10/8 Issue: Three Words

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10/8 Issue: Three Words

Post by Esynthia » Fri Oct 08, 2021 5:05 am

Timeline: Early evening time, day after Issue: Fiddlers on the Roof

Rogue: Rogue drummed the steering wheel as she stared at the house. At her house. Their house. It was massive compared to anything she ever thought she would have and she was terrified of what it meant.

Rogue: She turned to look at the picnic basket in her passenger seat. It was full of Tony's favorite scotch and snacks. She would have baked something for him, but the kitchen hadn't been fully set up yet, so it wasn't an option. With a steadying breath, she picked up the basket and got out of the car to head inside. This could end in disaster and she wasn't sure she was ready for that.

Tony: Tony was already inside said giant house. He'd been here for a little while, checking out the work the contractors had completed. The music was loud, and he was tinkering. Who in their right minds would say no to some free in-house AI? Right?

Rogue: Rogue could hear the music when she got close to the door and frowned. He was in a good mood and she was about to spoil it. She opened the door and her nose wrinkled at the fresh paint smell. At least it wasn't as bad as a couple of days ago. "Tony?" She doubted he could hear her over the music, but thought she would give it a shot. "Ah'm..." Rogue hesitated, not wanting to get used to calling it home yet. "Here!"

Tony: A voice - it wasn't Tony's - responded. "Welcome home, Rogue." Tony looked up and grinned. "Good job! You are online! You were just hiding from me, huh?"

Rogue: Rogue nearly jumped out of her skin and spun around looking for the source of the voice. Who had called it home... "Tony?!" She knew it had to be his doing since the voice seemed to come from the walls, not someone in the room with her. She picked herself up and flew to try and find him. "Whose voice did y' steal?!"

Tony: "Steal? I don't need to steal anything." His voice projected through the system before the previous voice continued to ask her if she'd like a drink. Tony bounced up from his seat and went to meet the first girlfriend.

Rogue: "Oh! Shi--" She was startled again when his voice came through the system. "Y' gonna give me a heart attack if y' keep pullin' stunts like this, Tony! Mah seventh sense doesn't work on voices over sound systems." Rogue shook her head and kept patrolling the halls of the sprawling place. "An' now Ah'm lost. Great."

Tony: "It's not a sound sytem! Entirely." He checked his watch app and headed straight for her.

Rogue: "What else should Ah call it? It's what it sounds like... Kinda." Rogue's nose wrinkled and she hovered where she was because she didn't like being lost. "Sugah, Ah need a map f'r this house."

Tony: "You'll learn it!" He turned a corner and there she was, so he sneaked up on her and hugged her from behind.

Rogue: Rogue smirked and pretended to jump for his benefit, but someone sneaking up on her did trigger her seventh sense. "Oh! Hey there. Fancy meetin' you here." She looked over her shoulder at him and grinned. "Ah brought scotch an' snacks."

Tony: "What ever did I do to deserve such a treat?" He bowed his head to kiss just below her ear.

Rogue: Rogue jerked her head to the side quicker than he could touch his lips to her. "No bracelet," she said in slightly panicked, rapid-fire speech. Her heart was pounding at the thought of having him collapse into a coma. She stepped out of his arms so she could turn and present him with the basket. "Y' promised me we could talk. Figured this stuff might help ease th' discussion a bit?"

Tony: "Ah, right." He wasn't terribly alarmed by her powers, but he understood why she was. Oh. Discussion. "Right," he repeated. "You want to talk? Okay. Yes. We can do that."

Rogue: Rogue gave him a soft smile now that she could see his face. "Yeah? Y' sure y' alright with it? Ah ain't gonna make y' talk 'bout feelin's 'r anythin', if that's what y' worried 'bout. 'Leastways, not y' own."

Tony: "I wasn't worried until you started talking about being worried." He lifted the lid of the picnic basket and peered inside to cover his nerves.

Rogue: "Oh." She gnawed on her bottom lip and tried to give him a nonchalant shrug. "Well, y' shouldn't be worried. Ah'm th' one who's worried." Rogue kissed her fingertips and brought them to his lips. "Lead me t' th' couch?"

Tony: "Why are you worried?" He ramped up his grin. "You have me!" Tony grabbed her hand before she could retreat and kissed the backs of her gloved fingers. After a moment, he let their hands fall and did as she asked.

Rogue: That made her smile but as soon as they were on their way to the living room, her smile faded a bit. She was worried because she might not have him for much longer. Rogue frowned when they got to their destination rather quickly and turned to look at him, "How do y' know th' layout so well already? Damned sexy genius. Tsk."

Tony: "Well that could have something to do with reviewing the engineering schematics." He gestured for her to have a seat.

Rogue: Rogue laughed and gave a nod in acknowledgment. "Ah guess that'd help, huh." She really hoped he wouldn't regret all of the work he'd put into the house and sat, curling one leg under her and leaning against the arm of the sofa. She debated putting on her bracelet, but decided maybe keeping him at arms length while she told her story was probably the better option.

Rogue: "Tony... What y've read in mah files... It ain't... It doesn't..." Rogue groaned and tried to take a breath. She had no idea how to start this conversation.

Tony: "Yeah?" He sat down, noticing she was at the other end of the sofa, and still not wearing her inhibitor. "I have mentioned they're the classified files, haven't I? Because they are. That is, they're... pretty thick."

Rogue: "There are things y' cain't read in a file. Things Ah've only ever told one person who'd never tell anybody else." Rogue picked at a seam on her glove. "An' then there's things that don't really need t' go in a file, but are important t' a relationship f'r th' other person t' know." She looked up at him with a frown, "Am Ah makin' sense'r am Ah just talkin' out mah ass?"

Tony: "Your ass is outstanding," he said, tipping his head and letting his eyes drop to her hips with a smirk. "But," Tony's eyes snapped back to her face, "I get what you're saying, yes. Before you continue, I think you should know something." He licked his lips. "It doesn't matter."

Rogue: Rogue started at him, confused. "It... Doesn't? Y' don't even know what Ah'm gonna say. It might matter."

Tony: "Nope. It doesn't matter." He grinned, going for reassuring.

Rogue: "Tony, Ah've done some horrible things. Ah've got problems that nobody c'n solve. Ah've got literal demons in mah closet that c'n come out t' play without any notice. How c'n that not matter?" Reassuring as his face was, she was more unsettled by this revelation. She'd never had anyone tell her that before. Sam might have, but a lot of her demons wouldn't be there if he had still been alive.

Tony: He listened patiently. "Okay. I'm... not without some faults. I can admit that, but I still say..." Tony slid a little closer to her on the sofa. "It doesn't matter." His smile softened. "But tell me, if that's what you want to do."

Rogue: Rogue gave a humorless laugh. "Faults. We definitely both have those." She shifted to turn her body towards him and slowly reached out for his hand. "Ah think it's important that y' know. Maybe Ah'll start with th' one that's easiest f'r anybody t' figure out." Even though it likely wasn't the easiest to say, since her throat immediately went dry and her eyes felt hot.

Rogue: "Sam," she started, then stopped and took a breath. "Ah will always love him an' mourn him. An' y' need t' know that. He's a constant ghost who hovers 'round me so movin' in with me ain't just movin' in with me. He's there, too."

Tony: Tony looked down and licked his lips, holding onto her hand. "I get it. There's... Hope's mom. She never really gave it a chance." He winced. "Gave me a chance, but I understand why she didn't want me to know I had a daughter."

Rogue: "Ah think it's also important that y' know," she gave his hand a squeeze and gave him a smile, "Y' ain't competin' with him. This is gonna sound crazy, 'cause everybody says it does when Ah talk this way, but he likes y', Tony. He's happy that y' make me happy." Rogue bit her lip and hoped that she didn't sound certifiable.

Rogue: "Y' deserved t' have had th' chance t' choose f'r y'self 'bout Hope. She was wrong. An' crazy t' not wanna give bein' with y' a chance. Y're a good man, sugah."

Tony: "There are differences in opinion on that," he said with a smirk. "I'm not going to lie and say it makes perfect sense, because I don't understand how your powers work."

Rogue: Rogue frowned thoughtfully, wondering if she should try to explain her powers the way she had to Bobby. Then thought that maybe she shouldn't because she might just sound more crazy. Bobby was at least a mutant. "When Ah touch somebody, Ah get their psyche. Every memory, every feelin', every thought... It's kinda like telepathy but more invasive. An' it never really leaves. Not fully. ...Which is why Ah didn't want y' t' touch me. 'Sides th' possibility o' puttin' y' in a coma."

Tony: "So you don't want a little copy of me rattling around in your head forever?" He wondered if she had her bracelet on her, since she appeared to want to keep him at arm's length.

Rogue: "It ain't that... It's..." She gnawed on her lip again, hoping what she was about to say wouldn't make him get weird. "Y'd have no secrets fr'm me anymore. At all. Even things y've forgotten, Ah'd know."

Tony: "You might be able to fill in some blanks for me then." He was still smiling, watching her abuse her lip and trying not to get too nervous about all this.

Rogue: That wasn't what she expected at all. Most people didn't want her to know everything and she really expected Tony to be one of them. "Maybe later then... If y' still okay after we're done talkin'.' Rogue glanced down at their hands, running her gloved thumb over the knuckles of his hand. "What all did Shaw tell y' when he suggested Ah be y' bodyguard? Y' know Essex is still loose, right? An' it's mah fault?"

Tony: "Sebastian is not your biggest fan," he chuckled. "I've mentioned I'm the president, right? Because I feel like maybe that's come up. I know, Anna. I know about Essex, and you and Drake's covert missions to assassinate his minions."

Rogue: "Okay, but.. Tony... With what Ah just said 'bout mah powers? They're still there. Essex especially is so hard t' keep walled up." Rogue looked up at him with just her eyes, taking in his face before she touched on the next part. "Ah don't regret killin' any o' 'em. Not a bit. All Ah regret is that Bobby took th' fall 'cause Ah wasn't in control o' mah body."

Tony: "Is there anything I can do? And by me, I mean SHIELD, since as much as I hate to admit to it, I'm no expert on telepathy or... psyches?" The news she didn't regret murdering murderers was hardly shocking.

Rogue: "No. Ah appreciate it though, sugah." She smiled softly at him. "Ah just gotta make sure t' keep 'im in there. Hope helps sometimes. Her powers counteract mine an' do a soft wipe, so t' speak." Rogue looked down again, heart in her throat, "Y' don't have anythin' t' say 'bout th' fact that Ah ain't sorry 'bout it?"

Tony: "I'm glad she can help." He didn't understand Hope's powers either. The women in his life had that in common - the ability to confuse him. "I'm not Charles Xavier, Anna. You know what Stark Industries sells, right? I know the world isn't a friendly place, and sometimes non-lethal defense isn't enough."

Rogue: Rogue wasn't sure why, but that shocked her. "But we actively sought 'em out. It wasn't a counterattack. Not exactly, anyway." She wrinkled her nose. "Ah ain't sure if Bobby'd thought 'bout it 'fore Rachel got kidnapped that last time, but Ah'd been thinkin' 'bout it since Essex first came int' our lives an' kidnapped Bobby an' Remy an' so many others. Ah ain't an angel, Tony. An' Ah never will be."

Tony: Her surprise surprised him. "I may not personally drop the bombs with my name on them, but I'm no angel either, Anna." Tony cocked his head to study her. "This is really bothering you, but I don't judge you for what you did. Do you think I'd have made you my personal guard if I thought you weren't capable? Do you think Sebastian would have recommended you? That Fury would have approved it?"

Rogue: She supposed those things should have been part of her thought process before now, but they weren't. She'd only ever been judged for what she did. Even Bobby, as much as he accepted it, wasn't okay that she didn't regret it. "Capable, sure. But none o' y' knew just how deep things went. Only Bobby knew that. Until now."

Tony: "Deep? You mean having no regrets for killing bad guys who were deserving of death? We have systems of justice, sure, but you and I both know sometimes they don't work." He sucked at his teeth and eyed the picnic basket. "And sometimes, justice has to work through the back channels."

Rogue: Her eyes followed where he was looking. "Y' ready f'r that scotch?" Rogue got up before he answered and pulled out the scotch, two plastic tumblers, and a packet of fresh blueberries. "Ah guess Ah expected y' t' react th' same as everybody else. Or at best, accept but not understand."

Tony: "I'm always ready for scotch," he said, giving her a grin and then ratcheting it up. "Well, I'm not everybody else, am I?"

Rogue: Rogue turned back to him with the filled glasses, passing his to him, then turned back to grab the berries. She sat back down, a little closer to him than before. "Y' really not." She watched him for a long moment, contemplative. "Do y' ever have dark urges, Tony? Ones that don't scare y' so much as they prob'ly should? An' th' only reason y' don't do it is 'cause y' know it'd be bad by most people's standards... Or th' law's even sometimes?"

Tony: "Of course I do. I'm only human, unfortunately." He took the glass and swirled it, taking a sniff before he sipped. "I have created tech that shouldn't see the light of day, things I wouldn't trust with any government, or even for myself."

Rogue: "Have y' ever acted on 'em? Or just made th' tech an' called it a day? Or is th' tech th' dark urge?" Rogue looked up at him from under her lashes. "X-Force was me actin' on 'em. An' it felt good."

Tony: "Sometimes you know an idea can never go into production, so I lock it in the vault." He clicked his tongue and pointed at his head. "I do have personal projects. Maybe not as personal as yours with X-Force, but things I'd never sell at any price."

Rogue: Rogue watched him for a few moments, taking him in and wondering if the reason her feelings for Bobby were so strong were because she was scared of someone as perfect for her as Tony. "Are y' scared o' me? What Ah could do t' y', Ah mean."

Tony: "It's tricky, being just a regular human. All squishy and killable." He watched her watching him, wondering what was going on in her head. "I'm not scared exactly, but I respect it."

Rogue: That made her chuckle a little, though she definitely didn't like that he was killable. "Ah don't just mean physically." Rogue reached out and traced a fingertip over his palm. "Ah mean th' whole package. It was diff'rent when Ah was just y' bodyguard. Ah bring so much more danger t' y' now."

Tony: "You bring a lot more excitement, but remember... Hope Stark." He smirked and caught her hand. "I do have some experience with mutants, after all."

Rogue: "She doesn't come with th' enemies Ah do," Rogue said softly, unable to meet his eyes. "An' then there's... Carol thinks Ah'm gonna break y'."

Tony: That made him laugh, loudly. "Oh yeah?"

Rogue: His laugh startled her and she looked up at him, confused. "Yeah. She thinks Ah'm gonna break y'r heart..." Rogue winced, wishing she could take it back, but it was true. Although, now she felt like maybe she was reaching for something to cling to that would make him less perfect. "An' then there's Bobby who thinks it wasn't right of y' t' buy me a house. Mah friends don't understand us. Hell, sometimes Ah don't either."

Tony: "You don't? What about us makes you have questions?" He was honestly curious now, running his thumb over the back of her gloved and hand wishing she'd put on her inhibitor.

Rogue: "Have y' looked at us, sugah? We don't exactly match." She shrugged one shoulder and gave him a helpless look. "President an' street rat. Squishy an' killable against nigh invulnerable. Political rivals f' enemies versus evil villains who wanna see me an' everyone Ah love dead f' enemies. Y're richer'n Croesus an' Ah'm makin' an average livin'."

Tony: "Oh." Tony waved a dismissive hand. "That." He used that gesture to scoop up his drink again and took a sip of scotch. "I am working on being less squishy. Well. Not just my abs, although those may need some work too."

Rogue: "That? That's it? Those're some big things, Tony? Ah mean, do y' really see this bein' able t' last long 'nough t' warrant buyin' a house f' me?" Rogue frowned at him, "Ah would like y' t' be less squishy an' killable. Done that once already."

Tony: Tony hated to say that for him, buying a house was not as grand of a gesture as it was for her, but it was true. Croesus, after all. "They're only as big as we make them." He smiled at her frown. "I know, and I'll do my best to stop that from happening to you ever again."

Rogue: "Y' don't think with both o' us bein' so much in th' public eye that it won't matter how big'r small we want 'em t' be?" She chewed her lip again, so took a drink of her scotch to try and make herself stop. "Why me? Ah'm a nobody an' y' could have anybody. Y've proven that t' th' world already."

Tony: Tony's expression slipped a little before he could cover it. "Anna? What is this about?" He took another drink and set his glass down to hold her hand in both of his. "This is sounding a lot like the easy letdown." Which he was used to delivering, not hearing.

Rogue: "No," she shook her head and set her glass down to turn fully towards him, bringing her other hand into his. "Ah just..." Rogue made a frustrated noise, unsure of everything she thought she knew. "Ah have an instinct that's been ingrained in me since Ah was twelve. An' it's been itchin' since y' bought th' house. Ah'm fightin' it, but it don't mean that Ah ain't scared."

Tony: "You mean you want to run away?" He looked down at their hands, hers still in gloves. "You haven't yet."

Rogue: "No... Yes? Ah don't. Not really. But it's th' only thing Ah know t' do t' make sure th' people Ah l- care f'r stay safe." She closed her eyes and lowered her head. "Ah need y' safe, Tony."

Tony: "And you want to run, or think you should run, to keep me safe," he guessed. Women were complicated.

Rogue: "Yes," her voice was soft and she took a deep breath. "Ah know it doesn't make sense t' you," Rogue looked up at him again, "but it always has t' me. But... Ah don't wanna do it." She remembered having this conversation with Sam, too, and she licked her lips.

Rogue: Her hands ached to touch him, but it wasn't safe. Rogue winced at her thoughts, knowing that she had a way to make it safe. "Tony, mah powers... Ah hate 'em, but Ah cain't live without 'em all th' time. That ain't safe either."

Tony: "That's something we can work on," he pointed out. After all, he was a genius. "Together, I mean."

Rogue: "Is that somethin' y' really wanna do?" She reached into her back pocket and pulled out her bracelet. "It ain't a quick fix like this."

Tony: "I think the question is if you don't want me to try to do something..."

Rogue: "All Ah know is that Ah don't wanna hurt you. In any way. An' what Carol said... She might be right."

Tony: "What did Carol say, exactly?" His head was cocked now as he studied her.

Rogue: Rogue closed her eyes and tried to remember verbatim and then word it so that she wouldn't tell him about her indiscretion. At least not yet... "She said that if Ah gave y' th' feelin' of a havin' a black hole' in y' chest that Ah shouldn't expect her t' ever f'rgive me. But it was more'n just th' normal 'don't hurt mah friend or Ah'll hurt you' speech... It was accusatory. Like she knows it'll happen anyway."

Tony: "Carol's a worrywart," he said with a laugh.

Rogue: Rogue winced. "Y' don't think she's right?"

Tony: "Are you planning on opening any black holes?" Tony's head cocked the other way.

Rogue: "Plannin'? No. Ah'd never plan t' hurt you." She shifted a little closer and brought her hand up to his cheek. "Ever."

Tony: Tony smiled, a small twitch of his lips. "Good. But then why are you keeping yourself at a distance?" His eyes tracked to her gloved hand and he leaned into her palm, nuzzling it.

Rogue: "B'cause Ah'm scared t' hurt y'. An' Ah'm scared t' hurt mahself." She gave him a sad smile. "Ah have a habit o' doin' it without meanin' t' do it... Distance is safer..."

Tony: Hmm. He sat back, taking a drink of his scotch and watching her over the glass. After a moment, he licked his lips. "It's too much, isn't it? The house. Everything. I've freaked you out by moving too fast."

Rogue: "No... Yes?" Since he had pulled away from her, she tucked her hands inside the hole that her tucked under leg created. "Ah just feel like we may've skipped a few steps?"

Tony: "Okay. Fair enough." He nodded, swirling his glass.

Rogue: Rogue wasn't sure what to make of his own distance and frowned. "Penny f' y' thoughts?"

Tony: "Oh. Sorry, I was waiting for you to tell me what those steps were?" His words were light.

Rogue: "Ah don't know? Don't you know?" She frowned harder. "Of course y' don't... Y' never been in a relationship like this one an' Ah've only been in one." Rogue sighed. "Okay, so, like Ah told Carol, Ah feel like we went 'casual sex, girlfriend, giant mansion' an' it just feels outta nowhere."

Tony: "I could see it from that perspective," he admitted with a nod.

Rogue: "So then... What's your perspective 'bout it?"

Tony: "That I don't see the point in waiting to be happy?"

Rogue: Rogue cocked her head and watched him for a minute, "Buyin' a mansion f'r y' girlfriend o' less than a year makes y' happy?"

Tony: "Well, yeah. Seeing you happy makes me happy, but I'm thinking now that I overdid it."

Rogue: "You make me happy, Tony. Ah don't need anythin' but you. An' if buyin' me a house makes y' happy, then Ah won't question it. Ah know it's prob'ly not as big a gesture t' you as it is t' me."

Tony: He licked his lips and took another drink. "Not in the financial sense."

Rogue: Rogue gnawed at her lip and looked at her scotch glass on the coffee table, running that through her head. Her hand slipped out from her lap and picked up her bracelet, absently running it between her fingers. "Is it a big gesture in another sense?"

Tony: Oh. She had the bracelet now. Was he getting warmer? "Yes."

Rogue: "If Ah touched y' without this," she looked down at the bracelet, but couldn't look at him while she asked her question, because both possible answers terrified her. "What would Ah see?"

Tony: Tony sat up, moving closer again. "Why don't you do it and see?" It intrigued him, but he also had to admit to himself that it scared him a little. He trusted her, but did he trust himself?

Rogue: Rogue's heart was racing and she held the bracelet tight in both hands, putting effort into not accidentally breaking it. "What if y' go int' a coma? Ah wouldn't be able t' live with mahself."

Tony: "It's not a common reaction, right? I'm tougher than I look." Tony put on a smirk and winked. He held out his hand to her.

Rogue: "Cody an' Carol're th' only two so far... But Bobby's th' only one Ah've never knocked out 'cept when Ah was overpowered from th' patch backfire." Rogue's jaw clenched and she looked from his hand to his face, letting him see that her eyes were full of worry and fear.

Tony: "Well, male Elsa is a special snowflake." He grinned, then saw her expression. "I'm not going to force you," he said, letting his hand and eyes drop as he thought. "I should be able to say it."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes dropped, too. Bobby was special. She took a slow, deep breath. "But y' cain't. An' Ah don't wanna force y' to either." She lifted her eyes again and reached out for his hand, hers still gloved. "But it also ain't right f'r me t' steal it from y' mind."

Tony: Tony frowned at himself. "Anna Marie, I-" He swallowed. "Sorry. I haven't said these words in a very long time."

Rogue: "Tony..." Rogue shook her head. "Y' don't hafta if y' don't wanna. Ah mean it."

Tony: "No, I do." He closed his eyes, knowing it was cowardly, but it made it easier. "I do, because it's true, and you deserve to know. I love you, Anna." Tony drew in a breath and opened his eyes. The world hadn't ended. His heart hadn't exploded, though it was beating rapidly. That was... easy. Hm. Now, he just had to look at her...

Rogue: Rogue's heart wrenched and it felt amazing and painful all at once. A smile slowly spread on her face and her eyes watered. "Tony," she whispered and brought her hand back to his cheek, trying to get him to look at her. "Say it again?"

Tony: His eyes met hers and it wasn't hard now. He smiled a little and turned his head to kiss her palm. "I do. Anna, I love you." He blew out a breath.

Rogue: The smile grew and she let out a small laugh, shocked that hearing that from him made her so happy after all of her worries and fears. She took his scotch from him, set it on the table, then slowly climbed into his lap, straddling him. Without saying a word, Rogue pulled off her gloves, latched her bracelet in place, and put both of her hands on his face.

Rogue: "Tony... Ah," she stopped and took a deep breath, knowing there was no going back. But then, there was nothing holding her back, either. Bobby was married and Sam wanted her to be happy. Tony did do that and more. "Ah love you, too."

Tony: Well, hello, definitely getting warmer! Tony laughed, his hands on her hips as she climbed into his lap. "Great! That's... amazing!" His hands slid up her back and he pulled her in to kiss her.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes fluttered closed and she melted into him, kissing him back like he was the reason she was breathing. Tender and full of emotion, but also like if she let him go he would be the one to run away from her. His enthusiasm about her saying it back was surprising, but heartwarming. Neither of them had said that to anyone in a very long time and she knew it. Bobby didn't count. He couldn't count. Not anymore.

Tony: Tony groaned at the enthusiasm in her kiss. Okay, so this was what those words did? The last time he'd been drunk, so recall was a problem. Why had he been nervous?

Rogue: She slid her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers of one hand in the hair at the base of his skull. Once she felt he wouldn't run away, she slowly broke the kiss and looked down at him with a smile. "Take me t' bed, Tony?" Then she had a thought and a flicker of terror showed on her face. "Can y'r new AI see things in th' bedroom?"

Tony: He was loving the way this day was going, especially the look in her eyes when she asked him to take her to bed. But then she looked like she might wet herself. Whoops. "He can, because he's also a security system, but it's just to make sure we're not dead."

Rogue: "So y' c'n make it so he what? Closes his fake eyes durin' private moments?" Rogue tilted her head and the ghost of the previous smile started to show on her face. "B'cause Ah'd really like f'r y' t' show me how y' love me in our bed." The smile grew a little more. "In our bed. In our home. Y'rs an' mine."

Tony: "Absolutely. He'll close his eyes." His smile grew at the same time hers did as he ran his hands over her curves. "Yours and mine." Tony pulled her in again for another fast, deep kiss. When he pulled back he brushed their lips together. "I'd love to show you how I love you."

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