8/13 Issue: If He Only Had A Heart

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8/13 Issue: If He Only Had A Heart

Post by Esynthia » Fri Aug 13, 2021 5:37 am

Same night but after Rescue Reunion

Rogue: Rogue hung up her uniform and shut her locker with soft click, not bothering to spin the knob like usual. She stopped at the mirror near the door and fixed her hair, adjusted her breasts, and sighed. Being a toddler was easier. Embarrassing, now that she was an adult again, but, easier. She gave her pocket a pat to check for her bracelet, then flew up to see if Tony was still around.

Rogue: She couldn't imagine how he felt seeing her naked with Tony. Why that always happened to the two of them, God only knew.

Tony: Tony had been stuck in meeting after meeting after press conference, and then had an informal meeting and a scotch with Xavier, now that the man was of drinking age again.

Tony: He should go back to the White House, but he didn't want to and nobody was inclined to tell him he had to. So there.

Rogue: Rogue frowned when she'd covered the majority of the bottom floor, finding secret service, but no Tony. Why was he ducking them this time? A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth with the thought that he never tried to duck her. And then she frowned because she realized she wasn't sure. About that or really anything else at the moment. Why did Rogue have to blow up Arcade? She wanted to avoid being an adult again.

Tony: Tony wasn't ducking her, but he was enjoying a bit of exploring without any responsibilities himself. The architecture of this old building was very impressive. He hoped it didn't get blown up. At least no time soon.

Rogue: He was in the building, she was sure of that, or at least on the grounds somewhere. He had to be if the secret service was still here. Rogue tugged off a glove and stuck her hand into her back pocket to retrieve his silk pocket square that had kept her company for the past week, thumb involuntarily stroking the edges in a repetitive, soothing motion.

Tony: The team was back from their mission, he knew that much, but he hadn't seen any of the members since. They had their own debriefings and such, and the less he knew about that was probably for the best. He wandered toward the stairs.

Rogue: Rogue grumbled under her breath when she didn't find him anywhere and headed for the stairs and her room. He knew where to find her if he wanted to see her, she guessed. Of course, she wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to see her because goodness knows she would need some time to process everything if she'd walked in on him naked in bed with someone who wasn't her.

Tony: Tony paused at the top of the stairs and grinned when he saw who was coming up. "Well, hello, stranger!"

Rogue: Rogue froze and looked up at the voice. He didn't sound upset and he sure didn't look upset. A broad smile slid onto her face and she rocketed up the stairs to wrap him in a careful hug since her hand was exposed and her bracelet was still in her front pocket. "Ah thought y'd be upset. That y' were avoidin' me. Ah'm so sorry."

Tony: He laughed and caught her, returning the hug. Still an adult! Great! "Upset? That you're back?" Tony pulled back enough to tilt his head at her and give her the once-over. "I'm avoiding anyone who wants me to work," he laughed, then squinted an eye at her. "You don't, I assume..."

Rogue: "Well... Not f'r th' country, but maybe f'r us?" She gave him a shy smile and a one-shouldered shrug. "Upset at how y' found me as an adult..."

Tony: "Oh. Because of you and male Elsa?" He made a noise and gave her his own one-shouldered shrug. "You were babies. Toddlers. Whatever."

Rogue: "An' then we weren't... An' we were naked." She wrinkled her nose. "An' touchin'."

Tony: Tony made a face. "Yeah, I saw that. Thank you for the reminder."

Rogue: Rogue winced, "Oh. Ah didn't think y'd f'rgotten... Sorry."

Tony: "Well. I didn't forget forget," he said with a smirk.

Rogue: She realized her thumb was still anxiously stroking his pocket square so she pulled back a bit further to be able to hand it back to him. "Um... Sorry f'r stealin' this."

Tony: "Stealing? I'm pretty sure I gave it to you." His head tilted a little as she shrank back from him. "I'm - there's nothing for you to apologize for, Anna Marie."

Rogue: It always made her nerves tingle and butterflies flit in her stomach when he used her name and it earned him a shy smile. "Ah was a hellion who wouldn't let y' have a second's peace... An' when Ah did it was 'cause Ah was causin' havoc with Tony."

Tony: "Correct! It's a good thing I didn't have to raise you." He cleared his throat and pretended to glance around. "And, uh, we'll keep that scotch incident just between the three of us."

Rogue: She bit her lip to keep the blush contained that was rising in her cheeks. "Ah'm glad y' didn't go t' jail." Rogue traded the pocket square for the bracelet in her pocket since he'd not taken it back. She was perfectly happy keeping that memento. Her thumb slid along the smooth metal and she looked up at him from under her lashes, watching for any weird reactions from him. "Do y'... Um. Do y' see me diff'rent now?"

Tony: "Why would I see you differently?" He was honestly confused and watched her pull out her bracelet and hesitate. Tony held out his hand for it.

Rogue: "B'cause Ah was a child?" Rogue gave him a confused look, "That doesn't color y' feelin's f'r me?" She looked down at his hand and set the bracelet into it gently.

Tony: He took her covered forearm to tug her into him. "You're not a child anymore," he said, turning on the smirk.

Rogue: A blush spread over her cheekbones and she smiled, trying to not meet his eyes so she could make the blush disappear. "No... But... Y' saw me as one. Ah sucked mah thumb, even!" Him having to take care of her as a toddler was embarrassing enough.

Tony: HIs head tipped sideways a bit to catch her eyes. "Are you doing that thing women do? Where they keep bringing up something they think is a problem because they want men to think it's a dealbreaker?"

Rogue: Deal breaker? Her eyes went wide and met his in an instant. "What?" Rogue frowned at him and shook her head, not comprehending. "Is... Is that a deal breaker f' you?" She swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to will her heart to go back to a normal speed.

Tony: "No! That's... what I've been saying." He sensed laughing would get him in deep trouble right now, so he restrained himself. Mostly. "That I understand... you forget I have a mutant daughter? Known more than a few? Weird things happen, and it's not your choice. So, no, I don't see you any differently."

Rogue: "...Th' fact that y' have a daughter is so far from what Ah'm meanin' right now." She twitched her nose and took a deep breath. Subtlety was never her strong suit anyway. "What Ah mean is... y' sure y' won't feel like a pedophile now?"

Tony: "Not what you're meaning, but yet still a major component of my point," he said, turning her wrist so he could carefully wrap the bracelet around it and clasp it. "You were only a child because Arcade thought it was the flashiest way to get your team out of commission. But, you're not really a child, never were, and aren't one now. So, why would I feel like a pedophile?"

Rogue: Her eyes followed his hands, locked onto his fingers and their smooth movements, their practiced ease of fastening her inhibitor."Never were? Y' sayin' Ah'm old, Mr. Stark?" She let a hint of a grin light her face to show she was teasing before she moved on to her point. "B'cause Ah was one. F'r what felt like f'rever. Did it not feel weird t' have feelin's f'r me while Ah was two?"

Tony: "Oh, it was weird. Most definitely." He returned her grin and ramped up his own. "I'm just saying I'm... more or less used to weird by now." Tony winked. "And I would never call you old. I value my life too much."

Rogue: Did he just admit to having feelings? Rogue blushed again and looked up at him from under her lashes. "Ah always knew y' were th' smartest man Ah've ever dated." She gnawed at her lower lip and straightened up a bit to be able to look him in the eye, as much as she could without her flight anyway. "Ah am sorry that y' got stuck dealin' with me that way, though. Weirdness aside..."

Tony: "Like I said..." He leaned into her and lowered his voice, sliding his arm around her. "It... was... not... your fault." Tony punctuated his words with small kisses. "No need to apologize."

Rogue: She couldn't help it; her blush deepened and a broad grin slid into place. "An' here Ah was thinkin' Ah'd try t' make it up t' ya somehow, but if we just go on 'bout our business like nothin' happened..." Rogue gave him a fast kiss then moved to step out of his arms, coy smile the only thing giving her away. "Ah should probably go ...train... or somethin'."

Tony: "Oh, now I didn't say that." Tony pursued and caught her again with a grin. "Although... training comes in many forms..."

Rogue: Rogue blinked big, green, innocent eyes at him. "Does it? Ah'm certain Ah've got no idea what y' could be meanin'." Her arms slid up around his neck and she pulled her gloves off so she could tangle her bare fingers in his short hair. "Ah do know, though, that Ah owe y' a new bottle o' scotch. B'cause that part was mah fault."

Tony: He laughed and settled his hands on her hips. "Now that much is true. Whose idea was that? You or your little partner in crime?"

Rogue: She gave him a sheepish look and shrugged one shoulder, "Ah ain't no stoolie, sugah." Rogue did enjoy that she could share a little bit of her in-jokes from Tony with Tony. Sam just smiled and nodded. Tony played into it and it gave her butterflies. "Though, Ah ain't sure who Ah'm protectin' in this situation: you, him, or me."

Tony: "I suppose this does require some sort of three-way fifth amendment pact," he chuckled, drawing her in and letting himself get reacquainted with her curves.

Rogue: "If y' c'n find a lawyer t' draw up that contract, Ah'd sign it in a heartbeat." She stood on her toes to press her lips to his jaw. "Or we could write one ourselves. Do th' whole 'secret club' thing that kids do. Ah never got t' have one o' those. With th' fake blood oaths an' stuff."

Tony: "Oh, no," he chuckled, his hands tightening on her as he tilted his head to let her explore. "That's the Hellfire Club. The blood oaths are far less fun than you'd think."

Rogue: That was something she never thought about and pulled back just enough to be able to meet his eyes. "Are y' a member there?"

Tony: He frowned when she stopped and searched her eyes. "My family has... always been in the Hellfire Club."

Rogue: "Ah guess that makes sense..." She frowned at him, lots of questions rolling through her mind now. "Ah've been there f'r parties an' stuff... But it's no secret Ah ain't a fan o' their head honcho." Rogue kept her fingers twirling in his hair while she searched his face. "Are th' rumors true? 'Bout the 'back rooms'?"

Tony: "Sebastian is just a big pussycat," he laughed, raising a brow. "The back rooms? Would you like a personal tour?"

Rogue: "Tony..." She trailed off, just shaking her head a little, never sure how to get into the exact reasons why. "Would Ah like a personal tour? Sugah, Ah'd think y'd know by now that Ah like anythin' personal so long as it's you."

Tony: Tony watched her reactions. Interesting. Someday he'd have to pursue that line of questioning. Today was not someday, however. "Well, maybe we'll start with a tour of your room..."

Rogue: "Mah room, huh? It's not a 'back room,' but at least th' rumors 'bout what happens in there are true." Rogue grinned and went on her toes to give his lower lip a light nip.

Tony: He grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him again. "I can give you a demonstration."

Rogue: "Oh, y' can? Was that part o' y'r playboy lifestyle? Knowin' from first-hand experience 'bout those rooms?" She pressed her body against his with clear intent. "Ah'm so glad Ah'm not a toddler anymore. Ah missed you."

Tony: "Well of course. I may not have ever been part of the inner circle, but I'm a hereditary member, with all the perks." He turned them to press her against the wall and shifted his hips. "I'm glad you're not a toddler anymore, too... Otherwise, this'd be really creepy." Tony gave her a bright grin.

Rogue: Rogue laughed, breathy and low, and licked her lips. "No joke... Seems like y' may have missed me just a bit, too." She grinned and ran her nails lightly down his neck, shifting her own hips in answer to his. "All the perks," she let the words roll off her tongue slowly while she contemplated what that meant. "Do y' miss th' perks?"

Tony: "I do not, because I have an entirely new set of perks." He hissed at her nails on his skin and caught her mouth for a fast, hard kiss. When he broke the kiss he stayed close to whisper. "I did miss you."

Rogue: Rogue enjoyed the possessive nature of the kiss and smirked at his admission. "Yeah," she asked, keeping her own voice at a whisper. "First y' catch feelin's, then y' miss me... Y'r old flames wouldn't even recognize y' anymore."

Tony: "Old flames?" He laughed softly and kissed her again before he continued, one hand rising to stroke her shoulder, then her hair. "Maybe candles? What are those little ones called? The really tiny useless ones?"

Rogue: "Tea lights?" Her eyes closed and she tipped her head towards his hand. "They c'n be real pretty, though." Rogue opened her eyes to smile at him, "They just don't stay lit very long 's'all."

Tony: "Yes! Those. I have - had, I suppose - tea lights. No flames." He watched her face and let his fingers trail over her cheekbone. "You're a pretty good blaze, though."

Rogue: "That right? Like a pillar candle?" She grinned. "Y'r 'tea lights' wouldn't recognize y' anymore, then. An' Ah appreciate y' fixin' that slip o' th' tongue. Sure hope y' don't have any still."

Rogue: Rogue playfully nipped at the mound of flesh under his thumb, "Else ways, Ah'd hafta go blow 'em out."

Tony: His eyebrows shot up and he grinned. "That was a bite, not a blow, Miss Battle."

Rogue: "Well o' course. Ah gotta sink mah teeth int' you. Ah want y' t' stick 'round." She blew softly over where her teeth had just been. "If y' want me t' blow y' out like y'r tiny, useless candles, Ah guess Ah can..."

Tony: Tony caught her chin in his hand and put her lips to better use.

Rogue: Rogue melted into the kiss, glad the wall was behind her for support. She pulled him tighter against her and ran her nails softly down the back of his neck again.

Tony: When they broke apart, he trailed the backs of his fingers over her cheek and took in her face. "The hallway might be a little too public for what I want to do to you right now..." Tony's head cocked. "But I suppose if you're game, I am." He grinned.

Rogue: "Says th' man who had us runnin' naked through th' halls o' th' White House in th' middle o' th' day?" She grinned back. "Ah guess it really all depends on what y're wantin' t' do t' me. If we're talkin' private example o' th' back room shenanigans, maybe we should go behind some closed doors. But, if y' meanin' makin' me melt fr'm a confession o' devotion, here's fine."

Tony: "Hey, I'm thinking of your modesty here, not mine." Tony straightened to his full height and leaned into her. "I'm protecting your honor here. We all know I have no shame."

Rogue: "Sometimes Ah wonder what Ah'd find if I touched you without mah bracelet," she murmured, still grinning. Rogue leaned her head back into the wall so she could look up and fully meet his eyes. "Do y' worst, Mr. President."

Tony: He laughed. "Enough to make you blush, but not me." Well, probably him, too, since some of his memories were fairly hazy due to the single-malt filter. "My worst? That... leaves a lot of room for interpretation."

Rogue: "Oh? Ah doubt that, sugah. Ah've lived many a playboy's life. An' then some." She smirked at him. "How's this f'r interpretation? Ah trust y' t' do whatever y' want t' me. Y' care 'bout me more'n either of us thought possible, which means y' won't do anythin' t' hurt me. So," she leaned up for a quick kiss, "do y' worst."

Tony: Tony knew she was playing, but it gave him pause and he licked his lips. "The tea lights got my worst." He angled his head and gave her a soft kiss. "I've..." Why was this so difficult? "The plan was to give you my best instead."

Rogue: That was unexpected. Rogue felt butterflies again and her demeanor shifted from playful to tender. "Tony," she said softly, moving her hand around to stroke his cheek with her thumb. "Y've always given me y'r best. Y' know that, don'tcha?"

Tony: He looked away, down a bit, anything to avoid those big green eyes. "Well, I'm trying anyway," he joked with a shrug.

Rogue: "Hey now," she ducked her head to try and catch his eyes again. "Sugah, what is it? Y' c'n talk t' me..."

Tony: "Nothing is wrong," he assured her, catching her concern and meeting her eyes again. "We just both know I'm not the best at sharing my feelings." Tony nearly chuckled, shaking his head at himself.

Rogue: She smiled at him and stroked his cheek again. "No, y' ain't. But, if y' ever wanted to... Ah'd not turn y' away." Then Rogue had an idea, "Or, if y' didn't wanna say 'em out loud, Ah could always... Y' know..." She tapped her thumb lightly on his face in example.

Tony: Tony would be a liar if he said he wasn't tempted. "Wouldn't that be cheating?"

Rogue: That gave her pause and she thought about it for a moment. "No? Maybe? Ah mean, it's certainly not th' conventional'r traditional way o' doin' it..." Rogue wrinkled her nose at him, "F'rget Ah mentioned it if y' don't like th' idea. Ah never wanna do anythin' t' betray y' like that. Most people feel like it's an invasion o' privacy seein' as how Ah get it all..."

Tony: "I wouldn't say it's a betrayal... or anything so dramatic." He smirked a bit and squared his shoulders. "Only that I think it's something I should be able to do on my own, even if it's difficult. Consider it a shocking moment of self-awareness." Tony grinned.

Rogue: "Ah think y're more self-aware than y' want people t' realize. Maybe even more'n y' want t' realize y' own self." Her eyes followed her thumb while it traced the edge of his grin, then she flicked them up to his. "So, if y' weren't gonna do y'r worst... What was on y' mind?"

Tony: "I'm happy you're back, and that you are you again..." Tony was going to gloss right over his self-awareness for now. He kissed her thumb by the corner of his mouth and then stepped back, taking her hand. "Your room? I believe Xavier was more than ready to toss me from his office, so that's not an option anymore."

Rogue: Rogue gave him a soft smile and wrapped her hand comfortably in his, tucking her gloves into her back pocket. "Ah'm not sure that could ever be an option f'r me... Th' man's like a surrogate father t' me." Her nose wrinkled and she gave a dramatic shudder, "Ew."

Tony: Tony laughed. "Be happy you didn't have to watch him suck his thumb."

Rogue: "Tonyyyy," she groaned. "Now we've come full circle t' th' thumb suckin'. How c'n ya think Ah'm sexy after that? Ugh. So embarrassin'."

Tony: "It was cute when you did it. You made a cute kid. When he did it? No." He did the dramatic shudder this time. "No thank you."

Rogue: "A cute kid? Ah think y're th' only person who's ever thought that." Rogue bumped him with her shoulder. "That's kinda sweet."

Tony: "Well." Tony grinned at the bump and returned it, stealing a quick kiss that turned into a longer kiss and a smirk against her lips. "That's me - all sweetness!"

Rogue: "Remind me t' get mah blood sugars checked at some point," she murmured, not pulling her lips too far from his before kissing him again. Rogue groped behind her as they got close to her door and it swung open easily. "Y' ever think anymore 'bout gettin' a place down here? More privacy that way... No risk o' memories poppin' up unbidden o' me an' another fully grown man naked in here..."

Tony: Tony made a face. "Well I wasn't worried about it until now." He shook his head with a laugh and swept her inside, then shut the door. "Absolutely! Boston real estate is always a solid investment, and in theory less likely to be the epicenter of chaos, unlike this place. No offense, since I know you're fond of it."

Rogue: "Oh... Right." Just her own neurosis then. Rogue frowned at him, "Sugah, Ah'm fond o' this place 'bout as much as Carol. Th' mansion back in New York? That's diff'rent. But it's been gone a long time." She shook her head with a soft sigh. "A long, long time."

Tony: Oh dear, somehow he'd made her sad, which didn't bode well for the continuation of their reunion celebration. "I was only there once. Maybe twice?"

Rogue: Rogue gave him a soft smile and brushed his cheek with her fingertips. "Ah wish Ah could share mah memories 'stead o' just stealin' from others. There's so much Ah wanna share with y' but Ah'm never sure how t' explain it."

Tony: "I know that it was home to a lot of the students. Hope is... Hope. She'd never admit to missing any part of it." He turned his head and kissed her fingers, watching her face.

Rogue: "It was home," she agreed quietly. "First an' last place Ah've been able t' say that 'bout." Rogue took a breath and tossed her head so her hair went behind her shoulder, giving Tony a brighter smile than before. "Ah know y' not a fan o' feelin's an' emotions, so we c'n go back t' th' matter at hand."

Tony: Tony's mouth dropped open in mock offense. "I am a fan! Of those things! ...I feel them! I'm just... not as fantastic about expressing them." He ramped up his grin and swooped down to pick her up.

Rogue: Rogue let out a squeak of surprise and then started laughing. "Y' feel 'em, sure. But do y' know what y' feel?" She ran her fingers through the hair on the side of his head. "More'n physical, Ah mean."

Tony: He stayed still and just watched her for a long moment, considering this as his expression stilled into a softer smile. "Yep, I do," he finally said and started for her bed.

Rogue: "Oh." That surprised her, but she was okay with it. "Well, that's good then. Y' know where y' stand." She could guess where he stood, but it would be nice to hear it out loud at some point so she wouldn't be making assumptions. Then again, Tony said it out loud and she was still having problems there. Maybe not saying it was a good thing, after all. Rogue matched his soft smile, "An' Ah know where y' lie. Next t' me."

Tony: "Definitely that." In fact, he laid her down carefully and then bounced onto the bed beside her - anything but carefully.

Rogue: Rogue squealed and giggled and let his bouncing flop her around. "Who needs flight powers when y' c'n launch me int' th' air at will? So long as there's somethin' bouncy under me any road." She landed half on her side, half on her stomach and grinned at him from ear to ear.

Tony: "I'm happy to see I bought only the best mattresses for your team," he laughed, waiting for it to stop squeaking.

Rogue: "I'm glad y' didn't give me any special treatment. Cain't have th' president playin' favorites, now can we?" She pushed up onto her elbow and rested the palm of her other hand on his chest. "Although... What was it y' said 'bout Boston real estate bein' a good investment?"

Tony: "Well, not on paper," he chuckled, leaning in to brush their noses together. "I like Boston, and I like that you're in Boston..."

Rogue: "Oh y' do, do ya?" Her eyebrows went up and she blinked at him, making sure to not lose the playful glint in her eyes. "Ya like me bein' farther away from y' on a daily basis? Ah see how it is."

Tony: "No, I like that I can come see you. Get out of DC for a while." He licked his lips. "Next year, when I'm out of office, I doubt Hope wants me hovering over her."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at him and ran her hand down his chest. She knew he wasn't a huge fan of talking about being out of office. "Ain't so sure how she feels 'bout y' hoverin' over me, either." She gave him a coy grin, "Ah like it when y're on top, though."

Tony: "I have a great view from the top," he agreed with a grin, sliding his hand up her side. "I could always tell her that you're the one doing the hovering." Tony winked. "It's even true, since you fly."

Rogue: "It's true 'til y' consider th' fact that if Ah have mah powers active, we cain't be messin' 'round." Rogue shifted to sit on top of him, both hands flat on his chest now. "But if Ah could, Ah'd love t' take y' flyin'. There's nothin' like makin' love in th' clouds."

Tony: "We do have air force one for that." Tony's hands fell to her hips and he grinned up at her. "It sounds like you speak from experience though. I might be jealous."

Rogue: "That ain't th' same an' y' know it," she laughed. Rogue brought one shoulder up in a mock-innocent shrug. "Ah was married t' another flier y' know."

Tony: The one who'd died. That was in her file, too. "Well, I'm afraid that's the best us mere mortals can do." He winked. "For now."

Rogue: That made her laugh again. "Ah love that y' mortal. An' a genius who c'n fly with me." She leaned down and kissed him softly. "We just gotta figure out how Ah c'n fly an' touch y' at th' same time."

Tony: "Are you giving me a project?" His eyes lit up at the prospect. "You really do know how to turn me on." Tony tilted his hips in emphasis, hands tracing her curves.

Rogue: "Mmm." She grinned and started kissing slowly along his jaw. "Ah know how t' keep mah man happy an' interested in me. Gotta make sure y' wanna keep choosin' me first."

Tony: His grin softened. "I don't think you have to worry about that." Tony licked his lips since hers were still occupied, his hands still moving over her sides, though they had found the hem of her shirt to touch her skin. "I've... never been happier, or more interested," he finally said, voice low.

Rogue: "Never been happier, huh?" Rogue wasn't sure which instinct she should let take the lead with that admission: excitement and joy or fear and pessimism. "That's surprisin'," she murmured finally, when she reached his ear.

Tony: "Well," he hedged, putting on a contemplative expression. "I suppose I'll amend it to top five. I am the president. After all. Just saying."

Rogue: She giggled and nosed at his ear before running her teeth lightly over the lobe. "Truthful is th' best way t' be, Tony. Best way t' mah heart." Rogue sat up enough to meet his eyes, still grinning. "Y're th' president f'r another year. Then where'll Ah fall on th' list?"

Tony: He hissed at the feel of her teeth, then giggled when she pulled away. "Hmmm." Tony pretended to think about this, screwing his face up. "Top three," he decided.

Rogue: "Oooh, that's progress! Who knew Ah only had t' beat out th' office o' leader o' th' free world?!" She bumped his nose with hers. "Maybe Ah c'n be content with that."

Tony: "Maybe, huh?" Tony tipped his chin up to look down his nose at her. "Need better than that, do ya?"

Rogue: "Wellll... Don't you," she countered with an arched eyebrow. "Ah mean, if y' don't wanna be at th' top o' mah list, then Ah should reorder mah priorities."

Tony: "You're very literal about this." His chin fell and eyes widened, still aiming for playful.

Rogue: "Y' want me t' be literal?" She rolled to be on her back, pulling him with her so he was on top. "Now y' literally on top o' mah list."

Tony: Tony barked a laugh. "That is very literal," he said, scrambling to push himself up on his elbows. "Point taken." Leaning down, he gave her a soft kiss.

Rogue: Rogue brought her hands up to hold his face as she returned the kiss, hoping it conveyed how she felt without her saying it. Also hoping that if it did, it wouldn't scare him away. She was so glad he stayed. Glad he took care of her. Glad he was in her life. She was happy with him, politics be damned.

Tony: Tony groaned a little into her mouth. He'd missed her, while she'd been... really, really underaged. It'd been a weird, stressful week, and if he wasn't careful, he probably would let more slip than his tongue.

Rogue: Her hands slid back through his hair until her arms were wrapped loosely around his neck, just enjoying the weight of him on top of her and the taste of his mouth. Rogue just had to let herself continue to enjoy their moments like these. Not overthink anything. But that wasn't her strong suit...

Tony: They had that in common, although Tony was excellent at bluffing his way through most situations. After a few more moments, he broke the kiss and pushed himself up enough to see her face, his eyes tracing her features. He licked his lips and took a breath.

Rogue: Rogue watched him watching her, a tender smile on her face. She loved seeing that look in his eyes, but wondered if he knew that. Time for the question that led them to where they were now, "Penny f' y' thoughts, sugah?"

Tony: Tony's smile matched hers. Do it. The question made him laugh a little and he drew another breath, holding it. "I'm..." Say it. "Thinking we could start looking tomorrow." He winced at himself. "At that... Boston... real estate market." Coward.

Rogue: "Oh!" Her eyes went wide and her brows went up, not having expected that. At all. Rogue tried to hide her surprise, but was afraid she wasn't that good at not wearing her emotions on her face. "I think... That's a great idea. We c'n do that. Ah'd like it if y' had a more permanent place here..." She gave him a tight smile, trying to be excited about that instead of what she had hoped he would say.

Tony: He was almost able to taste her disappointment, but it was said now. "Right! Great... idea. We'll... do that. Tomorrow." Tony grinned, hoping it didn't look too pained.

Rogue: Rogue smiled and lifted her head to meet his lips with hers. "Solid plan. Ah'd love t' house hunt with y'." And she meant it. She just had to get past the initial frustration first. She had until tomorrow, at least.

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