7/13 Issue: Therapeutic Telepathing

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7/13 Issue: Therapeutic Telepathing

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:59 pm

Timelined shortly after [Issue]Rescue Reunion.

Jean: Anna had done a great job. Jean's uncomfortable check up with the SHIELD doctors was over, and she had a clean bill of health. Other than exhaustion, dehydration and starvation, she was great!

Jean: Since Jamie had insisted she go first, they were checking him out now. Currently, Jean had a bottle of apple juice and some crackers and the freedom to go take a shower.

Beth: Beth was... prickly after the incident with Tyrone. She was deep into plotting revenge when she picked up Jean's mind moving away from the med teams. She tracked the other telepath to her location, giving her mind a gentle poke rather than her usual yelling.

Jean: She stopped in the hallway at the poke and sent Beth her location. Heeeeeey. What's up? Having her powers back was great. Amazing. Wonderful. Thank fuck.

Beth: I was going to ask you. Feel up to hanging out? She tracked her down and slid her arm around her friend's shoulders.

Jean: Of course! Jean was grateful for the side hug, but... I'm sorry I smell terrible!

Beth: You didn't smell our big brother when he was in college. Beth gave Jean a small squeeze, Want me to leave you alone to shower or shall I tag along... promise not to look!

Jean: It's probably not a great view right now anyway, she laughed, headed to her room. I'm under orders to eat something before I shower so I don't pass out, so I'd love company.

Beth: I'm assuming they didn't include gummies on the list of 'somethings' you should eat? She pouted in solidarity and plopped down on Jean's bed.

Jean: Jean giggled. Probably not. She flopped beside her friend and cracked open the apple juice to take a sniff. After a long moment, she frowned. Were you a toddler?

Beth: Beth laughed, covering her face and lying back on the bed, "Yeeeeeeeeah..."

Jean: "OMG! That crazy asshole told me he turned you all into toddlers and I thought he was fucking with me but... OMG!" Jean twisted to look at Beth.

Beth: Beth peeked out between her fingers, "The Brain is not pleased with me..."

Jean: "Were you a brat?" She giggled, taking a sip of her juice. "What am I saying?! Of course you were!"

Beth: "I was a delight, I'll have you know!" Beth protested, "I just... wasn't very good at remembering to let my dolls go pee...."

Jean: "Oh my God!" She dissolved in laughter and it felt soooo good. "That's crazy!"

Beth: "I think I was the least trouble, honestly...."

Jean: "I could see that, actually..." Jean took another drink, feeling Jamie's annoyance that they wouldn't just let him go already. It made her smile. "Arcade made a hell ride with robot toddler X-Men," she said, wrinkling her nose.

Beth: "Did robot toddler Rogue have a security blanket?"

Jean: "No, but she tried to kill me and Tandy!" Jean took a second to think on that. "Wait, she did?!"

Beth: "It was the President's hanky," Beth nodded in confirmation. "I mean, I don't really remember it but everyone else does so..."

Jean: "I shouldn't laugh..." She totally was though, so she took another drink and opened her package of crackers.

Beth: "You should absolutely laugh. And I'm sad I missed the President's Son-in-Law dressed as princess Leia..."

Jean: "...wow." Jean really wished she and Jamie had been here now, instead of in Arcade's twisted little world.

Beth: "Fortunately for us, the Brain was there so I get to enjoy that vision of beauty vicariously," she projected the image into Jean's head.

Jean: She giggled, taking a bite of the cracker. This felt so normal. God she hoped it wasn't all a dream.

Beth: "Oh also this happened a lot," Beth floated Joe's face into Jean's brain complete with doodles from his toddler-sized sister.

Jean: "Nice!" She giggled as she nibbled, washing it down with more juice.

Beth: "Apparently kid Carol likes to doodle on people. Let's hope she grew out of that," She sat up and snagged a cracker. "So we had a weird week here... and I think the Brain might want to go home soon... mother probably won't let him though."

Jean: "I would say I'd trade weeks, but I wouldn't wish that on you." She sighed and took another bite, giggling a little at the theft.

Beth: "Do you want to talk about it? I mean... probably not... but if you do..."

Jean: "I... should." She sighed and debated. Their rescue had happened so fast she hadn't had time to talk to Jamie about - well, anything. "I have a... hypothetical question..."

Beth: "Do I need to be serious for this hypothetical or is it one of those ridiculous ones that pops into your head when you're in the shower and you forget about later?"

Jean: "Serious, unfortunately." She smiled a little. "If... something happened and you, like..." Oh God, how could she put this!? "They just did a blood test on me," she said, changing tactics, although her voice was starting to waver as she said it. "I'm not sure if I want to know the results..."

Beth: "Then make someone else read it... preferably someone with good shields."

Jean: Jean made a face. Would that work? Probably not. "I..." She paused and stared into the apple juice with a frown. Don't cry. Don't. Cry. "Beth, I might have been pregnant..."

Jean: A tear dropped onto her finger and slid down the bottle. Shit.

Beth: Beth chewed her lip, "Oh..." She wasn't sure Jean wanted a hug right now because it might make it worse with the crying but.... she hugged her friend anyway.

Jean: She accepted the hug, still crying but keeping it under control. Jamie could feel her and she sent him a quick reassurance. "Yeah... Arcade didn't like the idea. Sooo... he made me lose it. If I was.." She sniffled. "Pills don't always work, so it's possible..."

Jean: "I'm scared to find out if I was or not..."

Beth: "But it's also possible it was fake, right?" She gave Jean a squeeze, "Does it matter to you if you were or not? Because if it does... you'll have to find out the answer eventually..."

Jean: "Not fake, because it wasn't... Arcade." Jean licked her lips and closed her eyes, squeezing in return. "He... separated us. I kept getting sick, and Jamie... he wondered if it was from that. Arcade was listening and..."

Jean: She drew a deep breath but her voice was shaking. "Since he'd decided he wanted to keep me as his fuck toy, Jamie's baby was a no go..."

Beth: "Yeah but.... maybe you weren't throwing up because you were pregnant... maybe he just thought you were or wanted you to think if you were you weren't anymore..." Beth had dipped into enough heads that she knew Arcade liked to play mind games. "But it still doesn't change anything... either way you have to decide if you can live without knowing or not..."

Jean: "I was throwing up because he forced me to watch Jamie die. Like. In my lap. It was a dupe, but I didn't know that." She sighed. And they were still Jamie anyway... "So I might... still be? If I... was?" That made Jean pull back to look at Beth in confusion.

Beth: "I mean, I don't know... but seems like he was more of a 'let the robots and muties get their hands dirty' kind of guy rather than one that does it himself.... But you're never going to know one way or another unless you get those results are you?"

Jean: "I think he let his powers do most of the work... I've never seen anything like them." Jean shook her head and chewed her lower lip. "Like, he fucked with reality in ways I can't."

Beth: "But he's gone now... right?" She stroked Jean's hair, "He can't hurt anyone anymore..."

Jean: "Jamie killed him..." And they hadn't had time to talk about that yet, either. "I was... out. I didn't see it. He was trying to kill me because he couldn't control the phoenix."

Beth: "Yes, because trying to kill the firebird is a sensible decision..." She couldn't help herself, "It would have killed him if Jamie didn't."

Jean: "He dropped me in a tank of water and electrocuted me. With eels." Jean shuddered and sat up to look at Beth. "He had this whole carnival thing going... I'm never, ever going to one again."

Beth: "Good because they're creepy as shit anyway. Never understood the American fascination... but you're dodging the question, by the way. Not that you have to answer me... just yourself."

Jean: She sighed and moved back to take another drink and pull out a cracker. "Jamie told me it was up to me if we find out or not..." Her stomach was still in knots, but she had to force the food down or end up back on an IV. Nope!

Beth: "So you need to decide... does it matter if you were or not? Or do you just want to move on? I mean... there's a bunch of people that'd offer to keep that information for you until you were ready... myself included."

Jean: "It matters... but I'm just... scared? I don't know." She sniffled and gave Beth a real smile. "Thank you for that." Jean tackled her for a hug again. "You're the best! Love you!"

Beth: "Love you too, dummy.... or maybe I should call you stinky now...?" she waved a hand in front of her nose.

Jean: Jean jumped back and flailed, nearly dropping her snack. "I warned you! At least I wiped down when they gave me scrubs!" Jean reached for her ring to straighten it, then made a face and started to pull it off. It needed a real cleaning.

Beth: Beth held her hand out for the ring, "I'll look after it. You get unstinkied and I'll help you make your hair nice."

Jean: Jean gave the ring a fond smile before she handed it over. "He took it off my right hand and proposed... we were in this weird white room, and... he told me he didn't want us to die without being really, finally engaged." She sniffled.

Beth: "You two are disgusting, you know that right?" She gave Jean an affectionate shove.

Jean: "We are! Aren't you glad we're back together to torture everyone!" She giggled and popped a cracker in her mouth, getting up to find some spare clothes.

Beth: "So glad!" She wasn't sure if her expression and tone adequately conveyed the sarcasm but she really hoped it did.

Jean: Jean was an empath. She got it. She popped out her tongue and tossed a spare pair of panties at her head with her teke. "You love us."

Beth: Beth flailed the panties away, "I can change my mind!"

Jean: "You can, but you won't!" She cast her a bright grin and picked up her travel case to go into the bathroom. Cleaaaaaan. Jamie was taking too long, so he'd have to shower alone. Sadface, but them's the breaks.
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Re: 7/13 Issue: Therapeutic Telepathing

Post by Esynthia » Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:58 pm

Those two are so fun and adorable. Even with hard topics like murder.

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