7/14 Issue: Loose Ends

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7/14 Issue: Loose Ends

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:12 am

Timelined for a few days after [Issue]The Road Out.

Viper: It had taken way too long, in her opinion, but the serum Viper had made to reverse the acid the Hive had injected her with was finally working with her powers and the pain was subsiding. Her skin was fully healed, most of the remaining damage was internal and uncomfortable, but she could dress properly.

Viper: Dressing for Madripoor was very different to dressing for Hydra operations. She rather prefered it. Comfortable in her clothing, she moved around the apartment checking supplies and making a mental list, largely ignoring her houseguest.

Bennet: Bennet had made himself quite at home, investigating every area of the apartment and testing out what was affected by his considerable powers. His host had began to appear more in the last few days, with terse responses that she was well, so apparently, she was.

Bennet: "Good morning," he said as she came into the room where he read the local news from a printed newspaper. Ah, what's old is new again.

Viper: "Good morning," she frowned at the contents of the cupboard. "I'm going to go out. Do you want anything?"

Bennet: "Is there anything in particular you're looking for? A trip to the market wouldn't go amiss for either of us."

Viper: "I'm taking inventory." She turned to face him, "You want to come shopping with me?"

Bennet: "Logic dictates that since we both eat, it might make things simpler to choose things we'd both enjoy." Also, he was bored.

Viper: "And while we're shopping you can tell me what you want in return for you bringing me here..." she moved to collect a bag and some local currency. "And perhaps find a hotel that's to your liking unless you're happy to continue sharing my room?"

Bennet: "Do you wish to be rid of me so soon? And here I thought we'd shared something together." He put down his paper and set his hand over his heart with a smirk.

Viper: She replied with a smirk of her own, "I merely thought you might like to have your own bed... but if you're happy to share..." she pulled a jacket on and lifted her hair free of the collar.

Bennet: "Well, as comfortable as your sofa has been, it is a touch short." He stood and drank the remainder of his coffee. "I've had no complaints with the accommodations otherwise."

Viper: "I told you, you're welcome to share." She picked up a set of keys from a hook by the door, "Coming?"

Bennet: "Bennet smirked. "You seem to be feeling better, so perhaps I will accept that invitation." He opened the door for her.

Viper: "I'm still healing but some better food will help that go faster." She tipped her head in acknowledgement for the chivalry.

Bennet: Following her outside, he closed the door behind him and surveyed the hall as she locked it. He'd been out of the apartment a few times, but typically ordered delivery for their meals, unless he was bored.

Viper: "Don't worry," she told him, "I keep all the important things where the criminal element can't reach them."

Bennet: "Such as me?" Bennet smirked and followed her.

Viper: "I don't think I need to protect you, do I?" she raised an eyebrow, opening the door to the stair well.

Bennet: "No," he laughed. "I did mean I was the criminal element, of course."

Viper: "Oh, well in that case I think I would count for that too..." She started down the stairs, "But, I'm sure you know Madripoor has different levels of criminal element."

Bennet: "Indeed." Chuckling, he followed, holding himself back from overtaking her with his longer legs and lack of mysterious injuries.

Viper: "So, now that I am more myself, is there anything you want to ask me about? You needn't worry about being polite. Most people aren't." She opened the door at the bottom of the stairs to the sub level parking lot.

Bennet: "Your reputation precedes you, but it's always difficult to tell which details are correct. Myself for instance - a terrorist, a dead man, a soldier. All true, but in unexpected ways."

Viper: "I'm curious, what does my reputation call me these days?"

Bennet: "Brilliant, dangerous, calculating, yet excitingly unstable." he shrugged. "So far, I've not been led astray."

Viper: She smirked, stopping in front of a covered car. The security system in the car scanned her and deactivated the protection. She lifted the cover from the car, the rush of air disturbing a half dozen piles of ash on the floor. "Well, I could be offended about being called unstable, for future reference... but, today I'm in a good mood."

Bennet: Bennet watched this display of technology with a slight smirk and side stepped one of those piles. He had an educated guess what they once had been. "Duly noted."

Viper: She tossed the cover into the trunk and climbed into the driver's side. "So. Are you planning to take a vacation here? Or are you waiting to see what I'm up to? Because you may be disappointed."

Bennet: "I am at loose ends, so I've been seeing parts of the world that were once far less accessible to me." He opened the door and assessed the interior.

Viper: "This isn't my usual part of the world..." she looked at him, waiting for him to get in, "I suppose I'm also at a loose end now."

Bennet: "Well... then we might as well explore the world together for a while, yes?" He climbed into the car and shut the door, admiring the interior.

Viper: Viper offered a small smile, turning the key in the ignition, "And then what?"

Bennet: He laughed a little. "Are you in a position to make long-term plans?"

Viper: "I'm not dead," she shrugged a shoulder.

Bennet: "Neither am I." He gave her a toothy smirk.

Viper: "I would like Hydra to think I am, however..." she peeled out of the garage. "So I shouldn't do anything too reckless until I have a new identity to operate under."

Bennet: "I have been dead for some time, so again, we find ourselves in very similar situations."

Viper: "Would you like a new identity too?" she raised an eyebrow at him, "I'm happy to oblige. Free of charge."

Bennet: "I may take you up on that kind offer." He was watching the road and run-down buildings around them, but he glanced at her again. "A fresh start, so to speak."

Viper: "Here in Madripoor? We may have to move to High Town... but there are multiple ways to do that... Would you like easy or fun?"

Bennet: "I've never been known for taking the easy path." He smirked.

Viper: "Then I think Madripoor is going to be in for a few very interesting months."
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Re: 7/14 Issue: Loose Ends

Post by Esynthia » Sat Aug 07, 2021 12:04 am

Jamie and Monet are simultaneously pouting about Viper being mostly better.

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