9/3 Issue: All In The Family

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9/3 Issue: All In The Family

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:19 pm

Timelined for a few days after [issue]Alientales.

Tony: This was one of those times he really wished he could still ditch his security detail. Of course, part of it was currently nearly in his lap, but the secret service and flying award were hardly low key.

Tony: They were sitting in the presidential SUV outside the home of Carol Danvers' parents, which was one those places he'd never expected to end up. Surprise! "Are you ready?"

Carol: No. Never. Why did she agree to do this sober? She texted Joe to give him a warning even though they for sure already noticed. "If you left it up to me we'd go to the nearest bar instead so... ask Rogue."

Rogue: Rogue couldn't tear her eyes from the window, staring at the house on the other side. She held Tony's hand tightly, fighting the urge to wring her hands together. "Ah don't... Maybe this ain't..." She stopped and licked her lips, staring for a quiet moment again. "What if they hate me?" Her voice was barely audible and she hated that it shook a bit.

Carol: Carol looked over at her, "One: I'm gonna be there so all dad's attention will be on me. Two: You're stupid. They'll love you. You do girl stuff."

Tony: Tony gave her hand a squeeze, trying to be reassuring. His vote was for bar, too. "And you have me!" He grinned at her, then gave Carol the eye. "They did vote for me, right?"

Carol: "Uh...." Danger, Will Robinson! She decided it was time to get out of the car.

Tony: "Can I fire her? I'm going to fire you!" He mock yelled at Carol as she flew the coop.

Rogue: "An' Ah have you," she finally turned and gave him a smile. It wasn't her brightest smile, but she was happy he was with her and let him see that. "Ah love that y' came. Thank you." Rogue took a breath, leaned in to give him a soft kiss, then pulled back with a slightly better smile. "Y' c'n fire her, by th' way, when y' break up with me. 'Cause she's in mah head, sugah."

Carol: Carol made it as far as the stoop and stared up at the front door. Ugh. Why was this so hard? She looked back at the car, "Are you guys coming?"

Tony: "I wouldn't miss it." Even if it was probably going to be a shit show. "Damn. I guess I'm stuck with her then." He gave her a fast grin and peck before he hopped out to hold the already open door. It was the thought that counts, right? Right.

Rogue: Rogue laughed and slid out of the SUV, right into his arms. "Good. Ah like that y' don't wanna get rid o' me." She gave his ass a light, and sneaky, pinch before going to join Carol at the door. "Don't stop 'em if they need t' yell at me. They gotta get it out."

Carol: She turned a little to link arms with Rogue, "Just don't slide too far toward me and you'll do fine."

Tony: Tony fell into place behind them, after telling the secret service that they had to stay outside. He didn't care what Heather said. He was the commander in chief here. Insolent.

JJ: Well they still weren't moving so Joe decided to just open the front door, "You coming inside or you planning to eat on the sidewalk?"

Rogue: Rogue's heart jumped into her throat and she couldn't speak at the sight of Joe. She was an adult now and knew better than her toddler self. She was frozen in place instead of tackling him. He didn't know her even though she knew him.

Tony: Tony laughed. "I don't know, maybe? Would it be less awkward out here?"

Rogue: Tony's voice jolted her brain into motion again. "Hi. Thanks." She glanced at Carol and then moved forward a step, eyes back on Joe.

Carol: "Don't tempt me..." Carol took the lead up the steps and wrapped Joe in a hug. "What are we walking into?" she asked quietly.

JJ: Joe returned the hug and sighed at the question, "So far just three..." he replied, moving aside to let Tony and Rogue follow Carol in.

Rogue: She could face down evil villains, murderous mutants, and alternate realities, but the Danvers' family terrified her. Rogue found herself groping for Tony's hand and mentally wishing Bobby were here on her other side.

Tony: Tony was back at her side when he saw her reach for him. He gave Carol's brother a smile that was probably more grimace and a nod on his way past.

Joe: He heard voices at the door but was too busy pouring himself another drink to care.

JJ: Joe returned the nod, "Mom's in the kitchen if you wanna stop by there and say hi..."

Carol: Carol nodded. Kitchen was safe. Good to know.

Rogue: Rogue tangled her fingers in his and her other hand found his bicep, pressing herself against his side and clinging to his arm like it was the only thing that would keep her safe. Mom? She looked over at Carol, wanting permission to go see her, but not sure how to proceed. "Thanks," she repeated to Joe.

JJ: "You can thank me if we all make it through dinner alive," he offered her a small smile, closing the door behind her. Wow that was a lot of people in suits outside. The neighbourhood was going to be buzzing.

Tony: He wasn't used to this. Someone was clinging to him. For comfort. He needed a drink. His neck craned as he spotted another man loitering near a bar. Aha, found dad Danvers. Tony cleared his throat and remembered his job, sliding an arm around Rogue. Seeing her this timid was... weird. Really weird. Where was that drink?

Carol: Carol walked into the kitchen, "Tell me there's coffee..."

Marie: "In the pot. Help yourself." Marie was busy watching her stove. Nothing was allowed to burn. Nothing.

JJ: Joe caught Tony's longing looks at the bar and shook his head, "It's a traaaap..." he muttered as he walked past them to go help in the kitchen so their mom could take a break and say hi.

Rogue: And there was Dad. She swallowed hard and turned Tony towards the kitchen so she wouldn't have to see if he looked over at her or not. "Um.. Hi, Mrs. Danvers. It smells real nice." Rogue tried for a smile as she watched Marie fuss over the food. Was that where she got it from? Then her smile faded. It wasn't real and Marie wasn't her mom. She needed to remember that.

JJ: "I've got it, Mom..." Joe assured her, "Stop fussing."

Tony: Trap? He loved traps. But... since he was here for her... Tony stepped into the kitchen and ratcheted up his grin. "It smells wonderful!" He gave Rogue a squeeze and let her go to move to Carol's mother to shake her hand. "Mrs. Danvers? It's a pleasure to meet you."

Marie: She was still going to fuss... but maybe less. "There's no need to be so formal," she gave Rogue a smile, "Carol explained everything. So you can call me whatever you feel most comfortable with." Tony's entrance distracted her and she took Tony's hand to shake, "Oh, no. The pleasure's all mine," she smiled at him.

Carol: "Oh don't encourage him..." Carol sat down at the small table and sipped her coffee.

Rogue: That made her feel a little better and she felt a slightly embarrassed flush creep up her face, "Yes, ma'am." Rogue wasn't sure what she wanted to call her, but she knew 'mom' was out of the question. Her smile softened as she watched Tony interact with her. He was amazing and she was going to give him the best thank you present for coming tonight. "Please, encourage him," she countered to Carol's argument.

Tony: "I'm self motivated," he said with a grin as he let go of her hand. "You have a lovely home. It will be nice to spend the evening in a house that isn't white." Tony gave her a wink.

Rogue: "Self motivated or girlfriend motivated?" Rogue smirked, then realized there were people present who weren't used to the two of them and the red spread back on her cheeks.

Marie: "It's an honour to have you in our home," Marie replied easily, "It'll be a little while until dinner. Would you like a drink?"

Carol: "Yes."

Rogue: "No," she squeaked out, remembering that Dad was at the bar.

Tony: "Absolutely motivated by both," he said, grin spreading at the mention of a drink. Tony started to say yes, before Carol and Rogue both answered at once. "If it's not too much trouble..."

Marie: "Of course not," she assured him, "Are you staying in the kitchen...?" she looked around at Carol.

Carol: "It's safer in here... and I promised no scotch so..." she shrugged her shoulder.

Rogue: Rogue shifted on her feet for a moment, then moved to stand out of the way until she could figure out what to do. "Where would y' like us t' be, Mrs. Danvers?"

Tony: Tony went back to his very distressed girlfriend and slid his arm around her waist. "I will defer to the ladies' judgment." Since the two of them could make his life hell if he didn't.

Rogue: "Smartest man alive," she murmured with a grin.

Marie: "You can stay in here if you want to or go sit in the other room so you don't have to watch anyone cooking. It's up to you." She gave Rogue a smile.

Carol: "I'll stay in here... help JJ... I'm good..."

JJ: He snorted, "Sure. You can help by staying over there and not burning the house down."

Rogue: "Ah'll do whatever y' want me to. Ah'm a good cook if'n y' need help?"

Marie: "No, dear you're a guest today." Marie patted Rogue's arm, "You can help next time."

Rogue: That made her smile feel a little more genuine and she lifted her eyes to Tony, mouthing 'next time!'

Tony: He grinned back at her, excited for her. Giving her a squeeze, he sniffed. "Well, I am a genius..."

Carol: "That word gets thrown around a lot. Doesn't mean you can't do stupid," Carol pointed out.

Rogue: "So far he ain't done anythin' stupid since we got here," she retorted.

Tony: "See, my record speaks for itself." He turned that thousand watt grin on Carol.

Carol: "There's still time," Carol grinned right back.

Rogue: "He's got rewards on th' line t'night, though." Rogue smirked at Carol, waiting for the disgusted look.

Carol: Ew. Her nose wrinkled and she went back to hiding in her coffee cup.

Rogue: Rogue barked a laugh and turned her head to kiss Tony's shoulder.

Marie: Before the conversation got any more weird and disturbing, Marie decided to go on into the living room and get drinks or drag Joseph out.

Tony: Tony watched her flee. "One down, one to go?"

Rogue: "Oh no..." She felt her heart rate pick up and Rogue closed her eyes to try and escape into her head if she couldn't physically leave. "Ah'm so sorry," she murmured. Rogue had completely forgotten herself for a moment and where she was. And who was around her.

JJ: "Who are you trying to make leave? Because if I go you're stuck with Carol...."

Carol: "Hey!" Carol picked up a coaster and tossed it at Joe's head.

Tony: "You know, she's Carol's mom, so I'm sure she's used to some inappropriate humor." He laughed at the siblings. "I meant we met one parent, and one to go."

JJ: "Oh man, you have no idea how different she is in this house..." Joe shook his head, rubbing the side of it where the coaster hit.

Rogue: "But not from th' gal who stole part o' her child's life... Psychically an' physically."

Tony: "Blame it on me," he shrugged.

Carol: "I can shoot you with the finger gun if you do it again," Carol offered.

Rogue: "Ah couldn't do that," she looked up at Tony with a worried frown. "Y' gonna be th' shinin' gem t'night, sugah. Take th' spotlight off me a bit."

Rogue: Rogue looked back at Carol and genuinely thought about it. "Might not do much good, considerin'."

Tony: "I'm a shining gem, am I?" Tony smirked and gave Rogue a wink. "I always knew it. Thank you for confirming."

Rogue: "Y' dazzled enough t' draw mah attention, didn't cha?"

JJ: "I'd tell you to get a room but I'm afraid which one you'd pick..."

Rogue: Her gaze shifted to Joe, startled that he was speaking to her, even if it was more of a 'them'. Rogue decided that it was now or never and took a short breath before opening her mouth, "Joe, do y' hate me?"

JJ: He blinked at her, surprised and confused at the question. "Why would I hate you?"

Tony: Tony's attention whipped to Rogue. And they said he had no idea how to be subtle.

Rogue: "F' what Ah did t' Carol," she said softly. "F'r thinkin' Ah was her f'r 'bout a year. F'r still confusin' our lives at times. F'r thinkin' y' were mah brother when Ah was a toddler. ...F' a lot o' things..."

JJ: "You didn't mean to do any of that, right? And none of it was out of malice so... we're okay." He assured her, "It's weird, sure... but I grew up with Carol so.... I know weird."

Carol: "Heeeeey!" Carol complained, arming herself with another coaster.

JJ: "You know you're weird. Stop whining." He tossed her previous coaster back at her.

Rogue: That was weirdly reassuring and she gave him a small smile. "Thanks... An' f'r what it's worth, Ah am sorry."

JJ: "Carol forgave you. That's enough for me..." he returned the smile. "It's weird that you know me better than I know you but I guess we can work on that if you want to."

Tony: Awww, this was so touching. He really needed that drink. He glanced toward the room where Mrs. Danvers had vanished to the bar.

Rogue: Rogue stared at him for a minute then left Tony to tackle Joe in a hug before she started crying.

Tony: He winced.

JJ: Joe let out a small laugh in surprise at the hug but returned it. It was for sure less uncomfortable than being patted in the face by the toddler version while lying on a cold tiled floor.

Rogue: She was beaming when she pulled back to look at Joe, "Ah'd really, really like that."

Marie: Marie swallowed the lump in her throat and cleared it, "Sorry that took so long..."

Rogue: Rogue jumped and spun to face the door.

Joe: Behind his wife, Joe was holding his own drink and glowering at the room in general.

Carol: Oh crap. He followed her. Carol slid lower in her seat and wished one of those drinks was hers.

Rogue: All of the color drained from her face at the sight of Dad behind her. "Da-... Mr. Danvers? Ah'm Rogue. Thanks f'r lettin' us come t'night." Her heart was about to beat out of her chest, but she made it through with a steady voice.

Joe: "Rogue." He snorted and took a sip from his drink. "That's it? Just Rogue?"

JJ: It was suddenly much hotter in the kitchen and felt way too crowded. Joe internally face-palmed. Way to go dad!

Carol: Carol sat up again and pushed her chair out, standing up and going to get more coffee. If she was visible she might be able to distract the beast before it bit.

Rogue: "Y-yes, sir. That's it." Rogue wanted to look at Tony, but fought it. She deserved every bit of whatever tongue lashing he wanted to give her and she wanted to let him know he had her full attention for it. "Just Rogue."

Carol: She set her cup on the counter, reaching to touch Rogue's back to let her know she was there.

Tony: Tony of course knew she had a real name, and he even knew it, but it wasn't his place to inform Dick Danvers. His hand twitched and he considered stepping between them to take the pressure off.

Joe: His eyes tracked to Carol. "You let this get the best of you? Can't say I'm surprised."

Carol: Oh awesome. It worked. Maybe too well. "Yeah, well... I'm not Steven..."

JJ: Nooooo not in the safe place! Joe didn't want to be in the kitchen anymore. He looked at their mom to see if she'd step in.

Joe: "You're sure as hell not." He took another drink and looked around the room. President. Right.

Rogue: "No." She felt her spine straighten as Carol was attacked by him and stepped in front of her to try and block his view a bit more. "Y' don't get t' talk t' her that way when it's me y' upset with."

Joe: "What? You gonna try to suck some powers out of me? Good luck. Don't have 'em. Don't need 'em."

Carol: Carol's hand closed on the back of Rogue's shirt.

Rogue: "Mah powers don't work like that. Carol wouldn'ta been in a coma if that was th' case." Her hackles were starting to rise.

Marie: Having freed her hands of the drinks tray, Marie moved to put one of them on her husband's arm to quietly remind him that they had company. And that he was the President and probably judging them right now.

Tony: The President was not judging them. Well, yes he was. One of them. Tony moved closer to Rogue and pulled himself to his full height.

Joe: He looked down at the hand on his arm and then at Tony Stark with a sneer. "And what do you think you're going to do?"

Tony: "I don't know yet, but whatever it is, I'll do it with more style than you are." Tony tilted his head and met the man's eyes.

Carol: Oh Jeez he was picking a fight with Tony now. "Dad, that's enough."

Joe: His eyes flicked to Carol. "You've never known what's enough."

Carol: "Are you kidding me? I work my ass off for you!"

Rogue: Rogue really loved that he came to stand beside her, but her eyes didn't leave Mr. Danvers' face. "Ah think, if y' have an issue with me, just come out an' say it."

Rogue: She side-stepped to keep Carol behind her. Just in case.

Joe: "You think I don't have the balls to say it?" He took another drink, focusing on this woman with the white stripe. "I already have one worthless daughter, so I definitely don't need a deluded second version."

Rogue: "Never said that. Just hoped it would make y' feel better t' get it out." She crossed her arms under her chest and narrowed her eyes at him, evaluating the look on his face. "Obviously y' problem's much deeper rooted than mah nearly killin' y' only daughter, though."

Carol: "Yeah his issue is I wasn't born with a penis." Carol picked up one of the glasses of scotch, downed it, then turned to go into the yard before she did something stupid. "Thanks for making the President feel welcome in mom's house, dad."

Rogue: "He's just upset 'cause y' cain't make up f'r th' fact that he ain't got much o' one, sugah."

Joe: "Oh ho ho!" He laughed, but the sound was ugly. "Look who's got a mouth! You get that from this one too?" His thumb jerked at Carol on her way out the door.

Carol: Carol slammed the back door behind her, the glass cracking from the force. Done! So done!

JJ: "Dad, come on..."

Rogue: "Tell me somethin', Dad, did y' ever think that maybe her mouth is a direct result o' y'r hate?" Rogue was bristling and as much as she had been terrified of them hating her when they pulled up, now she was aching for a fight. Her hand moved to toy with her bracelet, debating taking it off.

Joe: "Nah, she just likes to pretend she's a man." He smirked and took a drink, eyes sliding between Stark and Rogue.

Tony: "Hey..." Tony barely whispered the word, reaching for her hand when he saw her going for the bracelet.

Rogue: "Sounds like she learned that from you, too." Tony's voice stalled her and she flexed her fingers to try and get the desire from her hands.

Marie: "Joseph Danvers that is enough! There are guests in our home and I have been in the kitchen all day!" Marie was barely containing her own temper. "Go and take a walk!"

Tony: Tony took her hand and squeezed it. "That sounds like a fantastic idea. Go have a chat with secret service outside." He'd love to see this asshole in a chokehold.

Joe: He jerked at his wife's loud voice and glared at her, then turned the glower to Stark. Pointedly, he finished his drink and shoved the glass at her before he turned and left.

Marie: She took the glass, watching her husband's back for a moment before turning back to Tony and Rogue, "I'm so sorry.... Joe Junior can you please go and get your sister...?"

JJ: Joe nodded and headed for the yard to talk Carol down before she took off or broke something.

JJ: ... Broke something else.

Tony: Tony let go of her hand for a moment to tap his watch and warn the agents outside, and Heather. "Feel free to get rough with him if he gets mouthy." Tony gave Rogue a grin and then cut off the communicator.

Rogue: Rogue closed her eyes and took a slow breath, focusing on the sound of Tony's voice. "Ah've not regretted steppin' down as y'r security until this moment." She opened her eyes and gave Marie a smile, "Please don't worry about it. Ah knew what we were walkin' int' t'day."

Marie: She gave Rogue a soft smile, "Knowing and experiencing are very different things." She turned to set the empty glass on the counter. "I can't promise he'll be any better when he comes back."

Rogue: "But Ah did experie--" Rogue stopped herself. This wasn't the time to remind her of that, she decided. "Thank you."

Tony: "Dinner should be fun," Tony quipped, ramping up his grin and swinging his arms to clap once. "Shall we take the knives off the table?"

Marie: She laughed, "We're not there yet. No one took a swing at anyone." She glanced out to the garden to see how Joe was doing. There was hugging so that was progress. She sighed. "How about we move into the living room? You can have your drinks and everyone can calm down."

Rogue: A bright grin lit up her face when she turned to look at Tony. "Ah love that 'bout you. Never an awkward moment that cain't be alleviated by one o' y'r jokes."

Rogue: She turned the same grin to Marie, "If y' keep offerin' mah man drinks, he might leave me f' you."

Tony: "Sounds great!" He nodded at Mrs. Danvers and then smiled at Rogue. "Now now ladies. There's enough of me for both of you." He winked and spread his arms to wrap one around Rogue and steer them toward the living room.

Marie: Marie left the empty glassware in the kitchen and followed Rogue and Tony to get them fresh un-stolen beverages. "I need to keep an eye on dinner. I'll send Carol and Joe Junior in when they come back inside."

Rogue: Rogue covered Tony's hand at her waist with her own. "Now now, Tony. Ah don't share well," she teased.

Tony: He sighed heavily. "Ah well. Sorry, Marie. We're just not meant to be."

Marie: "I'll try to contain myself," She teased, offering him his drink.

Tony: "I knew you'd understand," he said with a wink and a thanks for his drink. Finally.

Rogue: She raised on her toes and pressed a kiss to his cheek before he'd had time to get the glass to his lips. "Y're both bein' so respectful o' mah selfish desires. It's much appreciated."

Tony: He grinned and diverted to give her a fast kiss, then took his long-awaited drink.

Marie: Marie shook her head, "They're not selfish at all. You have my daughter in your head and one thing she is not is selfish."

Rogue: She grinned when he pulled a quick one then looked over at Marie. "No, 'course not. But, she's not as prevalent in mah head anymore... Ah'm mostly just me with a seasonin' o' Carol...An' a couple others." Bobby... Essex... Sam...

Marie: "Even so. It's not selfish to want to be part of a family. Regardless of what Joseph says, you're welcome in ours."

Tony: Tony was glad at least one of Carol's parents was sane. Hm, her, with a seasoning of Carol... and others. He started a list of possibilities in his head as he sipped.

Rogue: Rogue felt tears threaten to well up so she stole Tony's glass for a drink to distract herself. "That really means a lot. Thank you. So, so much." Another drink before he could have it back.

Marie: She reached to give Rogue's shoulder a squeeze then turned to go back to the kitchen to keep an eye on dinner.

Rogue: Once Marie was past the door, she turned her full attention to Tony, sliding her arms around his waist and looking up at him. "Y're th' best, y' know that?"

Tony: Tony held his recovered drink away from their bodies so there would be no sloshing. With his free arm he pulled her tight against him and squeezed. "I know," he enthused.

Rogue: "Y're also an arrogant sonuvabitch," she laughed and raised on her toes to kiss him.

Tony: His shit-eating grin grew to epic proportions. "I am," he laughed, risking his drink to bring his other arm in and return that kiss.

Carol: Voices in the kitchen heralded Carol's return. She walked straight to the living room and poured herself a drink which she drank and then poured another. "So. That went well."

Tony: "Definitely! I thought so, too." He grinned. "Welcome back."

Carol: "Thanks..." she sighed, turning to lean on the bar and sip her drink. "I'm sorry about that... I mean, I knew it'd be bad... but I kind of hoped we'd at least start dinner first."

Rogue: Rogue rested her cheek on Tony's chest and watched Carol for a moment. "He's an asshole who doesn't deserve t' have a daughter as awesome as y' are."

Tony: "That's an excellent semi-self compliment!" He laughed and gave Rogue a squeeze, taking a sip over her head. "I compliment your compliment! That's narcissism to rival my own."

Carol: Carol huffed a laugh and shook her head at Tony.

Rogue: She tilted her head to look up at him with a frown, "Ah'm not sure our relationship could sustain two narcissists, baby."

Carol: "I think the universe would explode if Tony got involved with someone whose ego was as big as his...."

Tony: "Checks out," he said with a nod and a smack of his lips as he went in for another sip of truly excellent scotch.

Rogue: Rogue shifted her eyes to Carol, then back up to the bottom of Tony's chin. "Have y' exploded th' universe b'fore, Tony?"

Carol: Carol's gaze drifted around the room as she sipped her drink. She rarely spent time in there because it was where her dad tended to be - the kitchen was safer. Her gaze settled on a photo of Steven in uniform on the mantle and she sighed.

Tony: "I've been known to rock some worlds," he said with a smirk, looking down at her.

Rogue: That earned him an eye roll and a pinch on the ass before she turned her attention back to Carol. "Y' alright, gal?" Her eyes tracked to where Carol was looking and she grimaced. "That was unfair o' him t' agree 'bout Steven..."

Carol: Carol shook her head, tearing her gaze away from the photograph, "He's said way worse things..."

Rogue: "Don't make what he said t'night any better. Want me t' deck 'im f'r ya? It's disrespectful if y' do it 'cause y're his daughter. He outright said Ah wasn't, sooo..."

Tony: "Then he hits you, and I have to hit him, and he hits me, and the Secret Service shoots him..."

Carol: "Let's not make it worse..." At the other end of the mantle sat a photo of another man in uniform - a younger version of her dad. Pictures of her were noticibly absent.

Rogue: "C'n we just skip th' middle steps? Ah deck 'im, then he gets shot."

Tony: "But what if I want to punch him?"

Carol: "You'll have to get in line."

Rogue: "But what if Ah don't want him t' punch you? If Ah took mah bracelet off, it'd just tickle if he hit me."

Rogue: She tipped her head to Carol, "An' then there's that."

Tony: Tony tapped his wrist. "You think I don't pack a good punch, too?" He gave both women a wink.

Carol: "He's not gonna swing first," Carol shook her head. "He's smarter than that."

Tony: "Are you sure? Because I am told that I have that effect on people."

Carol: "Tony, if he's gonna take a swing at anyone, it'll be me. And he'll wait til he doesn't have an audience."

Rogue: Rogue pulled away from Tony so she could try to fight the urge to find Mr. Danvers and punch him into space without bruising her boyfriend in the process. "He touches ya, he'll hafta answer t' me."

Carol: "He can't hurt me," Carol reminded her, "Not anymore..." not physically anyway.

Rogue: "Ain't th' point, gal."

Tony: Tony looked toward the door, then down at his glass, making a face at the amber liquid.

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow at Tony. "Did y' suddenly decide t' give up ya favorite liquid?"

Tony: Tony looked up at her blankly, then back at his drink. "I was still thinking about punching him," he said with a smirk. "He's giving me more and more reason to want to."

Rogue: "Now, Mr. President," she loosely gripped his lapels, "we cain't have y' dirtyin' y' filthy name any further." Rogue pulled him down for a kiss. "What would Linda in PR say?"

Carol: "Nothing, she'd be too busy having a stroke."

Tony: Tony looked up at Rogue and smiled, returning the kiss, which ended in an explosive laugh at Carol's commentary. "Probably. She can get worker's comp."

Rogue: His laughter was contagious and then his comment made her laugh harder. "Ah'll make sure she gets th' most expensive bottle o' scotch as an apology gift."

Tony: "I suppose I'd have to pick up the hospital bill," he mused, finishing off his own scotch with a grin.

Rogue: "Technically y' also payin' f'r th' scotch since we're on y'r payroll." She grinned herself and took his glass, moving to the bar to refill it for herself. She would need it to get through dinner without her powers.

Carol: Carol held out her glass for a top up.

Tony: "That, uh, too." Tony watched her for a moment, getting distracted when his watch beeped and he checked the message. "Well. We've got incoming, good ole Dick Danvers."

Rogue: Rogue gladly poured more into Carol's glass, downed hers in one go, then filled it up again.

Carol: Carol groaned at the news and headed back for the kitchen then changed her mind half way and went for the stairs.

Rogue: "No! Nonono! This was y'r idea, damnit! Get'cha ass back here!"

Tony: Tony went for his own refill, since his beautiful girlfriend had stolen his glass. "Last call!"

Rogue: Rogue stepped in front of Tony before he could get a new glass. "Gotta pay th' toll. Y' don't pay a toll, Ah don't get no roll."

JJ: Joe poked his head into the hallway at the yelling, glancing toward the stairs, "What's going on now?"

Tony: "I could slip you a fifty." He crowded her a bit and gave her a fast grin and an equally fast kiss. "Your namesake returns, so get your boxing gloves on, Junior."

Rogue: "An' Carol's abandoned ship! This was her idea, damnit." Rogue frowned at Tony for the fast kiss. "Awful man," she teased.

JJ: "She's just retreating to a safe distance..." Joe sighed, "I suggest you guys come back into the kitchen..."

Tony: "As commander in chief, I give the orders," Tony said with a nod, filling that glass and grabbing Rogue's hand. "Our orders are to fall back."
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