1/1 Issue: Mo' Jamies, Mo' Problems

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1/1 Issue: Mo' Jamies, Mo' Problems

Post by Slarti » Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:17 am

Timelined a few days after Fuckity Dupe.

Jeannie: It kind of fit, and it was like time traveling back to when she was a student here. "Well, I'm glad I saved all this shit now." Jean brushed off the hot pink comforter, hoping she'd never have to actually spend the night in this hellhole. Her dedication to the X-Men only went so far, after all.

Jeannie: Jean looked up at her partner in crime... still the same as the school years, too. Well, except for that epic misunderstanding part. "Thanks for helping me," she said with a grin.

Jamie: Jamie gave her the same grin back and launched himself onto the freshly made bed, lying on his back with his hands behind his head. "Just as lumpy as I remember. And you're welcome." He adjusted his shoulders a bit in his jacket to get more comfy and looked up at the ceiling. "At least it's still a stable building?"

Jeannie: "Is it?" She laughed, sitting down more gracefully and then flopping down beside him and snuggling in. "Well, probably still more stable than the people in it."

Jamie: "Ha! I mean, you said it, not me." He rolled enough to free his far arm and wrapped it around her, giving her nose a kiss. "At least you're stable. Or... more than you used to be, anyway." Jamie pulled his lower lip into his mouth as he thought for a moment, trying to remember who else was on the team who could be considered stable. "And Cess? She's got a pretty level head?"

Jeannie: "Yup, me and Cess are practically interchangeable." She snickered to herself and watched him make that cute face that made her want to kiss him. "Still think I should talk Cassie and Jack into joining up." She gave his chest a pet as if it were Jack.

Jamie: "I totally forgot about that!" That made him laugh harder and he tightened his arm around her to not jostle her off of him. They had been confused for each other in a super weird way before. Stupid Trask. He frowned down his nose at her, trying to see what face she was making as she stroked his chest. "So you can pet a rabbit man all day? Just let me call up Harvey."

Jeannie: Jean giggled and gave him an innocent look. "I've never petted Harvey, so I couldn't tell you if that'd be better or not." She was considering other things she could do with Jamie right now, though, but if she did she'd have to remake the bed. Bleh. Effort.

Jamie: "...I would hope not. Since he's not real and you're too young to have been in a movie with the great Jimmy Stewart."

Jeannie: Her innocent look turned into the blankest of blank stares and Jean plopped her head back on his shoulder.

Jamie: "Harvey is a movie about a guy - Jimmy Stewart - who sees an imaginary six-foot-three-and-a-half-inch tall rabbit. Everybody thinks he's crazy. But turns out the rabbit is real, but he's a pixie type creature called a 'pooka' and he showed himself to Jimmy Stewart's character - Elwood - because he chose to live life by what he knows and can tell about a person, not by what he sees."

Jamie: "It also helped that he was a raving alcoholic." He gave her a toothy grin.

Jeannie: "Well, that always helps," she said with a nod. "I've seen Harvey. I've also seen It's a Wonderful Life." Her head tilted. "And Arsenic and Old Lace. I like the old crazy ladies."

Jamie: "What about Rear Window? That's my favorite. Arsenic is good, too, though. He really liked to do movies based on plays, didn't he?"

Jeannie: "You showed me that." In fact, he'd shown her most of her repertoire of old ass black and white movies. "Weren't a lot of old movies based on plays anyway?" Maybe being in this place was making her resort to bad habits, but she was really debating tuning out his babble and sliding her hand down his pants.

Jamie: "A lot of 'em, yep!" He grinned even wider, "I forgot I showed that one to you. I'm glad you remembered." Jamie tipped his head down and kissed her forehead. "So... work done. Want I should take you out for a drink?”

Jeannie: "Oooo." Jean had a full half second of being tempted by that offer, then she raised her head to look at him with a wrinkled nose. "Not at the bar where your asshole dupe works."

Jamie: "Oookay?" Jamie frowned at her, bopping her nose with his own. "But it's the closest one to ...campus? What do we even call this place now? The asylum?"

Jeannie: "Good question. X-Quarters?" Jean smiled and brushed their noses together. "Maybe if he's not working... I thought the place was nice before he showed up."

Jamie: "X-hibition? X-tra curricular? Master in XMT?" He shrugged the shoulder she wasn't lying on. "We could always go see. And if he is, I could totally reabsorb him if he's learned enough."

Jeannie: Jean didn't like that idea either. "But he haaates me," she whined, sitting up to look at him.

Jamie: "He doesn't haaate you," he parroted her tone, then gave her a soft smile. "He's me. I thought we talked about this already. He's just not had the chance to work through things with the rest of me. But when I absorb him, it'll be fine!"

Jeannie: "We did, but..." Jean popped out her lower lip. The way the bar Jamie had looked at her made her want to cry. Losing Jamie again now? She didn't want to dwell on that idea, so she just picked up his hand.

Jamie: Jamie ran his thumb over her knuckles and gave her a knowing look. "If you sense any part of me pulling away from you, I give you my express permission to beat me until that specific dupe pops back out. And then I'll let him live his own life no matter what it does to me later."

Jeannie: Jean frowned at him. "That sounds like a terrible idea, too."

Jamie: That made him laugh and he sat up and hugged her close, "Jeannie... It's gonna be fine. Promise." Jamie leaned down and gave her frown a kiss. "Promise, promise. I love you. I always have and I always will."

Jeannie: I love you, she answered, then sighed. "Fiiiiine, we can go to the baaaar."

Jamie: Jamie immediately perked up and bounced a bit on her bed. "Great! Let's go get a drink and show me just how happy I am now and then make me come home." ...It was a good thing it was Jean who was listening.

Jeannie: "It's a good thing nobody else is trying to follow that," she giggled. "I'll make you so jealous of yourself you'll beg to get in you."

Jamie: "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! C'mon!" He pulled her with him when he got off the bed. "Next stop, population: me!"

Jeannie: She was still giggling when he dragged her to her feet, although she really hoped the bar dick wasn't working and they could just avoid the entire sitch. For reals. Jean kicked aside one of the empty cardboard boxes of her junk on the way out the door.

Jamie: ((hop, skip, and time jump to the bar))

Jamie: Jamie parked and looked over at Jean. "And the verdict iiiis?"

Jeannie: Jean was experiencing an echo, which meant the bar dick was in the house. "Can't you tell?" She was honestly curious, cocking her head as she played with her hair.

Jamie: "Huh." Well that was definitely a weird feeling. He shook his head to try and not feel the feeling again, but now that he knew it was there, he couldn't shake the feeling that he felt and he groaned. "Jeanniiiiieeeeeee... Make it stooop. It's weird."

Jeannie: "That's all your powers, babe," she said, but took pity on him and reached to pet his thigh. "Maybe it's worse because he's been... out and about for so long. He's.... um... not very dupey for a dupe."

Jamie: "Nuh uh! My powers make sense to me!" He sighed, resigned to the weird feeling in his head. "No, I just... think it might be because I've never had it pointed out before?" Jamie screwed up one side of his face, "Thanks, a lot."

Jeannie: "You're welcome," she chuckled and squeezed his leg. "Maybe you can practice on this one to see if your telepathy thing works..." Jean's face took on a thoughtful expression. "I wonder if he knows you're here? Now I kinda want to read his mind to check..."

Jamie: "Oooh! Do it!" Waaaaaaitaminute. "No, don't do it! That might make it feel super duper weird. ...no pun intended there."

Jeannie: "Okay," she laughed, shaking her head. They'd know by the look on his face when they walked in anyway. Jean took a deep breath and flipped down the visor to check her reflection. Lipstick, check; eyeliner, still pointy; boobs? Jean looked down and adjusted the girls.

Jamie: Jamie laughed and reached over to squeeze the left 'girl' with a wink. "You look beautiful. We love you and are always highly turned on by you. Don't be nervous. It's just me."

Jeannie: "Exactly, it's you..." But a him who hated her. Or at least was still pissed at her. Jean still leaned toward hate, though. She smirked at him and covered his hand with hers. "Always, huh?"

Jamie: "Always." He gave her a lascivious grin and leaned in very slowly, lips aiming for hers. "Every single version of me. Even the one in there."

Jeannie: "What if I need you to prove it?" Jean smiled, moving back just a bit to keep their lips hovering an inch apart.

Jamie: "Prove that you turn me on?" He shook his head once and chided her playfully, "Jeannie..." But if she needed it, she needed it and he was not about to tell her no. Jamie's eyes shifted his backseat and then back at her in question.

Jeannie: Jean grinned and squeezed her hand over his. "I absolutely require proof," she said, giving him a solemn nod and leaning close to kiss him.

Jamie: Jamie lingered in the kiss for a minute, letting his tongue play over her lips ever so lightly, before he pulled back. "Well, then, I guess burden of proof lies with me." His eyes twinkled and he climbed into the backseat, reaching back through to put his hands around her waist and help her climb between the seats.

Jeannie: Delighted, Jean wriggled between the seats and made herself at home on his lap, her knees to either side of his hips. Muuuch better than dealing with the asshole inside. She wound her arms around his neck and grinned, pressing her forehead to his. Convince me.

Jamie: Jamie shifted his hips a bit and gave her a mock-frown, "You mean you can't already tell?" Then he grinned again and bent his head to set his lips to her neck, letting his hands roam wherever they wanted. Just looking at you always gets me a little hard.

Jeannie: Just looking, huh? Jean thanked her nonexistent precognition for wearing a sun dress today and gave him a little more to look at by letting go of him to peel off her cute cardigan.

Jamie: Jamie growled low in his throat as more of her skin was lit by the beam of the street lamp coming through the rear window. It very nearly glowed and he wanted to wrap himself up in her in more ways than one. And he let her know it. His hands slid over her shoulders and down her arms, bringing his mouth to suckle at the mound of her breast just above the collar.

Jeannie: Fuck she'd never get tired of that growly thing, and it prompted her own moan as Jean went right for his belt. She bowed her head over his, her nose in his hair, allowing hers to fall over them in a red curtain.

Jamie: Jamie shifted his hips again to give her easier access to his pants and moved his hands to her thighs, sliding them under the hem of her dress and up to the waistband of her panties. His mouth moved to give her other breast some attention while his fingers were busy tracing tickling lines around her hips.

Jeannie: As much as she enjoyed his teasing fingers, Jean was only interested in one thing right now. Her hands and teke made quick work of his belt buckle and she got his pants open to reach inside. She had a plan, and she shared it with him.

Jamie: "Fuuu.... uhhuh." He lifted his head to catch her lower lip between his teeth. A sudden banging on the window made him jump and he winced, hoping he hadn't hurt her.

Jeannie: "Ow, fuck!" Jean's voice came out a little garbled due to Jamie's teeth embedded in her lip. When they broke apart, Jean's head whipped to the window before her brain caught up. The shadow outside was male, and she couldn't see his face, but she knew who it was. "Fuuuck..." she whined, clinging closer to her Jamie.

Jamie: "Heh... heyyyy... me." Jamie sheepishly gave a wave. "Want in on this?" His nose twitched when the dupe just kept staring. Right. Getting out now. "C'mon, Jeannie..."

Jeannie: Jean's head whipped again, smacking Jamie in the face with her hair. "What?!" Want in on this?! She wasn't sure if this was the absolute worst idea ever or the best, but either way she couldn't handle this right now. She squeaked and hid her face against his chest.

Jamie: "Well... Yeah? Because then, y' know, I'd just..." He made an exaggerated slurping sound and mimicked absorbing the guy with his hands. "And then he'd... no?"

Jamie: The dupe banged on the window again. "C'mon! This isn't funny! Go home or stop trying to fuck in the parking lot of my work! It's making things a little hard for me to concentrate, if you get my drift!"

Jamie: "Ah ha! See, Jeannie?! I toldja!"

Jeannie: "Oh, Goooood," she whined. The noises he made did not make it more appealing, no matter how hot two Jamies might be. She slid off his lap without looking at either of them and went looking for her sweater.

Jamie: "Aww, I'm sorry, Jean..." Jamie wrinkled his nose, "I didn't mean to upset you."

Jamie: "Speak for yourself, hot shot!"

Jamie: "Shut up! You're the reason she's upset!"

Jamie: "And I'm you, so what does that tell you?!"

Jeannie: "I'm not upset!" What she was, was very, very confused. Jean felt Jamie's concern and pulled her cardigan on, raking her hair back with her fingers and giving him a quick kiss. It's fine. He just... rattles me.

Jamie: Well he shouldn't. Because he's me. Jamie gave her a small smile then looked at the dupe through the window. "Right? You're me!"

Jamie: "That's what I just freaking said, dumbass!"

Jamie: "Language!"

Jamie: "Sorry, mom."

Jeannie: Jean looked between them and started the slow, awkward climb to the front seat without showing the dupe her entire ass. Although, she supposed he'd seen it...

Jamie: The dupe tilted his head until his hair touched the window, watching her climb over. Mmm mmm good. Jamie Prime shot him a glare and the dupe's eyes got wide. "Yeah, I've learned a lot. You want to mack on our girlfriend, you gotta come home. And stop being an asshole."

Jeannie: She looked back at Jamie as he talked to... himself.

Jamie: The dupe laughed at the look on Jean's face. "Dude, maybe you should settle this with your girl and then I can fix you a drink inside. I know what you both like. Just... stop with the distracting shit, okay?"

Jamie: Jamie Prime pinched the bridge of his nose as the dupe walked away. "Sorry, Jeannie..."

Jeannie: "Settle... what? Settle... me?" She was so confused. Jean held her hand out to the back seat to get Jamie to climb up with her. "It's not your fault. Toldya he didn't have your redeeming personality traits."

Jamie: Jamie took her hand and climbed back up after redoing his pants and belt. He kissed her knuckles. "Settle how upset you are. And he's just sexually frustrated, that's all."

Jeannie: "Sooo, are you a dick when you're sexually frustrated?" Jean cocked her head to observe him. A large part of her just wanted to go home now.

Jamie: "Um... I'm not sure how to answer that?" Trap! Trap! This is a trap! "Let's just go in, get some food, a couple drinks, and see about absorbing him."

Jeannie: She still didn't like that idea, but she was a bit amused at his panic at her question. Jean gave him a smirk and leaned in close, nuzzling his ear. "It's a good thing you'll never have to worry about sexual frustration with me around, huh?" She gave his lobe a nip and pulled back to grin.

Jamie: Jamie felt his cheeks grow hot and his grin slid back in place. "Why do you think he's so upset?"

Jeannie: Blushing! It was more of an accomplishment now, so Jean was quite pleased with herself. "Oh, I think this one gets plenty of action, too. Hence my..." Oh, ew. "You can't catch anything from him, can you?"

Jamie: "Ahh... um. No. Not really. But that's not the point, Jeannie." He cleared his throat and turned to face her fully, taking her hands in his. "He's sexually frustrated, just like I was sexually frustrated when we were apart. It didn't matter how much action I got. It wasn't you, so it wasn't right." ...too much information? Maybe. But it made his point. He hoped, anyway.

Jeannie: Jean pressed her lips together, moving her hands in his so she could squeeze his fingers. "Wasn't just me, huh?" she said quietly, swallowing down the emotion in her voice. "I get it. When it wasn't you, it wasn't right."

Jamie: Jamie gave her a small smile and squeezed her hands back. "You're it, Jeannie. For all of the mes that are out there. Even this one," he nodded his head to the bar. "Do you believe me now?"

Jeannie: She leaned in and gave him a kiss, pulling back with a nod. "Okay, I believe you."

Jamie: "Woo! So, we can go in and get food without it being weird, maybe?"

Jeannie: "Well, it's gonna be a little weird, since apparently the hot bartender has a twin brother, but I think we can handle it." Jean gave him a smirk and reached for her purse.

Jamie: Jamie frowned, "What do you mean, weird?" He finally turned off the car and hopped out, locking and shutting his door before jogging around to open hers for her. "Why is that weird?"

Jeannie: "Because I might have to scare the barflies off of you." She gave him a sweet grin and shimmied her way out of the car.

Jamie: Oh... OHHH. "Naaah. I'll just make it very clear I'm a one woman man." Jamie gave her a spicy grin to complement her sweet one and pinched her ass once she was standing.

Jeannie: Jean squeaked and grabbed his hand to go inside.

Jamie: Her squeak made his grin grow and he happily bopped along to his internal victory music until he pulled the door open for her, "After you, m'lady."

Jeannie: "Thank you, kind sir," she giggled, fluffing her hair as she went inside.

Jamie: Jamie felt a few eyes on him, so he looped his arm over Jean's shoulders and grabbed the closest free table, giving her a lingering kiss when he pulled out her chair for her. "You're the most beautiful woman in the room. No wonder he's frustrated with our parking lot antics. Besides the obvious, I mean."

Jeannie: Taking her seat, Jean beamed up at him. "Aww, you know just what to say." She watched him grab his own chair and reached for his hand over the table as soon as he settled.

Jamie: He happily took her hand. "So, you've been here most recently, which appetizers are the best for munching while contemplating the best way to kidnap yourself?"

Jamie: Speak of ...himself... The dupe walked over and set their drinks down. Jamie Prime nodded in appreciation at how pretty he had made Jean's and the nice foam head on his beer. "Awesome job, me!" The dupe shot him a look and walked away. "Was it something I said?"

Jeannie: "He's not your biggest fan either," she pointed out, but smirked down at the flower in her drink. Jean glanced over at the bar to watch him for a moment. Still hot. She turned her attention back to her Jamie. "He tried to convince me he was you and that he didn't want to go back."

Jamie: "He's just jealous." Jamie took a sip of his beer and nodded again. Good choice. "Of course he doesn't want to come back. They almost never do once they have a 'real life.' But once I've got them back, they're happy, I'm happy, we're happy. And whole. Which is the best part."

Jeannie: "I've just never been around one who was this... independent." She shot him another glance, then looked back to Jamie and took a sip of her drink. Tasty, ofc.

Jamie: "Sure you have! I'm independent!" Jamie gave her a smile and judged the look on her face about her drink. Looked like he was ready to come home, then.

Jeannie: "Nooo, you're the, like, whole package." Some of his dupes seemed incapable of chewing gum and walking at the same time, but not this one.

Jamie: "Well, I mean... I guess that's correct in a sense. Since all of them put together is me. Or all of mes separated make them." He shrugged and took another look at the menu. "Back to the appetizers while we plot how to kidnap me."

Jeannie: "We had nachos. They were good, but we didn't get any farther than that before Cocktail over there crashed the party and Carol abandoned me." Jean considered this, pleased that for once he agreed with her totally accurate description of his powers. Score.

Jeannie: "Okay." She took a breath before launching into something she'd been wondering about. "If he just vanishes... won't people wonder? And, like... how does it work to have so many of you out and living in different places and doing different things? I mean... taxes? Alternate identities? How?"

Jamie: "Well, I'll absorb him and then I'll come in and work a couple of last shifts as him, putting in my notice for quitting." Taxes. That was trickier. "Maybe... we shouldn't talk about that last part in public?"

Jeannie: Jean felt her eyes bug slightly. "....as ...him." Getting hit on by all the bar whores... hitting on the bar whores...

Jamie: "...yeah? That's... how it works normally if I want it to be a seamless transition where I don't get hounded by people or blacklisted anywhere. Especially when the dupe uses our real name like this dummy did."

Jeannie: All those certifications of his, and random skills... interesting. Also, kinda yikes-worthy. "That's..." She didn't know what it was. Jean was speechless.

Jamie: "Pretty smart and also super awesome," he finished for her, hopefully.

Jeannie: Still stunned into silence, she took another long drink. She might need another one of these shortly.

Jamie: As if on cue, the dupe came over and slid the same plate of nachos that Jean had ordered last time and a fresh drink for her. "Here you go, gorgeous. Why are you still with this dummy? Come have some fun with me. Remember what I said last time? I don't need a jacket..."

Jeannie: "I do," she said, pausing to take another healthy sip as she looked up at him. "But I remember the other stuff you said to me more."

Jamie: "Yeah, I remember. You have a photographic memory or something. No big! Let's go show everybody in here what they're missing out on."

Jeannie: "Mm, kinda big." Jean was still holding her Jamie's hand and she gave it a squeeze. "What you're missing out on, maybe, but not us." She looked across the table at him, hoping he'd jump in at any time before bar dupe got pissy again.

Jamie: Jamie Prime had just been surveilling the dupe, trying to decide how to get him alone for the re-absorption, and had totally missed his blatant disregard of the fact that Jean was holding Prime's hand. Huh? What? Oh! Right! Jamie Prime frowned, "Dude. If you want Jean, you gotta come through me. Literally." The dupe snarled at him and walked off. Well, that wasn't what he had anticipated.

Jeannie: Jean watched him walk away before she looked back to Jamie, her eyebrows high. "Told you!"

Jamie: "Jean, I told you he's just sexually frustrated." He shrugged one shoulder and shoved a whole chip in his mouth. "Nof'n t' w'ry 'b't."

Jeannie: "Well, I worry anyway." She was watching bar dupe out of the corner of her eye and reached for a nacho. "Did you even hear what he said to me? Also, he totes growled at you."

Jamie: Jamie swallowed and winced as a pointy bit on the chip went down funny, then took a drink of his beer to wash it down. "Yeah, I've had 'em do worse. But they really can't do anything to me. Because it might happen to them." He glanced at the bar and saw the dupe flirting with a customer, then looked back at Jean. "Yeah, I heard some of it. He's probably just the part of me that hates hearing the word no."

Jeannie: Well that brought up a thought she never expected have in relation to Jamie. Jean's nose wrinkled. "...in that case I'm glad I didn't have to, um, deal with him."

Jamie: Whooooa, there! Jamie's eyes went wide and he shook his head, "No, no, no! Noooo! There is no part of me, ever that wouldn't take no as an answer. Toootally different than just not liking hearing it!"

Jeannie: Jean really hoped he was right. "Not you, I know..." buuuut... Jean wasn't sure she wanted to start this argument again. She gave his hand another squeeze and let go to rearrange her drinks and pick at the chips.

Jamie: "And he's me. So it still stands. None of me would ever go that far. C'mon, Jeannie. You know me better than that!" Or, he thought she did. His brow furrowed and he picked up another chip. Maybe she didn't?

Jeannie: "Jamie, all of us are potentially capable of horrible things. Minds are... weird and dark places." She was watching him frown through her lashes.

Jamie: "Well, yeah. If someone held a gun to your head and said 'do this or I kill her' then sure! But just because I was told no? Really, Jeannie?"

Jeannie: "I'm not - that's not what I meant." She picked up a chip and ate it, taking the time to gather her thoughts. He felt almost disappointed in her, and that so wasn't where she wanted this night to go.

Jeannie: "Carol was the one who said he'd spit in my drink and I said he wouldn't, because you wouldn't. I'm sorry, I didn't really mean he'd do anything like that."

Jamie: "And did he? I bet he didn't. Because I take pride in my work. No matter what it is. I was raised to do everything with your whole heart or don't do it. Spitting in someone's drink does not work with that philosophy."

Jeannie: "No, he didn't." That she knew of, anyway, and it wouldn't have mattered since she'd been swapping spit with him within a half hour anyway.

Jamie: "He didn't, because I wouldn't. And he is me. No matter how pissy he gets. Our morals are still the same. The foundation of my being is still in me and in him and in every dupe I've ever created." He shrugged one shoulder, "So... yeah..."

Jeannie: Jean nibbled her lip, still watching him and unsure what to say. She'd already apologized, but apparently that wasn't enough.

Jamie: "Look, let's just grab him and go. We're never going to agree on this topic. Like, ever, probably, so it's best just to not talk about it. Don't you think?" He finished his beer in three swallows and moved to stand.

Jeannie: She frowned. "I don't know what I think right now. It was a random thought and I said I was sorry for it... I guess I just have to watch what I say."

Jamie: "No, Jeannie. It's just..." Jamie sighed and sat back down, taking her hand again. "It's hard for me when I realize that someone still thinks of my dupes as not me. I mean, I get it. And you're the closest person to have really understood it, but it still sucks. And it's even worse when your own girlfriend is accusing you of thinking about rape."

Jeannie: "I know they're you," she said, looking down at their hands. "Which is why the idea of them - of you - off being... well... like him, is hard for me." He was still stuck on being insulted, obvs. Fuck. Jean gave him a frustrated stare. "God, I don't really believe you'd do that. It just - the way you said it, it popped into my head, because as a girl, it's your worst fucking fear..."

Jamie: "But you believed he'd do that. Right?" Jamie licked his lips, pulling his lower one fully into his mouth as he stared at his empty glass. Well at least he was being polite and giving himself some space while they fought. "You believed he would do that because he's not what you're used to with my dupes. Because he's angry and hurt still, when I've healed and moved past things. Because you don't see him as me. Not fully anyway."

Jeannie: "No! It was a stray thought! Like you don't have a million of those at any given time?! People who don't duplicate have internal monologues, too!" Jean closed her eyes. Do. Not. Cry.

Jeannie: "Why do you think I wanted to talk to him? I wanted to fix it! It's my fault he's angry and hurt and I couldn't fucking make it right for you, so I hoped maybe I could with him! Okay?" Shit. There were tears now. "He's the one who said he wasn't like you, and I told him I knew he was. Same man, different experiences."

Jeannie: They were getting looks now, but Jean didn't care. If she was going to ruin everything, again, he was going to at least know the truth before he dumped her.

Jamie: Oh shit. Waterworks. "Jeannie, stop!" He took both of her hands this time. "There's nothing that you need to make right! When somebody gets their heart broken, there's always a little bit of them that will hurt forever no matter what happens or how and when they move past the heart break." Jamie pointed exaggeratedly in the dupe's direction who decided it was a good time to slip into the kitchen.

Jamie: "He is that little bit of me. And it's OKAY!" His shoulders adjusted in his jacket and he brought the gesturing hand back to pinch the bridge of his nose while he tried to take a breath and calm down some. "Look. I love you. Every. Single. Part of me. Nothing. To. Fix!"

Jeannie: Oh, they were yelling-yelling now. Awesome. "Fine!" Clearly, nothing she did was right when it came to his dupes. The one who'd sparked off all of this was hiding in the kitchen now and the feedback from both of them in her head wasn't helping her own emotional state. She looked away, staring hard at the drink with its slowly melting ice, and debated pounding it.

Jamie: "Damn right 'fine!' I'm glad we agree!"

Jeannie: She gave him a look and snatched up the drink, tipping her head back to drain it. Oops, empty. Guess she needed the bartender. Jean slowly turned her head to stare at the kitchen door.

Jamie: The dupe poked his head out to see if the coast was clear since it had gotten quiet and caught Jean staring at him. Shit. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth and debated going back into hiding, but instead came out to fix her another drink.

Jamie: Jamie Prime's eyebrows went up, "So, you don't like that every part of me loves you? That's a bad thing now?"

Jeannie: Jean's head jerked back to stare at him fast enough to whip her hair and make herself dizzy. "Did I say I didn't like it? I love you, too, but there's just one of me. Apparently that's the bad thing now."

Jeannie: She was vaguely aware they were scaring off the few patrons still there. Darn. Jean got up and marched to the bar, using her teke to boost herself and reach across to grab the dupe by the collar and bring her mouth to his.

Jamie: "That's not a bad thi-" Aaand she was gone. Jamie watched her tiny, defiant body as she stiffened to prepare herself for something. Uh oh.

Jamie: The dupe saw her coming and wasn't sure what to do, so waited for her to get to hi- and they were kissing. Oh. Ohh yeah... That was better than he remembered. Dupe Jamie pulled her up to sit on the bar so she wouldn't have to reach as far, keeping his mouth locked on hers.

Jamie: Jamie Prime's jaw dropped when he saw what she decided to do. He closed his mouth and tilted his head as he watched his dupe and how he reacted to Jean. So that's what we look like when we do something sexy and cool. Nice.

Jamie: Oh, right, people were staring. "Um. Sorry, folks, since there's not many of you left, could you give the three of us like ...five minutes alone? Sorry to bother you." The few people left hesitated, but went to wait in the bathrooms or outside. Thankfully.

Jeannie: Jean closed her eyes and let him move her, sliding her arm around his shoulders when he set her on the bar. Her other hand tangled in his hair and she opened for him, moaning into his mouth.

Jeannie: He felt like Jamie in every way that mattered and she touched his mind. I love you. I'll always love you, no matter what.

Jeannie: Jamie Prime was watching. She could feel his eyes on her, but she was having problems filtering the two of them in her head so she wasn't sure of his reaction. Probably nothing good.

Jamie: Oh, fuck yes. Dupe Jamie slid Jean to his edge of the bar, pressing her against him. Prove it, Jeannie. He gripped her hips, putting pressure with his thumbs so she would wrap her legs around him.

Jamie: Prime waited until everyone had gone and then he casually walked around to the back side of the bar, leaning against it to just watch up close for a second. That move wasn't bad looking. Good thing they never had a real audience. Well, speaking of audience... The barflies were probably going to want to come back in soon. Jamie stepped up behind the dupe and poked him in the back with one finger, reabsorbing him.

Jamie: The dupe gasped in shock and flailed a little as he felt himself being sucked back into Prime. Shit. It was just getting good! Prime rolled his eyes. You'll still get to do it, dude. You're me.

Jeannie: Jean was preparing to do just that when she felt him panic, and then, he was gone and her arms were empty. Oh... shiiiiit, that was weird. She'd never kissed a dupe, never been that far in a dupe's head before, and definitely had never felt him get reabsorbed.

Jamie: Oh. Oh ow. Jamie reeled once the dupe's life fully hit him and he fell to his knees, clutching his head. Owww...

Jeannie: "Jamie!" She slid off the bar and crouched next to him, pulling him into her arms before she could stop herself.

Jamie: Jamie let himself be pulled, eyes squeezed shut tight. After about a minute, he cracked one open. Ow. He shut it again for another minute then slowly opened both. "Those always hurt the worst. You think I'd remember that." He pushed to sit up straighter and looked at Jean with a small grin. "Hi, sexy. Sorry about the super un-sexy show just now."

Jeannie: She couldn't track everything going on in his head, but whatever was going on kind of felt like one of her flaming migraines, so yikes. Jean was rubbing his arm as she watched his face. "....hi?"

Jamie: "Can we, um... Maybe go home now? I can go tell the owner I've got a migraine. She's normally pretty cool about me knocking off early if I need to since I bring in double the proceeds in half a shift."

Jeannie: "Um... do you mean... wherever you're living here?" It felt weird, even knowing they were the same guy. Jean wanted to believe him that absorbing this dupe wouldn't change him, but it was weird. All of it.

Jamie: "No...? Like... my building or your apartment?" He frowned at her, "Are you okay?"

Jeannie: "Yeeeeeaaaah?" Was she? Was he? Were they?

Jamie: "Whyyyyy do you not sound like you are?" His head hurt to much to keep trying to mimic her high pitch, so he cleared his throat and spoke normally. "Jeannie, it's me. It's always been me."

Jeannie: Jean met his eyes and touched his mind, softly, since she could tell he was still in pain. He really felt just like he always had to her, and like the dupe five minutes ago. Huh. "I know." She trailed her fingers over his cheek. "Really. I get it... I think. As much as I can, since it's not something I'll ever experience."

Jamie: Jamie gave a weak chuckle and tried to push off the floor. Slowly. Slooowly. He grabbed the edge of the bar once he was standing and saw some of the usuals trickling back in. "Hey, guys! I just need like two more minutes. Be right back." Jamie held his hand down to Jean with a soft smile, "I love you, Jeannie. It didn't change."

Jeannie: She took his hand and swallowed, popping up from the floor and looking at the regulars. A couple of the female ones exchanged looks when they saw her, so she staked her claim right away and pulled him down for a kiss.

Jamie: Happily obliging, he pulled her in close, even dipping her juuuust a bit. When they broke apart, he beamed at her and said louder, "I love you, Jeannie. Always."

Jamie: Jamie did not miss the fact that there were audible sounds of disgust from a couple of women he'd 'known' but he didn't care. He only had eyes for his redhead.

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