4/8 Instance: Look Who's Talking

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4/8 Instance: Look Who's Talking

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Timelined a week or so after Surprise Family Reunion

Shaw: The coffee pot in his workroom seemed to have finally died a most noble death. Although he could most certainly take it apart and repair it, he really wanted coffee to do so. Sebastian wandered from the room, cracking his back and rolling his shoulders.

Jessica: Jess sat in the living room, attempting to do some reading for classes while keeping an eye on Miriam who was happily chewing on some blocks and watching kids tv.

Shaw: He exited the stairs and headed into the kitchen, puttering about and turning on the coffee pot. Hello, love, he sent to Jessica in the living room as he measured coffee into the filter. Tea?

Jessica: Sounds lovely, she replied, setting her text book aside to stretch.

Shaw: Checking for water in the kettle, he refilled it and flipped it on, wandering into the living room and dropping a kiss on his wife's cheek.

Jessica: She smiled, dropping her arms to catch him and kiss him properly, "I'm sure Miriam would be happy to see her daddy too... but tv has claimed her soul."

Shaw: Once he looked up from the kiss, he smirked toward the television. "Well, at least I suppose muppets are an acceptable claim on her soul, for now." Sebastian came around the sofa and flopped down beside her.

Jessica: "It keeps her out of trouble," she agreed, giving him a smile as he joined her and wrapping her arms around him.

Shaw: "Oh, I'm sure. That show has been keeping generations out of trouble," he laughed, helping her settle against him and kissing her temple.

Jessica: "Good to know," she nodded, "How's the working going?"

Shaw: "My coffee pot finally died." He heaved a dramatic sigh and reached to pick up her book and study the cover. "How is homework going?"

Jessica: "It's.... not. Distracted by that lump of cuteness over there." She nodded to their daughter.

Shaw: Miriam was still ignoring both of her parents in favor of Cookie Monster, but he could see her dark curls and the occasional flailing of a hand and squeak. "There are worse ways to be distracted," he chuckled.

Jessica: "Definitely," she agreed, "And it's only reading so technically I did that already...."

Shaw: "Ah, well in that case, you're not averse to additional distraction..." Sebastian nuzzled her ear, grinning to himself.

Jessica: She giggled, "I am while our kid's in the room... and where's my cup of tea?"

Shaw: He nipped her earlobe and sighed heavily, but wriggled himself free to go get said tea. "Right away, m'lady."

Jessica: She gave him a grin, "Thank yoooou!"

Shaw: "Mmhmm," he responded over his shoulder, already almost to the kitchen. Sebastian set to making Jessica's tea first, just as she liked it - disgusting though it was - then his coffee.

Jessica: Jess watched Miriam bouncing along and clapping happily to some song on her show while she waited.

Shaw: The phone in his pocket chirped and Sebastian paused to check it, then found himself reading the email from his attorney.

Jessica: Wondering what was taking so long, Jess got up from the sofa and poked her head out into the hall, not wanting to leave Miriam alone. "Sebastian...?"

Shaw: "Mmm? Oh! Yes, one moment..." He quickly skimmed the rest and dropped the phone on the counter, picking up both cups to return to the living room. Sebastian handed over the tea with a faint smile. "Sorry, koibito. I was distracted."

Jessica: Jess took her tea, leaning to kiss his cheek softly before she returned to the sofa, "By anything good?"

Shaw: "Well, I suppose that depends," he said, returning to the sofa and setting the cup aside to cool while he cuddled Jess again. "I do have an uncle."

Jessica: She blinked at him, "... Really? I thought you said your immediate family were all dead?"

Shaw: "I thought they were dead myself." His brows rose in bemusement. "My mother was an only child, and I don't recall my father ever mentioning having a brother."

Jessica: "So... are you sure this uncle's legit and not another plant?" Because it wouldn't be the first time. She frowned and looked down at her tea.

Shaw: "Well, aside from asking him for a DNA test - a thought that has occurred to me - his birth certificate checks out." He kissed her temple and watched the steam rising from her tea as well.

Jessica: She sighed, "Well we all know paperwork can be faked..." the past few years seemed to have awakened the same level of paranoia in her as her father had had.

Shaw: "Yes, although this wasn't a check of a certificate he supplied - my attorney checked birth and death records for Allegheny County and there was an Esau Shaw, born five years before my father Jacob, to my grandparents." He shrugged, jostling them both a bit.

Shaw: "Whether this man is truly he or not... we have yet to determine."

Jessica: "Oookay... starting to see why he was hiding out. Does your family hate their children? Because the naming thing... needs some work. Miriam was lucky I was involved."

Shaw: Sebastian laughed. "If there was some sort of reason for it, I've never known. I got off lightly, except for the middle name, which I can easily conceal." He nuzzled her hair again. "Apparently my father only half hated me."

Jessica: "Maybe he was feeling generous because he got a normalish name," she suggested, then sighed, "How do we find out if this guy is who he says he is? And why is he only turning up now?"

Shaw: "I have no idea." Miriam finally realized she could hear both her parents and turned around, dropping the slobbery block she'd been chewing. With a happy squeak, she started crawling to them.

Jessica: "Well... I suppose if it comes to it we could ask Viper.... but I haven't heard anything from her since the whole thing with Hydra so... I guess she's busy..." She set her tea down to lift Miriam onto her lap.

Shaw: "Hello, little love," he greeted, holding his hand out to Miriam. She grabbed his fingers, and immediately pulled them to her mouth. "I suppose I should try to meet him. Hope and Michael said he did resemble me..."

Jessica: "Well don't go on your own..." she turned a worried frown on him.

Shaw: "Well, I considered taking Yukio, but we could make it a trip. I'm certain if we met him in a public place he would behave if he has any nefarious intent."

Jessica: She nodded, "I think I'd rather go with you... less worrying. How public were you thinking?"

Shaw: "If I investigate him a bit more in advance, I would perhaps feel comfortable enough to suggest we make a family vacation of it. We could take Miriam and spend a weekend in Pittsburgh." Sebastian looked up at her to gauge her reaction.

Jessica: "Only if we're sure it's safe to bring her..." she cuddled her daughter to her, "I don't want to put her in danger..." she was thinking seriously about calling Viper no matter how busy she may be.

Shaw: He blinked at her. "I don't either. I wouldn't even entertain the notion if anything questionable came up in the investigation." Miriam was still mauling his hand and he curled his free arm further around them both.

Jessica: She nodded, resting her head against him, "So let's find out what we can and then decide what to do next."

Shaw: "Of course." He kissed her through her hair and settled her closer. Miriam twisted to blink up at them.

Jessica: "If you want me to contact Viper, let me know... But I know you have your own resources too."

Shaw: "I will keep it in mind." He gave her a half-smile, then looked down at Miriam. "What do you think?" he said, pitching his voice into baby mode. Miriam wriggled and babbled, looking between them.

Jessica: "I think she says 'where's my lunch?'" Jess guessed with a laugh.

Shaw: He joined her laughter, and Miriam squealed, then began blowing spit bubbles. She frowned, as if in concentration. "Or something else..." Before he could finish the thought, she starting making noise. "Mmm... M-m-ma..."

Jessica: Jess looked down at her, her eyes wide, Is she trying to talk?!

Shaw: "Mmmmaaaa..." Miriam tried. It seems so? Sebastian grinned. "Mama? Are you trying to say mama? You're doing well, little love."

Jessica: "Clever girl!" Jess praised her.

Shaw: Miriam snuffled and frowned again. "Maaaaamamamama!"

Jessica: Jess cheered for her and bounced her on her knee, "Good girl!"

Shaw: "That's fantastic!" Sebastian laughed and tucked Miriam's soft fluffy hair behind her ear. "You said mama!" Pleased with herself, Miriam said it again.

Jessica: "Well, that's it," Jess said with a laugh, "We'll never shut her up now!"

Shaw: "I suspect once she begins picking up words from Hope we'll wish she'd never learned to talk." He laughed when Miriam responded with another enthusiastic "Mamamama!"
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