9/3 Issue: It's A Trap!

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9/3 Issue: It's A Trap!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:16 pm

Timelined for a day or so after [issue]Rescue Reunion.

Rogue: Rogue flew in lazy zig zags down the hall toward the kitchen, ready for some of her stashed chicory. She wasn't sure what the day held, but she knew it was too early for anything other than sweet, sweet, caramel-y caffeine. She paused in the doorway as she smelled muffins. Fresh muffins. Mom's muffins. This was going to be an amazing day if surprises like that kept coming. "Mmmmm."

Carol: Carol was sitting on the counter with her third blueberry muffin and her second cup of coffee, frowning at the loooooong list of emails waiting for her attention. Way too early for that. She put her tablet to one side.

Rogue: "Sharin' is carin'," she ventured in her raspy pre-caffeine, still-half-asleep voice.

Carol: "There's like fifty muffins. Help yourself." Carol gestured at the pile. "There's probably gonna be more later..."

Rogue: "...Why?" That made Rogue suspicious of the muffins that smelled so good, following her nose to them and inhaling deeply. One wouldn't hurt. After chicory. She moved around Carol carefully and pulled down her personal use coffee pot and her can of chicory stashed way up high and in the back of a cabinet. "What's mom suckin' up f'r?'

Carol: "Nothing... she's just trying to help. We've been through some stuff... especially the people held by Arcade. Muffins make people feel better." She shrugged. "Also I think it's part of her evil plan to make Joe check up on me."

Rogue: "Hmm." Rogue stared at the coffee pot as it brewed much too slowly. She leaned her elbows on the counter and rested her chin in her hands as she stared, waiting until it was at least full enough for a cup. "Joe doesn't like me much... Does he?"

Carol: "I'm sure he likes you fine... or would now that you're a grownup and not getting all pouty because he doesn't know who the heck you are..." She picked up her own coffee for a sip.

Rogue: "He could've played along. Damn." She took a deep breath in through her nose, enjoying the smells wafting through the kitchen. "Y' knew who Ah was, though..."

Carol: "It was kind of overwhelming for him... I'm sure he'll apologise if he sees you." She swapped her coffee for her muffin, "Of course I knew who you were. I see you all the time."

Rogue: "An' yeeeet...." Rogue snagged her favorite mug and hovered near the coffee pot, waiting for it to be done. "Y' were scared o' me. Why?"

Carol: Carol blinked at her, "You tell me, grabby hands."

Rogue: "Ah didn't grab f'r you!"

Carol: "No, but you were grabbing for everyone else and their powers." Carol pointed out, "You gonna try to tell me that wouldn't have freaked you out if you were in my shoes?"

Rogue: "Ah was two! All Ah knew was that Bobby let me play an' he was fine, so why wouldn't anybody else be fine?"

Carol: "Right and for all I knew you were gonna jump on me and hurt me again... or Joe, even."

Rogue: "So... y're th' reason he made me cry?"

Carol: "How did you get to that?" Carol set her muffin down.

Rogue: Rogue poured her steaming mug of chicory and hopped up onto the counter to sit, letting the mug warm her hands. "Y' were scared o' me, then y' brought up bein' scared Ah'd hurt Joe, so mah next logical jump is that y' told him that Ah was bad news, causin' him t' be mean an' not wanna be anywhere near me."

Carol: "All he knows is that it was you that took my memories when we were kids... and that we're fine now.... but it's not like he didn't see the effect it had on me when I was getting better in the hospital... I can't make him react a certain way. You wanna clear the air with him, you gotta do that yourself."

Rogue: Rogue rolled her eyes and closed them so she could take a peaceful drink of her chicory. This was way too much for this early without caffeine. "Are y' still scared o' me, Carol?"

Carol: Carol sighed, "Why are you even asking me that? How many times have I let you take my powers since then?"

Rogue: "'Cause our li'l selves seemed t' live out our big selves' wants an' fears more'n we let ourselves 'cause we're adults who've been taught t' hide things."

Carol: "You already know the answer without me telling you anything," Carol pointed out, "And it doesn't matter either way because it's never effected our relationship."

Rogue: "Ah ain't touched y' in a long time, Carol... Ah don't r'member things, r'member? Not 'less it's traumatic like our first time." She took a few more slow drinks, then slid off the counter to retrieve a muffin. "It matters 'cause Ah don't want mah friends t' be scared o' me..."

Carol: "It's fine, okay? Like you just said... that first time was traumatic... little kids are less able to ignore that part and get on with their life. I dealt with it already..." unless that small part of her that was always aprehensive when they shared her powers was hiding something. "It's not like I avoid you like with my irrational phobia of Broo."

Rogue: "Yeah... Okay." She wasn't so sure, but she knew better than to push the matter right now. Rogue peeled the paper from the muffin and took a small bite while looking over at Carol and thinking. "What would Baby Carol've done if one o' th' brood showed up then?"

Carol: Carol considered the question and shrugged a shoulder, "Guess it depends... but if it was just little me on her own? Probably ran away and found somewhere to hide... or absolutely nothing..."

Rogue: "Fight, flight, 'r freeze?" Rogue picked at the muffin a bit. "Or would she not've been as terrified as adult Carol?"

Carol: "Adult me would have punched it in the face until it didn't have a face." Carol picked up her coffee again. Sadly it wasn't scotch. "They ruined Star Wars day."

Rogue: "Ah mean... The fourth was with them, so not entirely?" She cracked a very Bobby-like smile.

Carol: Her nose wrinkled, "It was May Fourth when they came..." she looked down at her coffee, "Now it's all I can think about when it comes around..."

Rogue: "Well, right. So they had th' force... 'Cause 'may th' fourth be wit... Nevermind." She wrinkled her nose and popped a blueberry she'd picked at into her mouth. "Mah point was that Baby Carol seems t' be more scared o' me than y' think she would be o' th' brood."

Carol: "Nah... you just activated my protective streak... It's my secret super power..."

Rogue: "That ain't a secret, y' know..." Rogue gave her a wry smirk, "Y'rs heightened mine, y' know."

Carol: "Right. Well, my point is... that part beats everything else. Doesn't matter how scared I am if someone else is in danger - real or imagined by a toddler version of me."

Rogue: "What 'bout th' time Bobby an' Ah found y' in th' kitchen?"

Carol: "I didn't wanna get in trouble for spilling all the candy all over..."

Rogue: "...'Cause y' didn't think we'd help y' hide th' evidence? Lie better, wouldja?"

Carol: "I suck at lying it makes me uncomfortable..." She took a sip of her coffee, "I don't know, okay? But I know I was worried I was gonna get in trouble and you and Bobby for sure didn't help."

Rogue: Rogue took her muffin and hopped back up onto the counter with her mug. "We f'r sure just wanted t' play, consequences be damned."

Carol: "Yeah but when you came in Bobby said something about someone being in trouble so asking me to come out was like... a trap. Because, apparently, my Star Wars knowledge managed to bleed through the age gap."

Rogue: That made her laugh, "Mah knowledge o' what sex is, did not. Playin' house with y' best friend c'n get kind weird."

Carol: "I got Obi to dress up as Princess Leia and out-smarted Tony as a toddler in the same afternoon."

Rogue: "Ha! That's amazin'! All Ah did was dance with Bobby under a blanket an' drink a bottle o' Tony's scotch with him 'cause it's 'what mommies an' daddies do.'"

Carol: She laughed, "Oh my God, you got drunk? Is that even legal?"

Rogue: "Not even a li'l bit. Then when Tony mentioned goin' t' jail, Ah cried so hard. Also, no one's supposed t' know this story, so Ah didn't tell y' a thing."

Carol: "I feel like if it went to court it'd be really complicated and you could probably get away with it anyway. No one needs that kind of a headache."

Rogue: "Nobody f'r sure. Tony least o' all." She laughed and drank half of her mug down. "Poor guy had t' deal with his girlfriend, who he's seen naked more'n once, be th' most annoyin' toddler this side o' Beth. An' Ah sucked mah thumb! Ah don't even know if Ah did that th' first time 'round!"

Carol: "I feel bad for Joe... I drew on him a lot and refused to wear pants unless he caught me first."

Rogue: "At least y' wore 'em if he caught ya?" She chuckled and shook her head, "We were hellions an' Ah'm so glad we didn't hafta be th' adults."

Carol: "I feel like it would have been easier for us if everyone else were kids anyway. No powers sure helps..."

Rogue: "Ah guess that's true. Easier t' wrangle them if th' roles had been reversed." Rogue tried to suppress a grin, but lost the battle. "Can y' imagine baby Tony? We'd hafta lock him in a room with no booze an' no way out."

Carol: "And no access to technology because I dread to think what a genius toddler would come up with..."

Rogue: Rogue's face contorted into a Lucille Ball 'eeee' and she slowly hid it behind her mug. "That's a terrifyin' thought, gal. Ah never wanna see him as a toddler."

Carol: "Well I didn't want to see him with a pet blue demon but here we are." She hopped down from the counter to get more coffee.

Rogue: "At least he's kept it contained an' it ain't here anymore. Win-win, right?"

Carol: "For now. It's contained for now. If it ever gets out, I already called not it."

Rogue: Rogue smirked and picked at the muffin again. "Ah think if it ever gets out, Tony'll think of it as a personal failure an' won't let anyone help him catch it just t' save his pride."

Carol: "But think of the damage it could do in the mean time... that's the stuff nightmares are made of." Coffee acquired! She took a sip. Hmm... talking of things that were nightmare fuel... "Heeeeey, I have an idea."

Rogue: "No, Ah don't wanna play a prank on 'im just t' see how he'd react. Ah just found out that he still finds me attractive even though he saw me suckin' mah thumb."

Carol: She laughed, "I wasn't gonna suggest that!" She paused, "My idea might be worse."

Rogue: Rogue was now confused and didn't bother to hide it. "What's worse'n provokin' Tony?"

Carol: "Family dinner at my parents' house?"

Rogue: The gears in Rogue's brain ground to a stop and she just stared at Carol. When she finally felt them try to slowly start again, she blinked and shook her head, "Where th' hell did that come from?"

Carol: "I don't know... I was just thinking that maybe it'd be good to sort of.... introduce you to them properly? So no one has to be surprised in whatever weird future crazy shit?"

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose and looked into her chicory. "What if they hate me?"

Carol: "Pretend dad isn't there?" she suggested.

Rogue: That made her laugh and she raised her eyes back to Carol, "Ah'm serious, gal. What if, even though y're fine with me an' we're friends now, what if they're not? Or worse, what if they're scared o' me?"

Carol: "I'm not suggesting you just show up on their doorstep... I'll talk to them first. They know we work together, it's not like it's news to them."

Rogue: "An' if they watch any footage o' th' President, they see me all th' time on th' news." Still, though... "Ah dunno, gal. Sounds like a recipe f'r a Danvers' family fight."

Carol: "Any time I go home is like that. Last time I brought a girl home I was dating her so... you can imagine how well that went. This can't go worse."

Rogue: "Oh no? At least she wasn't th' one responsible f'r puttin' y' in a coma an' stealin' y'r memories becomin' a clone an' not knowin' it. Think that's a bit worse."

Carol: "Except I'm fine now. See? Walking and talking and all awesome and stuff. And you're dating the President. That's also a thing."

Rogue: "So, they'll be okay with me so they don't hafta risk goin' t' fed'ral prison?" Rogue laughed and shook her head. "Walkin' an' talkin' an' still don't remember half y'r childhood. But Ah do... Y' don't think that'd be weird f'r them?"

Carol: "Of course it'll be weird - it's still weird for me and I live with it every day. But the point is that it'll be weird on our schedule instead of the schedule of the next creepy guy in a suit."

Rogue: Rogue tilted her head from side to side as she considered that. "Y' ain't wrong 'bout that..." She stared at Carol for a few long moments then took a deep breath. "Oh, what th' hell. Should Ah bring Tony t' force 'em t' b'have?"

Carol: Carol grinned, "I would love that. So much."

Rogue: Her own face broke into a grin that mirrored Carol's. "Not gonna lie, me too. Though, it won't force Tony t' b'have, y' know?"

Carol: "That's fine. I never expect him to behave... but I feel like we should get Heather the day off."

Rogue: "Ah c'n totally bodyguard him f'r a night. Was mah job f'r five years, anyhow. Ain't like Ah f'rgot how. Shoot, Ah still do it outta habit sometimes." Rogue slid from the counter and refilled her mug. "Tell me when an' Ah'll make sure we're there with bells on an' no blue fart demons hidin' in his suit jacket."

Carol: "Heck, I can do it for a dinner." Carol shrugged, "It'll work. I'll talk to mom about it... she can break the news to dad."

Rogue: "Yikes.. Ah'd hate t' be th' one t' do that. Least she c'n soothe him with her ladybits?" Ew. "F'rget Ah said that."

Carol: Carol's nose wrinkled mightily. Was it too early for scotch? "I'm really trying."

Rogue: "Want me t' force y' t' f'rget? Ah wish Ah could do that t' mahself right now." She mock gagged and tried to drown her memory with chicory instead.

Carol: "Nah, I got it..." she flew up to the top of the cupboards and retrieved hidden scotch.

Rogue: "Carol. It's so early..." Rogue's eyes trained on the bottle in Carol's hands. "Gimme," she held out her half empty mug to Carol.

Carol: "It's only too early if I'm asleep." She flavoured Rogue's chicory and her own coffee.

Rogue: "Just 'cause we have a higher tolerance than ...most anybody... doesn't mean we shouldn't rub it in their faces, though, right? Hidin' it in th' coffee is always th' best strategy."

Carol: "At least until after work..." she set the bottle and her butt back on the counter. "I'll mention the thing to Joe when he inevitably comes back with more muffins."

Rogue: "If he doesn't manage t' talk y' outta this, no one will. Y're a madwoman." She grinned over the rim of her mug and took a long drink. "At least y're on mah team, though."

Carol: "It's a good idea!" Possibly made terrible by the addition of a Stark but it was good to have a buffer... even if he'd probably drink way too much scotch.

Rogue: "It's a terrible idea. But it could be fun if it works th' way we hope it will. An' even if it doesn't, Tony loves t' schmooze with th' 'normal American citizens'."

Carol: "He might change his mind after dinner with my dad... But at least they can bond over scotch?" She frowned, "I'm gonna have to drink before this dinner."

Rogue: "Oh no y' don't. We gotta be sober t' play this out properly." She grinned, "Ah just got an idea o' mah own..."

Carol: "Do I want to know?"

Rogue: "Prob'ly not." Her grin got wider, "Ever hear of a 'throuple'?"

Carol: ".... I'm afraid where this is going."

Rogue: "It'd help break th' ice an' they'll be so much more relieved t' find out we're friends if we come at 'em hard an' fast 'bout bein' a thing."

Carol: "I don't know if that's a good idea..." she frowned, "Dad would for sure not see the funny side..."

Rogue: "Ain't s'pposed t' be funny. S'pposed t' make 'em realize that it could be worse, so they should accept things th' way they are."

Carol: "I feel like he would fixate on something... either that you have boobs or that Tony is the President..."

Rogue: "One's not so great in his mind, th' other is amazin'. Which do y' think he'd lean more towards?"

Carol: "The one that results in yelling."

Rogue: "Mah boobs then." She looked down at the subject matter and frowned, "Can't y' be a li'l less offensive, gals? Ah'm workin' here."

Carol: "It's the way he's wired... anything that results in me being a disappointment is the thing he'll choose to fixate on."

Rogue: "An' then when we tell him it ain't th' case an' really we're just friends an' Tony an' Ah are th' item an' y' got th' hots f'r a married man, he'll calm right down!"

Carol: "...." Carol just stared at her for a long moment then added more scotch to her coffee.

Rogue: She laughed and shook her head, "Oh, c'mon, it ain't that bad. 'Sides, how big y' think their eyes'd get if Ah wore mah bracelet an' then we held hands? They don't know what it does, right?"

Carol: "No they don't but I'm not actively trying to kill my mom so let's not do that..."

Rogue: Rogue grinned, "Maybe just in front o' Joe, then."

Carol: "And you're not gonna get upset if he freaks out?"

Rogue: "Th' man shunned me as a toddler. Why would Ah expect him t' not do worse t' me as an adult. Ah'll be mentally ready f'r it."

Carol: "Yeah... I'm sorry about that... I'm pretty sure he'll apologise... it was probably my fault anyway," she shrugged a shoulder.

Rogue: She mirrored Carol's shoulder shrug, "Ah'm th' villain in his story. Ah get it."

Carol: "Well and I was upset and if it's the choice between your sister and the one that made her upset you're gonna side with your sister..."

Rogue: "Y' were more'n upset. Y' were mean." Rogue laughed, though. "If y' didn't run fr'm Bobby an' me when we came lookin' f'r y', Ah'd call y' a bully."

Carol: "I was scared," Carol pointed out, pouting.

Rogue: "Y' were mean," Rogue insisted, smirking at her friend. "Ah was two. With mah powers at like, what, quarter-strength?"

Carol: "So was I!" Carol leaned to give Rogue a playful shove.

Rogue: Rogue dramatically stumbled to the side, "Oww! Bully! Meanie! Butthead!" She could only keep it up so long before she dissolved into giggles, though.

Carol: "You know I didn't really mean it. Kids don't logic well."

Rogue: "Yeah, Ah know. But two-year-old Rogue didn't know."

Carol: "Right like two-year-old Carol was terrified of you. So let's just agree to leave that alone now and pretend it didn't happen."

Rogue: "Adult Carol still has a fear o' me... But Ah'm glad she ain't lettin' it rule her life." Rogue gave Carol a careful shoulder bump.

Carol: "I'm not afraid of you - it's your powers that are scary," she clarified, "But I can deal with it."

Rogue: "Well, sorry t' break it t' ya, but somethin' Ah had t' learn th' hard way? They're part o' me..." She gave her a smile, "Ah'm glad y' c'n deal with it, though. An' now that Ah'm datin' a tech genius, Ah get all sorts o' toys f'r inhibitin' them."

Carol: "I feel like we should make rules about you using the word 'toys' in the same sentence as 'dating'...."

Rogue: Rogue's eyebrows shot up, "Ah hadn't thought 'bout it that way. ... Tony might actually like that idea, though."

Carol: Carol put her hands over her ears, "Nope! Stop talking! Lalalalala!"

Rogue: "Hey, you started it!" Rogue laughed and moved to the sink to rinse out her mug. "Speakin' of... Ah should probably see if he wants t' do anythin' 'fore he flies back t' DC..." She pouted, "Ah hate it when he leaves."

Carol: "I guess you should warn him about his potential dinner plans too... make sure he has some room in his schedule somewhere for it."

Rogue: "Oh, that's a good thought. Maybe Ah should get some dates with him 'fore y' check with th' folks 'bout dates f'r them?" She bit her lip while she thought about it. "Ah don't think he has anythin' super pressin' lined up since th' whole babies debacle is kinda on th' mend, though, so we might be okay f'r whenever."

Carol: "Well, let me know... Pretty sure mom'll say she's good whenever... maybe even dad because Tony."

Rogue: "Tony Stark, meal ticket t' anywhere, anytime." She snagged another muffin and took a big bite from the top. "Sexy, sexy man."

Carol: "Bleargh. That is all you."

Rogue: "He's a one-woman man now. Prob'ly 'cause he can't handle more'n me." She grinned. "Ah'm gonna go do some things with him that'd make y' hang over a toilet f'r a week."

Carol: "The mere suggestion of it is already making me want to drink the rest of this scotch." She waved Rogue toward the door, "Go and be gross somewhere I can't hear you."

Rogue: "Ah'll make sure y' hear me." She started walking down the hall, yelling over her shoulder a little bit louder with each word, "All. Night. Long!"

Carol: "I might hang out with the Shaws for a few days..." she was for sure drinking that scotch though.
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