4/24 Issue: Hide and Seek

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4/24 Issue: Hide and Seek

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:14 am

Timelined right before Boston Tea Party.

Shinobi: Obi had seen it all on the news, in the instant replays that had been ongoing all day on all the news networks. It was... great. The responsibility of checking on Tony fell to him, and his calls to Carol had gone unanswered as well.

Carol: Carol was up from her post-robot-destruction nap and running around the building giggling because the adults were chasing her and it was funny.

Shinobi: When he arrived, he was told after chasing around his new team, he was taking a nap himself. After an uncomfortable conversation with his biggest fan Nick Fury, Obi now knew that it seemed half of the team was missing altogether and the other half had been reduced to toddlers. Toddlers.

Shinobi: How, Fury didn't know, as he shared in his typically colorful way.

Carol: Carol ran into the kitchen and slid to a stop, bumping into the cupboards as she slid on the tiled floor. Cookies! She boosted herself up onto the counter with her flight powers to help herself to the delicious treats.

Shinobi: When he was let into the building proper, he saw that there were indeed young children... young children who looked disturbingly familiar. "Holy shit," he muttered, going to the kitchen to get some coffee. Oh. Well, that explained why she hadn't called him...

Carol: Carol froze as someone came into the kitchen and literally caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Uhoh...

Shinobi: Fury hadn't been clear if they retained their memories, or if they were just... kids. Kids with limited superpowers, apparently. "Carol? Heeeey..."

Carol: She decided she could share her cookies and offered the jar to Obi.

Shinobi: "Thanks," he chuckled, moving closer to lean against the counter and pick a crumbly cookie from the jar.

Carol: Carol grinned at him, her nose scrunching up a little. She fished out a cookie for herself and swung her legs while she munched, "I made metal men go boom."

Shinobi: He couldn't help but laugh. "I bet you did." Obi took a bite and considered his words. They're reported what they'd found, but of course hadn't been able to get approval to go back. "Do you know who I am?"

Carol: She blinked at him for a moment, confused by the question, then giggled, "You're Obi, silly!"

Shinobi: He wasn't sure if it was a relief or not. "That's right. Of course I am." He forced a grin. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Carol: "Man came and broke everything." She scrunched up her shoulders in a shrug.

Shinobi: "What'd the man look like?" He'd seen the chaotic shots on the news, heard Fury's description, but he needed to hear it from her.

Carol: She thought about it, "Orange hair..."

Shinobi: "Like... red orange?" Ugh. Of course this was their fault.

Carol: She nodded, "He wasn't tall like daddy..." she put the cookie jar down to one side and turned to shuffle-climb down from the counter.

Shinobi: Obi stifled his groan but did roll his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. Well. Great.

Carol: Once on the ground, she looked up at Obi, frowning a little. After a pause she tugged on his pantsleg.

Shinobi: He nearly jumped, but then remembered tiny Carol. "Yeah?" he looked down at her and couldn't help but smile. She was a cute kid.

Carol: "Wanna play hide and seek?"

Shinobi: Oh, it was gonna be a weird day. He almost felt sorry for his father in law. "Sure," he said, giving her a more sincere smile.

Carol: She grinned, "Yay!" she bounced happily for a moment then, "You're it!" She ran for the door.

Shinobi: Obi moved to the door and looked around the corner before he started counting.

Carol: Carol giggled to herself as she looked for the perfect hiding spot, climbing the stairs and running to her room where she wriggled under the bed and waited, still giggling into her hands.

Shinobi: He really hoped none of the other kids got any ideas from his counting. He'd already spotted her bolting upstairs, so he decided to give her a few minutes before he actually went looking.

Carol: Carol listened for the sound of her playmate coming to find her once she managed to stop giggling about her awesome hiding spot.

Shinobi: Babysitters of SHIELD was pretty funny, he had to admit. Obi took another look around the large atrium area and trotted up the stairs and straight for Carol's room, hoping his hunch was right.

Carol: Carol reached up and pulled the covers down a little over the side of the bed to hide her better.

Shinobi: Obi saw the covers shift as he opened the door. "Well... I don't see her in here..." he drawled.

Carol: Carol giggled behind her hands at being in such a good spot.

Shinobi: He smirked when the blanket shook and walked loudly to look behind a curtain. "I thought for sure she'd be here..."

Carol: She shuffled under the bed to watch the feet wandering around.

Shinobi: Baby Carol was not nearly as stealthy as she thought she was. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Should I give up?" He sighed gustily, putting on the performance of his life.

Carol: Carol crawled over to Obi's legs when he sat down and grabbed him around the ankles, "Boo!"

Shinobi: He jumped a little, but let out a girly shriek for fun. "Argh! You got me!"

Carol: She giggled happily and popped out from under the bed, "Yeah! Wanna play again?"

Shinobi: "There are a lot of places to hide in this place, so I dunno." He smirked and scooted over, letting her climb up onto the bed to sit and stare at him. This was... so weird.

Carol: "We can play catch?" she offered, "Or tag? Or.... or... um..." she looked around for ideas. "Star Wars!"

Shinobi: His eyebrow arched as her Boston accent popped out. Stah Wahs, indeed. "Are you gonna use the Force on me?"

Carol: "Yeah!" She grinned, "Imma Jedi!" She bounced on the bed on her butt.

Shinobi: He wondered just how much of her powers she had... and how dangerous that could be. "Yeah? Show me a Jedi trick then."

Carol: "Okay!" She carefully climbed to her feet on the bed then aimed herself at the top of the closet. She made the jump with her flight powers. "Tadaaaa!"

Shinobi: "Wow! You are a Jedi!" Obi applauded for her flight. Okay, still had some powers for sure then. Hopefully not the flamey ones.

Carol: She beamed proudly, "I got supah powers!" She looked down at the floor from on top of the cupboard. That was a long way.

Shinobi: "You do!" He caught the look on her face and got up to go to the closet. "It's a long way down though, you need a little help?"

Carol: "Catch me!" That was the only warning he got before she leapt.

Shinobi: Obi got a face full of little girl - all flailing elbows and blonde hair. "Gotcha!" Barely, but hey!

Carol: "Yay!" She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck for a cuddle. Nice!

Shinobi: He laughed softly and settled her in his arms, like Miriam. Yep, just like Miriam. If his sister was a woman who'd just confessed her love for him and was now somehow a baby. So weird.

Carol: "You smell nice," Carol told him.

Shinobi: "Thank you," he replied automatically, trying not to be weirded out anew. "So do you." She smelled like cookies, technically.

Carol: "Yay!" She smiled happily and patted his hair.

Shinobi: "Sooo, maybe we should go back downstairs and see what's going on?" Or if they'd figured anything out about the portal.

Carol: "Can I have more cookies?" She stopped her patting to give him her best puppy look.

Shinobi: "I think this day calls for all the cookies," he agreed, returning her expression and then smiling. "Let's go."

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