11/3 Issue: Campaign Clubbing

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11/3 Issue: Campaign Clubbing

Post by Esynthia » Thu Nov 04, 2021 3:36 am

Timeline: A couple of days after Issue: Punch Drunk

Monet: Monet retrieved her martini from the bartender as she walked past, eyes taking in the setup for the evening. So far, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but she knew that wouldn't last for long. A sip from her martini confirmed that and she turned around to head back to the bar. "Which gin did you use? You never use the house gin in my martini. Ever. Fix it. Now."

Shaw: "Ah. As charming as always in keeping the staff in check, I see." Sebastian rounded the corner just in time to see her berating the bartender and smirked.

Monet: "Someone has to." She turned to see Sebastian and didn't hide the fact that she enjoyed the view. "New staff requires some of my patented tough love, amant." A new martini was slipped into her hand and she went to Sebastian, lifting herself up to reach his cheek for a kiss. "How are you, cher?"

Shaw: "Wonderful, of course." He raised a hand to touch her upper arm and leaned into the kiss. "And you?"

Monet: "Pleasantly surprised that you're here tonight." Monet lowered back to the ground and smirked up at him. "Care to help me break in the new bartender?"

Shaw: "I will leave you to it, but perhaps I should see if the back rooms are prepared?" He watched her for a moment. "You know the appetites of these politicians when they get behind closed doors."

Monet: "I am well aware, oui. Those rooms could use another once over. Perhaps we could break one of them in as well?" She smirked at him and smoothed down his lapel.

Shaw: Sebastian grinned and straightened to his full height. "I do so love your humor, ma reine." Taking a step back, he picked up a scotch from the bar and turned to conduct his inspection.

Monet: "I will continue asking until the day you give me the answer I want to hear." Monet sipped her martini and gave a nod to the bartender. This one was much more pleasant. She frowned at nothing when she felt strange shielding outside of the building and put her hand on Sebastian's wrist to stop him from leaving. "What are the chances that the politicians coming tonight are ones we will not like?"

Stephanie: "Tell me more about this place, Norman." She gave Steven a nod as he held the door open for them. "I've only heard what I'm sure are rumors and complete and total inaccurate ones, at that."

Osborn: Norman chuckled and shook his head, "Anything you've heard is probably entirely accurate."

Stephanie: Stephanie grinned when they entered the main room, pausing to take it all in. Many years of trying and now she just walked right through the door. Her attention turned back to her companion, "Please, enlighten me. You have been here before, correct?"

Osborn: "Oh yes, many times. I tended to stay clear of their events though. It was enough to hear the post event gossip the following evenings." He glanced behind them to make sure Steven was following them.

Shaw: Sebastian tilted his head and looked at her more closely. "Quite high, my dear, since Tony is a lame duck."

Monet: "Oui, I am not fond of any politician, but I do not mean in the normal definition." She turned slowly towards the door and took in the sight of the people entering. "Of course you cannot sense it as your telepathy leaves us all wanting, but there is something odd about their shielding."

Shaw: He followed her gaze and hid his expression. Oh, wonderful. I had rather hoped he'd continue to snub our invitiations. Sebastian ignored the insult to his telepathy and tried to see what she meant. Hmm.

Monet: Monet tilted her head appreciatively at the tall, dark, and handsome following them. They're not all bad, though. That one just seems a little ...confused. She smirked up at Sebastian, happy to have possibly found a new toy, then looked back at the group entering. Who is the woman?

Osborn: Norman had noticed they had some attention and offered Stephanie his arm, "I suppose the polite thing to do would be to introduce you to our hosts, hmm?"

Shaw: Sebastian looked at the man and narrowed his eyes before he could stop himself. He almost looked familiar, and he inspected the man's shielding, unsure what he felt. I've no idea, but if she has attached herself to Osborn we must be careful.

Shaw: Ah. They saw them watching. Sebastian turned his hand to give Monet's a quick squeeze, then dropped it to put on a broad grin and set off to meet them.

Stephanie: She smirked at Norman and raised an eyebrow at the two who were now headed their way. "Aren't they appetizing? Do they partake in what you said happens in the back room?"

Monet: Monet set her shoulders and gave Sebastian's shielding a gentle caress to test it for weaknesses just in case she had to strengthen it for him. Who knew what these people were capable of? Do be careful, amant. She heard the woman's comment and narrowed her eyes, "You do not want to know how exactly I partake in the back rooms."

Osborn: "Sebastian Shaw has been happily married for some time now," Norman replied to Stephanie's question, "I'd imagine his wife would have something to say about any back room activities."

Shaw: "Norman," he said, offering the man his hand to shake and ignoring the commentary from Osborn's arm candy. "How good to see you. Won't you introduce us to your friends?"

Monet: Monet arched an eyebrow while she waited to be formally introduced herself. Do not be rude, si'l vous plait.

Osborn: Norman accepted the handshake, "This is Senator Stephanie Shaffran, she's been terribly curious what this building looks like on the inside so I thought I'd show her around." He declined to introduce Steven, they'd take the hint to ignore him hopefully.

Shaw: Pas moi? He offered the woman his hand as well and reached for Monet with the other. "It's a pleasure, Senator. I am Sebastian Shaw, Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club. This is Monet St. Croix, my Black Queen."

Monet: She smiled at him, pleased with the introduction and offered Norman her hand for a kiss. "Surely you're familiar with me, oui? If you are not, you will be by the end of the evening." Her gaze drifted over his shoulder to the muscle man behind them. "Your hired help looks like he could do with some breaking in."

Stephanie: Stephanie smiled as demurely as possible and took his hand with a small nod-like bow. "Please, Lord Imperial, the pleasure is all mine, I assure you."

Osborn: Norman gave Monet a benign smile and obliged by lifting the back of her hand to his mouth, "Of course I know who you are, Ms St. Croix." He briefly followed her gaze, "He's new. They all have to get used to this experience somehow."

Shaw: Sebastian gave the senator a slight smirk and kissed the back of her hand, not to be outdone by Osborn. When he let her go, he raised a brow. "And does he have a name?"

Stephanie: She gave a musical laugh at the kiss. "I do enjoy the attention, Lord Imperial." Stephanie glanced over her shoulder at the muscular hunk behind her. "Steven, I believe? But does it really matter?"

Monet: Monet smirked at Norman. "New? How intriguing. May I play help you whip him into shape?"

Osborn: Said 'muscular hunk' shifted uncomfortably at all the attention. Norman raised an eyebrow at Monet's request, "How do you intend on doing that? Should he sign a waiver?"

Monet: "If you prefer. I wouldn't harm him beyond repair." She smirked up at Sebastian, "You can attest to how I like to break in my men. I never pushed you further than you liked, did I?"

Osborn: Norman glanced at Steven again and was amused to see his eyebrows near his hairline. "Perhaps next time... It seems the mental picture of what you might be suggesting is enough for him for now. He may need some recovery time."

Stephanie: She reached back and smoothed her hand down Steven's arm. "He's just a precious innocent, Black Queen. Be gentle."

Shaw: "Oh, of course not. Her mercies are of the most tender kind." He bared teeth at Monet, and the rest, sparing a glance for the other man again. Why did he seem familiar?

Monet: Monet sensed the change in him and gave him a subtle side-eye. What is it? "Most tender," she echoed, a laugh in her voice. "Indeed." She looked back at the group in front of them. "What would the three of you like to drink? Our new bartender needs some practice before the event formally starts."

Osborn: "I think I may disappoint your bar tender and order scotch," Norman replied, "And Steven doesn't drink, though I suppose he can come up with something interesting and non-alcoholic?" He turned his gaze to Stephanie, "Do you perhaps have a suitable challenge?"

Stephanie: She pursed her lips and looked over at the bar, taking stock of what was on display. "A Manhattan with a twist," she suggested with a slight shrug. Steven had pulled his arm away from her and she slid her arm into Sebastian's. "Or perhaps you might have an idea, dear Lord Imperial?"

Steven: "...A Shirley Temple?"

Shaw: Oh. He'd acquired an arm ornament himself. "If the man wants a Shirley Temple, I'm sure the bartender can accommodate him." Sebastian gave her a smile and set his free hand over hers. "Would you like a tour, Senator?"

Stephanie: "I would love one. And please, call me Stephanie." She gave him her best smile and squeezed his bicep. It felt familiar under her fingers and she wondered if he felt it, too. "What sort of people frequent your clubs?"

Monet: Monet rolled her eyes and gave the order to the bartender. He set to work and she turned back to the group. "Norman, I'm sure you would like to get off your feet? Would you and Steven like to join me in my private booth?"

Osborn: "It would be our pleasure, dear lady," Norman smiled, gesturing her ahead of him, "Lead the way."

Monet: She smirked and turned on her heel, making full use of her curves as she walked away from the group towards her raised booth at the edge of the room. "I do so love to sit here and watch the peons below me as they try to worm their way up the societal ladder."

Osborn: "It's been a while since I visited the club, are they still ridiculously obvious about it?" Monet was obviously putting on a show with those curves and Norman obliged by watching.

Shaw: "Oh, all sorts, Stephanie," he said, inclining his head as he led her across the room. "People who have already earned their place here, either by birth or by claw, as well as those who wish to join our ranks."

Stephanie: "By claw? Does that mean that you have," she looked around the room and lowered her voice, "mutants as members?"

Monet: Monet slid into the booth and gestured for the men to take a seat on either side of her. "Oh, mas oui, cher. They do not know any other way to be. Rightfully so, also, since they know it pleases their queen."

Osborn: Norman slid in beside her but Steven declined the offer, to stand guard - he was on the clock after all.

Shaw: "That was a metaphorical statement," he clarified. Sebastian arched a brow at her little show. "But, yes, of course. Mutants hold many key positions in the Club, as do baseline humans."

Stephanie: "How exciting! Could I meet one? Don't tell Norman, but I find them fascinating!"

Monet: Monet arched an eyebrow at the muscle. "Doesn't he know who he's in the presence of?"

Osborn: "I'm afraid he's on duty, my dear, and somewhat of a stickler for protocol," he gave her a smile, "If I bring him again I'll make sure to bring a spare to stand guard so he can accept your kind invitation."

Monet: "That would be appreciated. He is a fine specimen. Wherever did you find him, darling?" She let her eyes wander over his muscles appreciatively, both for pleasure and practical reasons.

Shaw: "Yes, Norman has some strong opinions about mutantkind." He smirked and looked around the room, then back at her. "However, we're as human as you."

Stephanie: That earned him a pout from her pretty red lips and she blinked her sienna eyes sadly. "Not a single person here is a mutant?" She stepped in front of him, breasts brushing the lapel of his suit. "Not even you? Your muscles have to be super-human, right?"

Shaw: She was laying it on thick and he rested a hand on her shoulder, trying to get a read on her with his telepathy. It was, as Monet tartly opined, sub-par, but she was close. He should be able to sense much much, more from a baseline human. "I didn't say there were no mutants. Mutants are humans as well."

Osborn: "In a medical facility, actually." Norman said off-handedly.

Stephanie: She grinned at him, "So you have to be one, then, right? Or at least best friends with one?"

Monet: "Indeed? Was he an orderly? Or perhaps a patient that you performed a partial lobotomy on to get him to behave so well for you when around someone like me?"

Osborn: He laughed, "He was a patient. And in quite bad shape when I found him. You'd never know to look at him now though. Excellent work, even if I do say so myself."
Shaw: "I am, yes." He was still trying to read her, unsuccessfully. Ma reine, what do you sense from this one? Her shielding is... off.

Monet: "Non. By looks alone, he seems the peak of physical perfection." She smirked at Norman, "Have you given him many a test run?" It it not a natural shield. It feels similar to Ophelia, albeit not as deeply rooted. Would you do me a favor, amant, and get her breasts out from under your face?

Stephanie: "The president is a mutant," she hissed in question, excited, but not wanting to draw attention just in case she had misunderstood. "Although, I would be doubly excited if you both were. To get the two of you in a room alone with me? Mmm."

Osborn: "He's undergone many training exercises and accompanied me to a number of political events, I thought it time he get to see the more social side of politics. So far he's exceeding expectations."

Shaw: An artificial shield like Viper. Hydra? He wasn't terribly happy with her breasts on his chest himself. The woman was attractive, but like the man she was familiar... somehow. "Tony Stark is not a mutant." Was she daft? "I'm afraid it's only me, and my queen." He looked over at Monet.

Monet: Monet was staring daggers at the woman when she glanced her way. Non. They would not be stupid enough to infiltrate now. Warn her that the only person in this room allowed to touch you is me, or I will do the warning by rearranging her body parts. A pleasant smirk slid onto her face when she looked back at Norman. "How long have you been grooming him to have been to 'a number' of them?"

Stephanie: Her eyebrows went up at the look from the other woman. "Monet? Oh, I'm not afraid of her. Although, she seems to think I should be." She turned her warm smile back on Sebastian. "Lord Imperial, have no fear. I am quite alright with it being just you."

Osborn: "A few years by now. Of course, much of that was rehab and physical therapy and getting used to the way things are now. The training didn't start until much later."

Monet: "Years? He must have been quite an unfortunate soul if it's taken that long to help him rise to the standard you so desire." Monet glanced from Steven, back to Stephanie and Sebastian, then turned her body towards Norman, trying to ignore the woman on the level below them. "How is your campaign trail coming along? Is there anything you need the Club for or is this merely a social call tonight?"

Osborn: "Just a social call tonight. As I said, it's been sometime since I visited - it's rather exhausting running for office and trying to keep oversight on your business at the same time," he offered her a smile, "Rest assured, if there is anything the club can do for me in the future I will most certainly put in a request."

Shaw: "It's wise to fear my Black Queen." He took her hand and stepped back to get some distance between them, tucking it into his elbow. "So," he began, and moved to continue the tour. "What brings you here? Merely an interest voiced to Norman?"

Stephanie: Her smile slipped to a thoughtful face when he readjusted their body language. How he had changed in the years since she'd seen him last. "Well, yes. I am one of the biggest supporters of his campaign, so he opted to fulfill my desire to see the inside of your humble club. I also heard a rumor that the current president is a member and I would be remiss to say that I wasn't more intrigued by the prospect of this place once I heard that news."

Monet: Monet smiled as the words floated to her ears from across the room. Merci, mon roi. "I will do everything in my power to make sure that your future requests get the consideration they deserve. You have my word as Black Queen." She laid her hand on Norman's thigh and leaned in conspiratorially, "Although, it wouldn't hurt your requests if you were to let Steven bring them to my attention."

Osborn: He chuckled and patted her hand on his thigh, "Duly noted."

Shaw: "Tony is a hereditary member, yes. Howard Stark was invited to join due to his extraordinary achievements." Sebastian hummed to himself as he showed her a dining room and turned back to the main room. "How did you meet Norman?"

Stephanie: She shrugged one shoulder, "Campaign trail. He came through my state - Rhode Island - and I pulled some strings to speak with his manager. The rest is history." Stephanie looked over at Norman as they reentered the main room. "Was that it? Two rooms? Surely not. Oh! Is the President here now? With his little street rat?" That was an exciting possibility and she leaned on him while she stood on her toes and try to spot them.

Monet: Monet grinned. "I'm glad we understand each other. What about you, Norman? Where do your tastes lie? Should I summon my most handsome valet?"

Osborn: The question caught him by surprise and he laughed, "My interests lie squarely with the fairer sex."

Monet: "So my most handsome valet should work." She smirked and let her fingers play gently on the inside of his thigh.

Shaw: An ambitious one he had here. How deliciously entertaining. "He is not, although he said he and his paramour may stop by." Sebastian fought to keep his expression neutral at the senator's insult. "I'd suggest you not use those descriptors where anyone else can hear."

Stephanie: "Paramour?" Stephanie very nearly barked a laugh, but managed to keep most of her composure. "You don't believe they're that serious, do you? After all, I read in a news article, perhaps a month ago, that she runs at the first sign of anything serious. She must be so conflicted, poor dear."

Osborn: Norman gave another laugh, keeping his hand on hers. Finally it seemed the bar tender had figured out their drinks. "I think you may need to train this bar tender to work faster."

Monet: Monet narrowed her eyes and zoomed in on the drinks as he placed them on a tray to be delivered. They appeared correct. "Or he may not have a job here by tomorrow morning." She turned her head slightly, putting her face closer to Norman's. "If your drink is the wrong brand of scotch, he may not have a job past the hour."

Osborn: "It might be kinder to hand him a revolver..."

Shaw: Sebastian raised a brow. "Where did you read that?" It wasn't inaccurate, but it was oddly specific.

Stephanie: "The Daily Bugle, if I remember correctly. Was it incorrect? There was a piece on the members of the X-Men. It wasn't very favorable, as I'm sure you can imagine."

Monet: "A revolver? Por quoi? I won't traumatize him that badly." Monet grinned and winked at said bartender as he nervously watched the waitress bring the tray to them.

Osborn: "He already looks traumatised," Norman observed, "Perhaps he senses his job rests on this tray."

Shaw: Nothing involving the X-Men turns out favorably," he said, filing that away to check into later.

Monet: "Maybe he's not such an imbecile after all, if he's aware of that." She watched Steven pick up the Shirley Temple then accepted Norman's scotch to pass to him. "Tell me what you think, gentlemen. And, please, do not be shy."

Stephanie: "Exactly. And I notice you didn't say whether it was factual or not." Stephanie gave him a sly grin. "Do you have any insider knowledge, Lord Imperial?"

Osborn: Norman picked up his scotch and gave it a cursory sniff. His eyebrow raised.

Shaw: "Oh, I have a tremendous amount of insider knowledge." He smirked, leading her toward the table where Monet and Osborn sat. "But it's hardly sporting to give that away, now is it?" Sebastian showed her his teeth.

Stephanie: "Well I don't expect you to just give it to me. But perhaps I could coax it out of you?"

Monet: Monet watched Steven take a sip of his drink and was amused by the twitch of his lips in an attempt to not smile. "I think his is sufficient. Norman?"

Osborn: Norman offered her his glass to sniff the scotch, "I feel I should take it personally."

Monet: Her eyebrow arched and she leaned in for a sniff of her own. "You realize you're not the president yet, oui? You do not get the very best scotch we have to offer until then."

Osborn: "I don't think this is even top shelf," he shook his head.

Shaw: "Perhaps. Ambition is always a trait to be admired." He stopped at the table and gave Monet a faint smile. This one is very interested in mutants.

Monet: Oui? Yet another fan or something to be worried about? She gave Stephanie a tight smile and turned her attention back to Norman. "Sebastian, amant, do me a favor and take a whiff of Norman's scotch? Is it worth firing my new bartender over?"

Shaw: I'm not sure if she's just fishing for information for political gain, or if it's more exotic. Sebastian plucked the glass from the table and took a sniff. "Firing? I think that might be a tad dramatic. It's perfectly acceptable in my opinion."

Osborn: In Norman's opinion, Sebastian's standards had been dramatically lowered over time.

Stephanie: "And what about my drink?" She plucked hers from the tray that had been left on the table and held it out for Sebastian. "Maybe you would care to use those handsome olfactory senses near me?"

Monet: Monet sneered in disgust. Or possibly both. Is she aware of your gene status?

Shaw: She is. He gave her a slight smile and exchanged glasses, handing her drink to her after a perfunctory sniff. "It smells suitably delicious for such a lovely lady." He needed his own drink back.

Monet: Monet's face had not changed and she passed her martini to Sebastian without taking her eyes off of the woman. You deserve all of the booze in the house for dealing with that trollop. "Well, then we're all settled, then. No one need be fired tonight. Yet."

Stephanie: She gave a pretty pout with her ruby lips when he gave her drink back so quickly. "Norman, I thought you said this place was lively. There doesn't seem to be much happening."

Osborn: Maybe it was time to garner another favour by leaking some information to the press... Norman watched Stephanie play with Sebastian. She was being rather obvious but he supposed she knew what she was doing. Or thought she did. "It's still early, my dear."

Shaw: I quite agree. Sebastian took a sip of the martini and offered the senator a seat. "It is quite early, as Norman says."

Stephanie: She slid into the booth at Sebastian's gesture. "Well, if you can promise some fun later, Lord Imperial, I suppose I can be patient." Stephanie's gaze slid to Norman and the hand on his thigh and an eyebrow arched in question at him.

Monet: Monet caught the bartender's eye from across the room and telepathically ordered extra for herself and Sebastian. I took care of us, cher.

Osborn: Norman picked up his scotch and tossed Stephanie an easy smirk for the look. When in Rome, after all.

Shaw: As much as he wanted to sit with Monet and escape this nosy senator, he took a seat. Merci, ma reine.

Monet: Say when and I will happily drag you away for some emergency. Monet's fingers aimlessly trailed up and down the inside of Norman's thigh, doing a relatively good job of hiding her own desire to escape. "Oh, Madame Senator, you can be assured that there will be quite a bit of fun later on."

Osborn: "Everyone is still in the small talk and getting drunk enough to loosen their inhibitions phase of the evening."

Shaw: Sebastian watched as a few more patrons trickled into the Club. "However, if you wanted something more stimulating, it can likely be arranged." Far away from him.

Monet: Monet thoroughly agreed with Sebastian's sentiments. Far, far away.

Stephanie: Stephanie pouted at the three of them. "I do wish they would loosen them faster. Fashionably late is quite boring."

Osborn: Norman sighed, "How about I introduce you to some more people and then you can help them loosen up faster?" He was beginning to feel the sentiment of needing a break.

Stephanie: "That is a fabulous idea!" Stephanie scooted out of the booth and tugged Norman away from the lecherous Black Queen so he could do just that. "And maybe we'll get lucky and the President will show up so I can loosen his inhibitions as well."

Shaw: Sebastian was happy to see her go, and Osborn as well, but her last words made his eyebrow twitch. For once, if Tony comes I hope he brings his skunk-haired swamp rat. No loosening would occur, aside from her teeth. He gave Monet a smirk and sipped his drink.

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