move, everyone keep anything you don't want to lose inside the vehicle... I assume back to the asylum?" he asked Carol.

Carol: Carol looked down at the cat, "You and I need to talk." The cat meowed at her, "Yeah, I know. Later... when there's no robots..." She looked over her shoulder at Ty, "Yeah, back to the base. The SHIELD medics have had it easy mode for way too long. Time to use all that expensive training they have."

Jamie: Jamie jogged back to his dupe, sucked him up and trotted back to Jean. He grinned at her and held out his hand. "Let's go check on our fur babies."

Tyrone: Tyrone started as he saw Jean's fiancé absorb what he'd thought was his twin brother... "Whoa."

Bobby: He patted Ty. "You get used to it. Sort of. Let's go, portal boy!"

Carol: Busted up robots were dragging themselves into view in various states of broken, "How long til everyone's on the way?" She started blasting things.

Bobby: Bobby exploded into vapor and went to freeze some robots.

Beth: Beth threw up a teke wall to stop any robots getting to the fleeing mutants.

Jean: "Oh God - I almost forgot about them!" Jean took Jamie's hand and looked behind him. Robots! Nope! "I'm not dealing with that today. Sorry. I'm off duty!"

Carol: "Go, we've got this!" Carol called back at Jean, "All of you go! We can get back under our own steam."

Tyrone: "Robots... excellent, I get to smash things," Tyrone said gleefully as he sent solid tendrils of darkness shooting out in the direction of the nearest cluster.

Carol: "You smash nothing! Get those people out of here!" Carol hooked the cat with her foot, "I don't know how you got here but you're going too. Shoo."

Jean: Jean bubbled herself and Jamie, and some of the others. "Are you related to my old roommate?" She cocked her head at Tyrone. Cassie? Dat you?

Jamie: Jamie grabbed Tyrone's cloak and pulled him towards the portal. "Nuh uh. Home, James. Now."

Jean: "No, babe... you're James," she pointed out to Jamie, cocking her head the other way.

Tyrone: "Look, I've been worried for a week, I need to take my frustrations out on something!" Tyrone shouted at Carol, "Besides, I can't leave until the last person enters the portal. I might as well have some fun, rather than staying just inside the portal and watching," with that he sent out a tendril, slapped Jamie's hand away and sent another tendril of darkness at some robots.

Rogue: Picking up a broken down length of conveyor belt, Rogue swung it at an approaching half-robot-thing. "Swing, batter batter!"

Carol: "Go, or I will authorize Beth to make you go. The last two are in. Get them to safety." Carol tossed the cat at Tyrone because it wasn't keen on leaving. "Take the cat with you!"

Beth: "Oh boy! Can I?!" Beth waved at Tyrone, "He has no shields!"

Tyrone: "No shields? Really?" Tyrone created a pocket portal around Beth, "Bye!"

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Tyrone and threw a can of meat at him. "Bring her back. Now."

Carol: Carol rolled her eyes and blasted Tyrone right into his own portal, "GO!"

Tyrone: Tyrone poked his head back out of the portal, "Look we all need to get to safety... and that means you too... I am not leaving ANYONE! Not again."

Carol: "We have this. Get those people back to safety. I'm not going to tell you again. We're fucking indestructable!"

Bobby: Returning from the further reaches of the building, Bobby felt a little sick even though he didn't currently have a stomach. Mad scientists, man.

Tyrone: "Fine! But if you die, I am going to be pissed at you!" With that, Tyrone closed the portal and started to travel home. "Tandy... I've missed you this last week."

Tandy: Tandy smacked Tyrone upside the head, "Missed you too, dumbass."

Tyrone: "Ow! Oh shit... I almost forgot" Tyrone opened the pocket portal, letting Beth out to travel home with them.
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